Bush administration accused of violating the Hatch Act by using government money to promote partisan politics, but media silent


Watch this video of a congressional hearing. This congressional hearing was an investigation of the General Services Administration, for using government money to target Democratic candidates in the 2008 election. Lurita Alexis Doan, Administrator of the General Services Administration, is being interrogated by Congressman Bruce Braley, Democrat of Iowa. The subject is a briefing that was presented by Karl Rove's deputy, Scott Jennings, at the Office of the General Services Administration in January. This briefing was prepared by the White house political office headed by Karl Rove. Lurita Doan's testimony consisted of repeatedly claiming that "I don't remember".

The powerpoint presentation, that was made at a GSA briefing, listed Democratic candidates to be "run over by GSA trucks" , and Democratic candidates to have an "anvil dropped on their heads" by GSA. One slide shows a picture of a human figure being hit by a truck, which is marked with the initials "GSA". Another slide shows a picture of a human figure with an anvil falling on his head. The anvil is marked with the initials "GSA".

Would this hearing have ever taken place if the victim had been a smaller third party for limited government, instead of the Democrats? Is this just "the tip of the iceberg"? If YOU said something about "running over a public official with a truck", or "dropping and anvil on his head" would you not be charged with a crime?

For some reason; other than the C-Span live cable coverage, we saw no news coverage of this event.

Try a Google search on terms like "Bruce Braley" "Lurita Doan" , and see how hard you must search for major media coverage, such as from ABC, NBC, CBS, UPI, or AP etc. Visit the home pages of all of the above. Call, or email, them, and ask where this story is!

For example, see if you can find anything about this on any of the pages below: http://www.nbc.com/ http://nbc.resultspage.com/search?ts=custom&p=Q&uid=&w=Doan
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The REALLY BIG STORY is the fact that the media has been silent about this. Can we trust our sources to tell us all of the important truth? Watch the big media jump in after the internet has already broken this story! Watch them change the subject by creating a big investigation of those who are guilty, but for some other minor "decoy scandal".

John Perna


GSA Chief Violated Hatch Act, OSC Report Finds

An Office of Special Counsel (OSC) report has found that General Services Administration (GSA) Chief Lurita Doan violated the Hatch Act, which bars federal officials from partisan political activity while on the job.




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