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New Orleans Still Waiting for Promised Federal Aid

The cash-strapped city of New Orleans is turning to foreign countries for help to rebuild as federal hurricane-recovery dollars remain slow to flow.

Official Close to Attorney Firings Quits

A senior Justice Department official who helped carry out the dismissals of federal prosecutors is resigning. Mike Elston, chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, was accused of threatening at least four of the eight fired US attorneys to keep quiet about their ousters.

The Jack Abramoff Papers

Strategy on Iran Stirs New Debate at White House

A year after President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced a new strategy toward Iran, a behind-the-scenes debate has broken out that has pitted Ms. Rice and her deputies against the few remaining hawks inside the administration, especially those in Vice President Dick Cheney's office who, according to some people familiar with the discussions, are pressing for greater consideration of military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Gemeinsame Empfehlungen der Stadt Wolfratshausen und der Bürgerinitiative zu den Gesundheitsgefahren durch Handys

Im Nachlauf der außerordentlichen Bürgerversammlung in Wolfratshausen zu Thema "Gesundheitsgefährdung durch Mobilfunk-Sendeanlagen in Wolfratshausen?" mit Frau Dr. Waldmann-Selsam hat der Stadtrat beschlossen, über diese Thematik aufzuklären. Die erste gemeinsame Publikation wurde jetzt in der Lokalpresse und im Lokalanzeiger geschaltet, siehe Anhang. Die nächsten Publikationen werden sich mit den Themen DECT-Schnurlostelefone, Wertverlust von Immobilien, WLAN, etc. befassen.

Zur Nachahmung empfohlen.

Hans Schmidt
Sprecher Bürgerinitiative Wolfratshausen zum Schutz vor Elektrosmog e.V.

Open air protest

By Lucy Stephens

CAMPAIGNERS protesting against a mobile phone mast in their village braved the cold and rain to take their demonstration out into the open.

A group of 100 villagers from Sheriff Hutton took tents and banners to a grass verge next to an offending phone mast in their village, which has been put up by phone giant Orange.

Although the 15ft mast has now been there for well over a year, it has not yet been switched on.

Villagers have mounted a fierce protest campaign calling for its removal. They have even pledged enough cash between them - some £60,000 - to have it removed.

But they say they have been frustrated by a lack of contact with Orange - and planned last night's demonstration to show the company that local feeling against the mast was still strong.

Linda Murphy, a mum-of-two who lives near the mast, said: "We're not going to let Orange get away with putting this mast here.

"We never wanted it. We want to show Orange that this strength of feeling hasn't gone away. It was put up nearly two years ago, it hasn't been switched on, and this is really to show the strength of support we have.

"A bit of rain doesn't hurt - but if this mast gets switched on, who knows what it will do?

"We want it away from here, it's near the school, it's near people with young families. But Orange won't speak to us. For a company which is supposed to be about communication, they're pretty poor at it."

The saga of the village's phone mast has been rumbling on for many months. Officials from Ryedale District Council failed to lodge a protest within the allotted timescale - which meant Orange had the right to put it up anyway.

Villagers have objected to the mast on health grounds.

But Martin Grey, government and community relations manager for Orange, said an independent review had concluded there was no "convincing scientific evidence" that signals from mobile phone base stations caused adverse ill health effects.

[ Omega this is not true. See under:

He said the company still intended to connect power to the mast, in order to provide network coverage in the area.

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Iraq Contractors Face Growing Parallel War

Private security companies, funded by billions of dollars in US military and State Department contracts, are fighting insurgents on a widening scale in Iraq, enduring daily attacks, returning fire and taking hundreds of casualties that have been underreported and sometimes concealed, according to US and Iraqi officials and company representatives.

Francis A. Boyle urges members of Congress to begin impeachment proceedings immediately

Nuclear doesn't have power to halt global warming

Informant: Teresa Binstock

The Constitution Project Welcomes House Bill to Restore Habeas Corpus

How Many Will Die Before Petraeus Tells Us What We Already Know?

Will Katrina Be Our Defining Moment?

What Every American Should Know About Iraq


What Every American Should Know About Iraq

Informant: Corey


What Every American Should Know About Iraq

By David Michael Green

While many can imagine political leaders making mistakes, most Americans find it inconceivable that an American president could actually put personal or political interests ahead of the national interest or the welfare of the troops, especially on so grave an issue as war and peace.

New White House Adviser Spins Revolving Door Again

Capitalize on Disasters to Make Peace

say Researchers

'Iraq Summer' Hopes to Isolate President Bush

Torture: the 10 claims against the Army

Lawyers for Baha Musa claimed today that the case had uncovered evidence that the Government approved the systematic torture of detainees.

From Information Clearing House

Guinea girls 'treated as slaves'

Tens of thousands of young girls working as household servants in Guinea are frequently exploited, abused and treated as slaves, according to a report by Human Rights Watch.

Slaves in Niger

Video documentary

Think slavery is a thing of the past? Think again. In the African state of Niger, an estimated 870,000 people are born into slavery. They spend their entire lives belonging to a master, who can beat, rape or sell them at will.

From Information Clearing House

Why we must break with the Americans

When Gordon Brown returned from his fact-finding tour of Iraq on Monday, he proclaimed the importance of learning from our mistakes but also of looking forward instead of backward. Did this admission hint at a shift in Britain's foreign policy when Mr Brown takes over in ten days' time?

From Information Clearing House

Gen. Peter Pace: "I Refused To Quit Iraq Post"

In his first public comments on the Bush administration's surprise decision to replace him as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Peter Pace disclosed that he had turned down an offer to voluntarily retire rather than be forced out.

From Information Clearing House

Hometown Baghdad

The Reality Of U.S. Occupation: "One of Thousands"

The shocking and severely disturbing finale to Ausama's videos in Hometown Baghdad.

Public Power in the Age of Empire

By Arundhati Roy

WHEN language has been butchered and bled of meaning, how do we understand "public power"? When freedom means occupation, when democracy means neoliberal capitalism, when reform means repression, when words like "empowerment" and "peacekeeping" make your blood run cold.

Sinister Strategy Behind an MP's Murder

By Robert Fisk

A phone call came through on my mobile from a Lebanese MP - readers may debate his identity - when the carbonised skeleton of Walid Eido was still hot in his bombed car. "Robert, they only need to kill three more and Siniora has no parliamentary majority."

Blowback Across Lebanon

By Franklin Lamb

Whoever killed anti-Syrian Lebanese MP Walid Eido Wednesday knew Syria would be blamed and that the country would move closer to civil war. Pro-government factions turned out in force along Beirut's Roauche sea front chanting anti-Syrian and anti-Hezbollah slogans but no serious fighting has been ignited.

What Will We Do Then? The Day After We Strike Iran

By Gary Leupp

Let us suppose that the Bush-Cheney administration answers the neocons' prayer and does indeed bomb Iran sometime soon.

On The Escalator to War With Iran

By Patrick J. Buchanan

These are the "birth pangs" of a "new Middle East," said Condi Rice last summer, as Israel pounded Lebanon. Unfortunately, the new Middle East may make us all pray for the return of the old.

The Lazarus Effect

Foundations such as the Global Fund, which began distributing free ARVs in Rwanda in 2004, gets most of its financing from world governments, but a growing proportion comes from an altogether unlikely set of benefactors: Western retailers and the shoppers who can't resist them.

Yes Men Shock Oil Industry Conference

Activists from the political trickster collective the Yes Men used the Gas and Oil Exposition in Calgary, Alberta, to stage their latest theater of corporate absurdity.


Protesters Spring Big Hoax on Oil Expo Audience

Biofuels Could Lead to Mass Hunger Deaths

Diverting sugar and maize for biofuels could lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths from hunger worldwide, the United Nations' food envoy warned on Thursday.

Judge Rules Against Mountaintop Mining

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that using settling ponds to remove sediment from streams at mountaintop removal coal mines violates the Clean Water Act.

Father's Day For Peace

In recognition of Father's Day, Brave New Films made a brief video about Ismaeel Hussein and his nine-year-old son, Abdul Hakeem Khalaf. Abdul was disfigured when US mortar rounds struck his home during the April 2004 attack on Fallujah. Doctors at a small clinic were able to save the boy's life, but his father had begun a journey in search of someone who could repair the damage to his son's face.

Begging His Pardon

"We have yet another remarkable revelation of the mindset of Washington's ruling clique of neoconservative elites - the people who took us to war from the safety of their Beltway bunkers," writes Bill Moyers. "Even as Iraq grows bloodier by the day, their passion of the week is to keep one of their own from going to jail," Moyers continues.

John Kanzius: Saltwater into fire

US Army to address extensive psychic trauma of Iraq combat veterans

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Years of Build-Up Toxins Wreaking Your Health?

by Greg Ciola

Did you know that one of the primary causes of disease is the slow accumulation of toxic compounds in the body, coupled with nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level? In layman’s terms, when you retain more toxins in your body than you can effectively eliminate through your liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, lungs or skin, they will eventually end up storing in cells, tissues, organs, joints, and bones and wreak havoc on your health. Most disease is really nothing more than an attempt on the weak part of the body to rid itself of these toxins through one of the body’s elimination routes.....

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