A message from Sophia

This is last ditch effort to save this brilliant artist from being hug please follow instructions. I was able to email on iranian site.

Please send letters to:

Head of the Judiciary
Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Justice Ministry BLDG. - Panzdah-Khordad (ARK) Sq. Tehran, Iran
Phone: 98 (21) 391-1109
Fax: 98 (21) 390-4986

(In the email subject line write: URGENT LETTER TO AYATOLLAH HASHEMI SHAHROUDI )
Web: //
Note: The fields are written in Persian. The first line is for your Name, 2nd your email, and the 3rd field is the subject which should read 'URGENT LETTER TO AYATOLLAH HASHEMI SHAHROUDI' and 4th field is for your comments).


A message from John

and pass this on to everyone who cares! It's very urgent!

Original Message

I mailed an urgent last appeal for Delara and included links that were operative earlier today.

The Petition link has now been changed to: //

Please use this new link to sign.

*Remember that this is a different petition that you have signed before. This is a new initiative to break the deadlock.

On Saturday, when I did my first network blitz, there were only 1289 signatures.

Tonight there are:
10998 Total Signatures

We have made great gains in gathering petition support. Let us really increase our efforts so that it can be delivered on Saturday with thousands more.

Thank you all... Indigo



Approval of Delara's Death Sentence in Distinction Branch of the Supreme Court

A source familiar with Delara's case reports that Delara's death sentence has been approved and the order will be soon issued to her lawyer.

Delara Darabi, accused of murder, has spent the past 3 years in prison. Recent beatings in prison have left her with a broken arm and she is not feeling well.

Yesterday, Delara's father filed a letter with the head of the judiciary, seeking a transfer of prison for his daughter. In this letter, Delara's father states: "Delara is in dire condition and is suffering greatly. She is only accused. We have reasons to show that she is not a murderer. However, even if she were guilty, she has a basic right to be treated fairly in prison, not to have her arm broken. If Delara is a murderer, she should be executed once, not a thousand times. Yet, in Rasht prison, she is executed a thousand times a day. I need your help to save my daughter."

According to our reporter, given the approval of Delara's death sentence by the Distinction Branch of the Supreme Court, the only person who can commute this sentence is the head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi. By finding fault in the case, he can issue a new trial.

Click HERE to view the original report in Farsi.

Please take immediate action to prevent the execution of Delara Darabi by taking the follwing steps:

1. Sign the petition objecting to the impending execution of Delara Darabi and encourage your friends, colleagues, associates, and family members to do the same: //

2. Contact the office of Ayatollah Shahroudi by fax or mail to voice your objection: Head of the Judiciary Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi Ministry of Justice, Panzdah-Khordad Circle, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran (From United States, dial 0 first)Phone: 98 (21) 391-1109 Fax: 98 (21) 390-4986 You can also send your appeals electronically via the judiciary website:


Note: The fields are written in Persian. 1st line is for your Name; 2nd your Email; 3rd the Subject (which should read "URGENT LETTER TO AYATOLLAH HASHEMI SHAHROUDI REGARDING DELARA DARABI"); 4th is for your Comments. Should you have any questions, please contact . FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: //


Today I received a letter from Lily Mazahery addressing the conflicting information we have received regarding Delara, Reza and other children on Death Row in Iran.

To clarify all confusion once and for all, I wish to inform everyone who has worked with such dedication on these cases that Lily's information is the accurate source.

She receives her information from an award winning journalist in Iran before it goes to the Etemad newspaper. Once it is submitted to the newspaper it undergoes radical censorship alterations. This is where all distortions arise.

Further to this, Lily is in direct communication with Delara's lawyer. The journalist who submits all of her articles to Lily is also in regular contact with Mr. Khoramshahi. Every aspect of each of her reports are verified before she submits them to Lily.

I hope this dispells all further confusion. This is not only the best source for information regarding the children, at present it is our only reliable source.

Below is a sample of the misinformed coverage based on censored news:

Delara Darabi Update We have been receiving few inquiries from the concerned Delara Darabi campaign supporters about recent news and the mass emails that were distributed claiming that :"In the past two days, Delara has been severely beaten in prison by both the prisoners and the prison guards. Prison authorities have confirmed that Delara's body bears severe signs of beatings and abuse. "

The same article claimed that " Amir Hussain, the young boy who was imprisoned on charges of having assisted Delara during the murder, was allowed to leave the prison on official leave. While on leave, Amir Hussain threatened to kill Delara's family and vowed to create significant "problems" for them if Delara is exonerated. "

Both Delara's sister and lawyer stated that although they occasionally receive threatening phone calls but they have no confirmation as to who makes such phone calls. According to Delara's sister the past calls were "not by Amir Hossein". It should be noted that in the event Delara is exonerated Amir Hossein may face death penalty.


Thank you for your kindness and patience.





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