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As the general election approaches, we hear more and more speculation about what the "October Surprise" will be THIS time. People wonder what vile political stunt will they pull to try to stampede people into voting diametrically against their own best interests yet again. This goes far beyond what used to be called "dirty tricks". Start another war and kill a hundred thousand people to crank up the fear level of the American people? They've done it before.

There are things that we know. We know that the Bush administration is determined to attack Iran, whether on false pretenses or not. Just as in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, they are spreading lies about the threat of Iran's nuclear program, and the IAEA (who was right about Iraq) has already condemned them for it. Multiple reliable sources tell us that the final decision has been made and that the preliminary committed stages of the operation are already in progress. And even now there are reports of naval forces being moved into the area, as if that were something they could hide.

We also know that the administration is absolutely desperate. The towering infrastructure they have built of one whopping lie piled high on another is crashing down around their ears, and if they were to lose control of even one house of Congress, the investigations finally unleashed would certainly lead to war crimes prosecutions against each and every one of them. Would the Bush administration even hesitate to carpet bomb yet another country if they thought they could panic us into electing them again. We all know they would not.

When Bush and Cheney goaded Israel into launching a blitzkrieg on civilian targets in Lebanon, it was widely seen as a demo of what they had planned for Iran. They themselves framed it exactly that way with talk of Hezbollah being a proxy for their "masters" in Tehran. And as badly as the war in Lebanon turned out (not to mention Iraq), with massive world revulsion and plummeting support of the U.S among the Lebanese people, you would a think that a sane person would pause to reconsider replaying the same debacle on a monumentally larger scale in Iran.

But the Bush administration is not sane, they are criminally INSANE.

And worse yet, they have given every signal that they fully intend to use nuclear bunker busters in attacking Iran. They were hoping to blow up half the Nevada desert a couple months ago, with the transparent intent of testing how big the nuclear warheads would have to be to penetrate the underground facilities in Iran. And when that test was stopped, in large part by your protests, we would have hoped that would have impeded their plot. It did not.

Finally we know that if they were to commit such a crime against humanity as a nuclear first strike on Iran, it would happen with Congress out of session. That is why we must raise the loudest hue and cry starting immediately. We must have a Sense of Congress Resolution that there be NO attack on Iran without EXPRESS congressional approval. And we only have days to make it happen. We must preempt the next preemptive war before the cruise missiles start flying.

We must tell them we have had enough of the warmongers in the White House. All those who support this kind of leadership also deserve to face genocide charges in a court of law. The administration is out of control and American citizens better wake up to the facts. Please speak out now. It is not only the lives of your children that depend on it. YOUR life depends on it.


This alert is brought to you through the activism of James Wright, running for the U.S. House in the 8th Congressional district, and one of the leading progressive voices in the state of Texas. Follow the other links on the action page for Jim's own proposals of bills to REALLY protect us.

When a brave candidate steps forward in such a district as Texas 8th, shall we do anything to show him our support? If so, please also consider making a donation to Jim's campaign so he can spread the call to action message on impeachment, starting to bring our troops home from Iraq, and on so many other issues.


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Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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