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Dahr Jamail: "I Am Now a Refugee"

Dahr Jamail writes: "Since the shock-and-awe invasion of Iraq began in March 2003, that country's explosive unraveling has never left the news or long been off the front page. Yet the fallout beyond its borders from the destruction, disintegration and ethnic mayhem in Iraq has almost avoided notice. And yet with - according to United Nations estimates - approximately 50,000 Iraqis fleeing their country each month (and untold numbers of others being displaced internally), Iraq is producing one of the - if not the - most severe refugee crisis on the planet, a crisis without a name and without significant attention."

Bush's Radical Change of Department of Justice Exposed

Gonzales's testimony revealed a department that has lowered the traditional walls erected between the White House, Main Justice and the US attorneys' offices in the field, former Justice officials say. And that could have a profound impact on the way the department carries out its business in the future.

A Hostage Situation

Paul Krugman writes: "There are two ways to describe the confrontation between Congress and the Bush administration over funding for the Iraq surge. You can pretend that it's a normal political dispute. Or you can see it for what it really is: a hostage situation in which a beleaguered President Bush, barricaded in the White House, is threatening dire consequences for innocent bystanders - the troops - if his demands aren't met."

US Reverses Iraq De-Baathification Policy

Members of Saddam Hussein's party were ousted from Iraq's ministries and military in 2003. After the invasion, they were Iraqi pariahs, seen by Americans as remaining too loyal to Saddam Hussein to be trusted. Now the US wants to reintegrate many disenfranchised former Baathists.

Reid: Congress Will Endorse Iraq Pullout

Defying a fresh veto threat, the Democratic-controlled Congress will pass legislation within days requiring the start of a troop withdrawal from Iraq by October 1, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday.

Government Report Slams "Emergency" War Funding Request

Jason Leopold reports that: "Nearly half of the $94 billion in emergency funding President Bush says Congress needs to immediately make available to continue funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would actually be used to finance non-urgent items related to the so-called "longer war on terror." The revelation once again casts further doubt on the president's assertion that the Army will run out of funding this month for US troops fighting in those regions, according to a report issued by the nonpartisan research arm of Congress.

Aggressive Außenhandelspolitik: EU als "Globalisierungsverschärferin" kritisiert

Gewerkschaften, Globalisierungskritiker sowie Umwelt- und Entwicklungsorganisationen werfen der Europäischen Union und der deutschen Bundesregierung vor, sie würden die Globalisierung verschärfen: "Der EU - und innerhalb dieser in besonderem Maße Deutschland - kommt zunehmend die internationale Rolle als Globalisierungsverschärferin zu", heißt es in einer gemeinsamen Stellungnahme der Gewerkschaften IG Metall und Verdi, der Euro-Memorandum-Gruppe, von Attac, dem Umweltverband BUND und der entwicklungspolitischen Organisation WEED. Konkret kritisieren die Verbände die neue Strategie zur Handelspolitik der EU. Ziel "dieser aggressiven Außenhandelspolitik" sei die Durchsetzung weitreichender WTO-plus-Regeln gegenüber Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern, so die Verbände. Damit einher gehe "eine verschärfte Anpassung EU-interner Regeln und politischer Prozesse an die Bedürfnisse weltmarkt-orientierter Konzerne ohne soziale und ökologische Regulierungen".

GMO Alfalfa Will Devastate Organic Dairy Industry

Informant: MoJo

Violence against Native American and Alaska Native Women

Stop Violence Against Native American & Alaska Native Women in the US

Media Coverage

Bill Moyers on Why the Press Bought the Iraq War

Bill Moyers and his team piece together reporting that shows how the media was complicit in shaping the "public mind" toward the war, and ask what has happened to the media's role as skeptical "watchdog" over government power.

Support the Troops by Bringing Them Home

President Bush is playing a game of political chicken with Democratic Congressional leaders over nearly $100 billion to fund his war policies in a supplemental appropriations bill. The president threatens to veto the bill after a House-Senate conference committee reconciles the differences in their separate bills, passes the reconciled version in both Houses and then sends it to the White House.... The administration's main tactic is to berate Congressional leaders for "holding up funding for the troops," write Garett Reppenhagen, Michael McPhearson and Kevin Martin.

Schumer: White House Must Come Clean

Senator Chuck Schumer insisted Sunday that the White House needed to allay concerns over the firings of federal prosecutors. "Someone had to come up with this scheme," the Senate leader said about last year's sackings of eight prosecutors, which were allegedly politically motivated.

GOP Congressman Renzi Focus of Corruption Probe

An investigation has now become a formal public-corruption probe by a federal grand jury in Tucson. Investigators have uncovered evidence that Mr. Renzi received a cash payment from his former business partner, funneled through a family wine company, after a second investor group pursuing an unrelated land swap agreed to pay $4 million for a 480-acre alfalfa field near Renzi's hometown of Sierra Vista.

Residents phone masts protest

Apr 23 2007

Matthew Aplin, South Wales Echo

Residents in another area of the city are protesting about a mobile phone mast that will stand just 30 metres from a primary school.

Residents of Maindy Road, Cathays, Cardiff, have voiced their concerns after T-Mobile applied to build a 12-metre 3G technology mast adjacent to Cardiff Muslim Primary School.

Michael Jones, 58, a retired lecturer, is one of more than 50 people who have signed a petition against the mast.

He said: 'There is uncertainty in the long term about being exposed to rays and I think where there is an uncertainty, precautions should be taken. There is another mast less than 100 yards away so there will be double the threat. It's not nice to think we could be living with something that is potentially damaging our health .

'There has been no public meeting which would've been good practice. All we've had is information about the planning application.'

Headteacher of Cardiff Muslim Primary School, Clare Fox-Rashed, 34, shares Mr Jones worries.

She said: 'We have started our own school petition agreeing with the concerned residents. I don't think it's appropriate to have a mobile mast built so close to the school.'

Another resident, Con O'Leary, retired, 70, is worried about his house value. He said: 'It's bound to affect the value of all our properties and that can't be a good thing. It's going to look ugly too'.

© owned by or licensed to Western Mail & Echo Limited 2007

Creating A Sunni/Shia Divide

by Conn Hallinan, Foreign Policy In Focus

Conflict between Shia and Sunni is the result of modern political turmoil, not religious differences.

Senator Bernie Sanders thinks the electorate is far ahead of Congress on economy, war and global warming

The Progressive Gap

by Katrina Vanden Heuvel, The Nation

From TomPaine.common sense

The Human Right to Water and Indigenous Peoples

Informant: binstock

FDA Was Aware of Dangers To Food

Informant: binstock

When the public turns on public figures

Christian Science Monitor
by Daniel Schorr


What do Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz, Don Imus, and Michael Nifong have in common? All of them are currently in trouble, their futures clouded because their natural constituencies turned on them. Attorney General Gonzales has testified that he is sorry about the mistakes he made in the course of firing eight US attorneys, and that he has nothing to hide about the procedure used. But the Justice Department has a lot of other things to answer for in sanctioning surveillance and wiretapping. World Bank president, Paul Wolfowitz, one of the chief architects of the Iraq invasion, has been obliged to explain about placing his girlfriend in a well-paid State Department job. Mr. Wolfowitz says he will not resign. But, girlfriend aside, Wolfowitz has been the target of staff and board members of the bank unhappy about his management and some of his decisions on lending...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Showdown at the congressional corral

by Justin Raimondo


The entire ‘antiwar’ campaign initiated by the ‘progressive’ wing of the Democratic Party has been a fraud from beginning to end. A good example is the effort launched by, some labor unions, and liberal activists, under the rubric of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. This group, according to The Politico Web site, has ’spent the congressional recess rousing the locals in dozens of Republican swing districts in 24 states.’ It’s all somehow tied in to a proposed antiwar television commercial to be directed by Oliver Stone, which, says The Politico, was ‘announced as liberal opponents of the Iraq war stepped up attacks on Republican congressional lawmakers who voted against a timeline for redeploying troops with letter-writing campaigns, demonstrations and, this week, the launch of new TV ads.’ Now that the Democrats have dropped the timeline, will any of the $5.6 million raised so far by Americans Against Escalation be used to fund third-party or even antiwar Republican challenges to incumbent Democrats? Fat chance...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Vermont: Senate calls for Bush, Cheney impeachment

Houston Chronicle


Vermont senators voted today to call for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, saying their actions have raised ’serious questions of constitutionality.’ The nonbinding resolution was approved 16-9 without debate — all six Republicans in the chamber at the time and three Democrats voted against it. Bush and Cheney’s actions in the U.S. and abroad, including in Iraq, ‘raise serious questions of constitutionality, statutory legality, and abuse of the public trust,’ the resolution reads. The Vermont Senate is believed to be the first state chamber in the country to pass such a resolution, said Bill Wyatt, a spokesman for the National Conference of State Legislatures. ‘Many chambers passed resolutions about the war in Iraq, but none that we are aware have called for impeachment,’ he said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

John Kerry: Building 7 Was Deliberately Demolished

Specter: Gonzales hurt administration

Miami Herald


Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has hurt the Bush administration and the Justice Department with his poor handling of the firing of eight federal prosecutors, a leading Republican said Sunday. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Gonzales was certainly undermining himself and his agency’s law enforcement efforts...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Das Grundeinkommen als Menschenrecht

Bedingungslos und existenzsichernd: Das Grundeinkommen als Menschenrecht!

2. Grundeinkommens-Kongress in Basel am 5.-7. Oktober 2007

Vom 07.-09.10.2005 fand in Wien der 1. deutschsprachige Grundeinkommens-Kongress mit grossem Erfolg statt. Die Verbindungen, die damals enstanden sind führten dahin, dass nun zwei Jahre später, der 2. Grundeinkommens-Kongress in der Universität Basel veranstaltet werden kann. Für weitere Informationen siehe die Kongress-Homepage

und den Kongress-Flyer (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 23. April 2007

Tod eines Erwerbslosen

Die Armut von Erwerbslosen ist kein Einzelfall. Artikel von Peter Nowak in
telepolis vom 21.04.2007.

Aus: LabourNet, 23. April 2007


Tod eines Erwerbslosen in Speyer

Betrifft Strafanzeige wegen Verdachts auf fahrlässige Tötung eines Hartz IV-Berechtigten in Speyer

„Wegen des Hungertods des 20jährigen Hartz IV-Berechtigten in Speyer, habe ich Anfang der Woche bei der Staatsanwaltschaft Landau Strafanzeige wegen des Verdachts auf fahrlässige Tötung (StGB § 222) in Verbindung mit fahrlässiger Körperverletzung (StGB § 229; auch wegen des Erkrankens der Mutter aufgrund Unterernährung) gegen „Unbekannt“ erstattet. Als verantwortliche Körperschaft wurde von mir die „GfA - Gesellschaft für Arbeitsintegration / Vorderpfalz – Ludwigshafen mbH“ als sog. „juristische Person“ benannt…“ Presseerklärung von Armin Kammrad vom 27.04.2007 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 10. Mai 2007


Tod eines Erwerbslosen in Speyer

Hartz IV Hungertod Speyer: Sanktion rechtswidrig. Die Bundesregierung bestätigt: Die Sanktionen gegen den verstorbenen jungen Mann aus Speyer war rechtswidrig.

Dokumentation der Antwort auf die kleine Anfrage an die Bundesregierung der Bundesfraktion der Partei "Die Linke.PDS" bei

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Juni 2007

»Workparade« am 24. April 2007 in Berlin

»Mit Schwänzen hat das nichts zu tun«. Die GEW organisiert eine »Workparade« am 24. April unter dem Motto »Ausbildung für alle«.

Ein Gespräch von Wladek Flakin mit Dieter Haase, Vorstandsmitglied der Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW) Berlin und einer der Organisatoren der »Workparade« am 24. April, in junge Welt vom 21.04.2007

Siehe Infos zur Workparade von GEW Berlin, LandesschülerInnenvertretung und der DGB Jugend bei der GEW Berlin


Die internationale Seite

Hamburg: Euromayday 007: 1. Mai, 15h, Michel-Wiese


Euromayday in Italien

Aus: LabourNet, 23. April 2007

Prekarisierung: Überlebensstrategien

Die „gute Botschaft“ der Prekarisierung. Zur Symbolik von SuperheldInnen in Zeiten der postfordistischen Zeichenflut

Artikel von Efthimia Panagiotidis bei eipcp- European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies

Parkour precaire. Stationen der Kampagne „Mir reicht’s – nicht!“

Eine Einladung zum Mitmachen und Einführung in die Konzeption der Kampagne „mir reicht's...nicht!“ ist der folgende Artikel aus der Zeitschrift analyse + kritik 516 bei euromayday hamburg (pdf):

„Das Prekarisierungsprojekt“ oder: "Überleben hoch drei" – Prekarisierung, (Über)lebensstrategien und Mobilisierung im globalen Süden, Norden und Osten

Ein Projekt des Informationsbüros Nicaragua, des philippinenbüros im Asienhaus und zahlreicher Einzelpersonen hat nun eine Homepage


Die Vernetzung von Untersuchungsprojekten zu Prekarisierung


Das Projekt zum Aufbau eines populären Magazins zur europaweiten Verbreitung

Aus: LabourNet, 23. April 2007

Widerstand gegen Lohnraub und Rassismus

Broschüre "Widerstand gegen Lohnraub und Rassismus" erschienen

Die Gruppe Elexir-A aus Berlin beschreibt in dieser dreisprachigen Broschüre (dt./frz./engl.) ihre Erfahrungen aus der Kampagne zur Arbeitssituation von Flüchtlingen. Zwischen 2002 und 2004 gab es eine intensive Zusammenarbeit, unter anderem mit der Flüchtlingsinitiative Brandenburg, um die Ausbeutung migrantischer Arbeitskräfte öffentlich zu skandalisieren und die Gegenwehr der Betroffenen bekannt und sichtbar zu machen. Im Mittelpunkt des öffentlichen Interesses stand der Kampf einer großen Gruppe von Arbeitern vorwiegend afrikanischer Herkunft um ihren Lohn für Bauarbeiten auf einer Großbaustelle der Berliner Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Mitte. In der Auswertung von Elexir-A geht es um Strategien des Lohnkampfs, die Bedingungen der Zusammenarbeit zwischen migrantischer Selbstorganisation und deutschen UnterstützerInnen sowie Erwartungen an die Rolle der Gewerkschaften in diesen Konflikten. Die Broschüre (78 S., DIN A 5) steht im Internet als PDF-Datei zur Verfügung oder kann bestellt werden über E-Mail:

Aus: LabourNet, 23. April 2007

Save Florida Panther

From Lamargo P.

Tell the U.S. to Protect Bobcats

Comments are due by Monday, April 23. Please take action here:

From Adriana R.

OIPA International News & Actions

Stop Malaysian Samling Group, Global Leaders in Rainforest Destruction

From Adriana R.


Plant trees, lots of them, you can never plant enough!

A Titanic Task: the next U.S. president will have a tough job turning around the world's opinion of America

Informant: ranger116

Government of the People by the People for the People shall not perish from the Earth

I hope many of you will simply cut and past this and send it to your Congressmen.


You can find yours at:

From Robert Fox

We Must Impeach Bush/Cheney to Show The WORLD that they are Not Us !

From Ron

Downplaying Activities That Dictate Certain Geopolitical Goals

by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

The Virginia Tech student who killed the others admired the Columbine student killers, calling them martyrs. And all 3 of them took their own lives (suicide). Some years ago, THE WASHINGTON POST reported a dramatic increase in youth suicides, and the POST then published my letter showing how elementary school children recently had been taught the theme song from "M.A.S.H.," which is "Suicide Is Painless." The song explains that the game of life is lost.......

The Cry to Impeach Bush and Cheney

by Devvy

The pain America will experience in the next few years is going to be excruciating. I wish it were going to be different, but because of America's indifference and blind loyalty to the Democrat and Republican parties, forsaking truth and accountability, the situation has escalated to a dangerous level; the road ahead is going to be difficult and challenging. However, I believe that the millions of us who know the truth will stay the course and continue to fight to stop the destruction of this republic no matter how impossible the odds. We have no choice......

Geschäft wider jede Moral: das häßlichste Gesicht des Neoliberalismus

Geschäft wider jede Moral,1518,478286,00.html

Streichholz am Ölfass,1518,478822,00.html

Gewerkschaften drohen Blackstone mit Desinvestment,1518,478854,00.html

Our benevolent surveillance state

Is there any good reason whatsoever why the federal government should be maintaining "files" which contain information about the pharmaceutical products which all Americans are consuming?

Bank investigates contracts linked to Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz's grip on his job as president of the World Bank was shaken yesterday after the bank's governing council declared it had "great concern" and ordered an investigation into the contracts of staff connected to him.,,2062342,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Chaplain James Yee on Guantanamo and Human Rights

Chaplain James Yee, former US Army Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo, discusses how he became a Muslim and then goes into detail about Guantanamo and his arrest and threatened court martial while serving as chaplain.

From Information Clearing House

Petrodollar & Iran & Iraq

The PetroDollar is a term used to describe the close relationship between the USDollar and the crude oil export business dominated by Saudi Arabia, manifested in the superstructure of the global banking system. So one could say the oil world provides the pool from which the US$ exchange rate valuation is applied and enforced.

From Information Clearing House

'Simple Failures' and 'Disastrous Results'

Excerpts from Army Maj. Gen. Eldon A. Bargewell's report:

From Information Clearing House

Washington awaits a CIA chief's revenge

WASHINGTON is braced for a showdown between the Central Intelligence Agency, the White House and the Pentagon when George Tenet, the former CIA chief, publishes his memoirs next week.

From Information Clearing House

The U.S. National Campaign to Impeach President George W. Bush Jr.

Video Lecture by International Legal Expert Francis A. Boyle at the the Center for Peace Studies, McMaster University.

From Information Clearing House

After Iraqi Troops Do Dirty Work, 3 Detainees Talk

"We know how to make them talk. We know their back streets. We beat them. I don't beat them that much, but enough so he feels the pain and it makes him desperate."

From Information Clearing House

Plan B : Budget For Saving Civilization

By Lester R. Brown

"The tragic irony of this moment is that the rich countries are so rich and the poor so poor that a few added tenths of one percent of GNP from the rich ones ramped up over the coming decades could do what was never before possible in human history: ensure that the basic needs of health and education are met for all impoverished children in this world.

McCain & Iran

Running on Inferno's Platform

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Public Wi-Fi may turn your life into an open notebook

Interesting new article:,0,5309582.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Informant: Robert Thinker

Key Part of Bush's "No Child" Law Under Federal Probe

The Justice Department is conducting a probe of a $6 billion reading initiative at the center of President Bush's No Child Left Behind law, another blow to a program besieged by allegations of financial conflicts of interest and cronyism, people familiar with the matter said Friday.


Independent Media Source

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