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America's warrior nation

War-Mongering America Terrorizes the World

Rockefeller: Bush Duped Public On Iraq

After 2 1/2 years of reviewing pre-war intelligence behind closed doors, the lead Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, Senator John Rockefeller of West Virginia, who voted for the Iraq War, says the Bush administration pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.

Setzt Russland den Westen bald Schachmatt?

Geopolitische Strategen planen den neuen Kalten Krieg.

FBI Protests CIA Interrogation Tactics

Abu Zubaydah, the first Osama bin Laden henchman captured by the United States after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, was bloodied and feverish when a CIA security team delivered him to a secret safe house in Thailand for interrogation in the early spring of 2002. The events that unfolded at the safe house over the next few weeks proved to be fateful for the Bush administration.

The One World Order: The Ministry of Truth

by Deanna Spingola

The First Amendment protects our freedom of speech and of the press. Absent the First Amendment, protestors could be silenced, the press could be censored, citizens could not criticize their government nor could they organize for social change. No rational individual would readily relinquish the vital freedoms of the First Amendment. But like the proverbial frog who remains in incrementally heated water, the masses will slowly surrender all of their freedoms without so much of a whimper.....

Gesundheitsreform als Wegbereiter für Impfpflicht

Quelle:impf-report Newsletter Nr. 34/2006


The perverse obstinance of ABC/Disney in plowing ahead with their political hit piece on the Democratic party, "The Path to 9/11", will likely not only subject them to defamation suits from Bill Clinton himself, and from his cabinet officials that they smeared, they deserve to be prosecuted by the Federal Election Commission (F.E.C.) for campaign finance law violations. And if enough of us raise our voices, we can make it happen.

Although it was previewed only to hard core right wing ideologues (even Clinton was refused a request for an advance copy), enough has leaked out about its gross distortions of fact and malicious bias for there to be a mounting groundswell of condemnation of the planned broadcast, and demands that it be pulled entirely. Especially suspicious is the fact that the production, with a reported cost of $40 million dollars, is to be aired without commercials. And if that weren't bad enough, they are coordinating with the White House to let Bush give a speech right in the middle of the second installment.

In other words, ABC/Disney is providing to their extreme right wing pals a free, prime time, negative campaign commercial of 6 hours intended to influence the upcoming general election with less than 60 days to go. There could not a more blatant or gross violation of campaign advertising law. The production is so riddled with deliberate partisan bias, it cannot be repaired or redeemed. And most despicably of all, ABC/Disney is promoting their conflation of heinous lies as "the official true story".


Please submit the action page above to send your personal message of complaint to the F.E.C., and all your members of Congress as well. And then if you want to do more, you can file an INDIVIDUAL formal written complaint against ABC/Disney following the instructions at the following link.

Mandatory compliance laws regulate every action of all federal candidates seeking membership to the United States House or Senate. Congressional and Senatorial campaigns can be shut down entirely if any improprieties are evidenced through any filing discrepancies. Acquiescence by the Federal Elections Commission with ABC's after the fact coup d'etat on the Clinton Administration can only be overcome by our voices. Let us flood the F.E.C. with complaints, and let THAT be the story.

Take action today to declare that the F.E.C. must not be allowed to play favorites with secret, big dollar contributors. As a United States Congressman, I will not ignore such tactics by broadcasters to perpetuate such contemptible and flagrant violations of law which serve to promote under-handed agendas to be foisted on the American public.


This alert is brought to you through the activism of Charles W. Sanders, running for Congress from the 3rd district of OH, where there will be a special primary election this FRIDAY, September 15. Please consider making a contribution to his campaign if you have not done so already, so he can get his courageous call to action TV commercial as much exposure as possible.


When we find a representative brave enough to take strong stands we like on the critical issues of our time, shall we do everything we can to support him or not? Our only real chance to influence what our choices will be in the general election is by backing the best candidate in the primary process. Please encourage Charles to continue to stand up and fight for us any way you can.

Desperate to Remain in Control, GOP Resorts to Attack Ads

Republicans are planning to spend the vast majority of their sizable financial war chest over the final 60 days of the campaign attacking Democratic House and Senate candidates over personal issues and local controversies, GOP officials said.

Mehrwert durch Grundeinkommen


Eine Frage der Werte


Zur Info: Eine sage und schreibe 12-tägige Veranstaltung zum Grundeinkommen findet vom 26.9.-7.10. in Basel statt.

Beste Grüße,
Katrin Mohr

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Veranstaltung in Basel
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 13:43:43 +0200
From: daniel häni

Vom 26.9. bis 7.10. führt die „initiative grundeinkommen“ eine 12-tägige veranstaltungsreihe zum grundeinkommen im „unternehmen mitte“ in basel durch. verantwortlich zeichnen enno schmidt, künstler aus frankfurt, sowie daniel häni, unternehmer und kulturraumschaffender, basel.

dürfen wie sie bitten die veranstaltungsreihe in ihren terminplan aufzunehmen?

programmheft pdf 2.4mb

mit bestem dank

und offen auch für eine weitergehende zusammenarbeit

enno schmidt und daniel häni


gerne machen wir sie auch auf unseren video-blog zum grundeinkommen aufmerksam:

daniel häni
unternehmen mitte
gerbergasse 30
ch-4001 basel
0041 61 263 36 63
fax 61 263 36 64

Initiative Grundeinkommen

A Father Remembers a Fallen Marine's Last Days

"In the four months since the death of my son, Sgt. Matthew J. Fenton, from injuries suffered in Iraq, I have stated many times the horror of what I saw in the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland." says John Fenton, "I believe that the time has arrived to tell the whole story of his death and the carnage that was inflicted on some of his fellow Marines. I do not find this easy to do, but as the death toll and injured number continues to climb, I cannot sit silently."


Father of fallen marine tells of 'kids with horrible injuries'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Torturing the Truth

"I've said to people we don't torture. And we don't. "That's what President Bush told Katie Couric. The president's statement here is beyond doublespeak and above spin. It's untrue, it's egregious. The Pentagon's backhanded, long-delayed and uncourageous acknowledgment that torture was used also repudiated what the president has been telling citizens for years. We've been lied to and we are still being lied to.

CIA Can Still Get Tough on Detainees

New US policies on the treatment and interrogation of terrorism suspects outlined this week by the Bush administration mean that the military no longer will resort to harsh or extreme methods to obtain information - but that the CIA could.

The Secret Right-Wing Network Behind ABC's 9/11 Deception

Max Blumenthal writes, "Less than 72 hours before ABC's 'The Path to 9/11' is scheduled to air, the network is suddenly under siege. On Tuesday, ABC was forced to concede that 'The Path to 9/11' is 'a dramatization, not a documentary.' The film deceptively invents scenes to depict former President Bill Clinton's handling of the Al Qaeda threat. Now, ABC claims to be is editing those false sequences to satisfy critics so the show can go on - even if it still remains a gross distortion of history."

General: "Rumsfeld Killed Plans for Post War Iraq"

Shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan Donald Rumsfeld told his team to start planning for war in Iraq, but not to bother planning for a long stay, a high-ranking military official said in an interview.

Penally TETRA mast decision due next week

A decision will be made next Tuesday by the planning committee at County Hall, Haverfordwest, on whether to allow a 15m pole with Tetra antennae on top, at Crackwell Farm, The Ridgeway, Penally.

“There has been a lot of confusion as Airwave O2 have used a loophole in the planning system which allows masts to be erected at this height without full planning permission; the company just need to give a ‘prior notification of intention to develop’,” said one of the campaigners against the mast, Clr. Mrs. Ann Dassen.

“The county council are allowed to refuse permission, but the decision needs to be made and delivered within 56 days, otherwise the approval is given by default.

“What is equally worrying is that Airwave’s agent submitted this notification without waiting for any response to a pre-planning application letter they are obliged to send under Government and Telecom industry guidelines. Penally Community Council sent a strong letter of objection to the proposal and gave a list of neighbouring properties, who should also have been contacted, one of the most important being The Wheelabout operated by The Harriet Davis Trust.

“Luckily most close neighbours have now been made aware of the application by Pembrokeshire County Council’s planning department and I believe all have sent very strong letters of objection,” stated Clr. Mrs. Dassen.

The site proposed is only approximately 100m west of the original site (under appeal) and would be a fifth mast in such a very sensitive area, along a very short section of the well publicised Ritec Walk. “The most tragic part of this bombardment of applications and appeals, is that the whole future of a charity for severely disabled children is at stake,” continued Clr. Mrs. Dassen. “Written proof of this has been sent to all involved. Other sites have been identified, and tested by the police and found to be adequate, so why on earth does the vice-chairman of Airwave, Mr. Jeff Parris, not honour his promise to Mr. and Mrs. Davis and apply away from this area?

“We have to remain very patient and diligent in order to teach this big conglomerate that they will not win the day by bullying with their constant applications. Defending the rights of some of the most vulnerable children in our society is worth every letter, phone call and meeting necessary.

“We truly hope that the planning committee will refuse this latest application and all others submitted nearby. We are confident that the Planning Inspectorate in Cardiff will also take these matters very seriously and follow previous refusals, because of the number of masts there already and the close proximity of The Harriet Davis Trust property.

“May we thank the readers of the Tenby Observer for the letters they have written and ask as many supporters as possible to please attend next Tuesday’s planning meeting at 10 am at County Hall. Anyone needing transport, please fill in the list at Penally Post Office or telephone Ann Dassen on 01834 844957.”

Copyright Tindle Newspapers Ltd 08 September 06

9/11 Kean Commission Report Exposed as 'Fraud of Historic Proportions' on 9/11 Fifth Anniversary by Former 'Star Wars' Program Director

Informant: Amy Sasser

From ufpj-news

Sen. Feingold Stands Up Again

More than 200 protest over mast

10 September 2006 | 00:42

MORE than 200 people are protesting over proposals to put a mobile phone mast in Felixstowe cemetery.

The site has been offered by town councillors as an alternative to another site, which was in the middle of a housing area.

But now the new site has generated anger among families living near the cemetery in Langley Avenue - and they are calling for telecommunications masts to be put up on the edges of towns, well away from homes and young children.

Suffolk Coastal councillors are recommended by officers to approve the mast for O2 when they meet on September 14.

So far around 30 letters of objection have been sent to the council, along with two petitions with a total of 215 signatures.

Resident Denise Bell, one of the organisers of the petition and protest campaign, said: “I know there is great concern about potential health hazards from these masts, especially when they are near homes.

“This may be in the cemetery but there are homes just across the field and the signals from the mast would come straight at the homes with nothing in between, no interruption at all. I don't think it is the right place to have it.”

In letters of objection, residents have voiced concern that low level radiation will adversely affect health, the mast would be ugly and result in the loss of property values, and it should be at least 750 metres from any properties.

They also said using the cemetery showed a total lack of respect for those buried there.

Five schools in the area have been asked for their comments.

The mast would stand 15 metres high and have six antennae, plus equipment cabinets in a compound, and be opposite the Deben High School playing field.

The mast would fill a gap in coverage for the 3G network to ensure people can use their phones whenever and wherever they are.

A report to councillors said the previous suggested O2 site in Grange Farm Avenue was only ten metres from homes, while the cemetery site was 100 metres from any home.

“The coverage area for which a need has been established is a significantly built up residential area with a number of schools within and close by,” said the report.

“There are very little opportunities within this highly built up residential area to site the mast a greater distance from houses and which also meet the technical constraints of the operator.”

What do you think of the mast plan? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN, or e-mail

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