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So have you Had Enough?

Stacey Tallitsch
Democrat Louisiana 1st District

I Was a PR Intern in Iraq

Willem Marx, an Oxford graduate who did "media work" with the Lincoln Group in the green zone of Baghdad tells his story of creating propaganda and spinning the American version of a "free press" in Iraq.

Wave of Party Switchers Hits Republicans

Some recent switchers are exiting GOP ranks with a bang. Distorted priorities, the federal deficit, and the Iraq war are common themes in their announcements. And in a direct swipe at the far-right ideology that has become a governing credo in the Bush years, they cite intolerance in the party as the chief reason for leaving.

Judge, Jury, and Torturer

James Carroll writes: "The White House argument is straightforward: terrorists are such a mortal threat that established due process must be suspended. In particular, the classified secrets of anti terrorist operations must be so closely held that the most basic pillar of jurisprudence - the accused's right to know and respond to evidence - must be discarded. The legislation was drafted by Franz Kafka."

King of Pain: why is Mr. Bush so determined to engage in torture?

Paul Krugman asks, "Why is Mr. Bush so determined to engage in torture?" While George Packer writes, "he reassured the world that the United States doesn't torture prisoners in these 'black sites,' while essentially reserving the right to continue to do so. He simultaneously played the good cop and the bad cop, the principled advocate of the Geneva Conventions and the hardboiled defender of 'an alternative set of procedures.'" FYI: a timeline of wartime detention systems is included.

The Third Rail of Bush's Dictionary

"President Bush's speechwriters have just about worn out their lexicon of scary words and phrases to regale us with tales of all the terrorist plots he has disrupted since 9/11," writes William Fisher. "But one word has apparently been expunged from the White House dictionary: Anthrax."

Gegen die große Koalition der Sozialräuber: eine solch menschenfeindliche Politik darf man nicht begleiten, sie muss bekämpft werden

Kein "kritisches Begleiten": 10.000 Menschen demonstrierten "gegen die große Koalition der Sozialräuber" (18.09.06)

Mit einem Sternmarsch haben am Samstag in Berlin mehrere zehntausend Menschen "gegen die große Koalition der Sozialräuber" demonstriert. Zu der Veranstaltung hatte ein breites Bündnis von Teilnehmern der "Montagsdemobewegung" sowie Gewerkschaftern, Mitgliedern linker Parteien, Initiativen und Organisationen aufgerufen. Die Demonstration bilde den Auftakt für einen "heißen Herbst", der mit Kundgebungen des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes (DGB) am 21. Oktober fortgesetzt werde, sagte ein Vertreter der Koordinierungsgruppe der Montagsdemonstrationsbewegung. Der allgemeine Tenor der Demonstration war den Angaben zufolge, "entschiedenen und gut organisierten Widerstand gegen die Reformen der großen Koalition zu leisten, und sich nicht mit einem 'kritischen Begleiten' dieser Reformen zufrieden zu geben. Eine solch menschenfeindliche Politik darf man nicht begleiten, sie muss bekämpft werden."

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:



Call Congress NOW at 888-355-3588 or 800-828-0498

There is an apocryphal tale about a child who, having failed to perform an assigned task, invented the most outlandish excuse for why he could not produce the required finished work. We cannot say if there ever was an actual child who claimed that the dog had eaten his homework. But we have its equivalent now in the current president of the United States.

The incredible world spectacle we have is this. First, the president demands that the War Crimes Act, the law of the land, be changed to accommodate the crimes that have ALREADY been committed at his direction, specifically to authorize methods of torture previously and rightfully considered verboten. If this is not a naked admission that he has broken the law in the most hideous way we don't know what is. Second, and at the same time, he is demanding that new laws enacted be to hotrod the prosecution of those he personally deems enemies of the state. What is he trying to tell the world, that those people CANNOT be convicted of an offense under our current law, but that he himself cannot ESCAPE conviction under that same law for what he has done?

Shame on any member of Congress who signs on to any of this in any part. Let us address each of these two points in turn



If there was an Olympic event for hypocritical lying, the Bush administration would have no peer anywhere. But perhaps the biggest honking lie of all is that the torture of our detainees has given us any intelligence to make us safer. Indeed, it was information extracted by torture (of Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi) that was used as an EXCUSE by the Bush and Cheney that it was so drop dead critical to attack and occupy Iraq, now recognized by all with an honest bone left in their body as the greatest strategic blunder in our nation's military history. It is all contained in the Phase 2 Senate Intelligence Committee Report, which Cheney claims not to have read himself.

Those who really know interrogation know that information extracted by such means is BAD intelligence, notwithstanding the most extreme "ticking time bomb" scenario the Bush regime constantly throws in our faces. But just as they have systematically done in every other policy area without exception, those who actually know what they are talking about have here again been muscled out of government decision making. We are told for example that the military JAG attorneys were held for hours in a meeting and not allowed to leave until they signed on to the president's demands.

And now Bush directly threatens the American people by saying if they will not rubberstamp his torture program as is, he will scuttle it. That's exactly akin to a bank robber threatening to stop robbing banks unless we change the laws to his specifications. Of course it has to stop. When we have a program that is so destructive to our REAL national security it absolutely MUST stop. Maybe then, just maybe, we could get back to obtaining good intelligence of actual value. But Bush in his patented flim-flam way would make it sound like his critics would have us stop all intelligence operations to protect our families.

They have their talking point, that the law needs to be "clarified", and they are going to keep repeating it like a broken record until we all run screaming from the room. The problem is that they KNEW they were breaking international and U.S. law when they did it, in the most premeditated way, and were so warned in advance by their own attorney general in no uncertain terms. Part of the language they would now unilaterally and retroactively excise from Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions refers to "outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating . . . " At Abu Ghraib, Bush administration henchmen DESIGNED methods of treatment with the deliberate intent of being maximally offensive to their Muslim victims, most of whom were innocent of any crime whatsoever.

If war itself were not enough of an atrocity, when the depth of the horrors of World War II came to light some to the greatest legal minds ever labored to define in words what civilized people must forever proscribe, even in war. And in the Geneva Conventions they succeeded. Any who dare to violate these mutually accepted definitions of despicable behavior are guilty of war crimes on their face. We need NOT behave as monsters ourselves to protect our people. Such acts only lead to the remaining civilized people in the world shunning us as pariahs, to never again volunteer the good intelligence we really need to thwart those who mean us harm.

In fact, the Bush administration has repeatedly jeopardized intelligence operations of REAL value to score media propaganda points. The British were furious two years ago when they outed a very valuable mole in Al Qaeda, thereby doing incalculable damage to our ability to stop the bad guys. And they did it again by pressuring the British to move prematurely on the recent airline plot, related to so-called "liquid explosives" which had no chemical possibility of ever being operational. The case against those plotters and their associates is accordingly weaker than it would have been otherwise.

Keep in mind that in both the above situations informants were gained by winning people to our side. Such intelligence losses cannot be compensated for by stooping to torture methods which have the exact OPPOSITE effect.



The fact that the detainees HAVE been tortured is precisely the reason why the Bush administration is so determined to deny them any rights they have under current law to see the evidence against them, or to have any other protections thereunder. Secret evidence means keeping also secret their own war crimes. Either we are a nation of laws or we are not. And to butcher the law "ex post facto" (after the fact) anytime the result will not be as we would like is to render our entire legal system of no force and effect. It is to tell the world that we have laws of convenience only, and that they are subject to change without notice.

There are disreputable precedents in world history, the Star Chamber, kangaroo courts and show trials. The Supreme Court, even stacked as it is already is with Bush beholden appointees, has ruled that the military tribunals proposed are contrary to the Constitution itself, let alone statutory law. The solution is not to enact further Constitutional outrages in the Congress, perhaps in hopes of stacking a contrary deciding fifth additional vote by the time it arrives back at the Supreme Court.

The detainees must be prosecuted under existing law. To do otherwise is to send the loudest message possible to the entire world that we believe THEY HAVE COMMITTED NO CRIME FOR WHICH THEY CAN BE PROSECUTED. Some who were irrefutably innocent have already been released after years of torture, and with no apology or compensation for their ordeal. If the truly guilty cannot be found so under current law, we have no moral standing in the world left at all.

There's a ticking time bomb alright, but unfortunately it's our own current president of the United States. Day by day he becomes more pugnacious and more defiant. It is just a matter of time before he commits an atrocity in our name so heinous that no American will ever be safe ever again anywhere in the world, unless he is peacefully and swiftly removed from office.

And if a dog did eat his homework, it would have been a dog of war.

This alert is brought to you through the activism of James Wright, running for the U.S. House in the 8th Congressional district, and one of the leading progressive voices in the state of Texas. Follow the other links on the action page for Jim's own proposals of bills to REALLY protect us.

When a brave candidate steps forward in such a district as Texas 8th, shall we do anything to show him our support? If so, please also consider making a donation to Jim's campaign so he can spread the call to action message on impeachment, starting to bring our troops home from Iraq, and on so many other issues.


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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Überwachen und Befehlen

Britische Überwachungskameras wurden mit Lautsprechern ausgestattet, um beobachtetes Fehlverhalten zu disziplinieren.

Kündigung für den Atomstrom

Hartz IV Widerspruch mit aufschiebender Wirkung: Richter stoppen Jobcenter-Willkür

Flächendeckende Videoüberwachung

Geheimer amerikanischer Gulag hat 14.000 Insassen

The America We Believe in Would Preserve Fair Trials and Humane Treatment

George Bush is trying to legalize torture - not just to exempt sadistic CIA interrogators from the law, but also to exempt himself. That's because George Bush could be tried for approving torture under the War Crimes Act of 1996 - and face the death penalty.

I hope you'll take a moment to take action.

Bob Fertik

Speak out for the America that leads the world on human rights

IWF: soziale Netze kappen!

Islam Is Not The Problem

Exposing The War Profiteers

by Isaiah J. Poole,

Two events today could accomplish what the GOP Congress will not.

Bush's evasion

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


Five years after 9/11, as things increasingly sour in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Bush's public appearances get increasingly more pathetic. During Bush's August news conference a persistent reporter wouldn't let him get away with his claim that Iraq is the central front on the so-called war on terror. 'What did Iraq have to do with 9/11?' reporter Ken Herman asked. 'Nothing,' Bush said in a highly uncharacteristic moment of candor...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US war on terror must be waged legally

by staff


It's hard for members of Congress to say no to a president of their own party when he personally comes to their offices and asks for support. The rejection is harder still when the issue is terror. Five years after 9/11, no other topic cuts so close to the bone. But the three Senate Republicans who have stood their ground, forcing a standoff with the White House, have elevated this issue far beyond partisan politics and personal favors. Their outline for an interrogation and trial process for terror suspects, beyond being effective, complies with national and international law. In contrast, the president's plan is dangerous. A bill sponsored by Sens. John McCain of Arizona, John Warner of Virginia and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina would allow terror suspects to be questioned and tried without subjecting them to torture and would give them reasonable access to evidence used against them...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hungerstreik gegen Hartz IV: Hungern gegen Hunger?

Kommentar von Mag Wompel zum Aufruf von Peter Grottian: „Hungerstreik gegen Hartz IV-Minus – existenzielle Zumutungen mit existenziellen Protestformen beantworten!“

Es ist ein Kommentar zum Aufruf von Peter Grottian vom 16.08.2006 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 18. September 2006


Hungerstreik gegen Hartz IV-Abbau – existenzielle Zumutungen mit existenziellen Protestformen beantworten! Aufruf zu einer besonnenen Debatte und für ein extremes Mittel der gewaltfreien Demonstration.

Aufruf vom September 2006 von Peter Grottian (Berliner Sozialforum/Aktionsbündnis Sozialproteste Berlin), Michael Maurer
(Aktionsbündnis Sozialproteste Jüterbog), Tommy Sander (Aktionsbündnis Sozialproteste Aschersleben), Pia Witte (Aktionsbündnis Sozialproteste Leipzig)

Es ist eine Aktualisierung des Aufrufs von Peter Grottian: „Hungerstreik gegen Hartz IV-Minus – existenzielle Zumutungen mit existenziellen Protestformen beantworten!“, der von Mag Wompel kommentiert wurde

Aus: LabourNet, 21. September 2006



Kommentar von Dirk Vogelskamp

Aus dem Text: „…Warum sollte eine medial inszenierte Hungerstreikaktion von Menschen, die Verzicht schließlich gewohnt sind und die mit etwas mehr als 4 Euro täglich ihren Lebensbedarf decken müssen, der wohl noch unterhalb des Gammelfleischniveaus angesiedelt sein dürfte, die Menschenschinder der SPD jetzt noch schrecken? Ein selbstbestimmtes und sozialverträgliches Frühableben ist bekanntlich allen Sozialtechnikern recht. (…) Wenn schon Aktionen, spontan eingefallen und undurchdacht: warum laden wir nicht ein zu einem Tag der offenen Türen bei denjenigen, die, hochentlohnt und diätenschwer, tagtäglich in nicht zu überbietender Leichtigkeit über die Zumutbarkeit von Jobs, von Niedriglöhnen, von Zuzahlungen, von Armutsrisiken und Kürzungsmöglichkeiten schwadronieren. Hin in Bettel- und Arbeitskolonnen zu unseren Bundestagsabgeordneten nach Hause. Wie leben die, die über unser Leben debattieren, als könnte man dasselbe mit Hartz IV anständig bestreiten. Konfrontieren wir sie mit Armut, mit den unzähligen Nöten aus unserer Nachbarschaft. Begeleiten wir sie beim Einkauf – Weihnachten steht vor der Tür, drehen wir ihre Mülltonnen nach Brauchbarem um ...., sonnen wir uns in der Herbstsonne auf ihrem Rasen, nachdem wir ihn kostenfrei zu mähen angeboten haben. Trinken wir Tee und Kaffee aus der Thermoskanne mit den Familien der Abgeordneten am Straßenrand und debattieren. Lassen wir sie unseren Unmut mit Armutsmahnwachen und -gesängen und Theaterspiel ein paar Wochen spüren. Terror, Neid, wird die Blödzeitung grölen. Na und! Besuchen wir ihre Kneipen und Restaurants, schauen wir ihnen mal über die Schulter, wie’s sich so leben läßt als Abgeordneter, der über die Lebensbedingungen anderer entscheidet. Mitesseraktion statt Hungerstreik!...“

Aus: LabourNet, 28. September 2006


Die Überflüssigen in Aschersleben – „Satt essen“ im E-Center

Am heutigen Nachmittag tauchte überraschend eine Gruppe von 7 ÜBERFLÜSSIGEN in der ostdeutschen Kleinstadt Aschersleben im "E-Center" in der Geschwister-Scholl-Str. auf. Getreu dem neuen gastronomischen Trend, "All you can eat", folgend, begannen sie in der Lebensmittelabteilung in die Regale zu greifen und stillten ihren Hunger. Beitrag von Michael Maurer auf Indymedia vom 28.09.2006

Siehe dazu auch:

«Protestessen» soll auf Armut aufmerksam machen. «Aktion zur Selbsthilfe» erregt Aufsehen in Ascherslebener Supermarkt

Artikel von Jochen Miche in Mitteldeutsche Zeitung vom 28.09.06

Debatte über Protestformen: Hungern gegen Hunger?

Grottian ruft zum Hungern auf. Diskussion um angemessene Protestmittel

Erwerbslosen- und Sozialbündnisse streiten darüber, ob Hungerstreiks sinnvolle Mittel sind, sich gegen Hartz IV zu wehren. Artikel von Ines Wallrodt in ND vom 29.09.06

Aus: LabourNet, 2. Oktober 2006


»Wir haben schon alle Mittel ausgeschöpft«. Vielfältige Proteste: Campen vor Arbeitsagentur, Essengehen bei Edeka, Hungerstreik in Berlin.

Gespräch mit Tommi Sander, Sprecher der IG contra Sozialabbau Aschersleben, von Wolfgang Pomrehn in junge Welt vom 17.10.2006

Aus dem Text: „ … Hier in Aschersleben, einer Kleinstadt mit 25000 Einwohnern, haben wir jedenfalls schon vieles versucht. Deshalb wollen wir uns auch an dem seit einiger Zeit diskutierten Hungerstreik beteiligen. Wir gehen davon aus, daß sich bundesweit 30 Betroffene beteiligen werden.

(…) Der Hungerstreik wird allerdings nicht hier in Aschersleben stattfinden, sondern zentral in Berlin. (…) Ich kenne die Kritik, meine aber, wir haben schon alle Mittel ausgeschöpft. Wenn mir noch jemand ein Mittel nennen kann, dann wäre ich der Letzte, der sich nicht daran beteiligt. Die Stimmung unter den Betroffenen ist jedenfalls so, daß der Hungerstreik mehr oder weniger auf der Tagesordnung steht…“

Aus: LabourNet, 18. Oktober 2006


Hungern gegen Hunger? Debatte um den Hungerstreik als Protestform

Hungerstreik gegen Hartz IV im April 2007 – existenzielle Zumutungen mit existenziellen Protestformen beantworten! Aufruf zu einer besonnenen Debatte und für ein extremes Mittel der gewaltfreien Demonstration

Überarbeitete Fassung vom November 2006. Autoren: Peter Grottian (Berliner Sozialforum/Aktionsbündnis Sozialproteste Berlin), Michael Maurer (Bündnis gegen Sozialabbau - Jüterbog), Tommi Sander (IG contra Sozialabbau Aschersleben) und Pia Witte (AG Soziale Politik Leipzig/Aktionsbündnis Sozialproteste Leipzig)

Siehe dazu erste Aktionen unter

Fallbeispiel Hartz IV: Erwerbsloser droht mit Hungerstreik wegen unmenschlicher Behördenpraxis. Rüdiger S. soll für einen Euro arbeiten, dabei zuhause frieren und seinen kranken Hund abschaffen.

Artikel von Edith Bartelmus-Scholich in Linke Zeitung vom 29.11.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 30. November 2006


ALG II - Bezieher im Landkreis Osterode ab heute im Hungerstreik gegen Kürzung der Regelleistung

„Dramatische Entwicklung im Fall des von ALG II - Betroffenen Rüdiger S. Nachdem die ARGE im Landkreis Osterode ihm heute die Regelleistung gekürzt hat, befindet er sich im Hungerstreik. Er braucht unsere Solidarität…“ Meldung von Linke Zeitung vom 1.12.06.

Dort auch die Soli-Aktion: „Helft Rüdiger S. ! Schreibt mit unserem Mailomaten an: Bundespräsident Horst Köhler; Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel; Bundesminister Franz Müntefering; MdB Oskar Lafontaine, Vorsitzender der Linksfraktion“

Rüdiger S. erwartet, dass ihm entweder eine sozialversicherungspflichtige Arbeit vermittelt, oder aber eine bedarfsgerechte Sozialleistung gezahlt wird. Er ist nicht bereit für einen Euro zu arbeiten und trotzdem zu frieren. Er wird den Hungerstreik erst beenden, wenn die ARGE die 30%ige Kürzung seiner Regelleistung zurück nimmt.

Aus: LabourNet, 4. Dezember 2006


Hungerstreik von Rüdiger S. gegen 1-Euro-Job und Leistungskürzung

Nach 3 Wochen Hungerstreik stellt Rüdiger S. jetzt die Flüssigkeitsaufnahme ein

Meldung vom 21.12.2006 beim Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland

Bewegung beim Hungerstreik des Hartz IV-Empfängers

„Aufgrund des Vermittlungsversuches des Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland und Aktionsbündnisses Sozialproteste hat der Berliner Politikwissenschaftler Prof. Peter Grottian die Vermittlung zwischen dem Landratsamt und dem Betroffenen Rüdiger S. übernommen. Es zeichnet sicher möglicherweise ein Kompromiss in der Richtung ab, dass die Androhung der Hartz IV-Kürzungen zurückgenommen werden könnten, eine neue Verhandlung über mögliche Ein Euro Jobs aufgenommen wird und die Problematik der zu Heizkosten nochmals geprüft wird…“ Meldung vom 22.12.2006 beim Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland

Hartz IV-Hungerstreikender nimmt wieder Flüssigkeit auf - Hungerstreik bleibt. Nach wie vor Forderung nach sozialversicherungspflichtigem Job

„…In Verhandlungen haben die Vermittler Martin Behrsing, Prof. Peter Grottian und Edgar Schu folgenden Konsens erreicht: Das Jobcenter setzt die angedrohte 30%-Hartz-IV-Kürzung für Januar zunächst aus und will mehrere Optionen für einen 1-Euro-Job ausloten, sich aber auch bemühen, eine reguläre Arbeitsstelle zu finden. Die Höhe der durch das Jobcenter zu übernehmenden Heizkosten wird erneut unter Beachtung der gesetzlichen Vorgaben geprüft. Rüdiger S. besteht auf einer sozialversicherungspflichtigen Arbeitsstelle, und setzt daher den Hungerstreik nicht aus…“ Meldung vom 23.12.2006 beim Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland

Aus: LabourNet, 27. Dezember 2006

Compromise sought on interrogation bill

Pensacola News Journal


The Bush administration and holdout GOP senators expressed confidence on Sunday they could reach a compromise on rules for CIA interrogations of suspected terrorists. Neither the president's national security aides nor some of the lawmakers who are resisting White House pressure would say how they can reconcile their deep differences after a week of public sparring. As a result, it is unclear if Congress quickly can pass legislation authorizing aggressive methods against terrorist detainees, as President Bush wants. Congress is likely to adjourn in two weeks for the fall elections...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US abducts, holds AP photographer

Hickory Daily Record


The U.S. military in Iraq has imprisoned an Associated Press photographer for five months, accusing him of being a security threat but never filing charges or permitting a public hearing. Military officials said Bilal Hussein, an Iraqi citizen, was being held for 'imperative reasons of security' under United Nations resolutions. AP executives said the news cooperative's review of Hussein's work did not find anything to indicate inappropriate contact with insurgents, and any evidence against him should be brought to the Iraqi criminal justice system...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Torture: The Content of Our Character

Rebelling Against Torture and Bush

The Trial of the Weapons of Mass Destruction

IRS Goes After Church for Anti-War Sermon

EPA Plans to Close Labs, Drop Scientists and Reduce Oversight

Ten Nobel Peace Prize Winners Take Aim at US

Protect Our National Forests: Oppose HR 4200

Informant: Marsha Mcclelland

Who Really Controls America

Informant: Bob Banner

George Carlin - Who Really Controls America

Informant: Ben Noyes

UK Base Station Locations to be Published

Informant: Sandi from Mast Sickness UK

Princeton puts virus in voting machines in 1 minute

Princeton Study of Diebold Voting Machines

Informant: ranger116

Sign the Petition to Support H.R. 4232

If Americans allow those in power to bypass trial by jury, all of our Bill of Rights will be in danger of extinction

Bush is desperately trying to save himself by having the US Congress retroactively repeal both Article 3 of the Geneva Convention and the US War Crimes Act of 1996

It would be wonderful to see the U.S. Constitution taught in the public schools

George W. Bush seems to be shrinking

Vote for Me and for World War Three

What War With Iran Would Look Like

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Turning My Back on Bush

Is There Still a Terrorist Threat?

The massive and expensive homeland security apparatus erected since 9/11 may be persecuting some, spying on many, inconveniencing most, and taxing all to defend the United States against an enemy that scarcely exists.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The ID Chip You Don't Want in Your Passport

From Information Clearing House

Torture and the Content of our Character

At stake in this standoff between the President and the Senate are legal and moral issues central to the Constitution and the character of the American people: the right to a fair trial, the use of torture, the accountability of high government officials for war crimes.

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Fighting Capitalism One Essay at a Time

Ultimately, the U.S. will attack Iran

From Information Clearing House

Pressures mount on Bush to bomb Iran

Bush reaffirms hard line approach to Iran

"They need to understand we're firm in our commitment and that if they try to drag their feet or, you know, get us to look the other way, that we won't do that," said Bush.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. wartime prison network grows into legal vacuum for 14,000

In the few short years since the first shackled Afghan shuffled off to Guantanamo, the U.S. military has created a global network of overseas prisons, its islands of high security keeping 14,000 detainees beyond the reach of established law.

So Guantanamo wasn't needed after all

By Alasdair Palmer

President Bush's policy on how to treat people captured in the course of the war on terror is unravelling fast. In order to comply with a Supreme Court ruling, he has to get new rules for military tribunals for the suspects held at Guantanamo through Congress.

Popular resistance from Caracas to Cairo

Imperialism 101

The American Military's Cult of Cruelty


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