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Outing the Fed

The Nation
by William Greider


The weirdness of this political system is reflected in the fact that it takes a Socialist senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, and a libertarian Republican from Texas, Rep. Ron Paul, to beat the banking lobby. The Democrats are making a show of ‘Wall Street reform’ but choking on the tough issues. Republicans are in the tank, as expected, though nervous about the public fury. Sanders and Paul, however, found an opening with their bill to force a GAO audit of the sacrosanct Federal Reserve. This is a big deal, much bigger than most imagine. Congress has sputtered for years about the Fed’s imperious secrecy but never found the nerve to do anything. The Sanders-Paul audit bill, if it passes, will only be a first breach in the wall, but it promises to keep alive popular demands for more fundamental reforms...


Fed audit under fire

Freedom's Phoenix
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that the measure to audit the Federal Reserve is coming under continuous fire from the central bank and its cronies. For the first time since the Federal Reserve was created nearly a century ago, they have hired an actual lobbyist to pound the pavement on Capitol Hill. This is a desperate effort to hang on to the privilege of secrecy and lack of accountability they have enjoyed for so long. Last week showed they are getting their money’s worth in the Senate. At the very last minute on the floor of the Senate, supposed compromise language was agreed to and substituted in the Sanders Amendment to the Financial Reform Bill. This language was acceptable to the administration, committee leadership, and to the Fed. The trouble is, while it is better than no audit at all, it guts the spirit of a truly meaningful audit of the most crucial transactions of the Fed. In fact, rather than still calling the Sanders Amendment an audit, maybe it should instead be called more of a disclosure at this point...


Regulate or capitulate

In These Times
by Roger Bybee


The battle over regulation of Wall Street will settle at least one question, says Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.): ‘Whether the Congress has the ability to regulate Wall Street or Wall Street continues to regulate the Congress.’ Related to the question of who-regulates-whom is a strategic choice for President Barack Obama and the Democrats. With polls showing little belief in the administration’s willingness to stand up for the powerless, the Democrats could recoup sagging enthusiasm by promoting tough regulation of Wall Street, forcing a breakup of mega-banks and subjecting all risky instruments (’derivatives’) to full disclosure. But signs suggest that Obama’s inner circle has rejected this approach...


Critical thinking: How to think about regulation

Downsize DC
by Perry Willis


Millions of people believe … We need the government to regulate business people, otherwise they will run wild, laying waste to the environment, and selling us bad food, bad drugs, and harmful products. It would be silly to claim that business people never do these things. After all … * Not all people are good. * Neither are people who are mostly good, consistently good. * And sometimes goodness has nothing to do with it — sometimes people simply make mistakes, out of ignorance or carelessness. But politicians and bureaucrats are people too, and subject to these same failings. Do we really solve the problem of human imperfection by giving one small group of imperfect people vast power over all the others?


Juneteenth: Slavery, the Civil War, and government

Dallas Libertarian Examiner
by Garry Reed


One reader noted logically, ‘We’re all slaves, human tax livestock. It’s a bit hypocritical for a judge to imprison someone for forced labor, while forcing people to hand money over to his organization on a daily basis in the form of taxation.’ This started a chain reaction of blowback from people who fiercely cling to the mythology that individual slavery and government slavery are different …


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Authenticating the Inauthentic

Anne Elizabeth Moore, Truthout: "In recent years, much of our economy - and now, almost the entirety of our media - has come to rest on the public display of authenticity: ads that constantly bemoan the notion of the sales pitch, heartfelt apologies that run on the evening news whenever another perpetrator of a large-scale bank fraud is captured and the very real possibility that our own financial worries will cease when we are made the stars of our own reality television programs."



Welcome To Fedville


With ' Hat In Hand ': American Serfdom

By Philip A Farruggio

Conversations in offices, supermarket lines, health clubs, job sites.... Everywhere it seems, are about the ' scandal of the day ' involving the rich and famous. Never do you hear discussions about the trillion dollar phony bank bailouts, or trillion dollar phony wars we taxpayers fund.


Blogging Toward The Kingdom

Booze, Rage and Justice in the Participation Age

By Joe Bageant

"Why did the good in the American people not triumph? How can it be that so many progressive, justice-loving citizens failed?



USA: Die Zahl der Arbeitslosen steigt

Fast die Hälfte sind Langzeitarbeitslose, 40 Millionen Menschen beziehen schon Lebensmittelmarken.


Dispatch the War Department

Standing armies lead inevitably to tyranny.


A Classic Moral Theory and a War



EU’s Pro-Industry GMO Regulators Endanger Public Health Petition for Independent Science in GMO Risk Assessment



Next-up News Nr 1328+1335+1336

EHS Refuge Zone report/reportage ALGECOs Faraday cage

EHS Refuge Zone Health Zone - Zone Santé: Marathon 09 05 2010 (report-reportage)

EHS Zone Refuge Reportage faradayscher Käfig (ALGECOs)

Tar Sands, Boreal Forest and the Battle for Canada's Oil


Canada's Tar Sands: A Dangerous Solution to Offshore Oil

Tar Sands Extraction: A Slow Motion Oil Spill




Griechenland ist überall

Die hektische Eile nach der langen Weile

Weil Griechenland nicht schnell unter die Arme gegriffen wurde, müssen die Euroländer nun hektisch einen Flächenbrand bekämpfen, der Euro soll mit bis zu 750 Milliarden gestützt werden.


Entscheidende Tage für die Weltwirtschaft

Während Politiker weltweit versuchen, "noch vor der Eröffnung der asiatischen Märkte" die Finanzmärkte zu beruhigen, muss jeder Erfolg angesichts der herrschenden Panik und Ansteckung vorübergehend bleiben.


Rot-Schwarz am Ende?

Nach den Ergebnissen der NRW-Landtagswahl wird sich der Konflikt zwischen FDP und Union zuspitzen.



Positionspapier Wissenschaftlicher Beirat Attac zu Griechenland

Zusammenfassung: I Die Krise in Griechenland und in anderen Eurozonen-Staaten ist Ausdruck der Tiefe der weltweiten Krise und eine logische Folge der Konstruktion der Eurozone. II Das Spardiktat von IWF und EU muss die Krise verschärfen. Mit ihm werden diejenigen zur Kasse gebeten, die keinerlei Verantwortung für die Krise haben und die ohnehin die Lasten der kapitalistischen Krise tragen. III Deutsche Regierung, deutsche Banken und deutsche Konzerne sind zu kritisieren, – weil sie eine führende Rolle in der erpresserischen Politik gegenüber der griechischen Bevölkerung und der Regierung in Athen spielen; – weil vor allem deutsche Großunternehmen in Griechenland die Politik einer flächendeckenden Bestechung betrieben haben; – weil es aufgrund der ungesühnten Verbrechen der deutschen Wehrmacht und der SS in Griechenland zur Zeit der Besatzung
1941-1944 eine besondere Verantwortung Deutschlands für Griechenland gibt. IV Die Kosten der Krise in Griechenland müssen von denen bezahlt werden, die für die Krise verantwortlich sind: die großen, international aktiven Banken, die Superreichen in der Welt – auch in Griechenland - und die internationale Rüstungsindustrie…“ Positionspapier Wissenschaftlicher Beirat Attac zu Griechenland zum Download bei Attac vom 07.05.2010 (pdf) //www.attac-netzwerk.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Gremien/Wissenschaftlicher_Beirat/Positionspapier%20Wissenschaftlicher%20Beirat%20Attac%20zu%20Griechenland.pdf

Aus: LabourNet, 11. Mai 2010


Irrsinn und kein Ende: Notwendige Anmerkungen zur sogenannten Euro- und Griechenlandkrise

von Dr. phil. Egbert Scheunemann

Es geht immer noch schlimmer. Die letzte weltweite Finanzmarktkrise, die schlimmste seit jener von 1929, ist gerade mal zwei Jahre her, der in ihrer Folge heftige Einbruch der Realwirtschaft gerade halbwegs überwunden – da bricht die nächste Krise über uns herein. Diesmal heißt sie Euro-Krise und ausgelöst hat sie, so wird uns zumindest von tendenziell Hirntoten gesagt, ein Ländchen an der Peripherie Europas, das keine zwölf Millionen Einwohner zählt und auch dessen Sozialprodukt und Nettoschuldenstand (1) eher dem eines größeren deutschen Bundeslandes entspricht als irgendeiner weltwirtschaftlich auch nur andeutungsweise relevanten Wirtschaftseinheit... Lesen Sie weiter:



"Griechenland ist überall"

Institut Solidarische Moderne kritisiert Angriffe des Finanzmarktes auf europäische Staaten und schlägt sofortige Initiativen vor. Namhafte Wissenschaftler und Politiker einigen sich auf konkretes Maßnahmenpaket „Griechenland ist überall“.



Pakistan: Rachespirale

Bisher wird die Lage in Pakistan kaum von der deutschen Öffentlichkeit wahrgenommen. Das könnte sich mit der Ausweitung des Krieges gegen die Taliban in Nordwaziristan, wie dies die USA vorhat, ändern.



Obama's new drone policy ratchets up tactics of state terror


Harold Koh's endorsement of the legality of Obama's drone war


The poetry of death

by Chris Floyd


In this regard, as in almost every aspect of the Terror War, ‘continuity’ has been the hallmark of the Obama Administration. But we would do the progressive, forward-looking president a grave disservice if we were to imply that this dynamic, historic figure has confined himself to mere continuity. No, in field after field of governmental endeavor, Barack Obama has striven mightily not just to uphold the many authoritarian and militarist innovations of the Bush Administration, but to expand them — increasing their scope and depth, codifying, normalizing and making permanent many practices which his predecessors had enshrouded with ambiguity, deception and deliberate murk. Bush and Cheney were afflicted with a vestigial embarrassment at the howling illegality and constitutional subversion of many of their Terror War policies, and seemed to fear these acts would provoke some kind of public outcry or political controversy — or even prosecution — should they be made too explicit. But our cool, savvy and thoroughly post-postmodern president carries none of that dead lumber from our long-vanished past...


Droning on

Campaign For Liberty
by Philip Giraldi


The United States is the only country in the world that openly admits to having the technological resources to launch pilotless drones armed with missiles that can then strike and destroy targets on the ground. The use of armed drones against terrorist targets began under President George W. Bush but greatly accelerated under President Barack Obama. There was roughly one drone attack [per week] in the border area of Afghanistan-Pakistan in 2009 and the tempo has increased this year...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Radiation Medicine


Who Bailouts the Bailouter?



Is the War Coming Home?



US has approved 27 new offshore drilling projects since Gulf Disaster began


Will the Gulf Disaster provoke a 'global extinction wave'?


Since Spill, Feds Have Given 27 Waivers to Oil Companies in Gulf

Marisa Taylor, McClatchy Newspapers: "Since the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig exploded on April 20, the Obama administration has granted oil and gas companies at least 27 exemptions from doing in-depth environmental studies of oil exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico."


You Drill, You Spill

Alexander Cockburn, Truthout: "Sobering, is it not, to realize that the possible survival of a huge oil company, of several billion shrimp, assorted species of fish and birds, not to mention avoidance of a near lethal lurch in the fortunes of Louisiana's fishing and ocean rec industries and the future of offshore drilling along the Atlantic coast could depend on a feat as tricky as rolling a condom on the end of a string onto the p... of a man at street level by remote control from the top of the Empire State building."



'Dome' Failure Portends Disaster; There's No Plan B

Environmental Groups: Offshore Arctic Drilling Still Scheduled in Less Than 60 Days

Center for Biological Diversity: Ignoring Gulf Catastrophe, Graham Calls for More Offshore Oil Drilling


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Sex, Lies and Oil Spills

For eight years, George Bush's presidency infected the oil industry's oversight agency, the Minerals Management Service, with a septic culture of corruption from which it has yet to recover.


Million gallons of oil a day gush into Gulf of Mexico

Interviews with surviving Deepwater Horizon rig workers show how explosions led to what may be the world's worst oil spill.


From Information Clearing House


Stop Shell Oil's offshore drilling plans in the Arctic


The three causes of BP’s oil disaster

by Joseph Romm


We now know with pretty high confidence the three main, interrelated, underlying causes of the BP’s oil disaster: Hubris, recklessness, and arrogance. So the metaphor is as much Goldman Sachs as that other great maritime disaster — the Titanic. And if BP turns out to be guilty of malfeasance, too — violating its federal permit — as the NYT suggested — then you’d have the Four Horseman of Oilpocalypse...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Oil company business as usual



Crime Pays for BP


BP's History of Safety Violations Was 'Red Flag,' Shareholder Says:

BP's Board of Directors ignored crucial safety issues, cut corners, violated U.S. law and spent millions lobbying Congress to fight regulations for the sake of making a buck, according to the federal derivative complaint.


From Information Clearing House



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