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Amazonian tribe protests at oil pollution

Indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon are stepping up their campaign against oil companies, as the BBC's Dan Collyns reports from the capital, Lima.

Peru's Amazon state, Loreto, takes up almost a third of the entire country.

A vast expanse of rainforest divided by tributaries of the Amazon river, even its main city Iquitos is only accessible by boat or plane.

But its inaccessibility has not discouraged oil companies from hunting for black gold, and they have been doing so for the last 35 years.

During that time, the Achuar people, who have lived in harmony with their environment in this part of western Amazon for thousands of years, say their way of life has been systematically violated.

The Federation of Native Communities of the Corrientes' river (FECONACO) says that for every barrel of oil there are nine barrels of contaminated water produced as a by-product - a total of more than a million barrels a day.

The water contains high concentrations of hydrocarbons and heavy metals, like lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

The Achuar people say it is destroying the fragile eco-system in which they live, killing the fish and wildlife, contaminating their water source and seriously damaging their health.

Health problems

Geanina Lucana is a nurse who has been working with indigenous communities in the area for six years. She says the contamination affects every part of the human body, causing a chronic breakdown of the immune system.

"The toxins affect the central nervous system, causing a complete mental and physical breakdown. I've seen a person die but the doctor was not able to determine a single cause of death," she said.

It is widely acknowledged that high levels of heavy metals, hydrocarbons and chlorides can cause serious physical and mental health problems, including cancer and genetic deformities.

A survey carried out by Peru's Ministry of Health in May found that cadmium levels in the blood of more than 98% of the Achuar exceeded safe levels.

The oil companies, with the complicity of the state, are systematically violating our human rights Robert Guimaraes, vice president of AIDESEP

And more than 66% of children had levels of lead in their blood which exceeded the maximum permissible.

Yet despite the evidence of its own health ministry, the Peruvian government has been slow to act.

Different worlds

Last week, Achuar leaders, with the help of two not-for-profit groups, brought their fight to Peru's capital, Lima.

At one end of a large boardroom table, two apus - or community leaders - sat dressed in western clothes but with their traditional head-dresses.

At the other end of the long table sat three suited officials from Peru Petro - the state-run body which issues licences to foreign oil companies.

For a short time these people from different worlds inhabited the same space, while the community leaders from the jungle spoke of their outrage in their own Achuar language.

"I represent 31 communities and we all say we don't want more oil companies on our land," said Cesar Dawua, leader of the Providencia community.

"You live happily here in Lima working for the Peruvian state," he told the state officials. "We too want to live happily in our community of Rio Corrientes - but we can't because of the contamination.

"That's why we've come to say to you loud and clear that this is the last opportunity that we have to try to resolve this issue - you can't allow this to drag on any more."

The issue was not resolved, however, despite the appeals of the community leaders.

Extreme poverty

Both FECONACO and the Inter-ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Jungle (AIDESEP) have appealed to their government to make the oil company, in this case Pluspetrol, re-inject the contaminated water back into the earth.

Pluspetrol say they plan to be able to re-inject 20% of the waste water by

However, Peru's vice-minister for energy and mines, Pedro Gamio, says the government is pressing Pluspetrol to re-inject 100% of the contaminated water by that date.

He added that the oil company stated this would be impossible because it lacked the correct equipment to carry out the work.

Mr Gamio went on to say he could not order them to stop production because this would affect the country's economy and in turn a portion of the company's royalties, which are returned to the Corrientes region.

The region provides 60% of the oil consumed in Peru. At the same time it is also officially registered as a zone of extreme poverty.

The Peruvian government says the oil and mineral companies are bringing wealth and helping development in the country.

But those representing indigenous communities say they pay too heavy a price.

Robert Guimaraes, vice-president of AIDESEP, says: ""The Peruvian state is incapable of imposing sanctions on those who pollute our rivers and our land. Where is the justice?"

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/09/13 10:13:14 GMT


Informant: binstock

Nancy Pelosi: Republicans Have "Resorted to the Desperation Politics of Fear"

Democrats contend the president has used a prime-time address commemorating the September 11 terrorist attacks to make partisan arguments bolstering support for the Iraq war.

Subverting Democracy With the Big Lie

Robert Scheer writes: "Bush was correct in saying Monday night that 'Our nation is being tested in a way that we have not been since the start of the Cold War.' Unfortunately, it's Bush's administration that is testing us - with its relentless incompetence, attacks on our civil liberties and inability to acknowledge the bankruptcy of its policies."

Military Wants to Use Microwave Weapons on American Citizens

The Secretary of the Air Force said the military is interested in using nonlethal weapons such as high-power microwave devices on American citizens in crowd-control situations before they are used on the battlefield.



Torture is a crime against humanity

Hey George

Cindy Sheehan writes to George W. Bush: "Torture is a crime against humanity, George, and information gained from torture is highly compromised and not even admissible in a court of law, so basically, the information you have been cruelly gleaning from 'suspected' terrorists is useless in protecting America."

Stop U.S. Authorization of Indefinite Detention


Will the U.S. authorize indefinite detention – without any possibility of judicial review – for anyone labeled an "enemy combatant"? Even if those people are actually innocent? Please take a moment to call your Senators first thing this morning at 202-224-3121, especially if they are on the Armed Services Committee (see the list at the bottom of this email), and send a fax through our website.

We’re in a brutal legislative fight over two bills proposed by President Bush and Senator Warner to legislate military commissions. However problematic the commissions are, they’re a distraction from the really dangerous provisions that would strip detainees of their right to challenge the legality of their detention. The bottom line is, if either bill passes as currently written, it would prevent anyone taken into U.S. custody – anywhere in the world, past, present or future, innocent or not – from ever having their case heard. This goes against every principle this country was founded on.

Every person detained by our nation must receive a fair hearing. After all, wouldn’t we demand that right for our soldiers and civilians if they were captured by our enemies abroad?

We need your help urgently in order to stop this legislation!

Last week the President admitted to detaining men in secret CIA facilities and transferred 14 of them to Guantánamo: since it has become embarrassingly clear from the military’s own documents that most of the men at Guantánamo have nothing to do with terrorism and were often given over to the U.S. for bounty when they were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Administration’s strategy was to move a handful of actual high-level detainees there so they could push through this legislation.

Here are some talking points for your calls. The military commissions bill pending in Congress would:

.. authorize the lifelong detention of more than 400 men imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay – men who have never been charged with a crime or received a fair hearing – many of whom our military admits never took up arms against the U.S.

.. give President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld absolute discretion to lock up farmers and humanitarian aid workers for life – based on their exclusive determination that these men are “enemy combatants” – and subject these men to whatever treatment they themselves deem appropriate and legal.

.. prevent any accountability for torture or abuse of detainees, rendering the McCain Amendment prohibiting torture unenforceable.
PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SENATORS IMMEDIATELY. Tell them that the American people will not tolerate indefinite detention in our name – at Guantánamo or anywhere else in the world. Tell them that executive detention must be subject to judicial review. No military commission bill should limit the most fundamental of all rights – habeas corpus.

Thank you for all your help.


Vincent Warren
Executive Director

For more information, visit our website at

Please make a donation and help us stay on the frontlines.

Keep up to date by viewing CCR's event calender.

To call your Senator, dial (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Senator's office. Please keep your call brief and to the point. Identify yourself as a constituent (and a donor if you have donated money in the past), and ask to speak with the aide who deals with issues such as the military commissions bill. After identifying yourself, tell the aide what you think of the bills. Finally, ask for your Senators' position on the issue.

The Senate Armed Services Committee:

John Warner (R – VA) (202) 224-2023
John McCain (R – AZ) (202) 224-2235
James Inhofe (R – OK) (202) 224-4721
Pat Roberts (R – KS) (202) 224-4774
Jeff Sessions (R- AL) (202) 224-4124
Susan Collins (R – ME) (202) 224-2523
John Ensign (R – NV) (202) 224-6244
James Talent (R – MO) (202) 224-6154
Saxby Chambliss (R – GA) (202) 224-3521
Lindsey Graham (R – SC) (202) 224-5972
Elizabeth Dole (R – NC) (202) 224-6342
John Cornyn (R – TX) (202) 224-2934
John Thune (R – SD) (202) 224-2321
Carl Levin (D – MI) (202) 224-6221
Edward Kennedy (D – MA) (202) 224-4543
Robert Byrd (D – WV) (202) 224-3954
Joe Lieberman (D – CT) (202) 224-4041
Jack Reed (D – RI) (202) 224-4642
Daniel Akaka (D – HI) (202) 224-6361
Bill Nelson (D – FL) (202) 224-5274
Benjamin Nelson (D – NE) (202) 224-6551
Mark Dayton (D – MN) (202) 224-3244
Evan Bayh (D – IN) (202) 224-5623
Hillary Clinton (D – NY) (202) 224-4451

Forgot to include this link to the free fax in previous mailing. You must scroll down to end of page for fax and please don't forget to check fax (you may also want to get mailings since they don't send many emails & I probaby won't forward from them again). If you forwarded before, please forward this info too because this fax page is difficult to find otherwise.

Thanks, Cheryl

Informant: Cheryl Guttman

Researchers reveal 'extremely serious' vulnerabilities in e-voting machines

Informant: littlebrit1961

Deficit Hits New Record

Dean Baker writes: "Most people didn't see this headline, because the deficit that just soared to a new record was the trade deficit, not the budget deficit. The newly released trade data for July showed the deficit running at an annual rate of almost $820 billion, more than 6 percent of GDP. This is more than three times the size of the $260 billion dollar budget deficit now projected for 2006."

Ten Big News Stories You Aren't Hearing

The San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper has printed a list of stories the media have largely ignored over the past year. Here are the Top 10 most ignored stories from an annual list developed by Project Censored, a media research group based at Sonoma State University that tracks the news published in independent journals and newsletters.

Survivors of the CIA's "Secret" Programs

Peaceful German citizen Chaled El-Masri, Canadian computer consultant Maher Arar, and Yemeni Muhammad al-Assad were all kidnapped, secretly imprisoned, tortured, and finally released by the CIA. None of them has been charged with any links to terrorism.

Maybe the Time for Apologies Has Not Yet Arrived

"The facts we know provide key answers: Was there a White House effort to discredit Wilson by dishing details to trusted journalists? Yes. Fitzgerald's public filings last April make that clear. Were Cheney, Libby and Rove involved in the effort? Again, yes. And Fitzgerald's filing says President Bush wanted it done," writes Martin Schram.

GOP Candidates Distancing Themselves From Bush

Congressman Curt Weldon, vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, is desperate to hold onto his seat in the Philadelphia suburbs. He is sounding more like a Democrat and like the increasing number of dissident Republicans who are talking about a timetable for bringing the troops home.

The greatest challenge we, as a species, face right now is to create a way of life based on the energy flow of sunlight

The Good News Is Local

Kelpie Wilson interviews Jason Bradford, who has initiated a community organizing effort in Willits, California, called Willits Economic LocaLization (WELL). "The greatest challenge we, as a species, face right now is to create a way of life based on the energy flow of sunlight, not fossil or nuclear energy, to do so without destroying our soils, and to enroll others in this transition. We are under no illusion that Willits can tackle this alone, but hope that Willits can be an inspiration to others. If we can do it here, it is possible elsewhere."

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

You Are Invited To A Screening Join film director Robert Greenwald for the official Washington, D.C. premiere of "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers," a new documentary exposing the connections between private corporations making a killing in Iraq and the decision-makers who allow it.


Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
Now Playing in United States

Blood Money In Iraq

by T. Christian Miller,

How corporate contractors wasted billions and lost lives in Iraq—and got away with it.

Terrorist Network Disconnect

by Gareth Porter,

The truth behind Bush's false linkage of Iran, Hezbollah and al-Qaida.

There Is No War On Terror

by Robert Dreyfuss,

It's time to face the reality that the campaign against terrorism has been misnamed and overhyped.

Susan Lindauer: "No WMD Existed In Iraq"

Informant: Amy Sasser

From ufpj-news

Voting shouldn't require a heroic act of patience

Christian Science Monitor
by Alexander S. Belenky & Richard C. Larson


Of all the issues that decide federal elections, the length of lines at polling stations shouldn't be one of them. Yet, as egregious as that would be, they may. And as implausible as that would be, nobody seems to care. After two straight close presidential elections, the 2006 midterms and the 2008 election are likely to be nail-biters, too. This means that the integrity of the election process matters more than ever. Is there cause for concern? Yes. Consider the 2000 presidential election. George W. Bush won the presidency by a margin of just 537 votes in Florida. Assume (optimistically) that all the voters were properly registered and marked their preferred candidate, and that no voting machines malfunctioned. Even then, if only 538 Floridians who came to the precincts did not vote due to the widely reported long lines, the election outcome would be in doubt...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

GOP gets desperate, while Clinton, Gore decide

Fox News
by Susan Estrich


This is not the anniversary the Republicans would have liked. People are not spending it reminding themselves how much safer they feel because George W. Bush is president. The traditional Republican lead on national security has evaporated, along with their advantages on every other measure of leadership. This is not like 2004, when the Republicans couldn't schedule their convention close enough to September 11. In terms of time or location. What a difference two years makes. But in politics you don't look back, not when you're in an election year. For Republicans, there is only one question at this point: What can you do in six weeks to rescue the troops?,2933,213403,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

As Bush spoke, I wondered whether Republican candidates are really signing up for all of this


by John Dickerson


By talking about the wide sweep of the conflict, Bush and his Republican allies hope to rally the country around his policies and frame the national security debate for the remaining days before the election. They are the big-picture party. Democrats may talk about difficulties in Iraq, but Republicans have their eye on the historical prize. As Bush spoke, I wondered whether Republican candidates are really signing up for all of this. The president outlined a protracted struggle not just to kill the people who are trying to kill us but to take on a much more difficult second chapter: spreading democracy throughout the Middle East...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Even the choir wants the preacher shut down

Classically Liberal
by "CLS"


The stench from the White House has become so odious and repulsive that even the most conservative of conservatives are begging for a Democratic victory come November. ... Richard Viguerie was one of the architects of the New Right. He has says he has never seen conservatives so unhappy. He says they are debating whether to take a chance on the Democrats...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Students beware: the draft is real

Informant: Kev Hall

Increasing ocean temperatures fuelling more powerful hurricanes

say scientists

· Katrina-like storms could become more common
· Effect 'can't be explained by a natural cycle'

Ian Sample, science correspondent Tuesday September 12, 2006 The Guardian,,1870267,00.html

Hurricane breeding grounds in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are being warmed by greenhouse gases, raising fears that more intense and devastating storms will be unleashed on nearby coastlines, scientists warned yesterday.

Climate researchers found that emissions from burning fossil fuels and other industrial activities were to blame for driving temperatures upwards in tropical waters where hurricanes form. They predict warmer ocean waters will energise hurricanes and make them more powerful. If sea temperatures continue to rise, scientists fear that category four and five hurricanes, such as Katrina, which battered New Orleans last summer, will become more commonplace.

The scientists, led by Ben Santer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, used 22 climate models to investigate the possible causes of a rise in sea surface temperatures of up to 0.67C in the Atlantic and Pacific tropics from 1906 to 2005. Each computer model was run several times to work out how much sea surface temperatures would have warmed with and without rising levels of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

They found that tiny particulates from volcanos and sulphates from industrial plants blocked the sun, and so cooled the oceans. But the effect was swamped by the rise in greenhouse gases, which led to warmer oceans. The study appears in the latest issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Nathan Gillett, a co-author of the study at the climatic research unit at the University of East Anglia, said: "We know the oceans have been warming in these regions and some scientists have said it was because of natural events. But this study confirms that it cannot be explained by a natural cycle."

Hurricanes form in tropical waters when evaporating water is sucked up into storms. As the vapour rises, it condenses, releasing energy that fuels the storm. The warmer the ocean surface, the more energy is pumped into the hurricane. "The study suggests that with increasing sea surface temperatures, we can expect more intense hurricanes," Dr Gillett added.

Although the rise in ocean temperatures is slight, it is expected to have a dramatic effect on the intensity of hurricanes. In March Kerry Emanuel, a climate scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claimed that while sea temperatures had increased by only about half a degree during the past 30 years, the power of hurricanes had doubled.

Tom Wigley, another scientist on the study, at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, added: "The best explanation for these increases has to include a large human influence. We expect global temperatures and sea surface temperatures to increase more rapidly over the next century."

Informant: binstock

Angry scenes after phone mast blunder

BREAKING: Train Wreck In Maryland Primary (Diebold Touchscreens)

This is happening today:

Elections in MD (Diebold touchscreens and Diebold voter rolls) today are a train wreck including polls opening late, battery problems, running out of backup paper ballots, missing voter cards, voters told that they have already voted, ballots missing entire candidate sections, etc.,0,1406145.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

Informant: Kathy Dopp

Open Letter to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) - EU darf keine Import-Genehmigung für Gen-Reis von BAYER erteilen

Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren

Presse-Information vom 13. September 2006

Brief an europäische Lebensmittelbehörde EFSA:

„EU darf keine Import-Genehmigung für Gen-Reis von BAYER erteilen“

Die Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren hat heute in einem Brief an die European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) gefordert, keine Import-Genehmigung für gentechnisch veränderten Reis zu erteilen.

Der BAYER-Konzern hatte im Jahr 2003 bei der EU eine Import-Zulassung für Reis der Sorte LL 62 beantragt. Die Sorte ist resistent gegen das von BAYER produzierte Herbizid Liberty Link mit dem Wirkstoff Glufosinat. Ende August war bekannt geworden, dass in den USA eine ebenfalls gegen Glufosinat resistente Reis-Sorte in den Handel gelangt war. Der Langkorn-Reis mit der Bezeichung LL 601 ist nirgendwo auf der Welt zum Verzehr zugelassen, die gesundheitlichen Risiken für Verbraucherinnen und Verbraucher sind unbekannt. Recherchen von Greenpeace deckten Anfang der Woche auf, dass auch in Deutschland Kontaminationen mit LL 601-Reis auftraten, unter anderem in Produkten des Discounters Aldi.

Philipp Mimkes von der Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren (CBG): „Der Fall bestätigt alle Befürchtungen: eine gentechnisch veränderte Reis-Sorte landet im Handel, ohne dass die gesundheitlichen Risiken bekannt wären oder eine Genehmigung erteilt wäre. Dies muss Konsequenzen für die Zulassung von Gen-Reis in der EU haben“. Insgesamt neun EU-Mitgliedsstaaten hatten Bedenken gegen Liberty Link-Reis geäußert, weswegen die EFSA bis heute keine Zulassung erteilt hat. Die CBG fordert die Bundesregierung auf, sich bei der EFSA gegen eine Importgenehmigung von LL 62-Reis stark zu machen.

Neben den Risiken für die Konsumenten stehen bei der Zulassung von Gen-Reis die Auswirkungen in den Anbau-Ländern, vornehmlich in Asien, im Blickpunkt. Philipp Mimkes: „Millionen Bauern in den Ländern des Südens, die bislang durch Tausch und Eigenzüchtungen ihr Saatgut selbst produzieren, drohen in Abhängigkeit von multinationalen Konzernen zu geraten - die Verwendung ihrer Ernte als Saatgut wäre wegen des Patentschutzes künftig verboten. Durch den bereits in der "grünen Revolution" beobachteten Konzentrationsprozess würden Millionen Landwirte ihre Existenz verlieren und in die Elendsgebiete rund um die Metropolen abwandern. Zudem würden durch Auskreuzungen einheimische Sorten verdrängt – mit dramatischen Konsequenzen für die Biodiversität und die weltweite Ernährungssicherheit.“

Bitte lesen Sie den Brief an die EFSA im Original

Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren
Fon 0211-333 911, Fax 0211-333 940
Fordern Sie per eMail kostenlos weitere Informationen an.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rochlitz, Chemiker, ehem. MdB, Burgwald
Dr. Sigrid Müller, Pharmakologin, Bremen
Prof. Dr. Anton Schneider, Baubiologe, Neubeuern
Prof. Jürgen Junginger, Designer, Krefeld
Dr. Erika Abczynski, Kinderärztin, Dormagen
Eva Bulling-Schröter, MdB, Berlin
Dr. Janis Schmelzer, Historiker, Berlin
Wolfram Esche, Rechtsanwalt, Köln
Dorothee Sölle,Theologin, Hamburg (gest. 2003)


"Bedenken von neun EU-Mitgliedsstaaten": Protest gegen mögliche Import-Genehmigung der EU für Gen-Reis von BAYER


Die Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren hat am Mittwoch in einem Brief an die europäische Lebensmittelbehörde EFSA gefordert, keine Import-Genehmigung für gentechnisch veränderten Reis zu erteilen. Die Kritiker wenden sich gegen einen Antrag des BAYER-Konzerns bei der EU aus dem Jahr 2003 auf Zulassung von Importen für Reis der Sorte LL 62. Die Sorte sei resistent gegen das von BAYER produzierte Herbizid Liberty Link mit dem Wirkstoff Glufosinat. Insgesamt neun EU-Mitgliedsstaaten haben den Angaben zufolge Bedenken gegen Liberty Link-Reis geäußert, weswegen die EFSA bis heute keine Zulassung erteilt habe. Die Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren fordert jetzt auch die deutsche Bundesregierung auf, sich bei der EFSA gegen eine Importgenehmigung von LL 62-Reis stark zu machen.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Arizona Seeks to Bypass Bush on CO2 Emissions

Arizona's governor signed an executive order late last week to cut emissions of gases linked to global warming, becoming the second state leader in the US West to try to bypass President George W. Bush's refusal to regulate output of the gases.

Thousands of plant species are being pushed to the brink of extinction by global warming

Climate Change Seen Pushing Plants to the Brink

Thousands of plant species are being pushed to the brink of extinction by global warming, and those already at the extremes are in the greatest danger, a leading botanist said on Tuesday. Botanists are on target to have sorted and stored seeds from 10 percent of the world's plant species by 2010 in a race against time as global temperatures rise due to burning fossil fuels.

The big corporations will be out in force, rubbing shoulders with ministers

From Private Eye magazine - 15 Sept. 06

'Labour Conference (2006) Special' -

Delegates to the Labour Party Conference in Manchester may be looking forward to big changes at the top, but on the fringes it will be 'business' as usual.

The big corporations will be out in force, rubbing shoulders with ministers at the usual round of self-interested meetings masquerading as policy discussions.......

Mobile Phones

Lord Sainsbury meanwhile will discuss how the media should respond to science "scare stories" at a meeting sponsored by the Mobile Operators Association. He will speak alongside the trade body's own Mike Dolan.

The phone operators are keen to get Labour onside in the many local battles they face to get their phone masts built and conference will host a rash of other ministers-and-mobiles meetings too.

Financially challenged '3mobile' is sponsoring a separate get together with Culture Minister Tessa Jowell (in charge of telecom regulator OfCom) and Home Office Minister Liam Byrne.

O2 meanwhile is paying for a meeting with Jowell, hosted by another Labour-linked think-tank the Institute for Public Policy Research.

(article continues with other big. biz. New Labour schmoozings - big food, nuclear, big oil, pensions etc. ......)


Mobile Telephony and Health - Téléphonie Mobile et Santé

Six Tips to Protect Your Online Search Privacy

An Alternative Set of Interrogation Procedures

The Other Side of the Wall

ABC 9/11 Docudrama's Right-Wing Roots

Spying: Business as Usual in the World of Corporate Snooping

Junk Culture Killing Childhood


Bush's 'Campaign of Retribution' for 9/11 Felt Worldwide

Prophet and Loss: a litany of business failures suggests Pat Robertson is losing his Midas touch

From Information Clearing House

Robert Trivers and Noam Chomsky discuss propaganda and deception


Sidney Blumenthal: How bad is he?

Bush ran as a moderate, tacked right and governed ineffectually -- before 9/11. Since then he's become the most radical American president in history -- and arguably the worst.

Time Runs Out on Bolton Nomination

Last week's eleventh-hour request by moderate Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee put off its vote on President George W. Bush's nomination of the outspoken -- some say bullying -- envoy pending clarification of the administration's current Middle East policies may have doomed Bolton's chances.

From Information Clearing House

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man


How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions.

Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Victory Would Be A Fata Morgana"

Iraqis are not primitive people who need American colonial tutelage to resolve their problems.

Iraqi elections believed to have worsened divisions

In spite of a sharp increase in Sunni-Shiite violence, however, attacks on U.S.-led coalition forces are still the primary source of bloodshed in Iraq, the report found. It was the latest in a series of recent grim assessments of conditions in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Cell Phones & Children: Hazardous Mix?


Children and mobile phones

On the unaskable about 9/11

What, Exactly, Do They Mean By 'Homeland Security?'

The Strategy of Chaos and Ethnic Cleansing

Medicine Is Not a Business

Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs

Informant: Bob Banner



Friends, we have lost 450,000 American jobs since 2000, victim to corporate outsourcing. Do you realize that current corporate law continues to provide tax payer monetary support for relocation of even the most unscrupulous businesses, regardless of their mission? That's right, our tax laws actually promote the exportation of our good jobs by allowing greedy corporations to defer taxation on "foreign" income, shortchanging our treasury at the same time.

As a member of the most prestigious AFL-CIO for over thirty years, I fought with vigor and measured success the concept of outsourcing, which involved bringing in outside American contractors who would in turn take meaningful work from the bargaining unit of which they were not a part, entirely out of the purview of the skilled labor pool who were well positioned to accomplish the proposed new work change or feature. As you know, today the scope of outsourcing has changed to such an extent that it has taken on a life of its own. The prospect of control has been ceded to foreign nations to the peril of our long standing pride of originality that we all share and have come to expect.

But I am not just waiting to be a member of Congress to expose America's harvest shame. We must work together starting now to craft new domestic and international policy which reverses this most deplorable hemorrhaging of American jobs going overseas, to cease and desist this practice immediately. Now is the time to put a tourniquet on this gushing flow of prosperity out of America, which is threatening our very standard of living. Please submit this action page and begin the process of regaining control of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


This alert is brought to you through the activism of Charles W. Sanders, running for Congress from the 3rd district of OH, where there will be a special primary election this FRIDAY, September 15. Please consider making a contribution to his campaign if you have not done so already, so he can get his courageous call to action TV commercial as much exposure as possible.


When we find a representative brave enough to take strong stands we like on the critical issues of our time, shall we do everything we can to support him or not? Our only real chance to influence what our choices will be in the general election is by backing the best candidate in the primary process. Please encourage Charles to continue to stand up and fight for us any way you can.


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Georgia Republicans Are...
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rudkla - 15. Feb, 05:03
Now Every Day Is January...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2022/02/07/now-ev ery-day-january-6-trump-ta rgets-vote-counters
rudkla - 8. Feb, 05:41


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