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Grade the State of the Union

This week, we all saw when George W. Bush acknowledged his failed Social Security privatization scheme he got something no one expected - thunderous applause from Democrats.

We were right to cheer the defeat of President Bush's Social Security plans - we fought and won to ensure the American people and one of the most successful programs in history were put first. Democrats will continue to fight to put American families first.

The generous support of DCCC members allowed us to air our ad on FOX News during the coverage of the State of the Union. Afterward, the DCCC's State of the Union Media Swat Team fought the Republican spin, sent feedback to newspapers, called-in to radio shows, and appeared on cable news shows to expose the GOP's latest mistruths and distortions. And, most of all, we fought back and started discussions with Americans nationwide about alternatives to Bush's special interest agenda.

Now, I want to hear from you.

Please fill out George W. Bush's State of the Union Report Card; let us know your thoughts about his failure to answer real questions and what instead is important to you.

We've got the momentum. Through your support and activism, I know that in just over nine months we will restore a Democratic Majority to the House. Already, the American people are hearing our call for change. That's why this week's ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed that Democrats lead Republicans - 54% to 38% - in 2006 Congressional election preferences.

The Democrats have a plan to get America on the right track. Democrats will support real security for the threats of tomorrow, and will always speak honestly to our service members and the American people. Democrats will keep good jobs from leaving the U.S., provide affordable healthcare for all Americans, reduce our reliance on foreign oil, develop a clear strategy for success from Iraq and protect Social Security and pensions so every American retires with dignity. Our only hope is to elect a Democratic House this year.

The DCCC is the only political committee whose principal mission is to support Democratic House candidates every step of the way. By working closely with grassroots supporters like you, we will ensure our Democratic candidates don't stand alone against the GOP's "win by any means necessary" tactics.

You are the key to our success. That's why I'm asking you to take a moment right now and share your thoughts by filling out this State of the Union Report Card on the Bush address and the Democratic response.

It all starts with you. Take a moment right now to fill out our State of the Union Report Card on the agenda put forth for this country by President Bush and the Republican leadership in Congress.

Thanks for all that you do. Together, America can do better and together, we'll fight the good fight and we'll win in November.


Rahm Emanuel
Chairman, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

PS: Getting out the truth to put America back on track will be a difficult task. We all must start now. Grade the president's speech now.

Senate Hearing Erupts over Illegal NSA Wiretaps

Senate Democrats on Thursday angrily accused the Bush administration of mounting a public relations campaign to defend the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program while withholding details of the secret eavesdropping from Congressional oversight committees.

Gewerkschaften und Globalisierungskritiker warnen vor Dienstleistungsrichtlinie

Demos in Straßburg und Berlin: Gewerkschaften und Globalisierungskritiker warnen vor Dienstleistungsrichtlinie (03.02.06)

Gewerkschaften und Globalisierungskritiker haben am Freitag vor den "weitreichenden, negativen Folgen" der geplanten EU-Dienstleistungsrichtlinie gewarnt. Die Dienstleistungsrichtlinie sei im Kern antieuropäisch, kritisierten Attac, die Industriegewerkschaft Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt (IG BAU) und die Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW): Sozial- und Lohndumping seien ihre Folgen. Sie forderten einen Verzicht auf das sogenannte Herkunftslandsprinzip. Demonstrationen am 11. und 14. Februar sollen sie Druck auf die Bundesregierung und das EU-Parlament ausüben.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Führen eines Angriffskrieges laut Generalbundesanwalt nicht strafbar

Schröder straffrei: Führen eines Angriffskrieges laut Generalbundesanwalt nicht strafbar (03.02.06)

Nur die Vorbereitung eines Angriffskrieges ist nach deutschem Recht strafbar, nicht allerdings das Führen des Angriffskrieges selber. Diese Rechtsauffassung vertritt der Generalbundesanwalt in seiner Antwort auf eine Strafanzeige von Friedensorganisationen gegen den früheren Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder (SPD) und andere Politiker. Weil der Angriffskrieg selbst nicht strafbar sei, sei auch "die Beteiligung an einem von anderen vorbereiteten Angriffskrieg nicht strafbar", heißt es in dem ngo-online vorliegenden Schreiben. Die Friedensorganisationen bezeichneten die Entscheidung als "hanebüchene Rechtsauffassung". Die Bundesanwaltschaft begebe sich in offenen Gegensatz zum Urteil des Bundesverwaltungsgerichts zur

Gehorsamsverweigerung eines Bundeswehr-Majors im Juni 2005. Das Gericht hatte damals festgestellt, dass schwere völkerrechtswidrige Bedenken gegen den Irak-Krieg und die Unterstützung desselben durch die Bundesregierung bestehen.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Hitzerekorde, Dürre, abschmelzende Eisdecken

Neueste Studien zeichnen dramatisches Bild über die immer deutlicheren Klimaveränderungen.

Wer war der Lauscher im Mobilfunknetz?

Hellasgate: Abhörskandal in Griechenland

What do they mean by democracy?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The real Bush?

Human Events
by Robert Novak


While jumping up on cue to cheer during the speech and delivering rave reviews afterward in the Capitol's Statuary Hall, conservative members of Congress were deeply disappointed by George W. Bush Tuesday night. It was not merely that the president abandoned past domestic goals. He appeared to be moving toward bigger government... [editor's note: Since when has Bush ever NOT moved toward bigger government? - TLK]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Presidential energy

Wall Street Journal
by Ronald Bailey


'America is addicted to oil,' President Bush warned during his State of the Union address, vowing 'to replace more than 75% of our oil imports from the Middle East by 2025.' And since our 230 million cars and trucks burn two-thirds of the 20 million barrels of oil we consume daily, Mr. Bush solemnly declared, 'We must also change how we power our automobiles.' The cure for our addiction? Why, a government program, of course: the Advanced Energy Initiative. This new scheme would throw more tax dollars at research aimed at creating clean power plants and also cars powered by hydrogen, electricity and ethanol. Unfortunately, the past 35 years of failed presidential energy initiatives doesn't bode well for these proposals...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Biometrics use to accelerate in 2006



Electronic passports have driven technological improvements in biometrics and will pave the way for greater commercial use of it in 2006, IT services company Unisys predicted. 'Traveler security is driving the adoption of biometrics much faster than commercial pressures would have,' Terry Hartmann, director of secure identification and biometrics at Unisys, said in a statement. 'Now that the concept has been proven in a public context, this will pave the way for the adoption of biometrics by the commercial sector,' Hartmann added. 'Other government departments that need to verify identity, such as drivers' licenses and welfare, will also consider the technology initially, after which the private sector will be prompted to investigate how it can solve existing problems, such as building access control, via the use of biometrics.' According to Unisys, Australia last October was one of the first nations in the world to introduce biometric e-passports, which are in accordance to standards laid out by the International Civil Aviation.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush to request $439.3 billion "defense" budget

Detroit Free Press


President Bush next week will request a $439.3 billion Defense Department budget for 2007, a nearly 5 percent increase over this year, according to senior Pentagon officials and documents obtained Thursday by The Associated Press. The spending plan would include $84.2 billion for weapons programs, a nearly 8 percent increase, including billions of dollars for fighter jets, Navy ships, helicopters and unmanned aircraft. The total includes a substantial increase in weapons spending for the Army, which will get $16.8 billion in the 2007 budget, compared with $11 billion this year...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Leaked memo outs Bush war scam ideas

Independent [UK]


George Bush considered provoking a war with Saddam Hussein's regime by flying a United States spyplane over Iraq bearing UN colours, enticing the Iraqis to take a shot at it, according to a leaked memo of a meeting between the US President and Tony Blair. The two leaders were worried by the lack of hard evidence that Saddam Hussein had broken UN resolutions, though privately they were convinced that he had. According to the memorandum, Mr Bush said: 'The US was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours. If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach.' He added: 'It was also possible that a defector could be brought out who would give a public presentation about Saddam's WMD, and there was also a small possibility that Saddam would be assassinated.' The memo damningly suggests the decision to invade Iraq had already been made when Mr Blair and the US President met in Washington on 31 January 2003 ­ when the British Government was still working on obtaining a second UN resolution to legitimise the conflict...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Mother of All Downing Street Memos?

This from NHNE News:
Another Secret Memo Outlines Bush Plan For War,,1700881,00.html

And this from:
Phil Geiger,

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Democrats Call for Special Prosecutor in Abramoff Scandal

Senate Democrats called on the Justice Department today to appoint a special prosecutor to take over the criminal investigation centered on the Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who has pleaded guilty to conspiring to corrupt members of Congress and other public officials.

ACLU Exposes New Government Spying on Innocent Americans

ACLU v. NSA Clients Respond to White House Claims

Clients in the ACLU's lawsuit against the NSA share their thoughts about the White House spin on its illegal spying program. Play the audio or download the podcast.

Stop Illegal Spying! Send an eCard and tell friends about this issue today! President Bush failed to adequately address serious questions about the warrantless domestic spying program conducted by the National Security Agency in his State of the Union address this Tuesday. Over the past two weeks, the White House spin machine has continued to mislead the public about the legality and necessity of this program.

Bush claimed last week that the NSA spying program is actually "designed to protect civil liberties." But the truth is that this warrantless spying is part of a wide-ranging pattern of abuses of power that include the monitoring of peaceful political protestors and government labeling of groups like Greenpeace and PETA as terrorist organizations.

In the wake of evidence revealing Pentagon surveillance of peace groups and protest activities, the ACLU and its affiliates across the country Wednesday filed multiple Freedom of Information Act requests seeking to uncover who is being spied on by the Pentagon and why.

"The Pentagon's monitoring of anti-war protesters is yet another example of a government agency using its powers to spy on law-abiding Americans who criticize U.S. policies," said ACLU staff attorney Ben Wizner. "How can we believe that the National Security Agency is intercepting only al Qaeda phone calls when we have evidence that the Pentagon is keeping tabs on Quakers in Fort Lauderdale?"

The ACLU filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on behalf of the American Friends Service Committee, Veterans for Peace, United for Peace and Justice and Greenpeace, as well as dozens of local groups in Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, Maine, Pennsylvania and California. The ACLU is seeking the disclosure of all documents maintained by the Department of Defense on the individual groups. Many of the groups involved in today's action have already learned that they are listed in the Pentagon's Threat and Local Observation Notice (TALON) database.

The TALON program was initiated by former Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz in 2003 to track groups and individuals with possible links to terrorism. But according to portions of the database that were leaked to the media in December, the Pentagon has been collecting information on peaceful activists and monitoring anti-war and anti-military recruiting protests throughout the United States.

This latest series of FOIA requests is another step in the ACLU's multi-pronged effort to put an end to unwarranted domestic spying and curb the Bush Administration's abuse of power.

For more information, go to

SKS fordert besseren Jugendschutz vor Handy-Pornografie

Groups Question World Bank's Role in Troubled Mine

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, who has sought to cast himself as a champion of transparency, is facing accusations that his office is suppressing a report on a bank-backed mining project in Africa that allegedly contributed to the deaths of dozens of people.

Atomkrieg: Spiegel vs. Iran

(SPON) Der Spiegel verhält sich aktuell, als hätte die Redaktion den umfangreichen Auftrag erhalten, einen Krieg gegen den Iran zu promoten. Jüngstes Beispiel: ein Artikel, in dem erklärt wird, dass der Iran nach einem Bericht der IAEA über Baupläne für eine Atombombe verfüge.

Diese Pläne soll sich der Iran auf dem Schwarzmarkt beschafft haben. Aus anderen Quellen, wie etwa der Financial Times, Der Welt oder der Süddeutschen Zeitung erfahren wir etwas vollkommen anderes: danach sind der Atomenergiekontrollbehörde IAEA von der iranischen Regierung Baupläne übergeben worden, die diese nach ihrer Auskunft aus pakistanischer Quelle in den 80er Jahren erhalten hat, ohne hierum gebeten zu haben. Zu dieser Zeit arbeitete der pakistanische Geheimdienst eng mit seinen amerikanischen Kollegen zusammen während das Land im Begriff war, eigene Atomwaffen zu entwickeln.. Die Süddeutsche berichtet und beruft sich dabei auf den Sicherheitsexperten der New York Times, Risen, dass auch der amerikanische Geheimdienst versucht habe, den Iranern Atombombenbaupläne durch einen russischen Mittelsmann zu übermitteln. Nach Kenntnis der Redaktion wird unter den verfügbaren Medienberichten zum IAEA-Bericht über die Bombenbaupläne der Iraner nur vom Spiegel erklärt, dass sich die Iraner auf dem Schwarzmarkt darum bemüht hätten. Bei den kürzlich von den Iranern übergebenen Dokumenten soll es sich um 1 1/2 handschriftlich beschriebene Seiten handeln, in denen der Bau eines Sprengkopfs beschrieben wird. Die Diplomaten, die dies berichteten, wollten namentlich nicht genannt werden..

Link zum Beitrag / Hintergrundinfo oder Pressehinweis: und

Infopool / metainfo hamburg

War Is the Health of the State

Excerpted from a "People's History of the United States"

Howard Zinn: Empire and the People:

Excerpted from a "People's History of the United States". Theodore Roosevelt wrote to a friend in the year 1897: "In strict confidence . . . I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one."

The Northern Slave Trade:

The hidden history of slavery in New York calls myths of American morality into question.

From Information Clearing House

Political opposites aligned against Bush wiretaps

Despite coming from opposite ends of the political spectrum, they agree on one other major issue: that the Bush administration's program of domestic eavesdropping by the National Security Agency without obtaining court warrants has less to do with the war on terror than with threats to the nation's civil liberties.

From Information Clearing House

Didn't See It Coming, Again

The more the White House tries to force-feed democracy to tempestuous parts of the world, the more it discovers that you may be able to spin and scare voters in the U.S., but the Middle East is not so easy to manipulate.

To spread democracy abroad, respect the law at home

George W. Bush entered the White House in 2001 with an expansive view of the presidential power that Johnson had lost. The most important manifestation of this has now come with his assertion of the power to order warrantless intercepts of the communications of people in the United States suspected of connections with terrorist groups.

From Information Clearing House

14 US House Reps Want Bush Impeach Probe

17 Total Call for Bush to Resign or Be Impeached

From Information Clearing House

Bush ‘calling for Iran regime change’

A direct appeal by President George W. Bush to the Iranian people to “win your own freedom” was a barely disguised call for regime change in Iran, raising the question of whether the US will turn to covert action to support internal opposition, analysts said on Wednesday.

Iran’s real crime?

If Iran starts its own euro-denominated oil bourse and it takes off, the US dollar — already an ailing currency due to huge deficits in the US economy — will be marginalised as the global currency.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Intel Chief Doubts Iran Has Nukes

National Intelligence Director John Negroponte told Congress on Thursday that Iran probably does not yet have nuclear weapons, nor has it obtained the material central to producing them.

It's capitalism or a habitable planet you can't have both

Our economic system is unsustainable by its very nature. The only response to climate chaos and peak oil is major social change.

Shell posts $23bn record profit

The Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell today announced record profits for a British company of $22.9bn ( £12.9bn) on the back of soaring oil prices.,,1700408,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Planners allow 1,500 phone masts

February 03, 2006]

(Belfast Telegraph Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)

Planners have given the go-ahead for over 1,000 Ulster mobile phone masts in the last six years, despite concerns about their alleged long-term health effects.

Opinion is divided on the impact of telecommunications equipment on people's health but the Planning Service has approved 1,507 applications for development sites since 2000.

The news comes despite Northern Ireland having one of the tightest planning regimes in the UK.

South Down Assemblyman Jim Wells said the construction rate, which is due to increase with the advent of 3G technology allowing the playing of videos through the telephone, could be cut through mast-sharing.

"We are likely to see a proliferation of these masts and residents' groups around the country are becoming more and more concerned," he said.

"We don't know what the long-term health effects of these masts are but there is a simple solution to this.

"If the five mobile operators in Northern Ireland would share masts this would dramatically cut down on the number of applications. At the minute they all have their own masts and this is causing the country to be covered with them."

Legislation passed in 2002 means that all mobile masts, regardless of height, need planning permission. Not all successful applications end up being built because of objections from local residents.

Most planning refusals come because of their visual impact rather than the alleged health effects.

Phone companies argue the masts are essential for reliable coverage for users of what has become an essential tool of everyday life.

A spokeswoman for the Mobile Operators' Association industry body said: "During the past five years there have been no less than 27 international scientific committees have looked at research into health effects and mobile phones and base stations and all of them are saying the same thing, that there's no evidence that the very low signals which come from these masts cause damage to anyone's health."

Omega this is not true. See under:

Technology Marketing Corp. 1997-2006

Fears as phone mast at play area proposed

03 February 2006

Marc Mullen

Residents are going into battle with a mobile phone giant to stop their village green turning orange.

Plans for an eight-metre mast near the junction of West End Lane and Fortune Green Road, in West Hampstead, have been submitted to Camden Council by mobile phone company Orange.

But there are fears it will affect the health of local people, particularly as the site is surrounded by cafes and flats and is less than 50 metres from Emmanuel CE primary school in Mill Lane.

Candice Temple, who lives on the corner of Iverson Road and West End Lane, has already collected a 320-name petition against a similar third generation (3G) mast next to her home.

She said: "It is a shame that this proposed 3G mast is in a popular play area for children, who will be most vulnerable to radio frequency radiation.

"Perhaps it is up to all of us to be proactive and decide whether we really need mobile phones that transmit pictures and can access the internet.

"These 3G phones require the siting of more and more mobile masts as their range is much shorter."

The proposed mast would be next to the public toilets which were closed last year by the council last year and the site would cost Orange nothing as it is on highways land.

Just before Christmas, Orange posted notices on the toilets and sent letters to Emmanuel school, Emmanuel church and local councillors.

In its submission to the council, Orange claimed it received no responses to the posters.

But West Hampstead Lib Dem councillor Flick Rea said: "I wrote to Orange, with profound objections and undertook to convey the school's and the church's objections.

"I would expect the council to look very closely at this application. It is a very busy area and an extremely poorly chosen site.

"From a technical point of view it does not seem to be a good site as there are great big mansion blocks around the green.

"If the council receives no money for the mast there is no advantage to anybody of it being there. Lots of people would prefer toilets to a mobile phone mast."

Rennison Consultants, which acts as Orange's agents in Camden, has just received consent for the firm's 3G mast in Abbey Road.

Roderick Rennison explained that if they used eight-metre 'micro cell' masts instead of 15-metre high 'macro cell' masts more are needed.

He said: "The existing masts must be upgraded at some point but this mast is to provide extra coverage.

"Permission is not easily given - it usually takes several attempts. We do often have to relocate sites before they are passed."

Residents have until February 17 to lodge objections with Camden Council.

Copyright © 2006 Archant Regional. All rights reserved.

Valuable information on legal issues, planning issues for phone masts and health

From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 10:44:57 -0000
Subject: fantastic presentation enclosed

Please find enclosed an excellent presentation from Ray; it contains some valuable information on legal issues, planning issues for phone masts and health, which everyone should find useful. See message enclosed from Ray.

Best wishes


Hi Eileen,

If anyone wants to use the presentation that I made to Waverley BC as a basis for their input they are very welcome. No need to reinvent all the wheels!!

Please fully acknowledge that I made extensive use of information from several mast action groups' websites and contact lines, including yours! It was (still is!) a steep learning curve and these were all a great help.

Kind regards


Wissenschaftler bescheinigen Personal-Service-Agenturen, Arbeitslosigkeit verlängert zu haben

Bilanz der Hartz-Reformen fällt durchwachsen aus.
Wissenschaftler bescheinigen Personal-Service-Agenturen, Arbeitslosigkeit verlängert zu haben / Lob für Existenzgründer-Hilfe

„Die Arbeitsmarktreformen Hartz I bis III haben bisher nicht die erwarteten Erfolge gebracht. Eine erste wissenschaftliche Bewertung kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass positive Effekte auf den Arbeitsmarkt bisher kaum nachzuweisen sind…“ Artikel von Thomas Maron in Frankfurter Rundschau vom 02.02.2006

Siehe dazu auch:

Die Wirksamkeit moderner Dienstleistungen am Arbeitsmarkt. Bericht 2005 der Bundesregierung zur Wirkung der Umsetzung der Vorschläge der Kommission Moderne Dienstleistungen am Arbeitsmarkt (Ohne Grundsicherung für Arbeitsuchende)

Bundesregierung: Bericht zu Hartz I – III. Umsetzung der Entschließung des Deutschen Bundestages vom 14. November 2002 (BT-Drs. 15/98) vom Januar 2006, dokumentiert bei der Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen (pdf) (279 Seiten)

Aus: LabourNet, 3. Februar 2006

Dekaden der Nullrunden: die Alterssicherung nähert sich schleichend der Sozialhilfe

Artikel von Johannes Steffen in Freitag vom 03.02.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 3. Februar 2006


Below is THE IRISH TIMES report on the meeting that took place yesterday (Thu, Feb 02) between IERVN (Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims' Network) representatives and members of the Irish Government's Committee on Health.

See also for postings on EHS research in Ireland

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland



[by] Martin Wall

A group which represents people who maintain that their health has been affected by mobile phone masts yesterday called for measures to screen their homes from electromagnetic radiation.

The Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network told the Oireachtas Committee on Health that this was not just an Irish phenomenon, and there were people affected all over the world.

Con Colbert said some members of the group suffered daily as a result of exposure to energy emitted from mobile phone antennae.

The committee heard that one woman and her family had on occasion to sleep in a car because their home was affected by radiation from nearby masts.

"These people experience physical pain, great discomfort, loss of personal health, damaged relationships and family disruption."

Mr Colbert said some people have had to move out of their homes, were unable to work and their social life had been affected as it was difficult to find a place where radiation levels were not hazardous when out shopping, at worship or eating out

Enda Dalton said it was like being surrounded by "an invisible cloak of energy". He said victims were often told by doctors that they were physically fine. However, they were being affected by an outside source.

Helen McRory said she and her family had been forced to leave their apartment in Dublin due to the presence of a nearby antenna. They moved to another location which proved satisfactory until more masts were erected nearby.

She said she experienced a buzzing in her head, with her brain continually pulsing. On occasion she and her family had had to sleep in her car.

Ms McRory called for radiation screening measures to be installed in the homes of victims. In Sweden hospitals and schools were screened.

Mr Colbert said rooms in the homes of some victims were being screened as part of a pilot project. The bill for such screening was around €4,000 per room.

© The Irish Times

Hotel 'unusually unreceptive' to phone mast

Feb 3 2006

Chester Chronicle

A LUXURY hotel in Chester's countryside appeared 'unusually unreceptive' to having a mobile phone mast on its land.

The 10m telegraph pole type mast with one antenna and an equipment cabinet was proposed by mobile phone company Orange.

Carden Park Hotel's views emerge in a report on an approach by the company to Chester City Council seeking its comments on a site in a grass verge near the hotel golf course on Carden Lane, Tilston.

Planning officers raised an objection under delegated powers.

The report discloses that objectors argued Carden Park Hotel would be the main beneficiary of the coverage and the installation should be on its land. Planning officers commented, however: 'They appear unusually un-receptive.

'The agent was requested to provide correspondence to demonstrate the hotel's unwillingness.

'Their letter is incoherent in that it fails to make reference as to why they do not wish to accommodate this facility on their land.

'It is considered this site should not be discounted so easily especially as there would be plenty of opportunity to cluster the mast with other built development.'

Recommending an objection should be raised, planning officers suggested siting the mast on Carden Lane would be visually intrusive development within the rural landscape.

© owned by or licensed to Trinity Mirror Plc 2006


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