Donnerstag, 7. August 2008

ACLU Reminds "America's Toughest Sheriff" That He's Not Above The Law

Threats, Lies and Audiotape

Prepare For 'Catastrophic Impact,' Warns Top Climate Scientist

Climate Change Catastrophe by Degrees

Guantanamo Detainee Petitions Rights Panel Over Torture

Iraqis: Deal close on plan for US troops to leave

Two Iraqi officials say the U.S. and Iraq are close to a deal under which all American combat troops would leave by October 2010 with remaining U.S. forces gone about three years later.

Cleric may end cease fire if no US withdrawal timetable released Friday

Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr will call on his fighters to maintain a cease-fire against American troops but may lift the order if a planned Iraq-U.S. security agreement lacks a timetable for the withdrawal of American forces, a spokesman said Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

The New American Empire


Congress no longer chooses to read new legislation before voting it into law. Bills are switched at the last minute for unread, substitute legislation. New laws say ANYONE can now be followed and watched - for ANY reason... or for NO reason. .... and the list goes on...


The New American Empire

Hundreds of thousands of people are dead, dying, wounded, displaced from their homes or being imprisoned

It is not if we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists will we be? - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

By Cindy Sheehan

Vote for Bush? Pay Up

Did you help put America's worst prez into power? Time to make amends

By Mark Morford

"We Were Basically Hiring Terrorists"

By Anna Badkhen

The U.S. signed up legions of sketchy Iraqi fighters to help stop sectarian violence. Now, most may lose their security jobs -- but remain armed and angry.

The Tragic Last Moments of Margaret Hassan

The Quagmire

Serge Truffaut writes for Le Devoir: "When Bill Clinton handed the keys to the White House over to George W. Bush in January 2001, a barrel of crude oil cost under $20, inflation was under control, while GNP growth was more than respectable.... On the budgetary front, the government had cleared three consecutive surpluses. In less time than it takes to describe it, that legacy was squandered."

Aufschub von WLan in Schulen

Elefanten nicht den chinesischen Elfenbeinschnitzern opfern!

Afrikanische Elefanten

Der Ständige Ausschuss des Washingtoner Artenschutzübereinkommens (WA) hat Mitte Juli den Verkauf von 108 Tonnen Elfenbein genehmigt – mit Unterstützung der Bundesregierung. Durch die Lockerung des Elfenbein-Handelsverbots sind in China der illegale Handel und Schwarzmarktpreise im Aufwind... (Start: 06.08.2008)

Terror from the inside

by Robert Scheer


The terrorists find all sorts of reasons to hate us. On Tuesday came word that the deadliest biological assault on the United States may be linked to the rejection of the terror suspect by a Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sister decades ago. That is offered as an explanation of why the accused U.S. Army bio-warfare scientist allegedly drove seven hours from his home to mail anthrax-laced letters from a mailbox near the sorority’s Princeton University office, according to the Associated Press. …. Our ostensible reason for developing the world’s most sophisticated arsenal of deadly biological weapons is that the United States needs to learn how to prevent such attacks from deranged outsiders. Now we have yet another reminder that the enemy may be us, and that at least some of the folks who develop weapons like to find occasions to use them...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Guantanamo: Auch bei Freispruch unbegrenzte Haft

Ein Pentagon-Sprecher machte im Kontext des Kriegsverbrecherprozesses gegen den ehemaligen Fahrer Bin Ladens deutlich, dass eine größere Zahl von "feindlichen Kämpfern" weiter unbegrenzt ohne Anklage festgehalten werden

Adopting America's Bad Habits

Pamela Constable, The Washington Post: "Armed with an array of plastic eggs, grapes, broccoli and a nasty looking cross-section of an artery clogged with cholesterol, Carlos Garcia was demonstrating the hidden dangers of American cooking and eating for a group of young Hispanic mothers in Silver Spring."

Referent warnt vor Strahlenbelastung

CHRISTAZHOFEN - Rasch angewachsen ist die "Interessengemeinschaft Risiko Mobilfunk Argenbühl", die sich anlässlich der Planung zweier Großfunkmasten zusammengefunden hat. Die besorgten Argenbühler haben zu drei Informationsveranstaltungen mit Referent Ulrich Weiner eingeladen, der Auftakt war in Christazhofen.

Referent Ulrich Weiner hat das Funken als Hobby für sich schon als Kind entdeckt und es später zum Beruf gemacht. Er ist gelernter Funktechniker und hat sich früh mit der Installation von Autotelefonen selbständig gemacht.

Weiter unter...

White House 'buried British intelligence on Iraq WMDs'

MI6 told Tony Blair before the invasion of Iraq that a high-placed Iraqi source said that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. The intelligence was passed to the US but was buried by the White House, according to a new book.

From Information Clearing House

We broke it, You pay? Playing Politics With Iraqi Oil Money

US Senators Want Iraq to Spend Oil Revenue on Reconstruction

Higher oil earnings could give the government in Baghdad a budget surplus of up to $50 billion - a windfall that has been noticed by senior senators in both U.S. political parties.

From Information Clearing House


Playing Politics With Iraqi Oil Money

Truthout's Matt Renner reports: "Republicans and Democrats have been in an uproar over a new report that examines the amount of money the government of Iraq has been taking in and where they have been spending it. However, according to a leading Iraq economy scholar, the report is being misinterpreted and the political fall-out could be extremely harmful. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, released on Tuesday, shows that the government of Iraq has spent less money than the United States in reconstructing vital infrastructure despite a growing surplus in Iraq's treasury.... Antonia Juhasz, a fellow with Oil Change International and author of the forthcoming book 'The Tyranny of Oil,' takes issue with many conclusions being drawn from the GAO report. 'Pinning the failure of reconstruction and the poor functioning of the Iraqi government on the Iraqi government is obscene,' Juhasz told Truthout."

Racism and Genocide

Lies of Our Times

By James Petras

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian ideologues is the use of the big lie: a virulent attack on a defenseless group and then a categorical denial turning victims into executioners and executioners into victims.

Working Poor Unready to Revolt

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Once upon a time when governments no longer served most of their citizens it was the most economically disadvantaged that could be counted on to rebel against tyranny and injustice. Times have changed, for the worse, despite the spread of democracy.


Exploiting Poverty

Bill Moyers Journal on Friday: "A team of Business Week reporters ... track new corporate practices among auto dealers, banks and even nonprofit hospitals, which some say exploit the working poor. Also on the program, Bill Moyers discusses the rise of the imperial presidency with Andrew J. Bacevich in his first television interview about his latest book, 'The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism.'"

This war came from a think tank

Gun-at-the-head Diplomacy

This War Came From a Think Tank

By Jochen Boelsche

It was in no way a conspiracy. As far back as 1998, ultra right US think tanks had developed and published plans for an era of US world domination, sidelining the UN and attacking Iraq. These people were not taken seriously. But now they are calling the tune.

Gitmo Detainees Subject to Detention Even if Acquitted: Pentagon


Some detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba will likely never be released because of the danger they pose, and those tried and acquitted will still be subject to continued detention as enemy combatants, a Pentagon spokesman said Tuesday.

The Irrelevancy of the Gitmo Trials

By Jacob G. Hornberger

If the Pentagon can continue imprisoning a defendant who has been acquitted, then what's the point of a trial? Isn't the trial more in the nature of a show trial, similar to those conducted by the Soviet Union?

Baghdad, 5 Years On

The Killing Fields

Video by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

One Baghdad's killings fields on the edge of Sadr City. The scene of thousands of sectarian murders over the last three years, it is a desolate and evil place: 'Only the killers and the killed ever come here' says Abdul-Ahad. Here in the thousands of unmarked graves lie the victims of militia gangs.

Welcome to the Snitch State

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Beware of Investment Bankers

Proud To Be an American

The Real Federal Debt

Why Wait for a Crime? On US "law enforcement"

Professional Protesters and the Political Class

Cell phone towers extra cash for schools


Independent Media Source

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