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Lifespan Exposure to Low Doses of Aspartame Beginning During Prenatal Life Increases Cancer Effects in Rats

EHS TV News: Ausgabe Deutschland - Reportage Direct 8

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Presidential Stone Walls

An editorial in the New York Times this morning takes the Bush administration to task over it's "mania for secrecy," specifically an executive order signed by President Bush six years ago "reversing the presumption of right of public access to presidential papers."

The Moral Casualties of War: Programming Our Children to Kill

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The War Inside

As many as one-quarter of all soldiers and Marines returning from Iraq are psychologically wounded, according to a recent American Psychological Association report. By this spring, the number of vets from Afghanistan and Iraq who had sought help for post-traumatic stress would fill four Army divisions, some 45,000 in all, an Army study found.

Weltrekord bei der Rüstung: Eine Schande für die Menschheit!

Ein paar Milliarden Dollar für Entwicklung - und über tausend Milliarden Dollar für Kriege und Rüstung. Es gibt keinen deutlicheren Hinweis dafür, dass die Welt nicht in Balance, sondern in Unordnung ist.

Atomkraftwerke nicht hitzefest

Leistungsdrosselung gefährdet Versorgungssicherheit und Klimaschutz.

Zukunft ist möglich: Wege aus dem Klima-Chaos

Der Klimawandel ist wahrscheinlich die größte Herausforderung, vor die sich die Menschheit je gestellt sah. Sie führt direkt ins Herz der Wachstumsphilosophie, die der modernen urbanen Industriegesellschaft zugrunde liegt.

Dramatische Auswirkungen des Klimawandels in Tibet

"Tibet droht eine ökologische Katastrophe, wenn die Weltgemeinschaft und China nicht schnell und nachhaltig handeln", fordert die International Campaign for Tibet (ICT).

Europas Ozeane blicken trister Zukunft entgegen

Umweltverschmutzung, Überfischung und Bautätigkeit bedrohen Meere.

Langfristiges Denken in der Welt von heute

Der Weltzukunftsrat ist eine neue Stimme in der globalen politischen Arena – eine Stimme, die sich auf unsere gemeinsamen menschlichen Werte stützt, um für die Rechte zukünftiger Generationen einzutreten und sicherzustellen, dass die Menschheit jetzt für eine nachhaltige Zukunft handelt.

Engagiert für mehr Menschlichkeit - Rosi Gollmann - ein Frau hilft Indien

In Indien wird sie die "Mutter Theresa aus Deutschland" genannt. Rosi Gollmann hat dafür gesorgt, dass eine Million Blinde sehen können, dass 100.000 Kindersklaven von Kinderarbeit befreit wurden und jetzt in die Schule gehen. SWR3 | 19.06.07 | 23 Uhr

Brian Wilson refuses to carry a mobile phone on environmental grounds

Today's (June 17, 2007) THE SUNDAY TIMES, (Irish print edition, "Focus", pages 12-13) in its coverage of the Green Party entering government in the Republic of Ireland and being given responsibility for the two key ministries, Energy and Environment includes the following subsection "No Eco Borders" on how Green Party environmental concerns extend of course throughout the island of Ireland. It is just weeks ago that N. Ireland elected its first Green MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly), Brian Wilson who "refuses to carry a mobile phone on environmental grounds." What better genuine/show-me-the-money type of support from an elected Green member could we EHS sufferers ask for. I am transcribing the entire "No Eco Borders" text below.

Best, Imelda, Cork



Brian Wilson refuses to carry a mobile phone on environmental grounds. If he had one, he might have been tempted to switch it off by now, writes Liam Clarke. As Northern Ireland's only Green MLA [Member of the Legislative assembly], the former politics lecturer has stolen a march on Sinn Fein. He is now the only member of the Stormont assembly whose party is also in government in the south. Last week he was dodging media opportunities as he assessed the possibilities ahead. "It is an interesting situation," he agreed. Might this unique position tempt him into becoming more accessible? "I don't carry a mobile. I have complained about masts. But now the other Green people are all complaining that I don't have one," Wilson said. A former civil servant, he cut his political teeth in the cross-community Alliance Party, of which his wife Anne is still a member. He has been on North Down borough council since 1981, first for Alliance, then as an independent, before joining the Greens in 2005 and topping the poll in the council elections of that year. In the Stormont elections last March, he more than doubled the Green vote and unseated Robert McCartney, an anti-agreement [Good Friday/Belfast Agreement 1998] unionist. Nobody remarked on the fact that the Northern Ireland Greens were part of the Irish Green party with full voting rights and two members on its 15-strong executive. Now this relationship will come into closer focus. Trevor Sargent, the former Green leader, recently discussed policy with Wilson. Last Wednesday, Northern Ireland Greens travelled to Dublin to vote unanimously at the Mansion House conference in favour of coalition with Fianna Fail. Peter Doran, a Northern representative on the Green party executive, said: "We were very keen on government so we can actually move to delivery of our policies." These include making Ireland GM-free--and using this as a unique selling point for Irish produce--and spreading organic farming across the whole island. The Greens see a role for Northern Ireland's declining engineering industry in making turbines for renewable energy production. "Pollution, climate change and protection of the environment know no political borders, and neither do we," said Wilson.



Please, Please help the Tortured Animals


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