Dienstag, 26. September 2006

The war on terror has not made anyone safer, particularly women in the Middle East

A Flawed Bill on Rape

In recent decades, women's advocates and human rights activists have made huge progress on the issues of rape and sexual assault. The new bill on jailing, interrogating, and trying terror suspects that President George W. Bush is trying to ram through the US Congress contains provisions on rape and sexual assault that turn back the clock alarmingly. The war on terror has not made anyone safer, particularly women in the Middle East.


Why We Fight, what are the forces that shape and propel American militarism?

A Film By Eugene Jarecki

What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism? This award-winning film provides an inside look at the anatomy of the American war machine.


Military Draft Needed for War With Iran and Syria?

Steve Hammons asks: "Will the US soon need to activate Selective Service System plans for a military draft if open hostilities break out with Iran and Syria? There are signs that for many possible reasons, there are people and groups in Washington and elsewhere who desire a wider war - war between the US and Iran and Syria - World War III. If they have their way, the necessity for a military draft would become a real possibility."


Military Draft Needed for War With Iran and Syria?

Steve Hammons asks: "Will the US soon need to activate Selective Service System plans for a military draft if open hostilities break out with Iran and Syria? There are signs that for many possible reasons, there are people and groups in Washington and elsewhere who desire a wider war - war between the US and Iran and Syria - World War III. If they have their way, the necessity for a military draft would become a real possibility."




The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

William Rivers Pitt writes: "It seems the invasion and occupation of Iraq has spawned a new generation of radicalized men and women willing to die for the privilege of taking American soldiers, or you, or me, with them. The information contained in the newest National Intelligence Estimate, considered to be the most authoritative report on the subject, was so unutterably damning that even the White House was forced to cede the point."


Urgent: stop overfishing rollbacks!


Tell Apple to go organic!


Redefining rape: Bush deal would allow for sexually abusive tactics: tell Congress to vote against it

Call Congress now!

Über die Umweltgefahren von genverändertem Mais

Umgeschriebene Wahrheiten

Forschung an Biowaffen: rein defensiv?

Das US-Heimatschutzministerium baut ein hochgeheimes Labor zur Erforschung von Biowaffen; die Suche nach dem Versender der Milzbrandbriefe im Oktober 2001 ist bislang im Sand verlaufen.


Musharraf: US-Regierung hat Pakistan erpresst


Die unerhörten Bekenntnisse des Generals

Musharraf vs Bush und Karsai

The Big Winner in the "War Against Terror" Is Iran

Olivier Roy writes, "Five years after the launch of the war against terrorism, terrorism is doing just fine, for the good reason that the 'war' has missed its objective …"


Consumers See "String-Pulling," Believe '06 Election Affecting Gas Prices

Almost half of all Americans believe the November elections have more influence than market forces. For them, the plunge at the pump is about politics, not economics.


What Would Real Election Integrity Mean?

"A voting system that cannot assure that every vote is accurately counted is fundamentally broken," write Evan Frisch and Arianna Siegel. "We must recognize this broken system as a far greater threat to our democracy than the threat of undocumented or "criminal" voters, and make its correction our highest priority."


Cindy Sheehan: Commas for Profit


White House Admits Iraq Fuels Extremism

Bush has been trying to convince Americans that the war has made America safer, but with the release of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq and terrorism, which represents the comprehensive consensus findings of the 16 US intelligence agencies, the White House admits that the war in Iraq has fueled the spread of extremism.


A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq


War talk is in the air again, and because of the looming November election, it has to be taken extra seriously


Informant: Kev Hall

The Embattled, Shrinking Middle Class


Informant: Christopher Christie

Burma is a case study in the hollowness of Bush's human rights rhetoric

Big Oil Trumps Freedom

Leahy aims at restoring habeas corpus

Showdown Over Habeas

by Sen. Patrick Leahy, TomPaine.com

If Congress votes to suspend this essential legal safeguard, liberty and accountability will be the victims.



Leahy aims at restoring habeas corpus

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., is expected to take over as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and The (Calif.) Daily Journal reports that Leahy is drafting a bill to undo portions of the new law in an effort to restore habeas corpus rights for enemy combatants.


From Information Clearing House


Burden of Iraq occupation straining US military


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

The only truly effective weapon

Common Dreams
by Sean Gonsalves


It's not about being 'nice' to terrorists. It's about not blurring the lines between the good guys and bad guys. It's about not adding to the new generation of Islamic militants the intelligence community is telling us have been created by this illegal war. Even if you don't care about what torture does to 'terrorists,' do you care about what torture does to us? Picking and choosing which international law to obey is the surest way to undermine 'higher morality' -- the only truly effective weapon we have in an unconquerable world.


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush is hard of hearing

Liberty For All
by Jessi Winchester


Someone contact the president's private physician and inform him that its evident Mr. Bush has an auditory deficiency that calls for an immediate hearing aid. He can't hear the word 'no.' U.S. District Court Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ordered an immediate halt to the illegal domestic wiretap program Bush secretly authorized NSA to perform in 2001 calling it 'illegal' and 'unconstitutional' but 'Hell-bent-on-getting-MY-way' Bush is now urging Congress to give him ADDITIONAL expanded authority to spy on us without benefit of warrant...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush offers himself amnesty for human rights crimes

by Robert Parry


The United States is following the lead of 'dirty war' nations, such as Argentina and Chile, in enacting what amounts to an amnesty law protecting U.S. government operatives, apparently up to and including President George W. Bush, who have committed or are responsible for human rights crimes. While the focus of the current congressional debate has been on Bush's demands to redefine torture and to reinterpret the Geneva Conventions, the compromise legislation also would block prosecutions for violations already committed during the five-year-old 'war on terror'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Negroponte tries to cloud intel report

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


John D. Negroponte, President Bush's Director of National Intelligence, is now busy undermining a National Intelligence Estimate which concluded that the U.S. invasion of Iraq has worsened radical Islamic terrorism around the world. He previously had approved the document. According to the New York Times, the highly classified estimate, a consensus view of the 16 spy agencies of the U.S. intelligence community, finds that the U.S. invasion of a Muslim land has motivated the radical Islamic jihadist movement to metastasize and spread around the world. Yet, Negroponte, the president's political appointee who is in charge, nominally at least, of the 16 agencies, came up with the usual twisted Bush administration phraseology to undercut his own estimate...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Deal on terror suspects hits new snag

USA Today


A compromise proposal on trials for terrorism suspects came under fire Monday from a key Republican senator and a former top military lawyer who said the deal would suspend a fundamental legal right against unlawful detention. Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said he is 'strongly opposed' to a provision in proposed legislation that would bar foreigners now held as enemy combatants from challenging their detention in court...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Protect Colorado's Wild Canyon Country


Boasting some of Colorado's most pristine backcountry and an abundance of elk, antelope and other wildlife, the White River Resource Area located in northwestern Colorado contains some of the most extraordinary examples of geological, cultural, and scientific values of any roadless area in the state.

Yet, incredibly the BLM is considering increasing oil and gas wells in this area by as many as 15,000 wells! Please take action today to help us protect this area and its remarkable wildlife and wilderness.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please tell the BLM to provide the highest protection for this very special place. Comments are due by Friday, September 29, 2006.

Tell me more

Insurance Horror Stories

Paul Krugman has a question: "Between 2000 and 2005, the number of Americans with private health insurance coverage fell by one percent. But over the same period, employment at health insurance companies rose a remarkable 32 percent. What are all those extra employees doing? Now we know at least part of the answer: they're working harder than ever at identifying people who really need medical care, and ensuring that they don't get it."


Something's Rotten in Food Oversight

Meyerhoff and Schultz write: "Federal agents are scurrying across the Salinas Valley - the nation's 'salad bowl' - in search of the source of the E. coli contaminating the spinach supply. They won't find it without a mirror, because the real culprit in this case is the US government."


Global Warming Fear Lights Fire Under Congress

After years of debating whether global warming was real or a hoax, the House and Senate staged six hearings last week on how the government should respond to climate change. And the Bush administration, which has downplayed the threat of global warming during its six years in office, released a 244-page strategic report laying out plans to address the rapid warming of the planet.


Wilderness Designation Trade-Offs Faulted

Congress is on the verge of approving half a dozen bills that would protect as much as one million acres of wilderness areas across the West, but the move has infuriated environmentalists who charge that lawmakers are giving away too much pristine public land to real estate developers and local communities in the process.


US Pursues Ties to Oil-Rich Kazakhstan

President Bush is pursuing closer ties to oil-rich Kazakhstan despite what human rights observers have said is a disturbing backslide toward autocracy in the former Soviet republic. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did not answer when asked Monday whether human rights or energy would top the agenda for a meeting with her Kazakh counterpart.


US-Flottenaufmarsch im persischen Golf: Der Schlachtplan ist schon im Weißen Haus


Der Waffenstillstand im Libanon hat die Pläne zum Angriff auf Iran nicht gestoppt


Nachricht von metainfo-hh

Bush Administration Proposal Sets Energy Policy Back 20 Years

On September 7, 2006, the Bush administration released a proposal http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/swcbd/press/energy-policy-09-07-2006.html to gut the 1992 Energy Policy Act by delaying the act's goal of reducing by 30 percent U.S. consumption of petroleum-based fuels for transportation. The 2010 target date would be pushed back to 2030, shifting the problem to our children's generation when it will be too late. The administration's proposal was came in reaction to a series of court orders obtained by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Bluewater Network.

From Endangered Earth, No. 370 - Online



(Ökonomische) Hintergründe des Irakkrieges: Der gescheiterte Staat

Ein Staat gilt als gescheitert, wenn er sich nicht um Völkerrecht und internationale Abkommen schert, die Sicherheit seiner Bewohner und ihre Bürgerrechte nicht mehr schützt, ja die Institutionen der Demokratie selbst unterminiert. Solche »Schurkenstaaten« wieder auf den Weg von Freiheit, Recht und Demokratie zu bringen ist seit Jahrzehnten das erklärte Ziel der USA. Doch was, wenn die Supermacht selbst unter die Definition eines »gescheiterten Staates« fällt? Mit verstörender Präzision zeichnet Noam Chomsky die Entwicklungslinien einer Politik nach, die lange vor Bush begann. Das neue Buch von Noam Chomsky: „Der gescheiterte Staat“, erschienen im Antje Kunstmann Verlag, 24.90 EUR, 400 Seiten gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, ISBN 3-88897-452-6. Siehe dazu:


Die Verlagsseite zum Buch „Noam Chomsky: Der gescheiterte Staat“ http://www2.txt.de/cgi-bin/WebObjects/TXTSVKunstmann.woa/5/wo/AesO11tkpznaey2Hu/

Nachwort von Noam Chomsky

Exklusiv im LabourNet Germany, das Nachwort von Noam Chomsky (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/irakkrieg/chomsky_staat.pdf

Aus: LabourNet, 26. September 2006

Proteste gegen 1-Euro-Jobs

Betriebsratsvorsitzender wegen kritischer Haltung zu 1-Euro-Jobs gekündigt

Rolf Kohn hatte gegen die ständige Ausweitung von 1-Euro-Jobs im städtischen Seniorenheim gekämpft. Mittlerweile kommen 40 (!) "zusätzliche" MAE auf 100 regulär Beschäftigte. Nun wurde Kohn (und zwei weiteren KollegInnen) mit fadenscheinigem Vorwand gekündigt. Das Seniorenzentrum Grullbad ist eine 100%ige Tochter der Stadt Recklinghausen. Der einzige Gesellschafter der - mit "kostenlosen" Arbeitskräften so gesegneten - Einrichtung ist Bürgermeister Wolfgang Pantförder. Der Aufsichtsrat setzt sich aus vom Rat der Stadt Recklinghausen gewählten Mitgliedern zusammen... In Recklinghausen hat sich nun eine Soli-Initiative gegründet, die auf ihrer Homepage http://www.recklinghausen-fuer-rolf-kohn.de

ausführlich über die Kündigung des BR, die anstehende Verhandlung vor dem Arbeitsgericht Herne und die 1-Euro-Jobs informiert.

Recht und Praxis der Ein-Euro-Jobs. Beschäftigungsverhältnisse ohne Arbeitsvertrag nach dem SGB II

Unter diesem Titel erschien gerade ein Handbuch von Günther Stahlmann (Hg.), Uwe-Dietmar Berlit, Renate Bieritz-Harder und Peter Trenk-Hinterberger (424 Seiten, 22 € ohne zusätzliche Versandkosten). Siehe dazu:

Inhaltsverzeichnis (pdf) http://www.ein-euro-job-handbuch.de/stoffsammlung/handbuchinhalt.pdf

Bestellmöglichkeit http://www.grundsicherungsrecht.de/kontakt.htm

Vorwort und als exklusive Leseprobe im LabourNet Germany: Öffentlich-rechtliches Beschäftigungsverhältnis ohne Arbeitsvertrag. Artikel aus dem Kapitel D: Die beschäftigungsrechtliche, sozialrechtliche und steuerrechtliche Stellung bei Ein-Euro-Jobs, I. Die beschäftigungsrechtliche Stellung bei Ein-Euro-Jobs (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/realpolitik/hilfe/handbuch.pdf
Siehe auch die Website zum Handbuch „Ein-Euro-Jobs“ mit Materialien, Rechtsprechung, Nachrichten und Quellennachweisen http://www.ein-euro-job-handbuch.de/

Aus: LabourNet, 26. September 2006


Arbeitsamt und Arbeitszwang

Alltägliche Schikanen > Effizienzsteigerung durch selektive Verfolgungsbetreuung: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen Bundesagentur für Arbeit. Vertraulicher Prüfbericht des Bundesrechnungshofes: „Handlungsprogramm“ zu Jobvermittlung ungesetzlich

„Verpflichtung zu wirtschaftlichem Handeln“

Eine Ergänzung der LabourNet-Redaktion vom 28.9.06, basierend auf Informationen aus für gewöhnlich gut unterrichteten Kreisen

Proteste gegen 1-Euro-Jobs: Betriebsratsvorsitzender wegen kritischer Haltung zu 1-Euro-Jobs gekündigt

Der ver.di-Bezirksvorstand Emscher-Lippe-Nord hat sich in seiner Sitzung am 18.9.2006 ausführlich mit dem Sachverhalt beschäftigt. Folgender Beschluss wurde gefasst:

a) Der ver.di-Bezirksvorstand solidarisiert sich mit Rolf Kohn

b) ver.di unterstützt die für Rolf Kohn gegründete Initiative
( http://www.recklinghausen-fuer-rolf-kohn.de [Siehe unsere Meldung vom 26.9.06)

c) Alle Betriebs- und Personalräte des ver.di-Bezirks werden aufgefordert, ihre Solidarität durch beigefügte Unterschriftenliste (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/realpolitik/hilfe/kohnprotest.pdf
zu bekunden.

Die Redaktion des LabourNet Germany geht davon aus, dass auch Proteste aus anderen Organisationen und anderen Regionen willkommen und benötigt werden… Die Unterschriftenliste beinhaltet auch die Adresse für Proteste, ein Spendenkonto sowie weitere Hintergründe.

Aus: LabourNet, 28. September 2006


„Stoppt den `Missbrauch von sog. 1-Euro-Jobber/innen`!“ Dokumentation zur Anregung von vergleichbaren Aktivitäten in anderen Städten von der verdi-Erwerbslosen-Arbeitsgruppe Karlsruhe

Die Gruppe stellte am 20.09.2006 Fragen zur Bilanz von 1-Euro-Jobs in Karlsruhe an die Stadt und die ARGE. Die Dokumentation der Anfrage (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/aktionen/euro_ka3.pdf

Aus: LabourNet, 6. Oktober 2006


Mit Farbe gegen Ein-Euro-Jobs. Die Wuppertaler Beschäftigungsgesellschaft GESA und ihr Geschäftsführer bekamen ungebetenen Besuch von militanten Protestierern. Jetzt ermittelt der Staatsschutz

„Sie kamen in der "Heiligen Nacht" und überbrachten dem Geschäftsführer der Wuppertaler Gemeinnützigen Gesellschaft für Entsorgung, Sanierung und Ausbildung mbH (GESA) Weihnachtsgeschenke der besonderen Art. Den Eingangsbereich des Privathauses von Ulrich Gensch beschmierte der ungebetene Besuch mit Farbe. Zudem legten die Unbekannten noch Baumstämme vor die Tür. Ein paar Tage später zum Jahresbeginn schauten die Aktivisten auch noch beim Holzenergiehof der GESA in der Essener Straße vorbei, zerstachen dort die Reifen mehrerer Lastwagen sowie einer Kehrmaschine. Aus Protest gegen "die unverfrorene Dreistigkeit der evangelischen Sklaventreiber", wie in einem jetzt bei der taz eingegangenen Bekennerschreiben zu lesen ist…“ Artikel von Pascal Beucker in der taz NRW vom 26.1.2007 http://www.taz.de/pt/2007/01/26/a0017.1/text

Aus: LabourNet, 29. Januar 2007


Kritische Fragen an die ARGE Wuppertal zum Einsatz von ein-Euro-Jobern

„Die Bauarbeiten am „Station am Zoo” sind teurer als geplant. Wer auch immer sich verkalkuliert hat. Stadt und ARGE kommen jetzt auf die Idee, einen Teil der Kosten dadurch einzusparen, indem sie die notwendigen Bauarbeiten kurzerhand zu einem Arbeits- und Integrationsprojekt erklären. Somit könnte die Beauftragung von privaten Firmen nicht notwendig und erhebliche Kosten eingespart werden. Diese Initiative stellt einen Dammbruch beim Einsatz von Ein-Euro-Jobern in Wuppertal dar. Hier werden von Stadt und ARGE das zwingende Kriterium der Zusätzlichkeit missachtet. Die Folge: Reguläre Arbeitsplätze werden verdrängt. Harald Thomé sitzt mit im ARGE-Beirat und stellt in dieser Funktion kritische Fragen. Diese wollen wir der interessierten Öffentlichkeit nicht vorenthalten. Dabei geht es nicht nur um den illegalen Einsatz der Ein-Euro-Jober im Stadion, sondern auch um die Pauschalierung von Heizkosten, die Erreichbarkeitsanordnung und um den Umgang mit Sanktionen…“ Dokumentation der Tacheles Onlineredaktion mit Pressemitteilungen und Hintergründen http://www.tacheles-sozialhilfe.de/aktuelles/2007/ein_euro_stadion.aspx

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Juni 2007


Help prevent a bear hunt in NJ

Forwarded message - please reply to njara@nj-ara.org

NJARA had been working hard behind the scenes to give Corzine all the information he needs to see why we should not have a bear hunt. We have just learned that a decision will be made by his administration by the end of this month as to whether there will be a hunt in December. That means this week we need to focus on Corzine EVERYDAY.

Fax him, email him, write him and call him. Do all. Do one each day. Do it over and over again.

Corzine told us during his campaign that he couldn't do anything about the hunt because he wasn't in office. We cannot let him use the excuse that the 5-year plan was put into effect before he got into office. The governor has the executive power to stop the hunt.

Tell Corzine:

1. We want the hunt stopped NOW.

2. This hunt is NOT about safety. Let's get real. Here is a list of safety issues in New Jersey: http://www.nj.gov/oag/services_safe.htm

3. Garbage is the #1 issue. Preventing bears from eating unnatural food is the number one solution to any issue involving bears. Get a handle on business waste, residential garbage, baiting by hunters, bird feeders, etc. and complaints would go down immediately.

We are a power lobbying block. Let's show our strength NOW.

Please forward this alert to everyone you know who cares about bears. Corzine's has the power to do the right thing. Let's see that he does it!

Governor Jon Corzine
State House
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: 609-292-6000
Alternate Phone: 609-777-2500
Alternate Phone: 609-777-2459
Fax: 609-292-3454
Alternate Fax: 609-777-0357
Webmail: http://www.state.nj.us/governor/govmail.html

New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA) PO Box 174 Englishtown NJ 07726 732/446-6808 Fax: 732/446-0227 www.nj-ara.org

Informant: Charlie's Angel

Congress in dark on terror program

As lawmakers prepare to debate the CIA's special interrogation program for terrorism suspects, fewer than 10 percent of the members of Congress have been told which interrogation techniques have been used in the past, and none of them know which ones would be permissible under proposed changes to the War Crimes Act.


From Information Clearing House

Army Withholds Budget, Warns Rumsfeld It's Billions Short


Alleged use in Iraq war of DE weapons

Here is a link to a video on alleged use in Iraq war of DE weapons.

Several types of invisible directed-energy weapons are described including electro-magnetic. Witnesses, hospital staff, and weapons expert are interviewed.

How to watch/listen if interested:

- Open Media Player, whichever you have, on your programs list. - File menu has "Open URL" under it. - Select this, then paste in the following URL. - It takes a while to buffer, then plays for about 25 minutes.


Informant: landairwater

Masts toppled by councillors

By Linda Piper

IT WAS a bad night for mobile phone companies when four applications for masts were refused by Bexley Council's planning committee.

One joint application by two companies, for a shared mast at the William Camden pub in Avenue Road, Bexleyheath, was turned down by councillors, despite being recommended for permission.

Residents at the three other application sites were fighting off masts for the fifth and third and second times.

Wendy Daniels of Avenue Road, Bexleyheath, spoke on behalf of residents opposing the William Camden application, which was a joint one by Hutchinson 3G and Orange.

Both companies each had a previous application for nearby masts turned down.

Mrs Daniels told the planning committee apart from being an eyesore, residents strongly believed the mast could be a future health risk.

She said the site was near a sheltered housing scheme, three schools and a nursery.

Mrs Daniels said: "If phone masts are not a risk, why has the council banned them from its own land?"

She was backed by ward councillor Sharon Massey who said the mast would be taller than the pub's tallest chimney.

Councillor Alan Downing said the two firms kept coming back to the same site instead of looking for an alternative.

He added: "This application is significantly worse than the previous ones."

Despite a recommendation to approve the mast, it was turned down with no votes against.

People in Lakeside Close, Blackfen, have already fought off three applications from Vodaphone and one from One2One st the nearby the Danson underpass.

Last week an application from Orange for a mast in the close, near the gates to Danson Park, was refused again.

For the residents in Harcourt Avenue and Penhill Road, Bexley, it was the third time around.

They have seen off attempts from O2 and Orange to site masts on the junction.

This time it was another application from Orange which councillors refused.

Two residents from the Days Lane area addressed councillors in front of dozens of residents about plans by O2 for a mast disguised as a telegraph pole in Days Lane, Blackfen.

A previous application by the same company was refused in May this year.

This one was unanimously refused.

© Copyright 2001-2006 Newsquest Media Group


Global Temperature Highest in Millennia

Associated Press September 25, 2006

Informant: NHNE

Web Of Terror


Informant: Jennifer Van Bergen

From ufpj-news

Diagnosing Our Health Care Woes


Before Iran War: Consult America!


Spitting on International Law


Who do you think you are fooling?


The United States of Barbarism


Retired Officers to Criticize Rumsfeld


Media Tall Tales for the Next War


Propriety and Paranoia in the Empire


Russia Selling Iran Missiles to Protect Bushehr Nuclear Reactor

Russia, pledging to complete the Bushehr reactor, has offered to sell a range of surface-to-air missile systems to protect Iran’s nuclear facilities, the Middle East Newsline reports.


From Information Clearing House

Cindy Sheehan: "I will spend my life trying to make Casey's sacrifice count for peace and love, not killing and hate"

Video: Cindy Sheehan On C-Span

On April 4, 2004, Cindy Sheehan learned that Casey, the eldest of her four children, had been killed in Iraq, where he was serving in the United States Army. After struggling through crippling grief for three weeks, she came to an epiphany: "I will spend my life trying to make Casey's sacrifice count for peace and love, not killing and hate."


The Hyping of WMD Intel on Iran


Playing shell games on responsibility with Iraq

THE SAME White House that trashed generals and bean counters for saying it would take hundreds of thousands of more troops and billions more dollars to secure Iraq is now blaming the puppet government for not securing the country.


Mideast woes alarm U.S. experts

Several prominent policy analysts warned this week that America's foreign policy had to be urgently re-evaluated to prevent wider disaster.


'Dummy vendors' reap $362m in Iraq

US government agencies charged with the reconstruction of Iraq allocated $362m to non-existent "dummy vendors", according to a report by the watchdog overseeing the reconstruction effort.


From Information Clearing House

Say No To Torture!


Torture is immoral, ineffective, and makes a mockery of civilization. The United States Congress is currently trying to write a law that would legalize torture and put those who commit such crimes, and the law that justifies them beyond the reach of any court.

Click to view

President Hologram and the Triumph of Public Relations

By Mike Whitney

All tyrannies are similar in one respect; they require a steady flow of propaganda to promote the interests of the state. That same rule applies to dictators, whose “strongman image” is vital to the maintenance of autocratic government and must be supported by a “cult of the personality.” This is particularly true of George Bush, who has been the centerpiece of the most prodigious public relations campaign in American history.


Bush's Church Urges Pull-out of US Troops from Iraq


Republicans Give In To Bush, Betray America


Girls Abused in New York’s Juvenile Prisons


USDA Should Revise Avian Flu Plan


Crisis Is Upon Us


Victims of the war machine

By Cindy Sheehan

Martin Luther King, Jr. said that: "Nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." I believe that anyone who still supports George and his war of terror on the world have to be going out of their way to ignore the facts, or are profiting some way from this occupation: politically or financially.


Why Bush Will Nuke Iran


Urgent: Pass the Emergency Paper Ballot Mandate of 2006!

In primaries in Ohio, Maryland, California and numerous states across this nation, Electronic Voting Machines have caused serious problems at the polls, resulting in long lines, voters turned way from their polling places, and uncounted or miscounted votes. We must act now to ensure that every eligible voter can cast a ballot that counts on November 7.


Because our representatives in Washington are not addressing this threat to our democracy, netroots activists have drafted the Let America Vote Act: Emergency Paper Ballot Mandate of 2006.

This simple piece of proposed legislation mandates every voting jursidiction make available emergency paper ballots for the November 7, 2006 general election. These paper ballots will not be provisional ballots but regular ballots. They can be used by any voter who requests one - and will be used by every voter in the event of voting machine failure. These emergency paper ballot votes must be counted immediately upon the close of polls.

Congress will finish all pre-election work on Friday. Write your Representatives today!


Bob Fertik

9/11 documents hidden by NY Maqyor

NYCLU Urges City Council Resolution To Rescind Giuliani Papers Contract

Informant: ranger116

How America Is Propagandized


Informant: ranger116




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September 2006


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Animal Protection - Tierschutz
AUFBRUCH für Bürgerrechte, Freiheit und Gesundheit
Big Brother - NWO
Care2 Connect
Civil Rights - Buergerrechte - Politik
Cuts in Social Welfare - Sozialabbau
Death Penalty - Todesstrafe
Depleted Uranium Poisoning (D.U.)
Disclaimer - Haftungsausschluss
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