URGENT: Take Action TODAY to Help End Raccoon Dog Fur Farming

Tomorrow -- Thursday, April 12th -- the European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee will vote on the banning of cat and dog fur in the EU. Related to this ban, the MEPs will decide whether to outlaw the importation of raccoon dog fur because of the inherent difficulties of distinguishing between canine and raccoon dog fur at customs inspections. They will also vote on whether to include Felis silvestris (wild cats) in this ban because it resembles fur from domestic cats.

Please email -- or better yet call -- the committee members representing your country and politely urge them to vote for a comprehensive cat and dog fur ban that includes raccoon dogs and Felis silvestris. Find out which MEPs on the committee represent your country and get their contact information. Be sure to mention that you are a citizen of the country represented by the MEPs you contact.

Here are some talking points for you to consider. Note that, under the circumstances, you are likely to be more influential if you present your viewpoint on the dog and cat fur ban from a practical enforcement perspective rather than offering ethical arguments against fur farming per se.

- In order to ensure that an effective ban on cat and dog fur is implemented in the EU, MEPs must also outlaw the importation of fur from raccoon dogs and felis silvestris. Otherwise, if fur from these species remains legal, fur from dogs and cats could be mistaken by customs for fur from raccoon dogs and wild cats.

- Finland is the only country in the EU that produces raccoon dog furs in large amounts (Poland produces a couple of thousand each year). Yet raccoon dog farming represents a minor part of Finland's fur business, and banning the use of these animals for fur will not have a significant impact on the country's economy or the Finnish Fur Breeder Association.

- The cat and dog fur ban in EU legislation has been requested by millions of citizens in the EU, including Finnish citizens and the Finnish Government. The MEPs should make sure that the ban will be effective by including raccoon dogs and Felis silvestris.

In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization with more than 85,000 members and supporters dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights and welfare. IDA's efforts include educational events, cruelty investigations, boycotts, grassroots activism, and hands-on rescue through our sanctuaries in Mississippi and Cameroon, Africa.

In Defense of Animals
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