Sonntag, 15. April 2007

U.S. Holds 18,000 Detainees in occupied Iraq

In the past month, as a new security crackdown in Baghdad began, U.S. occupation forces arrested another 1,000 Iraqis, bringing to 18,000 the number of detainees jailed in two U.S.-run gulag's in that country.

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Bush Administration Threatens Veto of Secret Gulag Measure

Administration officials will advise President George W. Bush to veto legislation requiring him to provide lawmakers with details of the CIA's secret prisons for terrorism suspects, a White House statement said.

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Bush asks Congress to alter 1978 eavesdropping law

The Bush administration asked Congress on Friday to expand the number of people it can subject to electronic surveillance in the United States.

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USA faces huge changes as climate warms

Chicago and Los Angeles will likely to face increasing heat waves. Severe storm surges could hit New York and Boston. And cities that rely on melting snow for water may run into serious shortages.

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U.S. should be wary of offending its biggest lender - China

Last year, when the U.S. Treasury debt increased by $184 billion, almost half of that amount - $87 billion, or 47 percent of the total - was provided by lenders in China, according to U.S. government statistics.

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War is hell, Afghanistan is worse

When we lose eight smiling young men, couldn't someone somewhere just say -- out loud -- 'What a terrible and meaningless waste of lives'.

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McCain says he has no Plan B for Iraq

Sen. John McCain said that the buildup of U.S forces in Iraq represents the only viable option to avoid failure in Iraq and that he has yet to identify an effective fallback if the current strategy fails.

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War Plan B And Situation B

by Elizabeth Spiro Clark,

McCain insists no retreat, no surrender, but also no way to win.

Cheney: Democrats will back down on Iraq

Dick Cheney says he is "willing to bet" that Democratic lawmakers will back down and approve a war-spending bill that doesn't call for U.S. troops to leave Iraq.

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Aid and Comfort for Torturers: Psychology and Coercive Interrogations in Historical Perspective

By Stephen Soldz

Guantanamo and other US detention facilities are illegal and immoral institutions. They appear to be designed to break people down, to destroy them, whether they are innocent or guilty, whether they have any intelligence value or not.

The Growing Toll Of Iraqi Civilian Deaths

By Dr. César Chelala

Despite all evidence, some political leaders continue to insist that the situation is improving, as though the brutal TV images of the war did not exist, as if it were a fantasy invented by evil spirits. The chasm between the people's view of reality and that of their leaders has rarely been greater.

A War to Spread Terror

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

America cannot afford to lose the battle for peace, justice and humanity because humanity has not found a place in this Administration. In the American 'Dialogue', we are the 'strong', for we have the power of the people, justice, and above all, the Constitution of the United States of America.

"Sorry We Shot Your Kid, But Here's $500"

By Greg Mitchell

For the entire war in Iraq, the press has been kept largely in the dark concerning the number of civilians killed by our forces, and what happened in the aftemath. Now several hundred files posted online reveal some of the true horror while raising questions about lack of compensation.

U.S. Report: Marines Killed Unarmed Civilians

By Ann Scott Tyson and Josh White

A preliminary U.S. military investigation indicates that more than 40 Afghans killed or wounded by Marines after a suicide bombing in a village near Jalalabad last month were civilians, the U.S. commander who ordered the probe said yesterday.


Military Forces Journalists to Delete Images of Civilian Killings

In the past day there has been wide media coverage of an official report on the slaying of Afghan civilians by US forces early last month. Gaining much less coverage are the report's comments on a nearly-forgotten aftermath of the apparent crimes: the US military's forced "deletion" of images taken by Associated Press cameramen and others.

Saarland: Landeselternvertretung Grundschulen fordert Messungen an Schulen, in denen funkvernetzte Datenverarbeitung (WLAN) zum Einsatz kommt

Da in Sachen WLAN an Schulen noch vieles unausgegoren sei, fordert der Vorsitzende der Gesamtlandeselternvertretung und der LEV-Grundschulen, Jörg Dammann, Messungen in denjenigen saarländischen Schulen, in denen WLAN benutzt wird. Schließlich, so Dammann, müssten auch die Eltern über das Schulforum zu dieser Problematik einbezogen werden. Zugleich erneuert die LEV-Grundschulen ihre Forderung, Mobilfunkantennen in der näheren Umgebung von Grundschulen und Kindergärten zu entfernen.

Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 12.04.2007
Der Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk e.V. (FGF), gehören alle deutschen Mobilfunkbetreiber an.

International Trade Endangers Sharks: Take Action to Help

From Adriana

Court rulings on environment go against Bush administration

Informant: binstock

Global Warming Challenges the Unitary Executive

Kelpie Wilson writes: "On April 2, 2007 the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the State of Massachusetts in the landmark global warming case, Massachusetts v. EPA. Environmentalists were pleased that the high court ruled on the merits of the case, agreeing that carbon dioxide meets the definition of a pollutant and that the EPA has run out of excuses for not regulating it. But some legal scholars were even more gratified by another aspect of the case, the court's ruling on the right of the plaintiffs to sue, known as their 'standing.'"

Panic before deadly mobile phone-virus



It doesn't matter what rock at the White House we turn over. There's nasty stuff under them all. And now just as the subpoenas of accountability are finally starting to fly, they tell us that millions of White House emails, required to be preserved and archived by federal law, have up and disappeared. Or so they now claim. And isn't this yet ANOTHER admission of administration law breaking.

Was it not enough that they lied us into a war that has killed more of our citizens than 9/11 and as many as a million in foreign countries? Was it not enough to conduct illegal wiretapping of our personal communications, while simultaneously swearing they were doing no such thing? Was jeopardizing our national security by outing a key figure in tracking down the REAL weapons of mass destruction, was that not enough? Was an official government policy of torture, to our shame around the world, not enough?

It's just one high crime after another, and either the president is totally not in charge of anything, in which case he should be impeached for that dereliction alone, or all this pipes right through Karl Rove into the Oval office. And whether Cheney is in charge of everything or just half the treason, he's got to go to.

Rosie O'Donnell was speaking for a lot of people when she exclaimed recently, "What do you have to do to get impeached in this country?" But what will make it really happen is when each one of us speaks for ourselves, and we contact our members of Congress to finally demand Constitutional responsibility, and keep doing it again and again.


We don't believe for one second that the Bush administration hasn't now on top of everything else totally corrupted our federal justice system by requiring selective and wrongful prosecutions of members of the other party as a CONDITION for continued employment as an attorney general. The corruption goes completely to the core of everything our country is supposed to stand for. The last time we checked the Pledge of Allegiance ended with the words "justice for all". You got that, George? ALL! And that means you don't just prosecute non-Bushies and let yourself and your cronies off the hook.

But of course he doesn't get it. He's never going to get it. Instead Bush is going even deeper into tantrum and denial mode, demanding even more and more power to grossly abuse, without any accountability whatsoever, as if the results of the last election had not even taken place. They think they're just going to plow ahead with new proposed laws to expand domestic surveillance even further, as if all those rubber stamping Senators voted out in November were still around.

He's not going to stop on his own folks. He's incorrigible. And the only force that can stop him is the pressure of public opinion, coming from our individual voices to our members of Congress, to call on them to honor the Constitution and do what should have been done years ago already. We can't wait until 2008 to be rid of them. Impeach the president and vice president now.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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US military unveils heat-ray gun

Panik vor tödlichem Handy-Virus

Gerücht über tödliches Handy-Virus löst Panik aus

“Handy-Virus” versetzt Pakistan in Angst und Schrecken

Brzezinski says 'paralyzed' Bush incapable of using his plan for US exit from Iraq

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Krugman sees signs of Christian right's 'infiltration' in Justice Dept. scandal

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Taming Fossil Fuels

Each day seems to bring news of another prominent convert to the cause of requiring mandatory reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

The capacity of coal is significantly overestimated

The statistics on global coal reserves are probably too high. Peak production could be reached as soon as 2025.

Reaktionen auf den zweiten Teil des Klimaberichts

Nach der Veröffentlichung des zweiten Klimaberichtes der Vereinten Nationen haben Umweltexperten und Politiker mehr Engagement für den Klimaschutz gefordert.

Klimaforscher: Die Schweiz bald ohne Gletscher

Heute sind die Alpen noch der Wasserspeicher für Zentraleuropa. Doch bis 2050 droht dieser Wasserspeicher zu versiegen.

Angriff auf das grüne Herz Afrikas

Internationale Holzkonzerne verursachen in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo (DRK) in großem Umfang soziales Chaos und ökologische Verwüstung.

"Neues Vattenfall-Braunkohlekraftwerk sichert Klimaerwärmung"

Die heutige Grundsteinlegung für ein Braunkohlekraftwerk in Boxberg/Sachsen zeigt den krassen Gegensatz zwischen den öffentlichen Bekenntnissen der Bundesregierung zum Klimaschutz und ihrer Energiepolitik.

Nordsee war Ende März so warm wie sonst im Mai

Nordwestlich von Borkum betrage die Wassertemperatur rund 8 Grad, teilte das Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH) in Hamburg mit.


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