Give Pelosi a call and let her know that “Impeachment is NOT off the table” for the American people

The following was posted today on the Forum on the Kucinich for President site. PLEASE give Pelosi a call and let her know that “Impeachment is NOT off the table” for the American people and that she MUST rally her colleges to SUPPORT Dennis Kucinich’s bill for impeachment of Cheney! Urgency is very important here ... the time for impeachment is far past due, but IS attainable NOW!! The link for this post on the Forum is //

Call Speaker Pelosi

Rapid Response - Take Action!

This announcement was posted at Portland Indymedia late Friday (26 April 2007):

Rep. Pelosi Would Like to Hear From You On Cheney Impeachment

Give her a friendly call.

Rep. Pelosi was reluctant to impeach Bush, but now must consider Cheney impeachment. She is accepting public input at (202) 225 - 4965 during weekday business hours (her after hours mailbox tends to stay full).

This announcement was posted as a comment to a repost of the articles of impeachment along with the transcript of Dennis' responses to questions at the press conference, Tuesday, April 24.


I intend to call her and tell her what I have already told my Representative: "Impeaching Cheney is a matter of supporting the troops. Can you imagine what it must be like for them to know that the show is being run by war profiteers? Considering Cheney's connection with Halliburton (no longer even a U.S. corporation) and the closed-room deals with Big Oil, the appearance not only of lying, but of lying for the sake of more $Billions in war-profiteering graft is unavoidable. Not to impeach Cheney is to add insult to the injuries already sustained - or tragically to be sustained - by our troops on the ground in Iraq."

BTW: Why didn't the Congress enact - in those great first 100 hours - a War Profiteering Act, such as was once on the books since World War II? And let it be with a provision for retrospective prosecution and penalties for violations of any other statute, RICO, etc.!

Dennis Kucinich on Bill Maher Show Repeats SUNDAY 4/29

This is a clip of the first 13 minutes of Real Time w/Bill Maher from this past Friday. Dennis Kucinich was his guest and seems to have gained alot of supporters from this appearance! I am surprised and very disappointed that Bill did not mention a word about Dennis filing Articles of Impeachment against Cheney!! I thought he would have been all over this and make sure his viewers are aware of this major development! After viewing the clip, read through some of the comments posted below ... at least 98% very positive for Dennis!! Please pass this on to your lists ...

In a message dated 4/28/07 12:02:19 PM, MerylAnnB writes:

Hi guys! My wonderful son found this on you-tube:

Dennis was on the Bill Maher show last night and received a stand-up applause that lasted for at least 2 minutes. He was witty, personable, funny, fully confident on winning the presidency, articulate in spelling out his policies and beliefs, et cetera, et cetera. A must watch! Maher usually repeats some of his prior shows, so keep an eye and ear out. Thanks!!

Repeated tomorrow, Sunday @ 9am, on Dish network.

In Peace, Robin Rae
(310) 728-6475
(808) 387-9238




It is time in American history to take charge and change events.

It's important to save values and restore the constitution once again.

We the people of United State of America will not stand by to watch all the horrors done by this administration therefore we take lead to Impeach George W. Bush NOW!

Long live the Constitution!


P.S: House Speaker Pelosi's office is taking calls voting for Impeachment of Bush/Cheney at 202-225-0100.


1 (800) 828 - 0498

1 (800) 459 - 1887

1 (800) 614 - 2803

1 (866) 340 - 9281

1 (866) 338 - 1015

1 (877) 851 - 6437

Please pass this to 100 people ASAP.


Pelosi Taking Impeachment Tally Now! - PLEASE CALL Pelosi's office right now & ask for Impeachment of Bush/Cheney!


Watch the Video of Impeachment Protests at CA Dem Party Convention, 4/27-29 //

Speaker is taking tally for IMPEACHMENT:

Edited on Mon Apr-30-07 05:33 PM by sfexpat2000 From my Code Pink list:

"PLEASE CALL Nancy Pelosi's office right now. Here's the deal as forwarded to me:

House Speaker Pelosi's office is taking calls voting for Impeachment of Bush/Cheney at:


Sparked by an insurgency among delegates, the California Democratic Party has taken an historic step forward on the issue of impeachment. In a resolution affirmed by the full state party convention Sunday, the Democrats called on the U.S. Congress to use its subpoena power to investigate misdeeds of President Bush and Vice President Cheney –and to hold the Administration accountable “with appropriate remedies and punishment, including impeachment. The delegate insurgency was coordinated by PDA and our allies.

While Speaker Pelosi had declared impeachment “off the table," the Democratic Party rank-and-file has demonstrated its commitment to putting the issue “on" the table. And it’s no longer just the rank-and-file: Even among the members of the convention’s Resolutions Committee (appointed by the California Party chair), the impeachment resolution was the top vote-getter (tied with one other resolution).

Coming on the heels of mass actions and resolutions across the country in support of impeachment, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s introduction of Articles of Impeachment against Cheney, this action by the powerful California Democratic Party builds on the pro-impeachment momentum.

The resolution refers to Bush and Cheney having acted in a manner “subversive of the Constitution?by. . .

1) using false information to justify the invasion of Iraq

2) authorizing “the torture of prisoners of war

3) authorizing wiretaps on U.S. citizens without obtaining a warrant

4) disclosing the name of an undercover CIA operative

5) suspending the historic Writ of Habeas Corpus by ordering the indefinite detention of so-called enemy combatants

6) signing statements used to ignore or circumvent portions of over 750 Congressional statutes

The resolution ends by calling for “vigorousinvestigation" and “appropriate remedies and punishment, including impeachment."

Read the resolution:

This was an example of the Party grassroots speaking its mind, and the Party officials responding to the call. This action represents the successful culmination of PDA’s one-month, eleven-city barnstorming tour across California ?aimed at putting impeachment and ending the occupation of Iraq at the top of the Party’s agenda.

Thanks to all your help and support - we really are making a difference!

In Solidarity,
Tim Carpenter

Progressive Democrats of America is a grassroots PAC that works both inside the Democratic Party and outside in movements for peace and justice. Our goal: Extend the victory of Nov. 2006 into a permanent, progressive majority. PDA’s advisory board includes six members of Congress and activist leaders such as Tom Hayden, Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin and Rev. Lennox Yearwood. More info: //

Full Text of the Resolution //

Informant: Bob Banner



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