Villagers unite to battle phone mast proposals

By Kirsty Nicolson

Deeping Gate residents fighting against a mobile phone mast have met to draw up battle lines against the proposal.

Residents of Deeping Gate will be visiting the High Court on July 12 in a bid to quash a decision to establish the 80ft mast in Mumby's Yard, Suttons Lane.

They fear that the device could have dire consequences for electo-magnetically sensitive Pam Harris whose home will lie under its shadow.

Mrs Harris has to be hooked up to a machine for 17 hours every day to have essential nutrients pumped into her body.

She says if the mast goes ahead she will be forced to move house because of fears emissions from it may make the machine malfunction – with dire consequences.

She met with other residents at Northborough Village Hall to discuss the case – and encourage people to help fund their campaign.

She said: "The support we have had has been tremendous. We just decided to bite the bullet and fight this thing."

At the meeting, the chief executive of the Samworth Brothers, which owns the pastie group Ginsters, Brian Stein, talked about his experiences as a person who is electro-magnetically sensitive.

He says he developed the condition after using a mobile phone for 15 years and now gets cramps or even internal bleeding if exposed to emissions for too long.

In an inspirational talk, he told how he cannot use computers, modern cars or watch television without feeling very ill and he warned that people still do not yet know the long-term effects mobile technology has on health.

He said to guests: "These things may not have an effect on you, but they might your children.

"Don't stop your fight."

At the meeting villagers were urged to continue to raise funds to fight their cause.

They have so far mustered together £11,500, but they still need another £5,500 to cover fees which may be incurred if they lose the case.

Richard Thomas, who was chairing the meeting, said he was confident villagers could win the battle. He added: "However, I would urge people to help us raise the funds in case we need them.

"There is every chance you will get the money back."

John and Debs
Parsonage are two people who will live near the proposed mast.

Mrs Parsonage said: "This is all about money.

"We don't what the health effects of this mast are. We have two young children and we are concerned."

A spokesman for Hutchinson 3G said: "A claim has not been made against Hutchison 3G. The case has been brought by Pamela Harris against the Treasury Solicitor to challenge Peterborough City Council's planning decision. Therefore, Hutchison 3G is currently not in a position to comment on the actual case."

The company said there is little proven scientific evidence to support the idea of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and, according to the World Health Organisation's (WHO) fact sheet on electromagnetic hypersensitivity, base stations and mobile phone telophony have not been shown to cause such symptoms.

[ Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under: and
"Competing interests, conflicts of interest: Who's funding WHO?"under:

If you would like to make a donation to the cause, call 07710 0900 56.

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