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Follow The Money

Where does the other half of your income taxes go? Find out from the War Resisters League.

Pass It On

Get Aggressive On Global Warming: Target Global Warming, Target Exxon

by Paul Rogat Loeb,

As ExxonMobil spends millions marketing climate change doubt, it's time to confront them.

Our Dumb Pakistan Policy

by Shahid Buttar,

We are undermining our own principles—and our power—in Pakistan.

We should stop paying for it

Sallie, big banks and the GOP have had a good romp.

Erhöhtes Alzheimer-Risiko für Lokführer



Volker Hartenstein, MdL a.D. 17-04-07

Erhöhtes Alzheimer-Risiko für Lokführer

... Lokomotivführer seien sehr starken elektromagnetischen Feldern ausgesetzt. Das Bundesamt für Verkehr hat in ausführlichen Messungen einen Durchschnittswert von 21 Mikrotesla ermittelt, das ist etwa zwanzig mal so viel wie 50 Meter neben einer Hochspannungsleitung ...

American Tragedy

Le Monde writes: "It would be unfair and, above all, incorrect, to reduce the United States to the image recurrently provided by the outbursts of murderous fury to which isolated individuals accede. But episodes of this order are exceptional elsewhere, although they frequently disfigure the 'American dream.'"

White House Delaying Turnover of RNC Emails to Congress

President Bush's lawyers told the Republican National Committee on Tuesday not to turn over to Congress any emails related to the firings last year of eight US attorneys before showing them to the White House. Democrats and Republican critics of the administration said the move suggests that the White House is seeking to develop a strategy to block the release of the non-government emails to Congressional investigators by arguing that they're covered by executive privilege and not subject to review.

On Fitzgerald and the Missing Emails

A couple of weeks before I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice charges, then-White House Counsel Harriet Miers was told that an internal White House probe determined that millions of administration emails dating back to 2003 were lost. Miers immediately informed Patrick Fitzgerald, but Miers may not have told Fitzgerald the extent of the White House's email problem.

Save Yellowstone's Last Grizzlies

Happy Feet Need Something to Eat

Take action:

Residents round on mast plan

A LEADING mobile phone company has been criticised over its plans to build a 50 foot mast close to an old people’s home, a health centre and a college in Kilkeel.

Work has already started on installing a base for the mast adjacent to the Greencastle Street area and directly behind Kilkeel library, with O2 granted planning permission within the last few weeks. The telecommunications giant originally applied for permission in June of last year, with the application being advertised in the press.

However, one local source told the Democrat that there is widespread public disquiet about the imminent arrival of the mast, with many questioning the logic of positioning it close to a health centre.

“It’s very close to the clinic and the library and people aren’t too happy about it,” she said. “ On top of that, it’s going to be a complete eyesore.”

A representative of the nearby Slieve Roe nursing home, which currently houses 23 pensioners, said she and other staff were unaware of the proposed mast but predicted that relatives of some of the residents will be concerned at the plans.

“I’d prefer if we’d been consulted about this,” she said. “I know it must have been advertised in the papers but we knew nothing about it. It would be something that we’d need to know about. I think that the families of some of our residents might be concerned about a phone mast being put up so close to us.

“I suppose these masts have to go somewhere because people aren’t going to go without their mobiles but surely it would be better if they were put up away from built-up areas.”

Concerns about the mast were echoed by Kilkeel based councillor Henry Reilly, who described himself as disappointed that Newry and Mourne District Council “hasn’t acted” on the situation.

“It seems like it’s a massive piece of equipment to be going into a town centre,” the UK Independence Party representative told the Democrat. “If it was to facilitate the ambulances or something like that it would be different but there’s already excellent O2 coverage here in Kilkeel so I don’t see any need for it.”

Mr Reilly explained that the Council generally has a policy that telephone masts aren’t put up within 500 yards of any dwellings but accepted that this isn’t always possible.

“Because there’s no medical proof that these things are harmful, that sort of objection can’t be taken into account,” he added. “But from an aesthetic point of view this mast isn’t going to be the prettiest thing for the centre of the town.”

An O2 spokesman said the mast is to be installed to meet growing demand in the area.

“When we started looking for a site, a meeting was held with the Council and subsequently no objections to the site were raised during the planning process,” he explained.

“Whilst I understand the concerns of local residents, I would have to reiterate that there have been over 500 research studies into mobile phone technology and health and so far no scientific link has been made. Mobile phone masts are very low powered radio transmitters and we would emphasise this to locals.”

Omega many scientific link has been made. See under:

© Newry Democrat, 2007.

How Hill & Knowlton Pioneered Unsound Science

Got a toxic product? PR can help you overcome any obstacle.

Setting the pattern for all high profit harmful products and technologies, including of course mobile comms.


In the 1950s, with the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer becoming well established, the tobacco industry was in crisis. Its PR strategy, devised by the firm Hill & Knowlton, was "entangling itself in the manipulation of fundamental scientific processes," as Allan Brandt describes in his new book, "The Cigarette Century." It was Hill & Knowlton's John Hill who "hit on the idea of creating an industry-sponsored research entity. Ultimately, he concluded, the best public relations approach was for the industry to become a major sponsor of medical research." This approach "implied that existing studies were inadequate or flawed," and made the tobacco industry "seem a committed participant in the scientific enterprise rather than a detractor." In 1953, tobacco companies jointly released a Hill & Knowlton-drafted memo that stated, "We always have and always will cooperate closely with those whose task it is to safeguard the public health." The industry also created the "Tobacco Industry Research Committee." SOURCE: AlterNet, April 16, 2007


US officials deny obvious: spectacular attacks prove 'surge' a failure

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Global Strike Still on Pentagon Wish List

Informant: Kev Hall

Schäuble: Generalangriff auf den Rechtsstaat, verbliebene Bürgerrechte sollen eliminiert werden



Minister halts mast permissions

Try this:


Words to Die For or a New Dawn in Baghdad?

The Nation Institute's Tom Engelhardt notes that the administration's familiar war vocabulary and imagery of the last four years is missing in action. All those turned corners, those milestones, he says, have finally disappeared." In this essential piece, Engelhardt offers a close examination of the new war words.

If the Americans are losing, the Iraqis are losing much more

A new poll shows a majority of Americans believe the US will 'lose' in Iraq. The Americans may indeed lose, but the Iraqis will have lost much more. Read the tragic details of a new UN report.

Conservative principle has become conservative mania, and the results can be deadly

Science for Sale at UC Berkeley Also Known as "UCBP"

"We must have this 'green' company all wrong," says Al Meyerhoff. "What else could explain the apparent willingness of a fine public institution like UC Berkeley to be on the verge of entering into a 'partnership' with the petro-giant - accepting $500 million to fund an Energy Biosciences Institute? Maybe BP's largess is without strings. Maybe pigs have wings."

Rulings Go Against Administration

A string of federal court rulings in recent weeks has gone against Bush administration environmental policies, and critics say they are proof that the White House regularly circumvents laws designed to protect the nation's air, water, forests and endangered species. "They (courts) are finding in case after case after case that the Bush administration is violating the law," said Trip Van Noppen, vice president of litigation for Earthjustice, a public-interest law firm that represents environmental groups suing the government.

Immunity Considered for Ex-Gonzales Aide

The House Judiciary Committee is set to vote on whether to grant Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's former counsel immunity from prosecution and force her to testify about the firings of eight federal prosecutors. "I am hopeful we can approve immunity so that we can schedule her to testify as soon as possible and begin to clear up the many inconsistencies and gaps surrounding this matter," said Chairman John Conyers.

Global warming health effects

Informant: binstock


Asia-Pacific Countries See Effects of Climate Change on Health, Brace for More

"Officials from more than a dozen Asian countries met Tuesday in Malaysia to outline health problems their populations are facing in relation to a rise in global temperatures," states The Associated Press's Margie Mason.

Spitzeneinkommen: 2 Milliarden

New threat to skilled U.S. workers

The master plan, it seems, is to move perhaps 40 million high-skill American jobs to other countries. U.S. workers have not been consulted.

From Information Clearing House

Swiss journalists acquitted in case of leaked secret CIA prisons fax

Three journalists were acquitted Tuesday of breaking Swiss military secrecy laws by publishing classified intelligence material about alleged secret CIA prisons in Europe.

From Information Clearing House

Father of Guantanamo suspect alleges torture by interrogators

The father of a Pakistani terrorism suspect at the Guantanamo Bay military prison alleges his son was beaten by U.S. interrogators while held in Pakistan, according to an affidavit released Monday. The CIA denied the prisoner was abused.

From Information Clearing House

Iraqi refugee children trapped in poverty and fear

More than two million Iraqi refugees are trapped in a cycle of poverty and fear. More than half a million of these are school-age children, many with no access to education or psychological support, according to research by World Vision.

Jordan begs world to shoulder Iraq refugee burden

Jordan on Tuesday begged the international community to help it shoulder the burden of 750,000 Iraqi refugees who have fled there.

Iraq's neighbours blocking refugees -- rights group

Iraq's neighbours are making it harder and harder for Iraqis to flee across the border to escape violence, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House


UN Urges More Help for Fleeing Iraqis

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday urged countries to bolster aid for Iraqi refugees and to keep their borders open to the growing exodus, amid warnings that hosts Jordan and Syria were overstretched. His appeal came at a two-day UN conference on the plight of some four million Iraqis who have fled their homes.


Hounded by Insurgents, Abandoned by Us

Informant: NHNE

Dare To Look Back

By Sheila Samples

On Dec. 9, 2000 -- three days before the Florida deadline -- the US Republic shuddered on its axis when Bolton crashed through the doors of a Tallahassee library where Miami-Dade ballots were being recounted and shouted triumphantly -- "I'm with the Bush-Cheney team, and I'm here to stop the count!"

The Iraq Money Trail

By Evelyn Pringle

It's time for Americans to face the cold hard truth that nothing will be accomplished by allowing the daily carnage in Iraq to continue, and if Bush has his way, our young people will be dying in this war profiteering scheme until hell freezes over. Congress needs to authorize funding to pull our troops out of that deathtrap and not one dime more.

The Americans Still Don't Get It

By John Damien

The surge isn't going to work because it was wrong to begin with. The first rule for an occupier fighting an insurgency is that you can't win by killing insurgents. Killing insurgents is easy and makes it feel like you are doing something, but its a trap.

Iraq Has Two Virginia Techs Every Day

By Juan Cole

I keep hearing from US politicians and the US mass media that the "situation is improving" in Iraq. The profound sorrow and alarm produced in the American public by the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech should give us a baseline for what the Iraqis are actually living through. They have two Virginia Tech-style attacks every single day.

Corporate profits reached unprecedented levels in 2006

From ufpj-news

Informant: Charles Jenks

Are They Serious?

Eugene Robinson writes: "Today's topic is credibility - specifically, recent claims by certain high-ranking present, former and perhaps soon-to-be-former Bush administration officials. The aim is to answer a simple question: Should we believe these three Bush loyalists if they tell us that rain falls down instead of up, or should we look out the window to make sure?"

Domenici Faces Ethics Probe Over US Attorney Firing

The Senate has confirmed that Senator Pete Domenici (R-New Mexico) is the subject of a "preliminary inquiry" into his involvement in the firing of former US Attorney David Iglesias.

The problem that is Paul Wolfowitz

Boston Globe
by H.D.S. Greenway

Paul Wolfowitz is often mentioned as the most brilliant person in government. … He is the intellectual force behind a whole new way of looking at US foreign policy. But for all of that [he] should be fired.’ I wrote those words in July 2003. It was clear by then that the Iraq mission had not been accomplished in the previous May, as the president had said, and that we were in for a long, hard war made worse by Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld’s ‘fatal combination of hubris and incompetence.’ I could have added corruption. For we soon learned the extent of the wholesale corruption of the intelligence gathering process to promote the war, generated in the Pentagon and from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office. Generals who said that invading Iraq would cost more in money and troops than the Pentagon hoped were swept aside, and advice from anyone who actually knew anything about Iraq was willfully ignored...


Heck of a Job, Wolfie

Robert Scheer writes: "The Riza-Wolfowitz affair was an open secret in Washington for years, even before the couple became officially involved in the run-up to the Iraq war, during which she seems to have played a major role in influencing former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's top deputy. Back in the spring of 2003, a division of the Defense Department headed by Wolfowitz's neocon crony Douglas Feith ordered defense contractor SAIC to pay Riza to figure out how Iraq should be governed after the invasion. When Wolfowitz followed her to the bank two years later, there was an obvious conflict of interest. So Wolfowitz got his lover reassigned - with a $60,000 pay increase - to the State Department."


Wolfowitz’s girlfriend problem

by Sidney Blumenthal


Back in 2003, Wolfowitz had taken care of Riza by directing his trusted Pentagon deputy, Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith — who had been in charge of the Office of Special Plans and had been Wolfowitz’s partner in managing the CPA — to arrange for a military contract for her from Science Applications International Corp. When the contract was exposed this week, SAIC issued a statement that it ‘had no role in the selection of the personnel.’ In other words, the firm with hundreds of millions in contracts at stake had been ordered to hire Riza. Riza was unhappy about leaving the sinecure at the World Bank. But in 2006 Wolfowitz made a series of calls to his friends that landed her a job at a new think tank called Foundation for the Future that is funded by the State Department. She was the sole employee, at least in the beginning. The World Bank continued to pay her salary, which was raised from $60,000 to $193,590 annually, more than the $183,500 paid to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and all of it tax-free. Moreover, Wolfowitz got the State Department to agree that the ratings of her performance would automatically be ‘outstanding.’ Wolfowitz insisted on these terms himself and then misled the World Bank board about what he had done...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

New US report repeats climate warning

International Herald Tribune [France]


For the second time in a month, private consultants to the American government are warning that human-driven warming of the climate poses risks to the national security of the United States. A report, which had been scheduled to be published on Monday but was distributed to some reporters Saturday, said issues usually associated with the environment — such as rising ocean levels, droughts and violent weather caused by global warming — were also national security concerns. … The effects of global warming, the study said, could lead to large-scale migrations, increased border tensions, the spread of disease and conflicts over food and water. All could lead to direct involvement by the U.S. military...

Global warming hits southwest

by Mike Davis


The polar bear on its shrinking ice floe has become the urgent icon of global warming and runaway climate change. Even the flat-earther in the White House now concedes that the magnificent bears may be doomed to extinction as the sea ice melts and the Arctic Ocean is transformed into open blue water for the first time in millions of years. Humanity’s ‘great geophysical experiment,’ as the oceanographer Roger Revelle long ago characterized the steeply rising curve of carbon dioxide emission, has knocked nature off its Holocene foundations in the circumpolar lands. But the Arctic is not the only theater of spectacular and unequivocal climate change, nor are the polar bears the only heralds of a new age of chaos. Consider, for example, some of Ursus maritimus’s distant relatives: the black bears that forage happily but ominously in the fabled Chisos Mountains of Texas’s Big Bend National Park. They may be the messengers of an environmental transformation in the Borderlands almost as radical as that taking place in Alaska or Greenland...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Contractor: Pentagon ordered hiring of Wolfowitz pal



The Pentagon ordered a U.S. contractor to hire a World Bank employee and girlfriend of then-Pentagon No. 2 Paul Wolfowitz in 2003 for work related to Iraq, the contractor said on Tuesday. A spokeswoman for Science Applications International Corp., or SAIC, said the Defense Department’s policy office directed the company to enter a subcontract with Shaha Riza, under which she spent a month studying ways to form a government in Iraq. Wolfowitz, now president of the World Bank who has led a drive against corruption in developing countries, is under fire, including calls for his resignation, for agreeing to a high-paying promotion for Riza when he took over the bank post. A Pentagon spokesman said he had no information about the contract or SAIC’s statement...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Contractor Was Told to Hire Wolfowitz Friend

The US Defense Department ordered a contractor to hire Shaha Riza - a World Bank employee and girlfriend of Paul Wolfowitz - in 2003 for work related to Iraq. Wolfowitz, a key Iraq war architect who left the Pentagon in 2005 to become president of the World Bank is already under fire for overseeing a high-paying promotion for his girlfriend.

Netzzensur: FACT braucht Unterstützung! - FACT: Freedom Against Censorship Thailand

Waxman May Subpoena Rice to Testify on Iraq-Niger Claims

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is resisting a US House panel's demand that she testify tomorrow on why Bush said in a 2003 speech that Iraq sought uranium from Africa. Waxman, in a letter to the State Department released late yesterday, wrote that he has "postponed the scheduled vote for a subpoena for your appearance before the committee from tomorrow to April 25."

Lauschen, spähen, speichern ohne Ende: Kabinett beschließt Datenspeicherung

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

18. April 2007

Das Bundeskabinett hat die so genannte Vorratsdatenspeicherung sämtlicher Daten bei der elektronischen Kommunikation beschlossen. Dazu erklärt die stellvertretende Vorsitzende Katina Schubert:

Die große "sicherheitspolitische" Koalition: Wolfgang Schäuble und Brigitte Zypries beschneiden Arm in Arm Grund- und BürgerInnenrechte mit der Heckenschere. Ob Vollzugriff auf Passbilder und Fingerabdrücke oder verdachtsunabhängiges Speichern von Telefonaten, Mails und SMS das Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung in Deutschland ist ein Auslaufmodell. Generalverdacht statt Unschuldsvermutung ist die verfassungswidrige Kurzform dessen, was die Bundesregierung plant. Die Linke wird diesem Ansinnen ihren ganzen Widerstand entgegen setzen. Bürgerliche Freiheitsrechte sind ein unveräußerliches Gut, deshalb unterstützen wir die verfassungsrechtlichen Bedenken der Datenschützer gegen die Pläne der Koalition. Die Linkspartei bleibt bei ihrer Forderung: Alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger haben das Recht, über ihre Daten zu bestimmen. Sie müssen nachvollziehen können, welche Daten über sie wo und warum gespeichert werden. Sie müssen über deren Verwendung informiert werden.


Staatliche Sammelwut: Bundesregierung Speicherung von Telekommunikationsdaten beschlossen

Zur besseren Verfolgung schwerer Straftaten soll der Lauschangriff-Katalog neu geordnet und die Daten von Telefon- sowie Internetverbindungen sechs Monate lang gespeichert werden. Das sieht ein am Mittwoch vom Bundeskabinett beschlossener Gesetzentwurf vor, der bei Medienfachverbänden, Anwaltsvereinen, FDP, Linken und Grünen auf harsche Kritik stieß. Nach dem Willen der Opposition soll das Gesetz nach einer Beschlussfassung durch den Bundestag vom Bundesverfassungsgericht überprüft werden.


Innere Sicherheit: Kabinett beschließt Datenspeicherung

„In Deutschland sollen künftig sämtliche Telefon- und Internetverbindungsdaten ein halbes Jahr gespeichert werden. Sicherheitsbehörden hoffen auf mehr Erfolge beim Kampf gegen Terrorismus und Kriminalität. Datenschützer befürchten dagegen eine nachhaltige Beeinträchtigung von Grundrechten..“ Meldung in FR online vom 18.4.07

Siehe dazu auch:

Risiken der Vorratsdatenspeicherung ernst nehmen - und keine Fakten schaffen! Kampagne "SPD, CDU und CSU gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung" gestartet

„Den heutigen Beschluss des Gesetzentwurfs zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung durch die Bundesregierung kontert der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung mit einer neuen Kampagne: Mitglieder, Mandatsträger und Untergliederungen der Volksparteien SPD, CDU und CSU sollen sich öffentlich gegen die "drohende Zwangsspeicherung des Telekommunikationsverhaltens der gesamten Bevölkerung" aussprechen. (…) Mitglieder von SPD, CDU und CSU können den Aufruf ab sofort auf der Internetseite unterzeichnen…“ Pressemitteilung des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung vom 18. April 2007

Terrorismusbekämpfung und Grundrechte

Bundesinnenminister Schäuble will Grundsatz der Unschuldsvermutung aushebeln

„Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble forciert seine Pläne zur weiteren Verschärfung der Sicherheitsgesetze weiter. Erst kürzlich kündigte Schäuble an, "Leitlinien für die innere Sicherheit" ausarbeiten zu wollen, um die Trennung zwischen innerer und äußerer Sicherheit aufzuheben; auch fordert er Online-Untersuchungen von Computern oder den Zugriff der Polizei auf gespeicherte Passfotos. Nun will Schäuble selbst den in einem Rechtsstaat zentralen Grundsatz der Unschuldsvermutung aushebeln, um präventive Massenüberwachungsmaßnahmen zu ermöglichen….“ Meldung vom 18.4.07 bei heise online

Siehe dazu auch:

Schutzlücke: Wird Wolfgang Schäuble vom Verfassungsschutz beobachtet?

„Bundesinnenminister Wolfgäng Schäuble verkündet seit einiger Zeit in kurzen Abständen immer neue Pläne, die nicht nur von Telepolis-Lesern, sondern mittlerweile auch von Traditionsmedien als sehr ernste Gefahr für das Grundgesetz gesehen werden. Für solche Gefahren gibt es die Verfassungsschutzbehörden der Länder und des Bundes. Aber sind sie auch mit den entsprechenden Rechtsgrundlagen ausgestattet, um sich mit dem Fall Schäuble auseinandersetzen zu können?...“ Artikel von Peter Mühlbauer in telepolis vom 18.04.2007

Deutschland, einig Überwachungsland oder die kontinuierliche Umsetzung der Vision aus George Orwells Buch “1984”

„Christine Wicht gibt für uns einen Überblick über die geplanten Überwachungsmaßnahmen und über die aktuelle Diskussion darüber. Ist der Kampf gegen den Terrorismus nur ein Vorwand für die Sicherheitsmanie und die damit verbundene Einschränkung der Freiheitsrechte der Bürger? Geht es vielleicht eher um die Ablenkung von viel drängenderen Problemen in unserer Gesellschaft und um die Angst konservativer Politiker vor sozialen Konflikten?...“ Artikel von Christine Wicht vom 19. April 2007 bei den NachDenkSeiten

Aus: LabourNet, 19. April 2007


Kontroverse Debatte im Bundestag über die Vorratsdatenspeicherung

„Zu einem Schlagabtausch zwischen Vertretern der großen Koalition und der Oppositionsparteien kam es am heutigen Freitag im Bundestag bei der 1. Lesung des heftig umstrittenen Regierungsentwurfs zur Neuregelung der Telekommunikationsüberwachung und anderer verdeckter Ermittlungsmaßnahmen. Politiker der Linken und der Grünen warfen der Bundesregierung vor, gerade mit der geplanten Umsetzung der umstrittenen EU-Vorgaben zur Vorratsspeicherung von Telefon- und Internetdaten den Bereich des Rechtsstaates verlassen zu haben. Der Rechtsexperte der CDU/CSU-Fraktion, Jürgen Gehb, machte dagegen deutlich, dass der Entwurf den "Notwendigkeiten" wohl noch hinterher hinke…“ Artikel von Stefan Krempl vom 06.07.2007 bei heise news

Eine verpasste Chance für die Stärkung der Grundrechte. Humanistische Union kritisiert geplante Reform der Telefonüberwachung und die Einführung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Pressemitteilung der HU vom 6. Juli 2007

Dammbruch bei Telekommunikationsdurchleuchtung droht

Pressemitteilung des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung vom 6. Juli 2007

Aus: LabourNet, 9. Juli 2007äubleücke

Keine Unschuldsvermutung bei Terrorabwehr: Stellt Schäuble den Rechtsstaat in Frage?,,OID6637218_REF1,00.html


Verfassungstreu? Schäuble will angeblich die Unschuldsvermutung beseitigen

Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) hat vorgeschlagen, in bestimmten Fällen vom rechtlichen Grundsatz der Unschuldsvermutung abzuweichen. Der Innenminister begründet dies mit dem "Kampf gegen den Terrorismus". Die SPD und die Opposition reagierten am Mittwoch mit einem Sturm der Entrüstung auf die Äußerungen des Innenministers, der bereits mit Plänen für eine Fingerabdruckdatei, Online-Durchsuchungen, die Auswertung von Mautdaten und Einsätze des Militärs im Innern in der Kritik steht. Übereinstimmend hieß es, der Verfassungsminister verlasse den Boden der Verfassung.äuble

Ethanol may cause more smog, deaths

Jacobson's study:

Informant: binstock

Wireless in den Bergen

Im Anhang Zeitungs-Artikel vom 13.4.07 zu „Wireless in den Bergen“

i. V.

Tell Pelosi & Reid to Stand up to Bush TODAY!

Canadian Seal Slaughter, 2007

****Cross Post Freely****

Time for Direct Action?

Since we posted this question, we have received numerous e-mails from folks who have shared their thoughts, their suggestions and a whole lot of anger and frustration. On Wednesday, April 18, 2007, we will post a compilation of the suggestions that have been made to date on the forum. Once the new thread is posted, we will invite everyone interested to come and share ideas on how we can make
2007 the last year that the blood of innocent baby seals stains the ice and the reputation of Canada.

Please take a minute right now to visit and join up:

In order to join the forum thread about the Canadian Seal Slaughter, you will need to be registered. For those of you that have not been to, it is similar to MySpace but everyone there is committed to a cruelty free lifestyle. If you are not a tekkie and need some help, they will happily answer your questions and assist you in any way that they can. If you have any problems you can contact:


Regardless of whether you plan on participating in the discussion about the seal slaughter, you should join anyway. It is full of good information coupled with the comraderie of passionate and dedicated activists. It is a great place to make new friends!

*****Additionally, on Wednesday, April 18, 2007, we will be announcing our World Week schedule for animals in laboratories. Mark your calendars now for the kick-off weekend Saturday & Sunday, April 21st & 22nd and for the wrap-up weekend Saturday & Sunday April
28th & 29th.*****

For more info contact Win Animal Rights at: Call: 646.267.9934 or visit the WAR website at:

W.A.R. (WIN ANIMAL RIGHTS) is an independent non-profit organization not affiliated or associated with SHAC, SHAC USA or any other group or organization and does not conduct or incite any illegal activity. The above information is not meant to incite or request any illegal actions or illegal activities of any kind. If you have any questions about the legality of any act, we encourage everyone receiving this (or the) action alert(s) to check your local laws and ordinances before proceeding to do anything.

Informant: Ima Vegan

The War On Consciousness

Informant: Useful I.

Another Path to Peace: The Case for Kucinich

By David Swanson,

From ufpj-news

Kucinich files Articles of Impeachment against Cheney

Informant: Jack Topel

They can kill somebody’s body, but they can’t kill love

“They can kill somebody’s body, but they can’t kill love.” - Cindy Sheehan, April 13th at Indianapolis.

Watch Cindy Sheehan at Traprock Peace TV (CounterPunch "website of the day"):

In this powerful and moving video (28:38 minutes), Cindy Sheehan calls for nonviolent revolution, encourages activists and shares her emotions about this war's senseless killings of Iraqis and US soldiers. This is a question and answer session that she gave after her talk at the 3rd Annual Midwest Peace and Justice Summit held at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, on April 13, 2007.

“They want us to live in fear….It’s time that we’re willing to sacrifice and put our bodies on the line for peace and justice.”

Sponsoring organizations were IUPUI Students Advocates for Global Equality, Plowshares Consortium of Peace Studies, Indiana Peace and Justice Network, IUPUI Center for Service and Learning, Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center, and IUPUI Office of Campus and Community Life. Organizations throughout the Midwest participated.

At Traprock Peace TV, see also videos of Cindy Sheehan's main talk at IUPUI (preceding the Q and A session above) and her speaking at Purdue on April 12 (Q and A, with link to the student newspaper's video of her main talk), plus 38 other videos with Chaplain James Yee, Ann Wright, Anthony Arnove, Kelly Doughterty, hip hop poet Son of Nun, Antonia Juhasz and many others.

The Cindy Sheehan videos were recorded and edited by Charles Jenks; ©
2007 Traprock Peace Center; all rights reserved. contact:

Charles Jenks
Chair of Advisory Board
Traprock Peace Center
103 Keets Road Deerfield, MA 01342

From ufpj-news


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Complaint about Science Media Centre and the LM group

Complaint about the Science Media Centre, 'Sense about science', 'Spiked', SIRC and its offshoot, - the common thread being the LM network - pushing corporate agendas -



1.Introduction to the submission - LobbyWatch
2.Submission to the Board of the Science Media Centre - Andy Rowell

NOTE: It may be useful to read this in conjunction with the George Monbiot interview about the LM group that LobbyWatch recently published at

1.Introduction to the submission

Below is an edited version of a submission made by the writer and investigative journalist, Andy Rowell, to the board of the Science Media Centre (SMC) at the suggestion of one of its board members.

The submission raises concerns about the role of the SMC's director, Fiona Fox, in the light not just of her long-term involvement with the climate-sceptical LM group but of the SMC's lack of proactivity in combatting climate change denial - something that stands in marked contrast with the SMC's record on a number of other issues, such as GM crops.

Andy Rowell's submission arose out of a talk he gave at a seminar organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry on The Science of Global Warming. On the panel with Rowell were Professor Keith Briffa of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, Professor John Mitchell - Chief Scientist at the Met Office, and Professor Colin Prentice of Bristol University.

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by Attorney Constance Cumbey

Years ago, in the early 1980s, a then prominent New Age leader and author, Donald Keys, one I suspect that Javier Solana and his grandfather, Salvador de Madariaga, well knew, gave a speech. In that speech, he said, “don’t think for one minute that you can have a world government, without having a head of that world government.”......

Global warming may spur wind shear, sap hurricanes

Informant: NHNE


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