Independent of UK Writes Scare Piece on Wi-Fi


From Andrea: I sent this comment:

Glenn, you claim that good science should be based on the simple idea to test, reproduce and isolate factors. If we were to adhere to this reductionist and fragmentising view, we would never be able to solve the problem of environmentally induced systemic illnesses.

Illnesses such as Autism, MS, ME or indeed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Electrohypersensitivity cannot be fully understood by reducing them to such a one dimensional level. You have to look at possible genetic pre-conditions, metabolic pathways, diet and a variety of environmental factors, electromagnetic fields being one of these. It is the industries selling products likely to be environmental triggers for systemic disease, which stand to benefit from your reductionist and fragmented science model. What you call “anti electronic signal industry” is an ever growing group of concerned individuals, none of them working for money or profit, trying to raise awareness of the fact that we are engaging in the largest uncontrolled epidemiological experiment ever.

With regards to signal strength, you certainly know that 10 feet from a wireless computer, you are exposed to around 0.06 µW/cm2. There are studies which have found microwave effects on human EEC and behaviour at levels as low as 0.0000000027 µW/cm2 (Bise, 1978). Lastly, to counter your dismissive mention of Russian studies, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in 1997, the German Telecommunications Authority commissioned a review of the body of Russian studies (dating from 1960-1996, not 1920 - 1950), which came to the following conclusion: “EMFs can be considered as a ‘silent distressor’, the bio-active effect of EMFs is dependent on a variety of different factors and the pathogenic effect only shows after years of exposure. With regard to the symptoms, there are similarities to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”(Hecht and Balzer, 1997). Get off your high horse and check the facts yourself!



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