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Countering Terrorism: How Not To Do It



How NOT to Counter Terrorism

By Coleen Rowley
Former FBI Special Agent

Declaring "war" on the tactic of terrorism elevates to statehood what actually may be scattered, disorganized individuals, sympathizers, and small groups. It empowers the terrorists as they add to their numbers and provides the status of statehood to what often should be regarded and treated as a rag-tag group of criminals.


Blackstone, China, and the end of the world as we know it

Blackstone Greed


Blackstone, China, and the end of the world as we know it

from Reason to Freedom

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


America is now poised for an event that has happened elsewhere in the world but never, for living Americans, here on US soil. That event is a hyperinflation that will destroy our savings, milking Americans dry. Those who planned this event have been in charge of the monetary system, and in charge of every branch of government. While occupying those positions of trust they have profited mightily. Now, many of those who believed their were ‘insiders’ will face a reality that confronts them with the fact that they, too, have been had. Their employers have used them to immunize themselves as they prepared to move off shore, convert their stolen assets into Swiss Francs, hard money, and commodities, hunkering down to ride it out as they slurp champagne...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Break Time Is Over: Building Nonviolent Resistance to the 2008 Iraq War Supplemental



Building a Resistance to the 2008 Iraq War Supplemental Funding Bill

by Jeff Leys


On August 6, Congress begins its month long recess. August 6 also marks the start of Year 62 After Hiroshima-the one and only time that nuclear weapons were used. And it marks Year 17 After Iraq Sanctions, when the brutal economic sanctions regime against Iraq was first imposed by the international community.On August 6, the Occupation Project will launch a reinvigorated campaign of sustained nonviolent civil disobedience / civil resistance to end Iraq war funding. Office occupations-both legal and extralegal-will commence at the offices of Representatives and Senators who refuse to publicly pledge to vote against any additional funding of the Iraq war. Occupations will continue at least through the end of September...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Cindy Sheehan: Turn, Turn, Turn



Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Bush and Rumsfeld 'Knew about Abu Ghraib'



Missing White House e-Mails May Have Violated Law, Panel Says



US Agencies Disobey 6 Laws that President Challenged



Is The Legislative Branch Being Phased Out of Power?

by Nancy Levant

As we know, the global government is dedicated to toppling our constitutional government. As we know, we the people are more than furious with the non-representative and traitorous decisions of our “elected.” As we know, paramilitary rule has been raised in our nation. And as we know, the constitutional rights of the people have been incrementally dismantled by our representatives and presidents. Hmmm. I smell multiple layer dialectics.......



The Second Amendment and Mental Disorders

by Lynn Stuter

In the aftermath of the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, a move is afoot nationwide to screen every man, woman and child for mental health. Ads abound on television encouraging people to be screened. Articles in parenting magazines advocate mental health screening and prevention to unwitting parents. Mike Wallace tells us to get help for depression, we won’t be sorry.......




More than 1000 parents have signed a petition protesting against a mobile phone mast being put up 120 metres from a primary school site in Southwell.


The Most Dangerous Dance

Tom Engelhardt wrties: "Just when you think the roiling relations between the US and Iran might be quieting down - they heat up again. In the last week, while two US aircraft-carrier strike forces continued to patrol the Persian Gulf (after 'exercises' that took the carriers directly through the Straits of Hormuz and off Iran's coast), American accusations against the Iranians have only escalated."



DOJ Accused of Blocking Minority Voting Rights Suits

A former Justice Department political appointee blocked career lawyers from filing at least three lawsuits charging local and county governments with violating the voting rights of African-Americans and other minorities, seven former senior department employees charged on Monday.



Justice Official Accused of Blocking Suits into Alleged Violations


Human blood-brain barrier permeated by MW exposure


Are drugs becoming dangerous due to our increased EMF/EMR environment?



Tell your Rep. to close the School of the Americas


Informant: Bob Banner


Irak: die Privatisierung des Krieges

Der Lohn der Söldner

Put Congressional Leaders in the Hot Seat


BESEITIGUNGSANORDNUNG: Empfindliche Klatsche für O2



RA Frank Sommer 12-06-07

Münchner Merkur 09/10.06.2007

BESEITIGUNGSANORDNUNG: Empfindliche Klatsche für O2

Mobile mast? No thanks!

ONCE again a major telecommunications company presumes it can lobby the council and gain approval to walk into any community it wants and build a mobile phone mast.


What The "Chinese Style" Internet Will Look Like


Many Adults Worry Nature Is Disappearing From Children's Lives


Informant: Teresa Binstock

Troops' One-Month Breaks Blocked

US commanders in Iraq are rejecting a recommendation by Army mental health experts that troops receive a one-month break for every three months in a combat zone, despite unprecedented levels of continuous fighting and worsening risks of mental stress. Instead, commanders are trying to give troops two to three days inside heavily fortified bases after about eight days in the field, said Brigadier General Joseph Anderson, chief aide to the ground forces commander in Iraq, Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno.



Question Time for Nominee Linked to Interrogations

In the months after the 9/11 attacks, at a time when the Central Intelligence Agency had long been out of the interrogation business, senior CIA officers scrambled to build a program to question terror suspects in secret jails abroad. To check on the legality of the harsh interrogation techniques they proposed, they turned to John A. Rizzo, who was then acting as the agency's top lawyer. On Tuesday, Mr. Rizzo will go before the Senate Intelligence Committee for a confirmation hearing to become the CIA's general counsel.



Al Gore's Fight Against the Climate Crisis

As the world heats up, so does Al Gore. Every melting glacier, every catastrophic storm, every record-breaking hot spell is a planetary-scale endorsement of his belief that tackling global warming is the biggest challenge of our time. Gore may not have announced his candidacy for president - not yet, anyway - but he is already running one of the most aggressive campaigns in American history. His Oscar-winning documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," brought the harsh facts of the climate crisis to millions of people around the world. He's in the midst of an intensive tour to promote his new book, "The Assault on Reason," which savages the Bush administration for its deceitful war in Iraq, its illegal wiretapping and its reckless refusal to take action on climate change. He's also gearing up for Live Earth, the global rock concert he has orchestrated for July 7.



House Committee: Presidential Records Act Broken

A report issued by the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Monday claims that there have been wide-spread violations of the Presidential Records Act by numerous officials in the Bush Administration since 2001.



Terrorism is an excuse for creating a fortress state isolated from the world

Justice And Foreign

Policy by John Feffer, Foreign Policy In Focus


It's time to dismantle the conservative dogma: inequality is not natural

Not In Our Nature

by Andrea Batista Schlesinger, TomPaine.com


Joining A Union: Easy As Organ Donation

by Dmitri Iglitzin, TomPaine.com

There are solid reasons and strong precedents for enacting the Employee Free Choice Act.



Three of the Senate's most progressive members say: Let's keep pushing antiwar votes

Freshman Class Message: Don't Back Down

The truth is this thing is going to go on for 10 years, maybe 20 years

Borosage Plays Hardball On Iraq

Deeper Into Iraq

The Iraq War remains the hottest emotional issue at the Take Back America conference.


They Can't Ignore Us...

Conservative news service runs a dispatch on Take Back America.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell At Take Back America

Meet Antonio Agnone--Marine, IED-defuser and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" victim.


Brazil Indians hope to use Google Earth to combat illegal logging


Informant: Teresa Binstock

Einkommensschere in Deutschland besonders groß


Bush's Presidential Signing Statements Have Been Used to Nullify Laws


Informant: Corey


Bush Administration Used "Signing Statements" to Flout New Laws

The Bush administration sometimes fails to follow all provisions of laws after President Bush attaches "signing statements" meant to interpret or restrict the legislation, Congressional examiners say. Lawmakers who asked the Government Accountability Office to conduct the study said it was further proof that the Bush White House oversteps constitutional bounds in ignoring the will of Congress.


Lawmakers to Investigate Bush on Laws and Intent

Lawmakers say they plan to dig deeper into the Bush administration's use of bill-signing statements as ways to circumvent Congressional intent. In a limited examination of the administration's practice of reserving the authority to interpret legislation, the Government Accountability Office determined that in six out of 19 cases it studied, the administration did not follow the law as written after President Bush expressed reservations about some legislative directives. By using signing statements, the president has reserved the right not to enforce any laws he thinks violate the Constitution or national security, or that impair foreign relations.



Informationen zur Verwicklung des Daimler-Konzerns in Streumunition und Raketenwerfer für Streumunition

„Automobile der Marke Mercedes werden bei DaimlerChrysler gebaut. DaimlerChrysler produziert aber nicht nur Fahrzeuge, sondern auch Waffen und andere Rüstungsgüter. Der Konzern ist über den Rüstungskonzern EADS (European Aeronautics Defence and Space Company) und Beteiligungsgesellschaften neben der Produktion von Kampfbombern und Trägersystemen für Atomwaffen auch in die Produktion von Streumunition bzw. Raketenwerfern für Streumunition verwickelt. Mit 15,0 Prozent der Anteile ist DaimlerChrysler auch zukünftig größter Hauptaktionär der EADS. Der Daimler-Vorstand ist damit für die Produktion und den Einsatz von Streumunition mitverantwortlich…“ Artikel auf der Seite der Aktionshomepage »Wir kaufen keinen Mercedes« //www.wir-kaufen-keinen-mercedes.de/info_main.html

Aktionsbündnis Landmine.de

Die Homepage des Aktionsbündnisses mit vielen weiteren Informationen und einer Unterschriftenkampagne zum Verbot von Landminen und Streumunition! //www.landmine.de/de.titel/index.html

Sagt Nein zu Streubomben

Die Seite von Handicap International e.V. mit „Die Wahrheit über Streubomben“, „Gegen Streubomben handeln“ und Augenzeugenberichten sowie einer Online-Petition gegen Streubomben. //www.streubomben.de/

Dubiose Graumarktgeschäften und unmoralische Rüstungsproduktion: Brisanter Daimler/Chrysler Wirtschaftskrimi

Rezension von Peter Kleinert in NRhZ-Online - Neue Rheinische Zeitung vom 16.05.2007 //www.nrhz.de/flyer/beitrag.php?id=10914

Aus: LabourNet, 19. Juni 2007


"Wir kaufen keinen Mercedes. Boykottiert Streumunition!"

Kritische Daimler-Aktionäre und mehrere Friedensgruppen fordern Daimler-Konzernchef Dieter Zetsche dazu auf, aus dem Geschäft mit Streumunition auszusteigen. Ihre Kritik: Der Daimler-Konzern sei als Hauptaktionär des Rüstungskonzerns EADS "in das schmutzige Geschäft mit Streumunition verwickelt". Vor diesem Hintergrund rufen neben den Kritischen Aktionären Mitglieder der katholischen Friedensbewegung Pax Christi, der ökumenischen Aktion Ohne Rüstung Leben, der Deutschen Friedensgesellschaft, dem RüstungsInformationsBüro und der Werkstatt für Gewaltfreie Aktion zu Protesten auf, die unter dem Motto stehen: "Wir kaufen keinen Mercedes: Boykottiert Streumunition!" Laut Aktionärssprecher Paul Russmann „baut Daimler nicht nur Mercedes, sondern über seine 15-prozentige Beteiligung "an der Rüstungsschmiede EADS" auch Raketenwerfer für Streumunition.


The reign of the tyrants is at hand

by Paul Craig Roberts


This might sound like a far-out fiction novel, but it is a scenario that would explain the Bush regime’s lack concern that the shrinking Republican vote that foretells a massive Republican wipeout in the 2008 election. In a declared national emergency, there would be no election...


Dare we call it tyranny?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Childhood collateral damage

Seattle Post Intelligencer
by staff


What can be salvaged for those children is uncertain. But while we’re liberating their country and spreading democracy there, perhaps we should give some thought as to what sort of future we’re mapping out for Iraq by leaving its people with a population of damaged children who will one day become broken, angry adults with clear memories of how they came to be so...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iraq ‘has ruined case for liberal interventionism’

Independent [UK]


Tony Blair has been told that his foreign policy of intervening in the world’s troublespots to uphold democracy is in tatters because of the disaster in Iraq.Senior Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat MPs challenged the Prime Minister over whether his “liberal intervention” strategy would survive after he leaves office next week because other countries were turning against it. They clashed with Mr Blair when he was quizzed for the last time by the Commons Liaison Committee, which is composed of the chairman of all the select committees.

Mike Gapes, the Labour chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said the case for intervening in other countries in future would be “discredited and undermined” by the experience in Iraq. He added that Mr Blair’s strategy was now “out of step” with opinion around the world”...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

White House aides’ e-mail records gone

Cincinnati Enquirer


E-mail records are missing for 51 of the 88 White House officials who had electronic message accounts with the Republican National Committee, the House Oversight Committee said Monday. The Bush administration may have committed ‘extensive’ violations of a law requiring that certain records be preserved, said the committee’s Democratic chairman, adding that the panel will deepen its probe into the use of political e-mail accounts...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Powerful interest groups stymie Democrats’ energy bill



Three powerful lobbying forces — automakers, electric utilities and the coal industry — are confounding Democrats’ efforts to forge a less-polluting energy policy. Disputes over automobile fuel economy, use of coal as a motor fuel, and requirements for utilities to use more wind or biomass to generate electricity have threatened to stall energy legislation in both the Senate and House...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Dems push for voter suppression probe

Miami Herald


Senate Democrats urged the Justice Department on Monday to investigate whether one of its former prosecutors led attempts to suppress Florida voter turnout during the 2004 presidential election. The request by Sens. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island is the latest facet of Congress’ ongoing inquiry into whether politics played a role in the firings of eight U.S. attorneys...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Court: Feds violated privacy in e-mail search



Federal investigators overstepped constitutional bounds by searching stored e-mails without a warrant in a fraud investigation, a federal appeals court ruled Monday. In a case closely watched by civil-liberties advocates in the still-emerging field of Internet privacy, a three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that e-mail users have a reasonable expectation of privacy...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The privacy of Internet e-mail

Informant: Doctor Plum


Japan will experimentelles WLAN-Überwachungsnetz testen



DECT-Telefone: Diese Telefone sind Strahlungsbomben

Kathy Malka erlebte mit ihrem Schnurlos-Telefon einen Horror, der nicht zu übertreffen ist.


DECT »light«


The new Seven Sisters: oil and gas giants dwarf western rivals


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


A Culture of Atrocity



War at the Remote



What Vacation Days?

Despite being one of the richest nations, America denies its workers mandated paid vacations and sick days. Nearly one-fourth of American workers have no paid vacation or holidays, and nearly half of all private sector workers have no paid sick days.


Global Warming to Multiply World's Refugee Burden

The daunting prospect of mass population movements set off by climate change and environmental disasters poses an imminent new challenge that no one has yet figured out how to meet.


A Sacred River Endangered by Global Warming

The Gangotri glacier, which provides up to 70 percent of the water of the Ganges River during the dry summer months, is shrinking at a rate of 40 yards a year, nearly twice as fast as two decades ago.


Gonzales Is Impeachable, You Know

"If Alberto Gonzales will not resign, Congress should impeach him. Article II of the Constitution grants Congress the power to impeach 'the president, the vice president and all civil officers of the United States,'" writes Frank Bowman for The New York Times.



Agency Wrongfully Suspended Security Clearances

As the US struggles to fill critical posts in its diplomatic missions overseas - including its massive new embassy in Baghdad - the State Department is suspending the security clearances of dozens of experienced Foreign Service Officers, based on flimsy allegations or bogus accusations.



Rumsfeld ordered torture

VIDEO: Former head of Abu Ghraib, Karpinski, willing to testify.

Abu Ghraib Tactics Were First Used at Guantanamo

Interrogators at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, forced a stubborn detainee to wear women's underwear on his head, confronted him with snarling military working dogs and attached a leash to his chains, according to a newly released military investigation


From Information Clearing House


A different kind of hell for one American in Iraq

FBI informant imprisoned and treated like an Iraqi for 97 days.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq now ranked second among world's failed states

Iraq has emerged as the world's second most unstable country, behind Sudan, more than four years after President George W. Bush ordered the U.S. invasion to topple Saddam Hussein, according to a survey released on Monday.


From Information Clearing House

Noor Muhammad, Iraq: "I was cooking for him but he was already dead"

As Noor Muhammad, 36, was cooking dinner for her family in their Baghdad home two months ago, she heard her son scream from the living room. He had just seen his father dead on TV.


US Soldier Sodomised Female Iraqi Detainee

A Seymour Hersh interview with General Anthony Taguba, who investigated Abu Ghraib, confirms details of the abuse not previously public. It also confirms that the torture was sanctioned from the top.


From Information Clearing House

What's an Iraqi life worth?

How about an Iraqi car? For the U.S. military in Iraq, it may be roughly the same.




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