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Huge Proportion Of Swine Flu Vaccines Binned

US fiscal time bomb is about to explode

Here’s how to defuse it.

Christian Science Monitor
by US Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)


American leaders on the left and right are increasingly acknowledging that unless we take dramatic steps to reduce our deficits and debt, we may face not just another economic crisis but the end of American prosperity and leadership as we know it. No one knows precisely when we will reach this economic tipping point, but I would argue we have no more than five years to put ourselves on a sustainable course. Change on this scale does not happen overnight. The time to start making hard choices is now...

Shadow banking

The American Prospect
by Nomi Prins


Despite all the noise about financial reform, the shadow banking system that helped create the financial crisis would remain fundamentally unaltered by the legislation now pending in Congress. Indeed, leveraged entities such as private-equity, venture-capital, and hedge funds get only minor regulatory attention. These barely regulated, nontransparent bastions of speculation propagated systemic risks beyond any that could be created by the banks themselves. Whether housed at banks, created by banks, or freestanding, they exist to enable speculative risk-taking hidden from either regulatory or market scrutiny while camouflaging layers of debt and enabling the complex-securitization deals that caused the financial collapse. Yet, neither the House bill passed last December nor the most recent Senate bill submitted by Sen. Chris Dodd does more than impose marginal adjustments on the shadow banking system...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

War Is Necrophilia

War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

By Chris Hedges

"The vanquished know war. They see through the empty jingoism of those who use the abstract words of glory, honor, and patriotism to mask the cries of the wounded, the senseless killing, war profiteering, and chest-pounding grief."

How the US Helps al-Qaida

By Matthew Harwood

US foreign policy brings terrorism to American shores, costs taxpayers billions of dollars and destroys cherished liberties.

2001 Anthrax Attack

The CIA, Biowarfare and Terrorism

Must listen interview with Professor Francis Boyle

Was the 2001 anthrax attack an attempt to foment a police state?

Christian 'Doctrine' Fueled Dehumanization

By Valerie Taliman

A groundbreaking report examining the roots of Christian domination over indigenous peoples and their lands was released this week at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.


Voting for War. Take Your Pick

John Pilger, Truthout: "Staring at the vast military history section in the airport shop, I had a choice: the derring-do of psychopaths or scholarly tomes with their illicit devotion to the cult of organized killing. There was nothing I recognized from reporting war. Nothing on the spectacle of children's limbs hanging in trees and nothing on the burden of s... in your trousers. War is a good read. War is fun. More war please."

Secret Erik Prince Tape Exposed

By Jeremy Scahill

Prince painted a global picture in which Iran is "at the absolute dead center... of badness."

Biotechnology: A False Sense of Food Security

Massacres Expose Another Reason to End Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Americans Face a Choice: Wetlands or Greed


Environmental Groups: As Gulf of Mexico Spill Worsens, Groups Challenge Shell's Air Permits to Drill in the Arctic

Project On Government Oversight: MMS Understated Scale and Impact of Oil Spills in Five-Year Plan


BP warned of rig fault ten years ago

In June 2000, the oil giant issued a "notice of default" to Transocean, the operator of the rig that blew up last month. The dispute was over problems with a blowout preventer, a set of iron slabs that should close out-of-control wells. It failed on the Gulf of Mexico rig, triggering the explosion and oil spill.

Matt Simmons: "Theres another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away


From Information Clearing House


BP’s slick greenwashing

Mother Jones
by James Ridgeway


For the last decade, BP has been busily engaged in a multi-million-dollar greenwashing campaign. Changing its name from British Petroleum to BP, the company adopted a new slogan, ‘Beyond Petroleum,’ and began a ‘rebranding’ effort to depict itself as a public-spirited, environmentally sensitive, green energy enterprise, the very model of 21st century corporate responsibility. It’s going to take more than a name change and a clever ad campaign to erase the image of oil spreading across the Gulf Coast from BP’s offshore rig, and dead wildlife washing up onto beaches...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Oil and gas drilling: dangerous? Or done right?


Slick Operator: The BP I've Known Too Well

Greg Palast, Truthout: "I've seen this movie before. In 1989, I was a fraud investigator hired to dig into the cause of the Exxon Valdez disaster. Despite Exxon's name on that boat, I found the party most to blame for the destruction was ... British Petroleum (BP)."

All-Volunteer Wars: Yawn ... How Many Times Have You Seen This Headline?

Tom Engelhardt, "After a week away, here's my advice: in news terms, you can afford to take a vacation. When I came back last Sunday, New Orleans was bracing for tough times (again). BP, a drill-baby-drill oil company that made $6.1 billion in the first quarter of this year and lobbied against 'new, stricter safety rules' for offshore drilling, had experienced an offshore disaster for which ordinary Americans are going to pay through the nose (again). News photographers were gearing up for the usual shots of oil-covered wildlife (again)."


The IMF & the Greek Meltdown

Leading Louisiana wetlands scientist fired for speaking the truth

Protests in Japan Over US Base


Another battle of Okinawa

Despite protests, the U.S. insists on going ahead with plans for a new military base on the island.

From Information Clearing House

Die Beimischungsquote von Agrodiesel fördert nach einem Bericht von Grenpeace die Zerstörung der Urwälder

Urwald im Tank

Der Preis für den Ölhunger

Energie- und Klimawochenschau: Der Ölteppich ist nicht aufzuhalten. Die European Solar Days zeigen den Weg zu alternativen Energiequellen und beim Elektromobilitäts-Gipfel bestimmen die Kritiker den Ton.

Bernanke Concurs With Ron Paul That Fed Monetizes Debt

Fed Privately Lobbying Against Audit, Documents Show


Bernanke's Biggest Bailout

By Mike Whitney

The right-wing think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, is helping the Federal Reserve to develop a strategy to transfer $1.25 trillion in toxic mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and non performing loans onto the public's balance sheet.

The Costs of the Military-Industrial Complex

Congress, Where 44 Percent Are Millionaires, Freezes Pay

David Lightman, McClatchy Newspapers: "Congress, where 44 percent are millionaires, freezes pay. Facing election-year pressure to keep a lid on their salaries, lawmakers in Congress have agreed quietly not to increase their pay next year. As a result, most members of Congress next year will receive $174,000 in 2011 under legislation awaiting President Barack Obama's signature, the same amount they're getting this year."

Fourteen Ways a 90 Percent Top Tax Rate Fixes Our Economy and Our Country

Dave Johnson, Truthout: "A return to Eisenhower-era, 90 percent top tax rates helps fix our economy in several ways: 1) It makes it take longer to end up with a fortune. In fact, it makes people build and earn a fortune instead of shooting for quick windfalls. This forces long-term thinking and planning instead of short-term scheming and scamming. If grabbing everything in sight and running doesn't pay off anymore, you have to change your strategy."

The Costs of the Military-Industrial Complex

Rose Aguilar, Your Call: "In 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower gave his now famous farewell speech about the military-industrial complex. He said we must never let the weight of the disastrous rise of misplaced power endanger our liberties or democratic process. He said, 'Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.'"

American addiction to oil

The Rebirth of Regulation

Robert Reich: "What do oil giant BP, the mining company Massey Energy and Goldman Sachs have in common? They're all big firms involved in massive plunder. BP's oil spill is already one of the biggest and most damaging in American history. Massey's mine disaster, claiming the lives of 29 miners, is one of the worst in recent history. Goldman's alleged fraud is but a part of the largest financial meltdown in 75 years."


Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Sparks Calls for $10bn Levy on BP and Drilling Ban


The real cause of 'spill' is American addiction to oil

Experts predicting catastrophic disaster reaching beyond Gulf of Mexico

Loop Current will pick up slick 'sooner rather than later,' oceanographer predicts


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