Sonntag, 9. August 2009

Criminal investigation into CIA treatment of detainees expected

U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. is poised to appoint a criminal prosecutor to investigate alleged CIA abuses committed during the interrogation of terrorism suspects, current and former U.S. government officials said.

From Information Clearing House

Obama's Embrace of a Bush Tactic Riles Congress

President Obama has issued signing statements claiming the authority to bypass dozens of provisions of bills enacted into law since he took office, provoking mounting criticism by lawmakers from both parties.

From Information Clearing House

Afghanistan will take 40 years

Britain's mission in Afghanistan could last for up to 40 years, the next head of the Army warns today in an exclusive interview with The Times.

Barracks and Burger King: U.S. Builds a Supersized Base in Afghanistan

Anyone who thinks the Afghanistan troop "surge" is a temporary, one-time deal should watch the construction here of a vast new $17 million barracks building.

From Information Clearing House

Wall Street forecasters seem to be paid very well despite being chronically wrong

Faulty Forecasting

By Ralph Nader

Unlike sloppy plumbers and carpenters who pay a price for their mistakes, Wall Street forecasters seem to be paid very well despite being chronically wrong.

Hunger Hits Detroit's Middle Class

By Steve Hargreaves

On a side street in an old industrial neighborhood, a delivery man stacks a dolly of goods outside a store. Ten feet away stands another man clad in military fatigues, combat boots and what appears to be a flak jacket. He looks straight out of Baghdad. But this isn't Iraq. It's southeast Detroit, and he's there to guard the groceries.

The Cheney-Like Secrecy of the Obama White House

By John Nichols

Those of us who proposed the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney for violating his oath of office and engaging in a Nixon-on-steroids spree of high crimes and misdemeanors began to recognize the abusive nature of the previous administration when Cheney refused to release details of the industry insiders with whom he met to craft energy policies.

Tierversuche blockieren den Fortschritt

Wissenschaftsmagazin Nature publiziert tierversuchskritischen Artikel.,Tierversuche+blockieren+den+Fortschritt,6,a13420.html

Hochwasser erhöht den CO2-Ausstoß der Arktis

Wenig verstandene Klimafolgen mit hohen globalen Auswirkungen.,Hochwasser+erhoeht+den+CO2-Ausstoss+der+Arktis,6,a13510.html

Ansteigender Meeresspiegel lässt Pazifik-Inseln untergehen

Acht Millionen Ureinwohnern droht Exodus.,Ansteigender+Meeresspiegel+laesst+Pazifik-Inseln+untergehen,6,a13501.html

Arktis: Eisscholle in der Größe Manhattans bricht ab

Die Arktis wird eine Eiszunge in Größe Manhattens verlieren. Dies wird mit der globalen Erdwärmung in Zusammenhang gebracht.,Arktis-+Eisscholle+in+der+Groesse+Manhattans+bricht+ab,6,a13475.html


Klimaasyl in Indonesien

Anstieg des Meeresspiegels schneller als prognostiziert.


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