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UN to Meet About Growing Iraqi Humanitarian Crisis

Some 1.9 million Iraqis have been displaced within the country since the 2003 US-led invasion, according to United Nations figures, with as many as 2.7 million expected by the end of this year. The crisis of Iraqi refugees is the subject of a two-day United Nations conference in Geneva starting Tuesday.

Congress Skeptical of Bush's Nuclear Warhead Plan

Congressional hearings over the past several weeks have shown that the Bush administration's plan to move ahead with a new generation of nuclear warheads faces strong opposition from House and Senate members concerned that the effort lacks any strategic underpinning and could lead to a new nuclear arms race.

The Problem With Alberto

"After a day of testimony that showed Alberto Gonzales to be so self-contradictory, so conveniently vacant and - at times - so simply risible that even radio listeners could feel the disgust that permeated the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room, we are all waiting to learn the attorney general's fate: Will he be pushed over the side, take a dive off the plank or simply hang onto the railing of the wreck the Bush administration has made of the Department of Justice?" asks Elizabeth de la Vega.

This Earth Day, a Focus on Earth's Warming

For years, Earth Day celebrants have hugged trees, dressed up as their favorite endangered species, and extolled the virtues of compost and organic gardening. Today, the annual day to tout personal and community greenness, has a new emphasis for many people: global warming and its predicted effects on Mother Earth.

Let's Give Gonzales A PUSH, Shall We?

The thing we must remember about people who ABUSE power is they do not volunteer to give it up. It's not just Gonzales, look at what's going on with Wolfowitz at the same time, with the entire World Bank staff in open revolt. So if Gonzales has not resigned by the time you read this, please contact your members of Congress and push them to speak out, to tell Gonzales it's time to go.


And if the testimony of the Attorney General clinging to power before the Senate Judiciary Committee was not enough of a comedy sketch, we offer the following:


Prepared Statement of The Fox:

Distinguished members of the Farm Oversight Board, I can reassure the farm community that I want to get to bottom of the missing hens scandal just as much as you do. Each of these hens were very valued and tasty . . . uh, I mean . . . dedicated members of the hen department and we thank them for their loyal service in comprising my diet. . . that is, in working for the best interests of us all.

I hadn't myself noticed when any of these hens disappeared, but we discovered them missing when you asked for a head account. And I have already directed the wolf department to conduct a full investigation. I have every confidence their final report will be just as professional and thorough as the one they did about the lost sheep incidents.

We have done everything we can to cooperate with this hearing process, including providing thousands of HEAVILY redacted documents, which you had no right to ever see in the first place of course, so you certainly don't need to see all the many others we are withholding or told you we can't find. And I have spent many hours preparing for this hearing carefully reviewing all these documents to refresh my memory so I can truthfully tell you I don't remember any of the important events.

And having said that, I would be happy to respond to your questions, even if I don't substantively answer them at all.

Senator Horse: Mr. Fox aren't those hen feathers around your snout?

Mr. Fox (quickly brushing them away): You must understand that I work very closely with the hens every day, so there is nothing improper if a couple of bloody hen feathers happen to get caught in my whiskers from time to time. In my view there is no appearance of impropriety, despite the improper appearance.

Senator Horse: When exactly did the hens start to turn up missing?

Mr. Fox: What missing hens?

Senator Horse: Uh . . . the hens whose disappearance we're here to investigate?

Mr. Fox: Oh, THOSE missing hens. When did that start? Let me be clear, again, I don't recall that.

Senator Goat: Isn't it your JOB to watch over the hen house, to KNOW if any of the hens are missing?

Mr. Fox: I had limited involvement in doing the watching. I delegated that responsibility to some of the unhatched eggs, but going back over the farm reports I now understand that the first hen disappeared 10 days ago.

Senator Goat: Isn't that the day after you took over the hen house?

Mr. Fox: Now look, I didn't come here to have you impugn the integrity of the hardworking hens in our department.

Senator Goat: Don't accuse this committee of attacking the hens. Isn't that the same thing as blaming the sleep for getting lost on their own? That's what the wolf department concluded in their recent commission report, but we need to reinvestigate that one too. Do you honestly expect this committee to believe you don't remember when you started work, which was just 11 days ago?

Mr. Fox: We redacted that information from the documents we produced. How can you know that? Has one of the remaining hens been testifying without me telling them what to lie about? Otherwise I can't be expected to remember recalling having a recollection about anything like that.

Senator Bull: Well it seems to me VERY suspicious that we had no missing hen problem before, and then the day after you come on, hens start disappearing. Can you explain why in your press conference yesterday, you stated that there WERE no missing hens, when there were already farm journal headline articles about them?

Mr. Fox: I have already acknowledged that my previous statements were not accurate, imprecise, that I misspoke, there were misstatements and I regret saying those words, but I still maintain that they were all true.

Senator Bull: What?! Are you seriously telling us you have NO knowledge of any of the facts about any of these hens and when they disappeared, and on THAT basis you are asking us to allow you to stay on as the keeper of the hen house?

Mr. Fox: Even though I won't admit I know how any of this happened I have concluded that there was no intentional misconduct. I have learned many important lessons from all this which I promise I will quickly forget as well. The keeper of the hen house is a very important job, and I'M still determined to continue to do it.

Senator Bull: Well, either you are doing a very bad job of watching over the hens, or you're not doing the job at all. Either way, we've concluded it's time for you to go.

Mr. Fox (grins slightly, and thinks to himself): [So, who's gonna make me?]

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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Power by the People! Cities to Generate Local Renewable Energy

Informant: Bob Banner

Minnesota stops sales of genetically modified seed

Informant: binstock

Handys und Spam werden Hackern große Gewinne bringen

Handy, PDA und Router haben Sicherheitslecks in Hülle und Fülle

Sicherheitsrisiko Handy, PDA und Router

Weather of Mass Destruction

WMD are a constant topic on the agenda of the United Nations, but now the Security Council members will have to ask, "Which W is it: weather or weapons?"

Renewable instead of nuclear energy

During the Cold War, the ques­tion of the century was: Com­munism or capitalism? Now, in times of climate change, the millennial question is: Cli­mate protection or climate disaster? Is nuclear energy a way out of the climate catastrophe? Wouldn't it be much simpler, safer and cheaper to use renewable energy sources?

Rainforest destruction in Africa

The Congo rainforest is the life support system for millions of people in the 'green heart' of Africa.

Secure Energy? Civil Nuclear Power, Security and Global Warming All over the world the fortunes of civil nuclear power are rising – why? Edited by Frank Barnaby and James


Plant trees, lots of them, you can never plant enough!

Klimaschutz und Wachstum in Entwicklungsländern möglich

Wie es in Entwicklungsländern gelingen kann, Klimaschutz und Wachstum zu verbinden, hat eine junge Wissenschaftlerin an Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) untersucht.

Klimawandel: (Warn)Signale aus der Natur müssen ernst genommen werden!

Das Bundesamt für Naturschutz: Veränderungen in der Natur betreffen uns alle.

Rettet unsere Erde

Eine bisher einmalige Kooperation zum Klimaschutz starteten die Umweltverbände BUND, Greenpeace und WWF gemeinsam mit BILD, Europas größter Tageszeitung.

Wie reagiert der Golfstrom auf den Klimawandel?

Klimawandel: (Warn)Signale aus der Natur müssen ernst genommen werden!

Bundespräsident Köhler: Erneuerbare Energien statt Atomenergie

Klimaschutz und Wachstum in Entwicklungsländern möglich

Klüngelwirtschaft verhindert Klimaschutz

Patent auf genmanipulierte Turbo-Milchkühe erteilt

Patent auf genmanipulierte Turbo-Milchkühe erteilt

Greenpeace warnt vor Monopolen in der Landwirtschaft.

Klüngelwirtschaft verhindert Klimaschutz

Greenpeace-Studie zeigt weitreichende Verflechtung von Politik und Energiewirtschaft.

Wie ein deutscher Verein Wüsten zu Wäldern macht!

Die Weltlandwirtschaftsorganisation FAO warnt, das der Treibhauseffekt die Wälder schwer in Mitleidenschaft zieht.


Plant trees, lots of them, you can never plant enough!

Bundespräsident Köhler: Erneuerbare Energien statt Atomenergie

Bundespräsident Horst Köhler verlangt von der Politik, zum Klimaschutz "ein Wohlstandsmodell zu entwickeln, das mit immer weniger CO2-Emissionen" auskommt.

Mit Atomenergie gegen Klimawandel?

Kann man mit Atomenergie CO2-Emissionen senken und den Klimawandel aufhalten?

Wie reagiert der Golfstrom auf den Klimawandel?

Neue Erkenntnisse aus Langzeitstudie im subpolaren Nordatlantik.

The school that took on mobile phone companies

Rätselhaftes Bienensterben: Schuld ist kaum das Handy?

Gefahren durch Handy und Computer?


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