Samstag, 14. April 2007

Marines Used "Excessive Force" in Afghan Civilian Deaths

A platoon of elite Marine Special Operations troops reacted with "excessive force" after an ambush in Afghanistan last month, opening fire on pedestrians and civilian vehicles along a 10-mile stretch of road and killing 12 people, an investigation by an Afghan human rights commission alleges. US officials familiar with the report by the constitutionally mandated Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said its findings are "troubling" and consistent with the US military's preliminary investigation.

Bush family does a Moon dance

Informant: NHNE

EPA Helping to Hide Tons of Toxic Waste, Researchers Show

This year, Californians will live alongside over half a million pounds of newly hidden toxic waste, thanks to recent changes in the national system for reporting releases of hazardous chemicals.

White House Seeks Boost to Spy Powers

The Bush administration asked Congress Friday to allow monitoring of more foreigners in the United States during intelligence investigations, one of several proposed changes that go to the heart of a key US surveillance law.

Libby Won't Seek New Trial in CIA Leak Case

Former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby said Friday he no longer plans to ask for a new trial in the CIA leak case but still expects to appeal his conviction.

Insult to Injury

An extensive investigation by US News and a new Army inspector general's report reveal that the system for determining veteran's benefits is beset by ambiguity and riddled with discrepancies. Indeed, Department of Defense data examined by US News and military experts show that the vast majority - nearly 93 percent - of disabled troops are receiving low ratings, and more have been graded similarly in recent years. What's more, ground troops, who suffer the most combat injuries from the ubiquitous roadside bombs, have received the lowest ratings.

More Con Than Neo

"Usually, spring in Washington finds us caught up in the cherry blossoms and the ursine courtship rituals of the pandas," says Maureen Dowd. "But this chilly April, we are forced to contemplate the batrachian grapplings of Paul Wolfowitz, the man who cherry-picked intelligence to sell us a war with Iraq."

New Documents on Attorney Firings Contradict DOJ Official's Testimony

A Justice Department email released on Friday shows that the former chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales proposed replacement candidates for seven United States attorneys nearly a year before those prosecutors were fired, in contrast to testimony last month in which the aide said that no successors were considered before the firings.

Kampf gegen den Terror lässt Verbrechensverfolgung erlahmen

Die Ausrichtung der US-Sicherheitsbehörden auf die Terrorbekämpfung hat zu einer Steigerung der Kriminalität und zu einem Rückgang der Strafverfolgung beim FBI, vor allem bei der Wirtschaftskmriminalität, geführt.

Tons of Food Spoiled as FEMA Ran Out of Storage Space

As many as six million prepared meals stockpiled near potential victims of the 2006 hurricane season spoiled in the Gulf Coast heat last summer when the Federal Emergency Management Agency ran short of warehouse and refrigeration space, according to agency officials.

Let's ban broadband

FYI - Just one last one...


Dear .net Magazine,

I'm so fed up with the pro-wireless articles in .net that this one has been the last straw, and I've now stopped buying it and a friend has let his subscription lapse.

Gary Marshall has no business stating that wi-fi is safe. Plenty of evidence exists to show that it isn't. The Times Educational Supplement has just uncovered a Becta report which showed that the engineers installing wi-fi in some schools were getting headaches - and that was 6 years ago with the lower gain of wireless-b networks, not the -g and -n networks rolling out now. The government has not released this report for some reason. I myself know people who become ill when in proximity to wi-fi and DECT cordless phones.

I say stick to wired networks and avoid wi-fi. If I'm wrong you may have been slightly inconvenienced by having to put in CAT-5 or 6 LAN cables. If Gary 'Loudmouth' is wrong (as I believe he is) he has condemned many people to ill-health.

Check out some of the information and references that I have helped to amass on our website at in a document called "Making Us Sick: The True Health Costs of the Mobile/Wireless 'Revolution'". [ ]

We might return as readers if/when sanity reigns again and wireless devices are treated with the contempt that cigarettes are treated with now.


P.S. I got my comment added! - You can do the same if you want!

Fitzgerald Cited Missing Emails During Plame Probe

In late January 2004, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was suspicious that White House political adviser Karl Rove had hidden or destroyed an important document tying him to the leak and to the effort to discredit Plame's husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson. The document was an email Rove sent to Stephen Hadley, then deputy national security adviser, in early July 2003.

1984: Homeland Security Developing 'Hostile Intent' Technology

The United States Department of Homeland Security announced in April that it is developing human factors technology able to screen people at borders for hostile intent. The tool will help screeners identify people who should not be allowed to enter the country.

From Information Clearing House

Dollar slide accelerates

The dollar's slide against most of the world's currencies gained pace today as dealers worried over the outlook for the US economy.

From Information Clearing House

Swedish teen: U.S. troops led operation

A Swedish teenager who was imprisoned for weeks with alleged terror suspects in Ethiopia said in an interview published Thursday that Americans in military uniform directed the Kenyan soldiers who took her into custody on the Somali-Kenyan border.

From Information Clearing House

Iran leads attack against U.S. dollar

While the world press has focused on Iran's plans to move ahead with enriching uranium, Tehran continues to wage economic war against the U.S. dollar behind the scenes.

Russia rules out military scenario for Iran

A military scenario for Iran should be ruled out, a senior Russian lawmaker said after a closed-doors meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak.

From Information Clearing House

U.N. nuclear chief says Iran is operating only several hundred centrifuges

The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog says Iran is operating only several hundred centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, despite its claims to have activated 3,000.

ElBaradei: Iran nuclear plant still in early stages

Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohammed ElBaradei said here Thursday night that Iran has no necessary facilities to produce nuclear weapons.

From Information Clearing House

Chevron confirmed as key sponsor of Iraq Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Electricity Summit

The summit has been organised to bring together key Iraq Government decision makers in the energy sector and international operators seeking partnership opportunities in both the upstream and downstream industry.

From Information Clearing House

Child Refugees from Iraq Require Targeted Assistance in Host Countries

As violence in Iraq continues to add to the largest refugee crisis in the Middle East in half a century, World Vision has launched a combined advocacy and relief effort to assist children and families fleeing to neighboring countries. Some 2 million Iraqis have left their volatile homeland.

From Information Clearing House

Troops angry at extended tours

Troops in Iraq were visibly angry when they found out they were being forced to spend an extra three months in the country, said U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-South Boston), who was in Iraq yesterday.

From Information Clearing House

The Life Of An Iraqi Is Worth The Same As A Zebra

Yesterday's NYTimes had a story about the US government paying up to but hopefully no more than $2,500 for every Iraqi killed.

From Information Clearing House

A bloody message from Iraq: nowhere is safe

Nowhere is safe. Insurgents struck in the heart of the Green Zone yesterday, one of the most heavily defended places in Baghdad. The symbolism - and the bloody message - was clear with this attack on the home to the US-imposed democracy.

The most secure place in Iraq?

Ordinary people undergo a full body search. Dogs sniff for explosives, luggage and equipment are opened. Electronic vehicle scanners screen large cars and lorries.

The spectre of Saigon looms over Baghdad

That someone was able to pass through the security checks yesterday with explosives sufficient to inflict so much death and destruction means that the "green zone" can no longer be considered impregnable.

From Information Clearing House

Dark of Heartness: A Journey Into The (Reputed) Soul of Conservatism

By David Michael Green

I have been haunted this last quarter-century, and especially this last decade, by the darkness that has descended over the American political landscape, a long shadow unlike any I remember from the first half of my life.

The Baghdad Gulag

By Pepe Escobar

There were hundreds of thousands, perhaps more than a million Iraqi nationalists, waving Iraqi flags - with no room for a religious divide - responding to Muqtada's call for "Occupation out!" The Shi'ite million-man march proved once again Sadrists rule the Shi'ite street - and are the most powerful political force among Iraqi Shi'ites.

Villagers raising £60,000 in phone mast row as talks ‘stall’

By Lucy Stephens

VILLAGE campaigners say they have stumped up enough cash to remove an offending phone mast - but have reached a stalemate in talks with the operator.

Residents in Sheriff Hutton, between York and Malton, have protested fiercely against a 15-metre Orange phone mast ever since it was put up in their village.

After a year of meetings with Ryedale District Council - which did not complain against the mast in time to stop it being put up - local campaigners have taken matters into their own hands.

Through remortgaging their homes and asking for loans, a group of local families have managed to get a total of £60,000 together.

This is the amount operator Orange says it will cost to remove the mast, which has not yet been switched on.

But campaigner John Botting said residents had now reached a "brick wall", after none of their attempts to contact Orange had met with any response.

He said: "As a village, we have been talking to various people. We're talking about various projects between us - remortgaging houses and getting loans - we reckon that there or thereabouts we can muster the £60,000.

"We're continuing to write to them, continuing to phone - they're hoping we're just going to go away.

"That's not going to happen. There must be an alternative site to the one where it's currently situated.

"It's driven us to the point of despair - any day these people could just turn up and turn this mast on.

"That's absolutely diabolical.

"We've been completely (divorced) from any negotiations about this phone mast."

He said villagers were concerned about possible health risks in relation to phone masts, which had neither been proved nor disproved.

Martin Grey, the government and community relations manager for Orange, said: "In seeking to provide next generation mobile broadband coverage to the surrounding area, Orange established a radio base station site at Daskett Hill, Sheriff Hutton, in October 2005.

"Direct action by a limited number of residents has to date prevented the completion of works to allow the site to operate.

"In seeking to respond to local concern and reserving our rights to proceed, representatives of Orange have previously met with both Ryedale District Council and representatives of the mast action group.

"Despite attempts to allay concerns, the group has reiterated its intention to initiate further direct action to prevent connection of power to the long established site.

"Having conducted a review of siting options, Orange maintains that the base station is located suitably when set against national planning guidance.

"As such, it remains our intention to take forward plans to connect power to the long-established site and provide network coverage to the local area." He said correspondence about this had been received, and would be responded to "in due course".

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Imus swings while Coulter is unscathed

Informant: ranger116

War on Terror looks like a fraud

Informant: ranger116

Politically correct speech is government censorship

Informant: ranger116

The Missing White House Emails and The Violations of The Presidential Records Act

Air Pollution Rules Relaxed for U.S. Ethanol Producers

World Bank Still Fuelling Climate Change

We Cannot Look From The Sides As We Are Led Towards Crisis Over Iran

The Final Act of Submission


Scott Ritter calls for AIPAC's registration 'as an agent of a
foreign power'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


A Paradigm Shift: America as Proxy

From Information Clearing House

To The Rest of the World: We're Cheapskates

Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Speaks Out in Indiana


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Arbeitgeber kennen keine Generation Praktikum

Protest Grows over Blackwater U.S.A Training Camp

Iraqi *Lancet* study author, denied US entry, will lecture in Vancouver on Apr. 20

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Banned in USA

Canada Offers Forum for Lecturer Barred From U.S.

By Jonathan Woodward

Unable to travel to the University of Washington, Riyadh Lafta -- best known for a controversial study that estimated Iraq's body count in the U.S.-led war in Iraq at more than half a million -- will arrive at Simon Fraser University in B.C. this month to give a lecture and meet with research associates.

A laptop for each child?

Ein Laptop für jedes Kind?

Schule und Mobilfunk

WLAN an Schulen?

Die Gefahren von Mobilfunk und Wireless LAN

Laptops machen unfruchtbar

WLAN Funknetz als Strahlenschleuder?

Strahlend ins Internet-WLAN



Gesundheitsrisiko WLAN

WLAN in Schulen

Mit dem Laptop in den Unterricht

WLAN via Laptops

Gesundheitsgefahren durch kabellose Laptops

Mobilfunk in der Schule - Kinder und Handys


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