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Briten machen Schluss mit Big BrotherÜberwachung

War on Korean Peninsula: High Tension Prompts Scenarios

Hillary Clinton: The mouth that roars

Liberty & Power
by CJ Maloney


As if America’s military wasn’t battered enough, it seems US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is angling to involve it in yet another conflict, this one on the Korean Peninsula. Considering that the American military has already lost a war on that very same piece of ground (and the fact that her chosen adversary, North Korea, most likely is nuclear armed) you’d imagine she’d be a bit more reluctant to throw our hat (and soldiers) into the ring. That, though, would require a sense of restraint and diplomacy, something Mrs. Clinton has never been known for...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Leave the Koreas to the Koreans

US Out of Korea


Analysts Question Korea Torpedo Incident

By Jeff Stein

How is it that a submarine of a fifth-rate power was able to penetrate a U.S.-South Korean naval exercise and sink a ship that was designed for anti-submarine warfare?

North Korea says South faked sinking of warship

North Korea's powerful National Defense Commission accused South Korea today of faking the sinking of a warship for which Pyongyang has been blamed and warned that the Korean peninsula was heading to "the brink of war."

War on Korean Peninsula: High Tension Prompts Scenarios

How might a shooting war start? Defense analysts and military sources in Seoul and Washington agree that an outright, all-out attack by either side is unlikely.

Russia wants '100% proof' N.Korea sunk ship

Russia will not support efforts to punish North Korea for sinking a South Korean warship until it is fully convinced Pyongyang was behind the incident, a foreign ministry spokesman said Thursday.

Did an American Mine Sink South Korean Ship?

In the recent U.S.-China strategic talks in Shanghai and Beijing, the Chinese side dismissed the official scenario presented by the Americans and their South Korean allies as not credible.

US Professors Raise Doubts About Report on South Korean Ship Sinking

By Akiko Fujita

Researchers J.J. Suh and Seung-Hun Lee say the South Korean Joint Investigation Group made a weak case when it concluded that North Korea was responsible for sinking the Cheonan.

From Information Clearing House


The sinking of the Cheonan: Another Gulf of Tonkin incident


The whole story of the South Korean government as a false account?

Blogs and other online media challenge the claims that North Korea is responsible for the sinking of the Cheonan.

Obama and Attention Deficit Democracy

Future of Freedom Foundation
by James Bovard


In his commencement address at the University of Michigan on May 1, President Obama warned that public ignorance subverts self-government. Obama declared: ‘When we don’t pay close attention to the decisions made by our leaders, when we fail to educate ourselves about the major issues of the day … that’s when democracy breaks down. That’s when power is abused.’ Unfortunately, most Americans have little or no idea how government works or who is holding the reins on their lives...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Nach Griechenland die USA?

US-Ökonom meint, die Spekulanten könnten sich den USA zuwenden, wo die Höhe der ungedeckten Zahlungsverpflichtungen im Bezug zum BIP fast schon der Griechenlands gleicht.

5 Reasons You Won't See the Worst of the Gulf Oil Spill

Chemical Dispersant Cover-Up

Despite the fact that nobody is sure exactly how toxic the stuff is, or how being deployed on such a large scale will effect ecosystems, it will have at least one effect: it will delay public outrage by masking the apparent extent of the spill's damage.

How Much Oil's Spilling? It's Not Rocket Science

Basically, the method for determining oil spillage boils down to common sense and high school (or even middle school) geometry, specifically the formula for the volume of a cylinder.

Interior Probe Finds Fraternizing, Porn and Drugs at MMS Office in La.


Federal officials who oversaw drilling in the Gulf of Mexico accepted gifts from oil companies, viewed pornography at work and even considered themselves part of industry, the Interior Department inspector general says in a new report.

U.S. oil drilling regulator ignored experts' red flags on environmental risks

The federal agency responsible for regulating U.S. offshore oil drilling repeatedly ignored warnings from government scientists about environmental risks in its push to approve energy exploration activities quickly, according to numerous documents and interviews.

Why Is BP Controlling Louisiana's Cops?

Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland spent two days recently trying to get out to the Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge, "stymied at every turn" by law enforcement officials who claim they're getting their marching orders from BP.

Satellite Image Of Oil Spill

From Information Clearing House


How Bad Is Gulf Oil Spill? A Global Q&A on Offshore Oil Spills

Kristen Chick, The Christian Science Monitor: "The Deepwater Horizon oil spill has put a spotlight on the dangerous world of offshore oil drilling. With a well spewing thousands of barrels of crude (estimates range from 5,000 to 100,000 barrels) a day into the Gulf of Mexico, many are wondering if the industry has been too lightly regulated."

British defence minister on Afghan visit calls for troop withdrawal

Senior British officials, including new Foreign Secretary William Hague arrived in Afghanistan Saturday with a warning that Britain wants to withdraw its troops as soon as possible.

From Information Clearing House

46 Congressional Candidates Oppose War Spending


Defense Spending the Top Priority, Critics Fear

Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "As the United States retains its place as the world's largest defense spender for another year, and the Cost of War counter inches toward the $1 trillion mark, community activists bemoan the priorities of the Obama administration."

Food Riots, Tent Cities, Mob Rule

Public Anger Is Growing Fast

Expatriation and Survival


Where did all the money go?


Independent Media Source

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