ACTION ALERT: Kleercut Moments at the Winter Olympics

As Olympic skiers are cutting sharp turns on the icy Alpine slopes, loggers are cutting down a majestic ancient forest in Canada’s boreal. Interestingly enough, Kimberly-Clark has a hand in both.

The tissue giant is sponsoring the Winter Olympics this year, and they’ve launched a website contest as a part of their ad campaign. In the Kimberly Clark #1 Fan for Life contest, you’re invited to submit a story and nominate your #1 fan: someone “who’s always there”.

Take Action! Send them a story about the one who’s always been there – the Boreal forest – at least for the past 10,000 years. You’ll have to register on their site, but you can check a box so you won’t get any emails from them.

Below are some talking points and a sample story. It is best if you can write your own story using the talking points, but if you can’t, feel free to edit and add to the sample. You can also submit a photo, so be creative!

Sample Story

I want to nominate a true hero for my #1 Fan for Life. She is a hard working mother who is braving the cold elements just like my heroes in Turin. She is caring and strong, but she is having a rough time because unlike the athletes, she is not up against an equal competitor with fair judges watching over.

She is a caribou, and life is getting tougher as her home is being chopped down to make Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle. She is having trouble feeding her loved ones and keeping them warm against the harsh Canadian winter, but unlike some of my heroes in Turin, she is losing. Far from alone, she is joined in this struggle by many others, by birds and bears, by eagles and lynx, and by millions of people around the world who choose to buy forest-friendly products. Please help her now by stopping the clearcutting of the Boreal forest.

Talking Points

-While athletes at the Olympics are representing fair competition, Kimberly-Clark is clearcutting the boreal forest and damaging its fragile ecosystem and the countless animals that live within it.

-Someone who’s always there? The boreal forest has been there for 10,000 years, but unless Kimberly-Clark stops getting fiber from clearcut ancient forests, it may disappear.

-The North American boreal forest, representing 25% of the world’s remaining ancient forests, is home to caribou, bears, wolves, lynx, moose, eagles, and owls. It provides nesting grounds to nearly half of the 700 North American birds species, many of which live in our backyards.

- It takes 90 years to grow a box of Kleenex. If every U.S. household replaced one 175-sheet box of virgin tissue with one whose contents are made with 100 percent recycled fiber, we could save 163,000 old-growth trees.

K L E E R C U T . N E T



I have taken some action against this myself. I have joined the Kleercut campaign and this is what I've done: I have stopped using their products; I have notified all of my family, friends, and internet friends about this and many of them have stopped using their products. If everyone who reads this can do just those simple things that I have done, then we can get a lot of people to stop buying their products. I have also notified the Kimberly-Clark company and told them what I thought about them using these trees for their products and they claim that they don't use them. But, I am still hearing about them using them. So, to everyone who cares, please take the simple steps and stop using their products. There are better, less expensive products out there to use.

Dawn Z.

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