Ground Current in Rural and Urban Areas


Ground Current Electricity (also known as stray voltage)

The link below is to a CBC radio news story about ground current electricity. Lee Montgomery is a farmer who was one of the first people to be greatly affected by this pollution. He lost his prize dairy herd, his farm and his wife died, due to the terrible effects of ground current electrical pollution. Ground current is a very common problem throughout North America because electrical utility companies have failed to update their distribution system. It probably harms a large number of people without them even being aware of the danger. I hope that you take the time to listen to the story.

I have also attached a letter that I recently sent to the Minister of Energy for Ontario. My home has been badly affected by this problem and I am hoping it will be rectified soon.


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Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2007 11:39 AM
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Re: Dec_costs_strayvoltage_20071011

Ontario Energy Board
21 October 2007

Ontario Energy Board:

I writing this letter to express my disappointment in the stray voltage cost eligibility decision made by the Board. Please accept this further submission outlining the reasons why I should be eligible for an award of consultation costs.

1. The Ontario Energy Board (O.E.B.) has made a mistake in suggesting that the Ontario Federation of Agriculture is representing me. I am not a member of the O.F.A. and my interests are different from theirs. The O.F.A. appears to be mostly concerned about harm to farm animals and the financial costs to farmers caused by stray voltage pollution. My main concern is for the health and safety of humans, animals and the environment. The O.F.A. did not assist me during the last four years of my ordeal, and I doubt that they will represent my interests now. The O.E.B. must be aware that stray voltage affects many people, not just animals.

2. The O.E.B. has made a mistake by referring to WEEP - Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution as an organization with a primary focus on EMFs. This is incorrect. The second word of the organization's name is "Electrical", a word that the O.E.B. surely recognizes. The fourth word of our name is "Pollution", and that is what stray voltage really is. The harm that I and others have incurred from ground current electricity is the primary reason that I co-founded WEEP. The O.E.B. should be aware that ground current electricity (stray voltage) is not nice clean 60 cycle electricity. It contains various high frequency pollutants, known to cause serious health damage. These high frequencies are best described as "Electromagnetic" (the third word in WEEP) radiation. Stray voltage appears to carry this high frequency pollution wherever it flows. Electrical pollution affects people, animals, and the environment throughout Ontario, and WEEP is extremely concerned about this. The first word of WEEP is "Wireless". If you use a transistor radio and locate a channel with limited reception and then move it close to an electrical wire or outlet, you will notice that the reception improves. This demonstrates how the electrical distribution system carries wireless transmissions on its system. All four words in the acronym WEEP are relevant to the stray voltage issue. Furthermore, WEEP is an independent not for profit organization that represents the interests of the many people who have been harmed by electrical pollution, including stray voltage.

3. The O.E.B. has made a mistake by not considering the knowledge that my electrical consultant, Mr. Dave Stetzer, can provide in this process. Mr. Stetzer probably has more direct experience with ground current electricity (stray voltage), its effects on farm operations, people, and animals than any other person in North America. He has great knowledge about the causes of stray voltage, how to measure and record it, and how the problem can be rectified. He has attended at several Ontario farms, evaluated stray voltage problems and provided assistance to those farmers. He has lectured in Ontario, to farmers and others affected by stray voltage and has brought this dreadful problem to the attention of many. The assistance that he can provide to this O.E.B. process is extensive and it would be a mistake not to invite him. He should receive full expenses for his services.

4. I have a unique perspective that the O.E.B. should consider because I have been physically harmed by the stray voltage. I have spent thousands of dollars on equipment, professional help, and mitigation in my attempts to control the stray voltage inside my home. I have also spent countless hours learning about it, measuring it, and writing to Ministries and organizations, such as the O.E.B., about it. All the utilities' employees involved in the process will be paid wages and expenses by their parent organizations. The O.E.B. is being discriminatory by denying expenses for taking part in the consultation process to me and other concerned participants. I have been a victim of stray voltage for the past four years; it is time that the O.E.B. stops making me a victim and treats me fairly.

5. The stray voltage consultation process needs independent concerned citizens to ensure that correct and safe changes are made to the electrical distribution system. Barry G. Fraser and R. Lee Montgomery, Dave Stetzer and myself, should all receive expenses for taking part in such an important consultation process for the Province of Ontario.

I became involved in this matter because Hydro One failed to keep their electrical distribution system safe, up to date, and capable of handling increased load and modern electronic usage. They have caused stray voltage, the second worst pollution problem in Ontario. Furthermore, the Ontario Energy Board has failed in its duties to regulate and enforce safe practices by Hydro One. It is extremely important to me that I participate in this process, and I feel strongly that my expenses should be paid.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall
WEEP - Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Dwight Duncan, Minister of Energy for Ontario
Maria Van Bommell, MPP


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