The National Animal Identification System

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The National Animal Identification System

Did you know about this?:

The owner of every single animal that can be eaten, can produce food, or can be taken off the premises (as in riding a horse in a parade) must:

1) register their "premises" --i.e. home at their own expense, and permit GPS monitoring of their home

2) register each chicken, goat, pet lamb, horse, etc. at their own expense, and permit a GPS chip to be embedded in the animal -- at their own expense

3) file federal paperwork every time they take any animal off the registered premises for any reason

4) file annual paperwork on every animal -- on their own time and at their own expense

Failure to comply will result in fine and/or imprisonment. Large agribusiness firms do not have to comply.

The chips are made by a privately owned company, which will profit from all this. The computer monitoring of every person's home and animals is to be done by a private firm, which will profit from playing Big Brother. All of this is to prevent the spread of disease and prevent terrorism. Really. Yet, disease in the food industry is primarily spread by large agribusiness corporations, who are exempt.

The sponsors of this legislation include huge multinational corporations responsible for pesticides, genetic modifications, low nutritional content in your food and for monocropping, mandatory use of sterile seeds, suppression of seed saving, etc., etc., etc.

This is the gateway to controlling the dwindling food supply. Chips for people cannot be far off. Please check out these farmers' efforts to fight it:

// // // //

Oregon is already complying: //

What possible good are Relocalization efforts in the face of this?

Where is the Rural Organizing Project?? !!

Who else can fight this??

Caren & Christopher Titanic Lifeboat Academy 91868 Youngs River Rd.Astoria, OR 97103 Tel: 503-325-6886 Fax: 503-325-8801 Email: tlifeboatacademy charter net //

Informant: Scott Munson


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