Freitag, 8. September 2006

Laws Repugnant to Constitution Null & Void

Informant: Scott Munson

Aufs Handy geschaut: Auto überschlägt sich

Freitag 8. September 2006, Region


Gestern Morgen hat sich auf der A 4 bei Schaffhausen ein Fahrzeug überschlagen. Kurz nach sieben Uhr fuhr ein Autolenker von Thayngen in Richtung Schaffhausen. Bei der Ausfahrt Herblingen wurde der Lenker durch sein vibrierendes Mobiltelefon in der Hosentasche derart abgelenkt, dass er in die Mittelleitplanke prallte. In der Folge überschlug sich das Fahrzeug und blieb auf dem Dach liegen. Wie durch ein Wunder blieb der Lenker unverletzt. Am Fahrzeug entstand Totalschaden, und die Mittelleitplanke wurde erheblich beschädigt. Der Sachschaden beläuft sich auf rund 55 000 Franken. Die Schaffhauser Polizei erinnert daran, dass die Benutzung von Mobiltelefonen während des Fahrens verboten ist. (SHPol) (Auszug)

Tell Your Representatives to Support Democracy for All Americans

Informant: ranger116

Environmental Catastrophe Provokes Ivory Coast Political Crisis

The Ivory Coast government resigns after tons of toxic waste from Europe are discharged into the capital's public dumps. Three are dead from toxic fumes, but how the waste came to be discharged remains murky.

Ohio Judge Orders '04 Ballots Be Preserved for Legal Examination

A federal judge ordered Ohio's county elections boards on Thursday to preserve ballots from the 2004 presidential election, a move activists hope will help prove accusations of fraud.

US Paid Miami Journalists to Publish Anti-Castro News

At least 10 Florida journalists received regular payments from a US government program aimed at undermining the Cuban government of Fidel Castro, the Miami Herald reported on Friday.

As Others See US: The "War on Terror"

"The USA's mass media constantly tell us how Americans see the 'war on terror.' But the same outlets rarely tell us much about how the rest of the world sees it," writes Norman Solomon.

The Bush administration's case for war in Iraq was fundamentally misleading

Senate Panel to Issue Iraq Intel Report

The Senate Intelligence Committee will release a report Friday on pre-war Iraq intelligence that will confirm that "the Bush administration's case for war in Iraq was fundamentally misleading."

What Should We Know and When Should We Know It?

"The disclosure of suspects' identities is standard operating procedure among justice and law enforcement authorities throughout the United States. Attorneys General, US attorneys, and police authorities regularly call high-profile press conferences to announce the names of people who have been arrested or are under suspicion - though the charges against these people are often later dropped or substantially reduced," writes William Fisher.

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Informant: NHNE

Amid Wide Criticism, Bush Pushes for Greater Wiretap Authority

President Bush urged Congress Thursday to give him "additional authority" to continue his administration's warrantless eavesdropping program. The speech was his latest effort in several days to mark the fifth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks by framing the election-year national security debate to political and policy advantage.

The Myth of Fair Elections in America

"The debacle surrounding the Republican victory in 2000 demonstrated to the world that America's electoral process is wide open to abuse," Paul Harris writes, and "America's system of voting is now even more suspect, more complicated, and more open to abuse than ever before."


Opening briefs were filed before the U.S. Supreme Court last Thursday in a case challenging the Bush administration's reluctance to issue regulations to control global warming. California and 11 other states have joined with environmental groups in a lawsuit they hope will compel the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to take action to curb the release of heat-trapping carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere.

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Last week, Organic Bytes reported on the USDA's announcement that a variety of genetically engineered (GE) rice unapproved for human consumption has contaminated the U.S. food supply. Since then, Japan has banned imports of U.S. rice, while the EU is requiring that all rice imports from the U.S. be tested for contamination. With the U.S rice industry in turmoil, the USDA admits it has no idea how extensive the contamination is. Rice farmers say they don't feel the USDA is adequately monitoring the biotech industry. "This is real money that farmers are losing," said Arkansas Rice Growers Association Executive Director Greg Yielding, who said he has fielded dozens of calls from frantic rice farmers. "It is a big deal. We do not feel that USDA and APHIS have adequate funds or staff to do this job. They can't tell you where anything is even though they get permits for it." Learn more:

IDIOTS GUIDE TO THE GE DEBATE: As the biotech industry continues to develop new propaganda for convincing the world to stomach it's genetically engineered foods, the debate over the issue seems to be getting as complex as the DNA chains, themselves. You're not alone if you find yourself struggling to explain to your friends why you are leery about genetically engineered foods. Here's a quick and easy-to-understand "Q&A" on GE foods that'll take two minutes to read but will leave you with a lifetime of essential information about this critical issue:


ABOUT THE 2006 FARMER Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service issued updated estimates regarding 2006 farm income. Here are some quick statistics from the report:

* Net farm income is forecast to be $54.4 billion in 2006, down from 2005 by $19.4 billion (a 26% decline).

* Government payments are forecast to decline $6.2 billion.

* The average family farm will generate 86.7 percent of their income from off-farm sources in 2006. In other words, less than 14% of income is generated from the farm, itself.




In last week's issue of PR Watch ( ), author Conor Kenny gave readers some insight into the work ethic of the U.S. Congress in 2006. Pointing out that President Harry S. Truman infamously derided the 1947-1948 Congress as the "Do-Nothing Congress" for meeting for only 108 days, Kenny ponders what Truman would have thought of our modern-day Congress, which is projected to spend only 79 days in session in 2006. "While most Americans returned from their holiday vacation in the first week of January, the House took nearly the entire month off, commencing the session on January 31st," says Kenny. "In February, the House met for only 47 hours, an average work week for many Americans." As the 2006 election season heats up, the Organic Consumers Fund needs your help to build a new Congress that will work hard to bring issues of environmental sustainability and human health to the forefront of American politics. Invite your local candidates to take part in a survey that will help voters determine where they stand on these important issues here:

Support the Declaration of Peace

Informant: Martin Greenhut

The actions you take have a major impact on the protection of civil liberties for all Americans

Oil and Gas Leasing Would Damage Alaska's Teeming Teshekpuk Lake Region

Take action:

Court Ruling Blocks Alaska Oil Lease Sale

A federal judge issued a preliminary ruling on Thursday that temporarily blocks the US administration's plan to allow oil development in the sensitive wetlands near vast Teshekpuk Lake in Arctic Alaska.

Großdemonstrationen des DGB mit weiteren gesellschaftlichen Kräften am 21. Oktober

Keep "Path to 9/11" Propaganda Film Off The Air

Demand a Vote of No-Confidence on Secretary Rumsfeld

Suskind Debunks Bush: why torture doesn't work

More of the political establishment is realizing that the war in Iraq has already been lost

Bush Tribunal Plan Ignores Supreme Court Ruling

Under the measure that President Bush proposed on Wednesday, Khalid Shaik Mohammed and other major terrorism suspects would face trials at Guantanamo Bay in military tribunals that would allow evidence obtained by coercive interrogation and hearsay and deny suspects and their lawyers the right to see classified evidence used against them.

Anger over late phone mast letter

A mobile phone company has admitted a letter concerning its application for a mobile phone mast 150m from a Cornish primary school went out late.

Ericsson Services says there was an error in sending the letter to St Francis School in Falmouth.

Some parents say they have not been given enough time to object, and a decision by Carrick Council is likely to be delayed for another week.

Ericsson Services say councillors have known since July.

Carrick was due to decide on Friday if it could agree the application for the mast at the Falmouth Business Park or would want more detailed plans.

But Mike Dobson, corporate affairs manager for Ericsson Services, said the letter to St Francis had gone off later than planned.

Mr Dobson said a letter was despatched on time to the nearby St Mary's School.

He also said the mast will be safe and will not be pointed at either primary school.

Published: 2006/09/08 09:15:22 GMT


Sabine Christiansen: Schaubühne für die Einflussreichen und Meinungsmacher

"Sabine Christiansen"-Studie von LobbyControl

LobbyControl-Studie „Sabine Christiansen: Schaubühne für die Einflussreichen und Meinungsmacher“

Gestern haben wir in Berlin eine Studie zur Einladepolitik der Talkshow „Sabine Christiansen“ vorgestellt. Die Studie mit dem Titel „Schaubühne für die Einflussreichen und Meinungsmacher - Der neoliberal geprägte Reformdiskurs bei "Sabine Christiansen"“ untersucht die Zusammensetzung der Gäste und Themen der Sendungen von Januar 2005 bis Juni 2006.

Zu den wichtigsten Ergebnissen gehört, dass sich hinter einer parteipolitischen Ausgewogenheit der Gäste aus der Politik ein klares Übergewicht unternehmensnaher und marktliberaler Positionen bei den übrigen Gästen verbirgt. Dieses Ungleichgewicht bleibt für die Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauer zudem im Dunkeln, weil insbesondere bei der Vorstellung von "Experten" nicht über deren Verbindungen zu marktliberalen Denkfabriken, Lobbykampagnen oder Unternehmen informiert wird. Wesentliche gesellschaftliche Gruppen wie Verbraucherorganisationen, politische Nichtregierungsorganisationen oder Bürgerinitiativen tauchen in der Talkrunde höchstens am Rande auf.

Mehr zur Studie und dem „verzerrten Pluralismus“ bei Christiansen:

Eine Kurzfassung der Studie finden Sie unter

Die vollständige Studie (25 S.) können Sie für 5 Euro plus Porto bestellen:

LobbyControl weist Kritik von TV21 zurück

Die Produktionsfirma von "Sabine Christiansen" TV 21 reagierte auf die Veröffentlichung mit einer Replik, in der sie die Studie als "unsinnig" und "an der Realität vorbei" bezeichnen.

Die Reaktion von LobbyControl auf diese Kritik finden Sie unter


Club der anonymen Meinungsmacher

Eine Studie belegt, wie die NDR-Produktion "Sabine Christiansen" die Reformdiskussion systematisch beeinflusst.


Die Welt aus der Sicht von Sabine Christiansen

Mental Health Screening and the Psychiatric Industrial Complex

The Free Liberal


Karen Effrem, MD and John Grauerholz, MD discuss mental health screening and the psychiatric government industrial complex." [audio in Flash format]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How to displace Iraqi oil with energy efficiency

Washington Free Press
by Roger Lippman


The problem: a war that has cost $250 billion (as of May 2006), with no plausible explanation except to gain control of Iraq's oil. Another large appropriation has already passed Congress. Our representatives will support this spending until there is a large outcry against continuing to fund this war. But what if we didn't need the oil? How many new 45 miles-per-gallon Toyota Priuses would it take to displace the oil we used to get from Iraq? Government policy should encourage people to junk their gas hogs in exchange for a new, high-efficiency car...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The lost moral authority of conservatism

Intellectual Conservative
by Winkfield F. Twyman, Jr.


When conservatives fought the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Housing act of 1968, conservatism lost its moral authority in Black America. Conservatism became stigmatized. African-Americans were not a liberal people in their folkways but liberals stood on the right side of history. And so black teachers like Ms. Walker, Ms. Taylor and countless others downplayed and dissociated themselves from conservative thoughts. At first blush, the stigma of conservative thought made sense. Conservatives opposed commonsense civil rights. Liberals stood on the side of expanding opportunity. And radicals in Black America got more air time than everyday folks. Being a Malcolm X or a Black Panther brought status and prestige at the end of the 1960s. 'Negro Conservatives' like George Schuyler and black college presidents appeared to be on the losing side of the cultural war. The stigma of conservative thought created a moral vacuum...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Why Bush came clean about secret torture prisons

by Marjorie Cohn


With great fanfare, George W. Bush announced to a group of carefully selected 9/11 families yesterday that he had finally decided to send Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 13 other alleged terrorists to Guantanamo Bay, where they will be tried in military commissions. After nearly 5 years of interrogating these men, why did Bush choose this moment to bring them to 'justice?' Bush said his administration had 'largely completed our questioning of the men' and complained that 'the Supreme Court's recent decision has impaired our ability to prosecute terrorists through military commissions and has put in question the future of the CIA program.' He was referring to Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, in which the high court recently held that Bush's military commissions did not comply with the law...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The news media dutifully trot after the president, giving him lead play on the news in speech after speech

Know nothing news

Common Dreams
by Jerry Lanson


No matter how outrageous Bush's assertions, no matter how they fly in the face of the reality of what even his Pentagon is saying about Iraq, the news media dutifully trot after the president, giving him lead play on the news in speech after speech. Whether he's howling about 'cut and run' Democrats or asserting, yet again, that the mire of Iraq is a central battlefield in his War Against Terror (read War Without End), the format of news is predictable: Amplify the president's dire predictions, let him brainwash the public a little bit more, then dutifully -- for the sake balance, of course -- give the opposition a quick soundbite or a few lines to disagree. I realize, like it or not, that George Bush is the president. And, as a former reporter and editor, I know the norms of news: As the holder of the nation's highest official [sic], the president has the luxury of setting the agenda. Fair enough. But saying the same things over and over is not really setting an agenda. It is running a political campaign, one of the few things this president has ever done effectively...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The paradoxes of the Bush presidency

Christian Science Monitor
by Pat M. Holt


In the first presidential debate of 2000, George W. Bush emphasized his military restraint. 'I would be very careful about using our troops as nation builders. I believe the role of the military is to fight and win war and therefore prevent war from happening,' he said. That view changed greatly after Sept. 11, when he proclaimed a policy of spreading democracy throughout the world -- even, evidently, if it requires US troops to act as nation builders. The part of the world where he chose to start that campaign, however, was one of the areas least attuned to it by culture and history. This is just one of the many paradoxes that mark Mr. Bush's presidency. Another paradox is that, in the name of spreading democracy abroad, Bush is doing things that tend to destroy it at home. One of the first acts of a scared, compliant Congress after 9/11 was to pass the misnamed USA Patriot Act...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Travelling? Prove you're not a terrorist first

Shadow Monkey
by staff


Want hassle-free air travel? The government says you may have to register with them, pay money, and go through a background check to sign up for a proposed new program intended to ease security hassles at airports for individuals. ... The 'Registered Traveler' program would be run entirely by airports, airlines and contractors that would register pre-screened flyers and usher them through security. Homeland Security would oversee the programs at airports, according to an interview with Chertoff cited in USA Today. ... Ladies and gentlemen of America, think about this 'Registered Traveller' program very carefully. Your government is considering asking you to undergo a background investigation to prove that you are not a terrorist in order to have an easier time passing through airport security. Plus, they want you to pay for the privilege. ... Oh, I know the answers to it, but I'll ask anyway: When the h... did the American people lose their will to stand up to their own government and say, 'ENOUGH!' This proposed TSA program is tantamount to your government telling you that it will assume you are a terrorist unless you prove to them otherwise. Where is the outrage at what our government is doing?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Three theories about Rumsfeld

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Delirious rhetoric,,1866265,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


by Justin Raimondo


For libertarians, the GOP is a total loss: like the neocons and the old 'Scoop Jackson' Democrats, they are bad on everything, including domestic policy. Today, whatever skeptics of the government's power to effect positive change, at home and abroad, still exist inside the Republican Party are lonely guardians of a nearly forgotten tradition. This is the party of Big Government, and Big Ambitions overseas: in the new Bushian GOP we are witnessing the triumph of 'National Greatness' Republicanism. Gone is the plain, republican cloth coat: in its place GOPers flaunt the imperial purple. Libertarians no longer have any place in the GOP coalition, and any who remain will have long since betrayed their ostensible devotion to liberty. The Republican Party is today hopelessly authoritarian. Maddened by war, its leaders are so corrupted by power and their desperation to hold on to it, that they will resort to any tactic, any subterfuge, no matter how contemptible and/or self-defeating. A good example is their secret funding of the campaign of Democrat Joe Lieberman against their own candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Annihilation Rag

Unqualified Offerings
by Jim Henley


I had a more cynical thought this week, reading not just the President's remarks but Donald Rumsfeld's. These people are campaigning for the warblogger vote. Right down to the use of variants on 'Islamofascism,' White House rhetoric now matches standard neohawk blogosphere tropes too perfectly to be plausibly accidental...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

European watchdog calls for clampdown on CIA

Guardian [UK]


The head of Europe's human rights watchdog yesterday called for monitoring of CIA agents operating in Britain and other European countries, after President George Bush's admission that the US had detained terrorist suspects in secret prisons. ... The former British Labour MP was scathing about President Bush. 'Why does the US need to keep people in secret prisons? I thought that was settled by Magna Carta. But King John is alive and well and running the USA. There is a smoking gun. We know where it is -- it is in the hands of George Bush. His fingerprints are on the gun...,,1867438,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


European Watchdog Calls for Clampdown on CIA

The head of Europe's human rights watchdog yesterday called for monitoring of CIA agents operating in Britain and other European countries, after President George Bush's admission that the US had detained terrorist suspects in secret prisons. European lawmakers demanded on Thursday that their governments reveal the location of secret CIA prisons.

War Is Not A Solution For Terrorism

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Survey says European support for US falling

Chicago Tribune


America's prestige among its traditional European allies is in steep decline and shows no sign of rebounding, according to an annual survey conducted by the German Marshall Fund. The number of Europeans who say they would like to see the U.S. take a strong leadership role in world affairs has fallen precipitously, from 64 percent in 2002 to 37 percent today. During the same period, European unhappiness with President Bush has risen from 56 percent to 77 percent...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush and the Law

Le Monde points out that the US president has only come clean with the law in some respects in order to bend it in others, while the Los Angeles Times details the specific concessions in legal procedure the administration plans to wrest from Congress.

Bush vows to use all anti-terror tools

Denver Post


A day after President Bush acknowledged for the first time that the CIA runs secret prisons overseas, he told an Atlanta audience that he would continue to use all tools available to combat al-Qaeda and terrorists determined to attack the United States. 'I will continue using every element of national power to pursue our enemies and prevent attacks on the United States of America,' Bush said today. The president has said that the CIA has used tough interrogation methods to force terrorist leaders to reveal plots to attack the United States and its allies...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture

For Peace, the Animals & Environment

A victory in Europe for seals

Please ask others to help end the seal hunt

I have some great news! I want to share with you an important victory in our efforts to close European markets for seal products, a vital step to end Canada’s commercial seal hunt.

The European Parliament has issued a Written Declaration calling for a ban on the import, export and sales of harp and hooded seal products. IFAW and other groups successfully lobbied more than half of all MEPs (Member of the European Parliament) to sign the resolution which will now be forwarded to the European commission and the Council of Ministers.

A European ban will help reduce demand for seal products and send an important message to the Canadian Government that the European Union wants no part in this cruel hunt.

The import of whitecoat harp seal and blueback hooded seal furs and furskin products (taken from pups younger than 2-3 weeks) was banned in Europe in 1983, but sealers now wait a few days until harp seal pups have moulted their white fur to kill them, with 95% of the seals killed still under three months old. The products of these baby seals are still imported into the European Union.

The declaration states that the last time the annual number of seals now being killed were slaughtered in the 1950s and 1960s the seal population was reduced by two thirds. It also states that on average sealers receive less than 5% of their income from sealing which provides only a few days' work each year.

A number of EU countries (Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy) have already taken steps to ban the trade in seal products, and others (the UK and the Netherlands) are considering their own bans.

Please help us keep the momentum going by Taking Action to end the seal hunt today.

For the seals,
Signature Fred O’Regan President and CEO

P.S. It’s critically important that we capitalize on this victory by adding new activists to fight for baby seals. This is a great opportunity to show others that we can win this fight with their help. Can I count on you to tell five new people about our efforts to end the seal hunt?

Rebuilding the Labor Movement in the US

"Unions need to offer a vision of how a just society should be organized. We need to organize for real solutions like fair trade, national health insurance, labor law reform, internal union democratic reforms to re-engage the rank and file, and a multi-year, multi-trillion dollar public works program to create millions of new jobs building an ecologically sustainable infrastructure for our future," writes Howie Hawkins.

Will New Voting Machines Cause an Election Day Debacle?

Will new voting machines cure election headaches or cause them? NOW takes a close look at one Michigan county on Primary Day to see how the new machines are working, but also checks in on other states, including Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, and - you guessed it - Ohio.

Bush and Lieberman Pollster Made Up Poll Results

The owner of DataUSA Inc., a company that conducted political polls for the campaigns of George W. Bush, US Senator Joe Lieberman and other candidates, pleaded guilty to fraud for making up survey and poll results. Tracy Costin pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Costin, 46, faces a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 when she is sentenced November 30.

Mercury Dental Fillings Dangerous

Informant: bigraccoon

Gendreck-weg Newsletter vom 8.9.2006

Give Peace a VOTE

Wir sagen Nein zur Akzeptanz von Vorherrschaft und Gewalt in unseren Gesellschaften

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

08. September 2006

9/11 und die Linke

Der Parteivorsitzende Lothar Bisky erklärt zum 5. Jahrestag der Terroranschläge von New York und Washington:

Viele Kommentatoren des 11. September 2001 haben Recht behalten. Dieser Tag hat die Welt verändert. Zugleich wurden bereits in der Politik davor angelegte Langzeitfolgen sichtbar. Dieser 11. September hat die Konflikte in den internationalen Staatenbeziehungen forciert. Seither fragt auch die Linke: Was erwächst aus den Trümmern von Ground Zero? US-Präsident George W. Bush und seine Administration antworteten auf die Terroranschläge mit dem "Krieg gegen den Terror". Sie begannen den behaupteten "Kampf der Kulturen" in reale Politik umzusetzen. Der 11. September wurde zu einem Fanal für eine internationale Serie der Gewalt. Den Opfern der Anschläge von New York folgten die Opfer der Terroranschläge von Djerba, Bali, Istanbul, Moskau, Madrid, Beslan, London, Bagdad. Die USA und ihre Verbündeten begründeten mit ihrem Krieg gegen den Terror Angriffskriege gegen Afghanistan und den Irak. Russland legitimierte den Krieg in Tschetschenien. Die traurige Bilanz: zehntausende Opfer und destabilisierte Gesellschaften am Rande des Bürgerkrieges. Die terroristischen Netzwerke existieren jedoch fort. Sie wuchsen nach, wie die Köpfe der enthaupteten Hydra. Fünf Jahre nach 9/11 ist festzustellen: Krieg kann und wird Terror nicht besiegen, im Gegenteil. Krieg ist selbst Terror gegen die Menschen. Ich möchte an diesem Jahrestag unterstreichen: Mit dem 11. September
2001 wurde ein tief greifender Wandel im Zusammenleben der Menschen und Staaten eingeleitet. Die berechtigte Angst der Menschen um ihr Leben und das ihrer Familien wurde nicht nur Kalkül in den Strategien von Al Quaida, sondern in stärkerem Maße als zuvor die Geisel einer Gesellschaftsstrategie der neocons, der neoliberalen Wirtschaftsideologen. Zum Abbau sozialer Sicherungssysteme kommt nunmehr auch die politische Beschränkung der Grundfreiheiten der Menschen. Eingeschränkt werden nicht mehr nur Grundfreiheiten von Einzelpersonen. In fünf Jahren nach dem 11. September wurden die Anti-Terror-Gesetzgebung und die Überwachungsgesetze in Deutschland und Europa auf neue Höhen getrieben. Dabei werden systematisch demokratische und zivilgesellschaftliche Strukturen zerstört. Weder in Deutschland, noch in der EU führt der Abbau des humanistischen und demokratischen Grundkonsenses unserer Gesellschaft zu mehr Sicherheit. Zugleich ist dies kein glaubwürdiges und wirksames Mittel, um die Ursachen von Terrorismus zu beseitigen. Nur mit der Stärkung der Zivilcourage lässt sich menschenverachtendes Denken, welches den Einsatz terroristischer Mittel für legitim hält, stoppen. Dafür wird sich die Linkspartei.PDS weiterhin stark machen. Die politische Linke in Deutschland ist ein fester Bestandteil der Europäischen Linken. Im Gedenken an die Opfer der Terroranschläge von New York und Washington bekräftigen wir: Nein zu Krieg, Nein zu Terror, Nein zum Abbau von Rechtsstaatlichkeit und innenpolitischer Repression im nationalen wie internationalen Zusammenleben der Menschen und Völker. Wir sagen Nein zur Akzeptanz von Vorherrschaft und Gewalt in unseren Gesellschaften. Wir kämpfen für ein lebenswertes Zusammenleben aller Menschen, welches geprägt ist von der gegenseitigen Achtung kultureller, religiöser, nationaler Unterschiede. Deshalb fordern wir den Einsatz der Bundesregierung und des Bundestages, aber auch aller Mitglieder unserer Gesellschaft, sich für friedliche Konfliktlösung auf der Grundlage Wahrung des Völkerrechts einzusetzen. Deshalb bekämpfen wir Armut und soziale Entwurzelung. Eine gerechte Weltwirtschaft braucht Widerstand gegen Rassismus und einen offenen Dialog der Kulturen. Es macht optimistisch, dass am Vorabend des 5. Jahrestages deutlich wird: immer mehr Menschen finden sich mit den gängigen Erklärungsmustern von herrschender Politik und mainstream-Medien nicht mehr ab. Hierzulande und weltweit.

The "War on terror" Goes Domestic

Informant: ronaldnei

Save Oregon's Endangered Wolves

Gen-Weizen bedroht Erbe der Menschheit

Umweltinstitut München e.V. – Newsletter vom 8. September 2006 (Auszug)

Mehrere Tausend Unterschriften gegen die Freisetzung von genmanipuliertem Weizen in unmittelbarer Nähe zu den Anbauflächen einer der weltgrößten Genbanken im sachsen anhaltinischen Gatersleben sind bereits bei uns eingegangen. In der Genbank lagern Tausende alter Weizensorten, die zur Erhaltung immer wieder im Freiland angebaut werden müssen. Jede Unterschrift zählt! Bitte denken Sie dran, die Einwendungen bis Freitag, 15. September 2006 an uns zu schicken! Weitere Infos:

Geplante Neufassung des Gentechnik-Gesetzes:

Offener Brief an den Bundestag Die Agro-Gentechnik darf Umwelt und Nahrungskette nicht kontaminieren! Diese zentrale Forderung stellen 27 Verbände, darunter das Umweltinstitut München e.V. Die Unterzeichner fordern den Schutz der gentechnikfreien Landwirtschaft und legen eigene Eckpunkte zur Neufassung des Gentechnikgesetzes vor. Haftungs- und Anbauregeln sowie das Anbaukataster für Gen-Bauern müssten dabei sicherstellen, dass die natürliche Landwirtschaft ohne Gen-Pflanzen geschützt sei.

PDF-Fassung des offenen Briefs:

Le Monde' on Bush's Iran-bashing Sept. 5 speech

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Polling company owner pleads guilty to fraud

According to court documents, clients included the campaigns of President George W. Bush, U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn. and Bridgeport Mayor John M. Fabrizi.

From Information Clearing House

Goodbye To Air America

Instead of the irate liberal voice that this country desperately needed since before the first stolen election you have morphed into a “middle of the road” non-threatening platform for more useless commentary.

Harper falls in line behind U.S. interests

PRIME Minister Stephen Harper is moving at warp speed to integrate Canada's security, defence and foreign policies with the U.S. and shred our competitive advantage over the U.S. in lumber and wheat.

From Information Clearing House

Since 9/11, world opinion has swung from sympathy to anger at American foreign policy

Not all Americans now,,31229-2343450,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Resistance to Iran sanctions grows as powers meet

The United States faced growing opposition on Thursday to its bid to persuade other powers to impose sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme, with China urging dialogue and France signaling room for maneuver.

From Information Clearing House

The Unaccountables: forget the soldiers

The 25,000 civilian contractors in Iraq are an occupying army unto themselves. Some may have engaged in torture -- and, by evident design, they can’t be prosecuted for their crimes.

From Information Clearing House

Military lawyers clash with White House

The Pentagon ‘s top uniformed lawyers took issue Thursday with a key part of a White House plan to prosecute terrorism detainees, telling Congress that limiting the suspects‘ access to evidence could violate treaty obligations.

From Information Clearing House

3 Republican senators among critics of military tribunal plan

President Bush's long-awaited plan for military commissions to try foreign terrorist suspects was criticized Wednesday by fellow Republicans who said the proposal, which omits many of the usual safeguards of a military trial, doesn't go far enough to protect prisoners.

From Information Clearing House

Bush presses Congress to pass antiterrorism laws

President Bush pressed Congress on Thursday to approve new military tribunals to try terrorism suspects, a day after he admitted the CIA ran secret prisons overseas where accused militants were detained.

From Information Clearing House

Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture

Bush administration hawks are getting profit-hungry companies like CACI to do their dirty work in the war zones of the New American Empire. And we're footing the bill.

Calls for more details on CIA prisons

European lawmakers have demanded that their governments reveal the location of secret CIA prisons after George Bush admitted the US held terrorist suspects in jails abroad.

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Bush Lies About Torture

Not that it should surprise anyone anymore, but yesterday's stomach-churning Bush speech defending torture contains this little number:

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Democratic Party outlines pro-war agenda for US elections

Book says CIA tried to provoke Saddam to war

More than a year before the invasion of Iraq the CIA devised a plan, codenamed Anabasis, to use Iraqi exile fighters to seize an air base and declare a revolt against Saddam Hussein in the hope that his response would create a pretext for war, according to a book published tomorrow.

August Death Total in Baghdad Morgue Triples

We took an interesting phone call today from an official at the Baghdad morgue. We get these calls every day – a daily tally of the violence. But this one was particularly sobering.

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Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans

By Charles Sullivan

Those who know their history will recognize the familiar patterns of Plutocracy at work. That is how the government has always treated the poor, just as it has always exploited the working class and sent them to die in wars not of their making. How could any but the ignorant and foolish dare call this democracy?

Five Years After and We Still Don’t Know

Protecting Our Torturers

"A torturing nation uses fear, persuasion, and propaganda to secure the assent to torture from society in general and from members of its legal, academic, journalistic, and medical professions." -- Steven Miles, M.D.

Bad Faith and Distortions From the American Psychological Association

By Stephen Soldz

Those psychologists and citizens of goodwill who don’t believe in torture as public policy should cry out with one voice at such indifference to human barbarity. If we fail to act we cannot claim, as did so many Germans, "We didn’t know!"

The Torturer's Apprentice

By Ray McGovern

Grabbing the headlines today is the fact that Bush has admitted that the CIA has taken high-value captives to prisons abroad for interrogation using “tough” techniques. More telling is the fact that CIA interrogators are not bound by the strictures of the new Army field manual, and that the president is determined to maintain in place detention centers where CIA interrogators can play their trade at his bequest.

Reform Groups Challenge Members of Congress on Failure to Deal With Worst Congressional Corruption Scandals in Decades

Focus on Rumsfeld Misses the Point

I Want Future Generations to Know This: Many from Our Generation Never Sold You Out

Reclaiming our Food Sovereignty and the Right to Choose What We Eat

What Really Makes our Nation Strong

Emphasis Should Be on Shared Sacrifice, Not Personal Gain

American Disapproval of Bush Nears European Levels

Waning Faith in Military Interventions

Iraq Deaths Multiply in New August Count

Is Brain Drain Robbing Poor to Pay for the Rich?

THE NEO CON: The Bush Defense Record by the Numbers

GREED: America is a nation of extremes

False Flag Operations: Declassified Military Documents

Rep. Jim Cooper: Bush is Hiding the True National Debt, It's Worse than You've Heard, Much Worse

Genetically engineered crops contain latent pesticides that are activated when eaten by consumers

Mobilfunker verlieren Streit um UMTS-Steuer

Schwindende Chancen für Mobilfunker auf UMTS-Steuersegen

Keine MwSt-Rückerstattung für UMTS-Lizenznehmer

Keine Milliarden-Erstattung für UMTS-Betreiber

Mobilfunker verlieren Streit um UMTS-Steuer

Wohl keine Rückerstattung der UMTS-Mehrwertsteuer

On what the feds have done to the economy

How We Come to Own Ourselves

When Will Americans Take Back America?

At What Point Do They Stop Listening?

Moral Insanity

The overblown 'War on Terror': it's just the latest excuse for endless interventions, overseas and at home

Bolton vote in Senate Foreign Relations Committee delayed unexpectedly

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Zwei Drittel der Kinder besitzen ein eigenes Handy

7. September 2006 14:16

Handy-Teens: Fast jeder besitzt eins.

Zwei Drittel der 11- bis 12-Jährigen in Deutschland besitzen ein eigenes Handy. Das ergab eine repräsentative Umfrage des Instituts "Synovate Kids + Teens" in München.

In der Altersgruppe der 9- bis 10-Jährigen gaben 37 Prozent an, sie hätten ein eigenes Handy, bei den 6- bis 8-Jährigen sind es 8 Prozent. Unter den 13- bis 14-Jährigen nennen 89 Prozent ein Handy ihr eigen.


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