NIEHS: Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) "a Toxic Substance"


Addressed to various email recipients -- email sent by Joanne Mueller 2-14-06:

The recent email being circulated about a woman dying from Paget's Disease -- skin symptoms re nipple/rare breast cancer -- PLUS information from National Cancer Institute website (see above) regarding men also at risk for breast cancer including Paget's -- cancer of nipple, again points out the need for caution in regard to electric items being close to one's bed!!!

Currents are induced on metal mattress springs from anything electrical that is close to one's bed. Since government and industry continue to withhold vital information from the public, we need to "pass-the-word" and practice "prudent avoidance" ourselves........

Prudent avoidance regarding EMF/EMR -- particularly electrical appliances, etc. close to one's bed, was being recommended back in 1994 even by the American Cancer Society. Government as well as the electrical industry also supplied similar advice.

BIG MONEY control even of charities -- donations from telecommunications' industry/power companies, etc. as well as money paid to politicians, etc. PLUS money concerns that protect the huge pharmaceutical companies (hide that which doesn't allow for making lots of money on new treatments and drugs, etc.), are all reasons why the public is no longer being warned about precautions that are vital to one's health.

Even if someone doesn't have metal mattress springs, it is important not to have electrical items close to beds because of high frequencies (RF) as well as action of motors/transformers that are "out-of-sync" with proper cell signaling and proper functioning of cells.

Research supports that any toxic exposure including chronic, prolonged low levels of EMF/EMR, promote "identical health problems/biological changes" as low dose ionizing radiation as well as other toxic exposures. While there are "no official recommendations," some EMF researchers/mitigators recommend a distance of 3 ft. from electrical item to a bed. This would include any clock, lamp (even tho not turned on), literally any appliance as well as telephone equipment.

The following site by NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) lists "EMF'S -- electromagnetic fields" as "a Toxic Substance" right alongside arsenic and poison: //

It is obvious that women are not the only ones who need to be concerned.......children are particularly vulnerable due to cells being in developmental stages. Joanne

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