Honeybeeworld ...EMF exposures?


I believe this study (Lubeck 2005) re oscillating current during sleep improving memory will help support EMF/EMR concerns regarding "disappearing bees."

The study is very long, so I have copied only small portions below. Access info: //www.natureprotocols.com/2006/11/09/oscillating_current_stimulatio.php

There are 31 references/studies re various relevant subjects (re humans).

I am not familiar with the Helsinki Declaration but can't help wonder how much of what was done regarding "human studies" -- "EMF RAPID Studies" -- that may be in violation of the Declaration!!! It makes me sick to my stomach when I recall the "intimidating individual" that came around with her black briefcase, making it clear to us that we needed to participate in her very involved series of questions (during time of EMF RAPID Studies).

This "unpleasant encounter" (think she came back more than once) never involved sharing any information to the effect there was any reason whatsoever to consider possible adverse health effects regarding our house being only 50 ft. from two high voltage lines. I do remember reporting a long list of symptoms (this occurred before I had any knowledge of benefits re taking vitamins and supplements and especially "melatonin) and I do know there is specific reference to homes within 50 ft. of high voltage lines in the EMF RAPID Conclusions.

I do not recall any questions being asked about any sort of electrical or telephone equipment being close to our beds. The fact that the American Cancer Society sent the "USA Today article" (1993) recommending appliances be moved away from beds, indicates the whole EMF RAPID Study may have "completely missed-the-boat" and that the omission of such relevant questions may have been intentional.

Had these issues been properly addressed and the public "informed," perhaps even the bees would still be able to find their way home? Take care - Joanne

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