ElectroMagnetic Smog

The following article has just appeared in Brighton's "Insight City News" (print run 30,000)


ElectroMagnetic Smog

By Jan Goodey

Andy Davidson is moving house. Not for financial reasons, problems with noisy neighbours, or burgeoning leylandi trees; no, it's because a new telephone mast has gone up right outside his son's bedroom window and he is worried.

Andy, 49, communications manager for a research organisation based at Brighton University, is typical of a growing number of people adversely effected by what is termed "electromagnetic radiation" or EMR.

"I have had eight [masts] built behind my house over about four years and over that time I attribute skin complaints, a period of depression, nausea and sleep problems, each with the onset of new equipment."

The latest Orange 3G mast was the last straw and Andy is moving his family a mile down the road. The 3G masts are ten to 15 times more powerful than ordinary phone masts. It went up outside his Worthing home in October and was switched on 25 metres from 16-year-old son Doug's bedroom. He started getting nosebleeds, for the first time in his life. Andy bought expensive radiation curtaining for the wall and window, and they stopped.

Coincidence? "That's what we are told", says Andy, "but kids and masts and nosebleeds seem to be a common thing."

He has latterly carried out a survey in the local area to find out how if others are similarly effected. Out of a population sample of 448 he found that 60% of people recorded symptoms such as nausea and headaches which in over 90% of cases occurred after the latest mast was switched on.

Hove-based alternative therapist Jim Perry, 59, has specialised in treating people suffering from EMR for 21 years now. According to Jim we are living in dangerous times with EMR from mobile phones, pylons, computers and electrical equipment in general, weakening our immune systems by up to 40%.

"What it does is destroys the negative ions, oxygen, in the atmosphere and our bodies; blood thickens and becomes more sticky as a result. This leads to stress and eventually disease as the heart has to pump harder to shift the blood."

Jim spent 13 years (1985 to 1998) working with patients from Wales who lived close to TV masts and electricity pylons. Recent art installations by Richard Box (pictured) can attest to the power of the pylons. His 2004 piece Field used 1301 fluorescent tubes powered by the electric fields generated by overhead powerlines. Walking up to the tubes would turn them off as the light jumped and earthed to the human body.

The dangers of living near pylons are manifold says Jim. "One couple I treated in Wales; the woman came back from a three month holiday in Turkey and found a pylon newly erected. Two weeks later, boom she dropped dead getting into her car, a massive brain tumour. I went to see John, her partner, weeks later and he was sitting in candlelight; he wouldn'nt put the lights on."

Jim cites the rising UK cancer rates (one in three of us can now expect to contract the disease) as growing proof of EMR. "In Scandinavia it is now recognised as a causal factor," he adds.

From Wales, Jim went out to Australia (2000-2001) where he hooked up with physicist Noel Orchard who manufacturers ion-balancing discs which can be worn as necklaces. Made from surgical steel these are claimed to put a 1.5 inch protective shield of photon-light around the body, photon light travelling faster than normal light and so blocking harmful radiation.

How does the UK government react to this growing global clamour surrounding the issue? Well the official line is that that there is no "definitive scientific proof" that masts or pylons have anything to do with the EMR. And mobile phone companies like Orange claim likewise, refusing to even contemplate that people like Andy, who are affected adversely by their masts, exist.

They do and their questions will come to have ever more increasing urgency as the proliferation of our communications industry really takes hold; the digital age hasn't yet begun it is really just round the corner.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


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