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Comment on CFL and Full Spectrum Bulbs Sept 2007

A recent article appeared in Vitality Magazine that compared compact fluorescent lights (CFL), to full spectrum light bulbs (article linked below). Studies have indicated that the high frequencies caused by CFLs, appear to be harmful to many people. Dr Magda Havas has sent a letter to the editor about the article which provides much information that is of interest to WEEP e-mail readers.

Here is the letter -

----- Original Message -----

From: Magda Havas
To: editorial@vitalitymagazine.com
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 11:34 AM
Subject: comment on CFL and Full Spectrum Bulbs Sept 2007

Letter to the Editor: Vitality Magazine.

Not all compact fluorescent lights are the same and not all full spectrum lights are safe.

I just read Rob Ferraz's article in Vitality Magazine "Earthwatch-Compact Fluorescents vs. Full Spectrum Bulbs" [ http://www.vitalitymagazine.com/earthwatch_5 ] and agree that there are problems with CFL that go beyond the mercury problem. Some of these hearth concerns were alluded to in the article, namely that some people complain of irritability, depression, hyperactivity, fatigue, headaches etc. The articles goes on to state that if full spectrum lights are used this problem goes away. It's not that simple.

Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) produce radio wave frequencies. These frequencies radiate directly from the bulbs and go on the electrical wiring in the home or school causing poor power quality or dirty electricity. The closer you sit to the bulb the greater your exposure. Because the high frequencies travel along the wire you can be exposed in other rooms of your home as well as the room that contains the CFL.

Not all CFL bulbs produce the same amount of dirty electricity. Some are worse than others. Our research on CFL will be released to the public this fall so shoppers can decide which bulbs they want to buy based on energy efficiency, cost, and potential health impacts to their family.

Full spectrum lights mimic the sun and can reduce seasonal affective disorder or SAD especially during our northern winters when natural sunlight is limited. But some full spectrum bulbs also produce high frequencies that some people are sensitive to. This sensitivity is known as electrical sensitivity (ES) or electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and is becoming a growing concern because of our increasing exposure to electromagnetic energy from electronic equipment and wireless devices. As many as 3% of the population have full blown EHS and are unable to live is a modern electrical environment. Many complain that they cannot be in a room with fluorescent lights because they feel "unwell". These people have difficulty shopping in large department stores because of the lighting and often go with list in hand and spend as little time in the store as possible. Their cognitive functions diminish and some have difficulty recalling where they parked their car.

Putting lights on dimmer switches exacerbates the problem. The dimmer switch converts the electrical signal into high frequency transients that result in dirty electricity. Even clean incandescent lights will produce dirty electricity if a dimmer switch is used. Most CFL are incompatible with dimmers.

Ontario moved too quickly promoting CFL and David Suzuki should have done his homework before he allowed his picture to be used to promote CFL. Yes they will save us green house gases but at what cost to our health?

-magda havas

Dr. Magda Havas is Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University and does research on electromagnetic pollution.

Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc. Ph.D.

Environmental & Resource Studies,
Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, K9J 7B8
phone: 705 748-1011 x 7882 fax: 705 748-1569
Electrohypersensitivity - Light Bulb Survey

You may receive more than one copy of this survey. Please complete it ONLY once and discard the rest. All submissions must be electronic to facilitate analysis.

We are conducting a survey to determine how electrically sensitive people respond to different types of lights. To complete the survey please click on the link below.


This survey has 8 questions and can be answered quickly. Please answer EVERY question or you will not be able to submit your response. You can opt out of the survey at any time and the survey will NOT be submitted.

Individuals cannot be identified and all response are confidential.

The results of the survey, which should be available by the end of February, will be sent to various websites for posting.

The purpose of the survey is to help us design a rigourous scientific study on the effects of lighting on electrically sensitive individuals.

Please forward this email to others who may be interested.

Deadline for submissions is February 9, 2008.

Thanks for your help.
-magda havas

A concern to be aware of - there are some interesting photographs of CFLs, taken in various places in Canada, at this link.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Electrohypersensitivity - Light Bulb Survey


We have just finished conducting a study with 38 different energy efficient bulbs. We measured the frequencies they generate through the air and the frequencies they put on electrical wires. The difference are astounding between different makes and models. We also measured magnetic field exposure, currently voltage, power used, luminosity, etc. but are most interested in the radio frequencies in the kHz range.

The purpose of the survey that you received is to give us a better sense of what people are responding to and it will provide us with some information about how to conduct phase two of the study, which is testing the response of living subjects who are EHS. We know the frequencies the bulbs produce and once we test the response of sensitive people we will know which frequencies are the most harmful.

We know which bulbs put high frequencies on wire and which ones put high frequencies through the air. Also, we can shield the air and filter the wire, so we have a very detailed study planned for phase two. The response we intend to measure will be both subjective and objective and it should get us a little closer to understanding the important biological frequencies.

You made some assumptions about our survey and our intent that are false and the survey is not "bs...", to use your own words. It is already providing useful information.


Dear Magda,

First of all, I appreciate the study you published under the title: "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Biological Effects of Dirty Electricity with Emphasis on Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis". Concerning your last questionnaire about bulbs, I haven't received your first survey and I don't know about what was done. We already know that electric distribution and appliance are harmful. I have a study from Spain done in 2001 that shows that at 0,1 microTesla, we have 20 % more breast cancer for the womans. We already know, from a lot of studies all around the world, that at 0,2 microTesla we have more cancer and that at 0,3 to 0,4 microTesla, we double the children leukemia. If you visit the WHO website, they finally accept partially this fact, but are more interested to know how much it will cost to protect populations instead of taking measures to lower the values of the guidelines. I went to their workshop in June 2007. When I denounced publicly the demeanor of Michael Repacholi, they just feign to pretend or affect innocence to what I was saying. I'm just tired of all happens today. We already know that electrical appliance could be harmful, but guidelines are not up to date. So don't built your home or live under an electrical distribution, nor sleep near electrical appliance. There are solutions about dirty electricity. Like a bio switch. This means that you have to install this bio switch BEFORE the fuse. It will just send 9 Volts DC in the line when nothing is in use. When you turn a device on, it will give the 110 or 220 alternative Volts back. But today, mobile phone technology is everywhere, more WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT phones and other wireless technology. In Switzerland, with 7'500'000 people, they sent 62'000'000 messages by mobile phone for last Christmas and 100'000'000 for the New Year... Modulated frequencies and high frequencies pulsed with low frequencies are much more harmful and there are poor solutions to stop them trying to isolate your home. We have electricity since about 100 years, dirty electricity came later and sparsely around the world. But if you look the english studies at this web page: http://www.alerte.ch/alertes/alertes_01.php you will find that sickness and death are increasing much more since the introduction of wireless technology and worthily since the introduction of mobile phone. In attached file, I'm sending to you a study showing the same problem with Alzheimer, done by Örjan Hallberg and Olle Johansson.

[ see under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1388778/ ]

So, your study seems to me like that the conclusions will be biased, as the study managed by the WHO about malignant melanoma, because the survey ask for sunlight exposition and UV, but there is absolutely not any question about exposition of modulated frequencies and high frequencies pulsed with low frequencies.

When the castle is burning, we don't care about the stable. This means that when we have several environmental factors involved, we have to act urgently to stop the worst which is certainly the crazy mania of wireless technology. It seems that humans have learned nothing about the past mistakes. Finally, people all around the world should be aware of what is worst. Between others, birds, insects, butterflies, bees are disappearing at an accelerated rate all around the world. We are in a real bad shape ! We are in a global process of all life disappearance, because people want to be joined everywhere at anytime.

Mayday, mayday, mayday...

Very Truly Yours
Philippe Hug


'Fluorescent lights giving pupils headaches'

Informant: Mark G.


Effects of CFL Bulbs: Neurologist speaks out


Informant: gotemf



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