Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2006


Informant: NHNE

A New Campaign Tactic: Manipulating Google Data

Informant: NHNE

Protect Wetlands, Protect Mississippi Communities

Einladung zur Veranstaltung einer Initiative gegen Mobilfunksender



Info Frau Reuter

Kinzigtal-Nachrichten 26-10-06

SCHLÜCHTERN (KN) Zu einer Informationsveranstaltung lädt der Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz (BUND) für Freitag, 27. Oktober, um 20 Uhr in die Schlüchterner Stadthalle ein. Die Veranstaltung wird organisiert von der Bürgerinitiative für mobilfunksenderfreie Wohngebiete Schlüchtern (ImoWoS). Referent ist Baubiologe Friedbert Lohner.

Es geht um die Demontage von 17 Sendeanlagen auf dem Gebäude der Kreissparkasse in Schlüchtern und das Mitten im Wohngebiet!.

Mehr ... in der Originalausgabe vom 26-10-06üchternüchtern

U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover

Informant: ranger116

In Syria, Iraq's Fate Silences Rights Activists

Horror at the bloodshed accompanying the US effort to bring democracy to Iraq has accomplished what human rights activists, analysts and others say Syrian president Bashar al-Assad had been unable to do by himself: silence public demands for democratic reforms here.

No let-up in the campaign to regulate the global conventional arms trade

No Let-Up

Antoine de Gaudemar preaches no let-up in the campaign to regulate the global conventional arms trade, which knows no let-up its own growth and by-passing of what few regulations exist as it feeds itself on unregulated globalization, wars, terrorism, and crime.

Halliburton, Kuwait Operation Violate US Labor Laws

Contracting companies the for the new 592-million-dollar US embassy in Baghdad, equal in size to Vatican City, have broken every US labor Law. Workers, recruited on the global labor market from the Philippines, India, Pakistan and other poor South Asian countries, earn as little as 10 to 30 dollars a day and are physically assaulted and beaten, while suffering squalid living conditions and medical malpractice. Construction companies hold onto employee passports to stop workers from leaving Iraq or taking better jobs with other contractors.

Iraq War Now Works Against GOP

A consensus now exists - buttressed by polls - that disaffection with a war grown costly and difficult to manage is the gravest threat to continued Republican rule. Iraq is not only a potent issue in its own right, but is also a resonant metaphor for doubts about the competence and accountability of the Republican Party.

Another Stolen Election Headed Our Way?

Andy Ostroy interviews Mark Crispin Miller about what voters can do to prevent another stolen election.

Halliburton Billed Gov't $163 Million for Administrative Costs in Iraq

A report released yesterday by the Inspector General's office overseeing Iraq spending found that at least 55 percent, or $163 million, of $296 million in total costs rung up by Halliburton unit KBR went to expenses such as back-office support, transportation and security. That percentage was significantly higher than it was on work by other firms in Iraq, and experts said it is far above what is typically found on a government contract.

Bush Giving Up on Reconstructing Iraq

Say NO to cruel fashion

A message from Pilvi

Friends! I signed, would you sign it too?

Thank you!


Original Message

Dear friends, winter is coming please remember

"NO FUR" they need it more then we do*

Say NO to cruel fashion! Take the Fur Free Pledge and take a stand against the fur industry.

Wearing fur or fur trim is cruel and unnecessary. Whether caught in steel traps in the wild or anally electrocuted after life in a cage on a fur farm, these animals suffer immensely. When compassionate consumers like you take a stand against the fur industry by refusing to purchase its products, designers will stop using fur, retailers will stop selling it, and fashion writers will stop reporting on it as an acceptable trend. You have that power with every purchase you make.

Thank you to designers Stella McCartney, Marc Bouwer, Jay McCarroll and the Ralph Lauren, H&M, Zara and J.Crew companies for pledging not to use real animal fur in their collections! Let's encourage others to follow their humane example!

Please forward to all of your friends!

hugsxxxxxxxxxxx ella zj

Verlängerung der Veränderungssperre für das Gebiet Dachau-Süd

Liebe Nachbarn, sehr geehrte Newsletterabonnenten,

wie Sie bestimmt schon aus der Presse erfahren haben, hat die Stadtverwaltung die vor zwei Jahren verhängten Veränderungssperren, für den Aufbau von Mobilfunksender im Stadtgebiet, um ein weiteres Jahr verlängert (hinsichtlich der Beendung des Bebauungsplanes). Damit hat die Stadt den gesetzlichen Rahmen voll ausgeschöpft. Wir begrüßen und loben ausdrücklich diese Initiative der Stadtverwaltung. Im Anhang finden Sie, repräsentativ, die amtliche Bekanntmachung über die Verlängerung der Veränderungssperre für das Gebiet Dachau-Süd.

Von den Mitstreitern aus dem Ammertal, der BI "Strahlenfreier Ammergau" erreichte uns die Bitte um Bekanntmachung einer überregionalen Ärztetagung "Mobilfunk und Gesundheit". (siehe Flyer im Anhang)

Omega siehe unter "Murnauer Ärztetagung am 11.11.2006"

Wir möchten hiermit nochmals auf das im Sommer neu erschienene Buch "Mobilfunk, Gesundheit und die Politik" (ISBN: 3896882880), mit unserem Beitrag "Beispiel Dachau: Zwischen Ohnmacht und Wut", hinweisen und bitten Sie auch um weitere Werbung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Bürgervereinigung gegen die Mobilfunkanlage in Dachau-Süd

Anger over MP’s call

I read the David Lawley report (October 17) on Tom Watson’s statement supporting the use of mobile phones in hospital and was quite frankly disgusted. Tom Watson purports to support the sensible siting of masts and has given our campaign group - - help in fighting these due to the proven adverse health effects that independent research has now proved exists at even low levels of EMR, despite the Government’s refusal to acknowledge the facts. Does he not realise that patients will take longer to recover and will be more likely to get serious infections as their immune systems will be compromised, thus resulting in longer stays in hospital.

They will also suffer from sleep disorders and a reduction in melatonin levels following the installation of roof masts that would inevitably be required to cope with the extra traffic.

What will it do to the health of the hospital staff who will be constantly exposed to phone and mast emissions during their working hours?

I can just imagine what it would be like with dozens of people, especially teenagers and younger children, playing games that constantly beep and screech, constantly texting and having to listen to the inane ringtones when they get replies.

Adults chatting away at every bedside reporting to their family on the condition of their loved ones who are unknowingly gently absorbing the microwave emissions that surround them.

What about those who need peace and quiet. Has he not considered them, or has he got a hidden agenda?

I think Tom Watson should read all of the independent research that is available before promoting such a dangerous cause.

He is a local MP in Sandwell and has publicly supported our campaigns against the sitting of masts in his constituency. Was this just a vote getter? If you make more calls you need more masts.

Maybe his time would be better spent in promoting the continued use of safe land lines in hospitals at cheaper rates.

Peter Mobley,
Woden Road East, Wednesbury.

© 2006 - all rights reserved

HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America

Bush's Way Backward

Space War: the Bush administration just fired the opening shot in a race to militarize space

Who Really Represents Florida?

Informant: Ben Noyes

The President and the Press: Kennedy Warns America of New World Order

Informant: Ben Noyes

A loaves and fishes vote count?

Informant: Ben Noyes

Cheney confirms & defends US waterboarding

Cheney okays water boarding

Cheney confirms that detainees were subjected to water-boarding

Informant: Jennifer Van Bergen

Cheney confirms & defends US waterboarding

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Cheney Confirms That Detainees Were Subjected to Water-Boarding


Cheney confirms U.S. uses torture

Cheney indicated that the Bush administration doesn't regard water-boarding as torture and allows the CIA to use it. "It's a no-brainer for me," Cheney said at one point in an interview.

Collapse of ecosystems likely if plunder continues,,1931068,00.html

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Bored of education flap

The Choice Channel
by Roderick T. Beaman


The poor performance of America's schools is front and center on just about every politician's agenda. And whenever there are politicians involved, there is always demagoguery. The solution for almost all of them is throwing more government money at it. Of course, all money comes with strings attached and with government, you can be sure that the strings will result in accomplishing precisely the opposite of what it's supposed to...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Political corruption precedes sexual corruption

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Washington's nightmare

Asia Times
by F William Engdahl


The US thought Russia had been safely neutralized and dismembered, but President Vladimir Putin has been working to turn Washington's dream into a nightmare. State energy company Gazprom's fast entry into the gas and oil market is at the heart of Russia's attempts to build new economic alliances across the Eurasian landmass for the coming showdown with the US...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Curb sought on counsel to detainees

Boston Globe


The US government is seeking to sharply restrict communication between defense lawyers and inmates at Guantanamo Bay prison, asserting that some lawyers have given inmates 'inflammatory' material such as reports of abuses at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison and news articles about terrorist attacks. The government is seeking judicial approval for new rules that would allow defense lawyers only four visits with their clients, rather than the unlimited number now permitted; control the topics that can be discussed in such meetings; and restrict the types of information that can be exchanged between lawyers and detainees through the mail. The government filed the new rules in August with the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., which is currently reviewing them in connection with the case of a Guantanamo detainee. If the court agrees to the limitations, they are expected to be applied to future cases...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

House GOP officials likely at odds in ethics testimony

Casa Grande Dispatch


The House Republican campaign chairman, at odds with Speaker Dennis Hastert over when Hastert learned about ex-Rep. Mark Foley's come-ons to teenage male pages, was questioned today by an ethics panel. Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y., would not comment afterward on his repeated public assertions that he warned Hastert about Foley last spring. Hastert, R-Ill., says he first learned about Foley less than a month ago. Hastert, expected to testify this week, has said he doesn't recall the conversation...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights

Guardian [UK]

The CIA tried to persuade Germany to silence EU protests about the human rights record of one of America's key allies in its clandestine torture flights programme, the Guardian can reveal. According to a secret intelligence report, the CIA offered to let Germany have access to one of its citizens, an al-Qaida suspect being held in a Moroccan cell. But the US secret agents demanded that in return, Berlin should cooperate and 'avert pressure from EU' over human rights abuses in the north African country. The report describes Morocco as a 'valuable partner in the fight against terrorism...,,1931693,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Some cities will vote on Iraq withdrawal

Rockford Register Star


For a week and a half, 81-year-old Hamer Lacey hauled his broken back and clipboard to a Gloucester grocery store parking lot, looking for signatures of residents who shared his fervent opposition to the war in Iraq. His work over the summer put Gloucester among 139 Massachusetts communities where residents will vote next month on a nonbinding question that calls for an immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. Voters in several cities in Wisconsin and Illinois will consider a similar question...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Number of Uninsured Still Climbing Despite "Healthy" Economy

Despite signs of what some call a rebounding economy, the number of people lacking health insurance continues to expand. According to a report released last week by the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2005 another 1.3 million Americans joined the ranks of the uninsured.

Bush Pushes Shifting Social Security to Private Accounts

President Bush hopes to revive an unpopular proposal to make changes in the national retirement program. In recent days, Bush has said Social Security remains one of the "big items" he wants to tackle next year. "I guess you could argue if it gets Iraq off the front page, it was probably a good thing at this point," said Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.), a top Republican strategist who opposed the president's Social Security plan.

Global Warming Worries Iowa Farmers

One Iowa farmer said he believes politicians should end subsidies to farmers who grow crops such as corn and soybeans in a way that robs the soil of nutrients and requires a lot of energy. "Our whole farming system really contributes a lot to global warming and it could be made to be much more sustainable," he said.

Time Bomb Ticking for Coral Reefs?

Scientists warn that 60 percent of the world's coral reefs could die in less than 25 years. "Think of it as a high school chemistry class," said Billy Causey of NOAA. "You mix some chemicals together and nothing happens. You crank up the Bunsen burner and all of a sudden things start bubbling around. That's what's happening. That global Bunsen burner is cranking up."

Iraqi Leader Disavows US Timetable

Speaking in Baghdad just hours before President Bush gave a press conference in Washington, Iraq Prime Minister Maliki reassured the millions of Shiites who form his power base that he would not bend to pressure by the American government, or any other, over how to conduct Iraqi affairs. "I want to stress that this is a government of the people's will and no one has the right to set a timetable for it."

Frist to GOP Hopefuls: Don't Stress Iraq

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist says if Republican candidates want to succeed on Election Day, they should turn their focus away from the Iraq war. "The challenge is to get Americans to focus on pocketbook issues, and not on the Iraq and terror issue," Frist said in an interview with the Concord Monitor.

Cunningham Successor Faces Legal Controversy, Too

San Diego Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray is trapped in a spinning political and legal controversy over whether his prime residence is in California or Virginia. As his opponent Francine Busby said, "There are discrepancies suggesting that Mr. Bilbray may be subject to charges of perjury and fraud, and voters have a right to know the facts before the election."

Tell Starbucks to Give Ethiopian Farmers Their Fair Share

Thank you for sending a fax to Starbucks to let them know that you want them to honor their commitments to coffee farmers in Ethiopia. So far, more than 27,000 of you have taken action! Can you take one more simple, but effective action to help coffee farmers in Ethiopia. If so, today we need you to call Starbucks directly. Your quick call will help keep the pressure on. Once you've called, click here and let us know. To help you make this simple call, we've developed these easy steps to help make your voice heard.

1. Call Starbucks' Retail Customer Relations line at (800) 235-2883 (between the hours of 8 am - 9 pm weekdays and 9 am - 6 pm weekends). All times are Eastern Standard Time.

2. Press "0" to talk to a customer relations representative. You don't have to wait for the whole menu of options.

3. Be friendly to any representatives on the phone. They are just employees of Starbucks; they don't actually set corporate policy.

4. Here are some talking points for your call but remember to use your own words:

* Hi, my name is [your name] and I'm calling from [your city, state]. I am a Starbucks customer.

* I am calling to ask Starbucks to sign the licensing agreement with the Ethiopian government to recognize Ethiopia's rightful ownership of its coffee names.

* This issue is very important to me. Thank you for listening to my concerns.

The Starbucks representative you speak with may respond with the official Starbucks position. Simply respond by reiterating that Starbucks should sign the licensing agreement with the Ethiopian government to recognize Ethiopia's rightful ownership of its coffee names.

We are making great strides to help coffee farmers in Ethiopia. Your voice will make a difference!

Please click here to tell us what they said.


Tim Fullerton
Oxfam America

Tell Canada to End Bottom Trawling

Ban bottom trawling: tell the Canadian government to do the right thing

Take Action >> Tell Canada to be an Ocean Defender, not an Ocean Destroyer!

Rising tide of global warming threatens Pacific island states

While rich nations tinker with policies that may shave their carbon dioxide emissions, low-lying South Pacific nations such as Kiribati are sinking beneath the waves.

From Information Clearing House

Report Warns of Potential Voting Problems in 10 States

Two weeks before the midterm elections, at least 10 states, including Maryland, remain ripe for voting problems, according to a study released yesterday by a nonpartisan clearinghouse that tracks electoral reforms across the United States.

Video the Vote 2006

Our goal is to protect the vote by being the eyes and ears where ballots are cast and counted on Election Day. We will document and report any irregularities that occur at polling places and boards of elections while they are happening, enabling the media and public to watch-dog the electoral process across our country.

From Information Clearing House


Severe Election Problems Seen in 10 States

A nonpartisan organization tracking election reform across the United States released a report Wednesday warning that 10 states are likely to experience severe problems on November 7 because of electronic voting machines and new voter identification laws that could call into question the results of some races.

The global resistance to imperialism, war and neoliberalism

Journalist and film-maker John Pilger spoke to Charlie Kimber about his new book and the global resistance to imperialism, war and neoliberalism.

From Information Clearing House

US embarrassed by terror suspect

A former CIA operative wanted for trial for acts of terrorism against Cuba is stuck in legal limbo in a Texas jail. Luis Posada, 78, who has allegedly taken part in plots to assassinate Fidel Castro and bomb Havana hotels, is being described as a test case of the US government's commitment to fighting terrorism.,,1930704,00.html

From Information Clearing House

US will have to fight 'dirty' in new wars

THE US could defeat any enemy with overwhelming power but any new conflict would involve more brute force and civilian casualties than in Iraq, the top US general said today.,22606,20641712-5005962,00.html

From Information Clearing House

An electoral prism that distorts the abject reality

America's mission in Iraq has been manipulated at every turn to suit the US domestic political agenda. Each one was stage-managed to convince the public in America that progress was being made.

Blood and Gravy II: The Jackal's Feast Goes On

Chris Floyd

War profiteering by favored corporate cronies was one of the primary benefits envisaged by the Bush Regime as it drove so relentlessly and deceitfully toward the baseless and unprovoked attack.

Some contracts in Iraq spend over 50% on overhead

Halliburton unit cited in U.S. report on reconstruction

From Information Clearing House

Halliburton turned a profit, so the results are very good

Will we destroy the city to liberate it?

Charnel House

Will we destroy the city to liberate it? How many doors will be kicked in? How many buildings will be reduced to rubble? How many innocent people will be dragged off to interrogation-centers and filthy prisons? How many tens of thousands of people will be killed?

Stealing the Midterms and the Power of Myth

By Mike Whitney

There are only two weapons in the imperial tool-chest; force and deception. I expect that the anticipated Democratic landslide will be preempted by massive voter fraud accompanied by some type of “searing event”; that way the fantastical outcome of a GOP victory can be neatly folded into a larger and all-pervasive “myth”.

Iraqi War Dead and the Collateral Damage to America's Soul

By Phil Rockstroh

History reveals: What a nation inflicts upon the world -- its own people will, sooner or later, inflict upon each other. There is no need to warily scan the horizon line for its arrival, because we're already living in the midst of the angst and emptiness we have wrought. Ergo, when dreams mean nothing -- when words and images are rendered meaningless -- our lives reflect these dismal states.

The Strange Death of Liberal America

By Tony Judt

The alacrity with which many of America’s most prominent liberals have censored themselves in the name of the War on Terror, the enthusiasm with which they have invented ideological and moral cover for war and war crimes and proffered that cover to their political enemies: all this is a bad sign.

Urge your Representative to protect California sea lions

H.R. 6241 is a bill that would allow the killing of California sea lions ostensibly to save the endangered salmon population. However, the cause of salmon depletion is not sea lions feeding on their natural source of sustenance, but rather the incredibly destructive human interventions of overfishing, clear cutting and damming rivers. Please "Take Action" to tell your Representative to protect sea lions by voting against H.R. 6241 and to introduce a bill to save the salmon by making the fishing, logging and energy companies operate sustainably.

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Stiftung Bertelsmann: das Weißbuch ist kein Ersatz für eine nationale Sicherheitsstrategie

Tell Australian PM to say NO to Japanese whaling in Australian Antarctic Territorial waters

A message from NANCY

Loved Ones of Fallen Respond to Bush

When It Comes to Global Warming, Market Rule Poses a Mortal Danger

Torture And The Nation's Soul

John Hall: He's Still the One

Public in the Dark about Government's Plans for War in Iran

War Effect Chills the Hearts of Republican Middle America

Neutrality Not OK, Zinn Tells Listeners


Neutrality not OK, Zinn tells listeners

Zinn continued to advocate the importance of shattering the myth of American exceptionalism. Slavery and racial segregation, Zinn added, are just two examples of America’s imperfections.

From Information Clearing House

Howard Zinn - You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train


Muslim and Arab Americans Ditch Republicans

Iraqis Were Better Off Under Saddam, Says Former Weapons Inspector

Active-Duty Troops Voice Their Dissent from US Policy in Iraq


US Troops in Iraq Using Whistle Blower Protection Laws to Inform Congress of what is Really Happening in Iraq

Troops Revolting

Informant: ranger116

An Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq

Informant: Amy Sasser

From ufpj-news


Congressman Dennis Kucinich Announces Support For "Appeal For Redress"; States, "No One Speaks With More Moral Authority" On Need For Troops To Come Home.


Grass-Roots Group of Troops Petitions Congress for Pullout From Iraq

More than 100 U.S. service members have signed a rare appeal urging Congress to support the "prompt withdrawal" of all American troops and bases from Iraq, organizers said yesterday.

US soldier to voice Iraq conflict opposition

Sergeant Liam Madden - who was against the war even before being sent to Iraq with his unit in late 2004 - is one of more than 100 soldiers on active duty who have organised the petition drive through a website called Appeal for Redress.,,1931212,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Bush's newest deceptions and the tragedy of Iraq


Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney

Don't Let Ma Bell Monopolize the Internet

Please Forward Far and Wide because net neutrality is supported by all sides of the political spectrum since it is really support for grass roots democracy!

Thanks, Cheryl

Don't Let Ma Bell Monopolize the Internet by controlling what you do, where you go and what you see on the Internet!


The Justice Department today rubber stamped the $78 billion merger of AT&T and BellSouth -- deserting its post as the public's shield against corporate monopolies.

The merger now goes to the Federal Communications Commission for final approval. The deal would effectively resurrect the Ma Bell monopoly that ruled our nation's communications industry for nearly a century.

The only ones standing in the path of a new AT&T monopoly are citizens like you. Tell the FCC:

Don't Let Ma Bell Monopolize the Internet

The merger of AT&T and BellSouth would create a network behemoth that controls nearly half of all telephone land lines in the United States. But the new AT&T presents a far greater threat.


Under the rule of CEO Ed Whitacre, the company is leading the effort to gut Net Neutrality -- the longstanding principle that prevents phone companies from controlling what you do, where you go and what you see on the Internet.

Soon all digital media -- telephone, TV, radio and the Web -- will enter homes via a single broadband connection. Whitacre is trying to control this "pipe" -- and the billions of dollars at stake -- by erecting new Internet toll booths and discriminating against Web sites that can't afford their new fees.

If the FCC doesn't place any conditions on the mega-merger, nothing would prevent the new AT&T from taking away the free and open Internet that has fostered unprecedented economic innovation and democratic participation.

The good news is that we have some allies at the FCC. Two of the four commissioners who will vote on the merger have indicated that they will support Net Neutrality conditions as part of any merger. But they need strong public support to prevail.


Island ist zum kommerziellen Walfang zurückgekehrt: schon mussten zwei Wale ihr Leben lassen

Island ist zum kommerziellen Walfang zurückgekehrt. Schon mussten zwei Wale ihr Leben lassen. Darunter ein geschützter Finnwal. Das blutige Geschehen entwickelt sich zur unerträglichen Farce: Der schon getötete Finnwal wurde, nachdem er an Land untersucht worden ist, für zu alt erklärt und sei für den Verzehr in Island ungeeignet. Dennoch geht das Töten weiter.

Wir müssen das unsinnige Sterben der friedlichen Meeresriesen stoppen! Setzen wir dort an, wo es am meisten weh tut: beim Geld. Teilen Sie dem isländischen Tourismusverband mit, dass Sie in Island solange nicht Ihren Urlaub verbringen werden, solange das Land Wale jagt. Genau wie mehr als 85.000 Menschen, die schon eine solche Absichtserklärungen abgegeben haben. Durch den Reiseverzicht entsteht der isländischen Wirtschaft ein Schaden von über 79 Millionen Euro. Dem steht ein Profit aus dem Walfang von rund 3 Millionen Euro gegenüber. Auf diesem Wege können wir das Leben der sanften Riesen retten!

Schreiben Sie dem isländischen Tourismusverband. Fordern Sie ihn auf, sich für ein schnelles Ende der Waljagd einzusetzen, um den wirtschaftlichen Schaden gering zu halten. Teilen Sie ihm Ihre Absicht mit, in einem Island ohne Walfang Ihren Urlaub verbringen zu wollen!

Herzlichen Dank!

Stefanie Werner

US naval war games off the Iranian coastline: a provocation which could lead to War?

From Our bill of rights

Determined to stop mast plan

AS MOBILE phone companies search for new sites for their third generation phone masts, communities are being forced to fight battles to keep them at bay.

People living in the Parsonage Manorway area of Belvedere are gearing themselves up for a third battle to stop a mast going up near the Great Harry pub.

Orange is the latest company to try its luck in the area. continued...

It has applied to Bexley Council for permission to put a mast outside the pub on the corner of Eastry Road.

Last year, 500 residents and pub licensee Melanie Jones fought off attempts by phone company T-Mobile to site a mast next to the Great Harry.

When approaches to Mrs Jones to put the mast on the pub roof failed, the company applied to erect one on the pavement outside.

When Bexley Council turned down the plan, the company appealed.

However, residents renewed their efforts and the appeal was also turned down.

Within weeks of the appeal result, rival company Orange began canvassing the area for a mast just one road junction down from T-Mobile's proposed site.

Now residents are having to mobilise themselves again.

Their MP, John Austin, who is backing them all the way, said: "I have already outlined to Orange I can see no difference in this proposal from the one which was previously refused."

Residents have until October 30 to write to Bexley Council's planning department at Wyncham House, Longlands Road, Sidcup, to object to Orange's plans.

Orange is also behind plans to site a mobile phone base station in Woolwich Road, Belvedere.

This is near the site of Bexley's new state-of-the-art splash park.

The company says the 49ft high mast, with three equipment cabinets, is needed to maintain its network coverage in the face of the shutdown this year, of the controversial mast at Bedonwell Primary School, Bedonwell Road, Belvedere.

Orange is currently canvassing opinion in the area, before lodging a planning application.

However, ward councillor David Leaf says opposition to the mast is already growing into a campaign to stop it.

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Der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) kritisiert schwere Mängel bei Wahl in Cottbus


Wahlausschuss in Cottbus ignoriert die Tatsachen

Der Wahlprüfungsausschuss von Cottbus hat in seiner heutigen Sitzung der Stadtverordnetenversammlung von Cottbus einstimmig empfohlen, den Einspruch [1] gegen die Oberbürgermeisterwahl vom 22. Oktober abzulehnen. Ein Cottbusser Wähler hatte gegen die Wahl Einspruch erhoben, weil die eingesetzten Wahlcomputer der Firma Nedap manipulierbar und nicht vertrauenswürdig sind. Die Forschungsergebnisse des Chaos Computer Club und der Initiative "Wir vertrauen Wahlcomputern nicht" ( belegen diese Manipulierbarkeit der Computer.

Im Mittelpunkt des Einspruches stand der berechtigte Einwand des Wählers, dass das Wahlergebnis nicht mehr nachprüfbar ist. Die Öffentlichkeit kann die Auszählung der Stimmen in keiner Weise nachvollziehen. Zudem kann niemand sicher sagen, ob die Wahlcomputer manipuliert sind oder nicht. Diese grundlegenden Bedenken fanden im Ausschuss keinerlei Würdigung, es wurde einzig anhand von formalen Kriterien geurteilt. Eine inhaltliche Diskussion scheiterte an der Unkenntnis der Ausschussmitglieder über die Manipulationsmöglichkeiten an den Wahlcomputern. Offenkundig war diese inhaltliche Auseinandersetzung auch nicht gewünscht.

Die Argumentation der Wahlleiterin, Frau Hiekel, der sich der Wahlausschuss anschloss, beruhte auf der rein rechtlich gerade noch so gegebenen Zulassung der Wahlcomputer. Eine Betrachtung der jüngst veröffentlichten Erkenntnisse fand nicht statt. "Das gehört nicht auf unsere Ebene, das muss auf Bundes- oder Landesebene behandelt werden," war die einhellige Meinung der Ausschussmitglieder.

Jedwede technische Betrachtung der Einspruchsgrundlagen entfiel ebenso wie eine Berücksichtigung der jüngsten Äußerungen von PTB-Prüfungsleiter Dieter Richter. Richter hatte in Interviews [2] zugegeben, dass die PTB angesichts der neuen Erkenntnisse keine Empfehlung für eine Verwendungsgenehmigung mehr an das Innenministerium erteilen würde. "Wir können doch nicht auf Interviews reagieren," lautete die Aussage der Ausschussmitglieder. Die Realität in Cottbus ist offenbar schon traurig genug, so dass man sich nicht noch mit den Sicherheitsproblemen der Wahlcomputer auseinandersetzen wollte.

Einzelne Ausschussmitglieder äußerten, dass sie eine Manipulation aufgrund des "erheblichen Zeitaufwandes" für nicht möglich hielten und offenbarten damit massive Unkenntnis der technischen Realitäten. Eine Manipulation durch Austausch der Software oder durch ein trojanisches Stimmspeicher-Modul ist in wenigen Sekunden möglich. Das Angebot, die technischen Details von den anwesenden CCC-Mitgliedern vortragen zu lassen, wurde von der Ausschussvorsitzenden rundweg abgelehnt.

Weiterhin wurde in dem Einspruch der mehrfache Verstoß gegen die behauptete Aufbewahrung in "geschützten Umgebungen" und die nicht erfolgte Prüfung der Wahlcomputer in den Stimmlokalen bemängelt.

Die Wahlleiterin behauptete hierzu schlicht, dass die beobachteten Verstöße gegen die Aufbewahrungs- und Überprüfungsregeln nicht stattgefunden hätten. Dies habe ihr der Wahlvorstand bestätigt und "minutiös dokumentiert unterschrieben". Die Beobachtungen der CCC-Wahlbeobachtergruppe [3] wurden nicht zur Kenntnis genommen, aber auch die sich mit diesen Beobachtungen deckenden persönlichen Erlebnisse des Einspruchstellers wurden nicht ernsthaft in Betracht gezogen. Dass die Wahlvorstände in dem betreffenden Wahllokal 4105 natürlich kein Interesse daran haben, ihre eigenen Verfehlungen zuzugeben, fand dabei keine Berücksichtigung. Nach wenigen Minuten wurde die bereits vorformulierte Empfehlung an die Stadtverordnetenversammlung zur Abstimmung verlesen: keine Gegenstimmen, keine Enthaltungen, keine Zweifel - die Wahlcomputer sind sicher.

In Gesprächen mit einzelnen Stadtverordneten nach der Sitzung war immerhin die Bereitschaft zu erkennen, die anstehende Beschaffung der Nedap-Wahlcomputer nochmals zu überdenken. Der CCC ist gerne bereit, im Detail Auskunft zu den Risiken und Problemen zu geben.



Informant: NHNE

The Most Hellish Place on Earth: on what a foreign occupation has done to Iraq,,1930687,00.html

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The price level effects due to government manipulation of the money supply are much larger than indicated by standard price indices

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Americans’ Opinions Shaped by Their Belief in God, With Some Notable Incongruencies

Deadly oaths and what a soldier can do

What Has Happened to Us?

Tell The Safe Seventy Democrats To HELP Their Fellow Democratic Candidates


With the polls breaking our way, there are at least seventy Democratic congressional incumbents who have NO serious competition for reelection. Twelve of them are holding campaign war chests in excess of a MILLION dollars. To see who of the Safe Seventy is from your state, please visit the link below:


And yet there are so many other candidates, mostly non-incumbents who have a real shot in their districts, the first real shot in many elections, to take that seat back from a recidivist Bush rubber stamper. In particular, the brave candidates on the Peace Team who are running their election swinging Lie/Die TV spots are standing strong with the kind of courage that will get them elected if only they can get the word out to their constituents.

Without picking on anybody in particular. No, actually, let's definitely pick on somebody in particular. Marty Meehan in the 5th district is sitting on nearly five MILLION dollars right now. Others have called on him to step up to the plate and share the wealth with some of his currently underfinanced fellow candidates.

Yet his press secretary was quoted today as saying they had not received a single call. We KNOW that's not true, because WE CALLED HIS OFFICE OURSELVES TWO DAYS AGO, just when we first asked you to make such calls!! And you can call too, here's his campaign office phone number.

Marty Meehan (MA-05) 978-251-3151


He gives great speeches about how we need to bring our troops home. That's good. But we need more than his ONE vote to turn this policy around. His press secretary says it would be "unfair" to his constituents for him to share his donations with other campaigns. What's unfair about having more votes on your side to WIN on the policy issues your constituents care about?!?!

Contrast this with Barney Frank, also from Massachusetts, who has donated a quarter of a million dollars to help the cause this month alone, much in excess of his "required" dues. We need more examples like Congressman Frank. And we need them in the next 24-48 hours, so we can get ALL the Safe Seventy to step up to the plate in time.

Especially if you are from the 5th District of MA, we need you to call Mr. Meehan's press secretary at the number above and tell them to say the next time somebody asks that people are calling, because YOU are calling. Then click on the link below to get their numbers, and make sure you contact all the incumbents in the Safe Seventy in your own state in the same way.


Tell them they weren't just elected to hold their own seat. Tell them they were elected to DELIVER policy change. Ask them how they expect to do that without having enough other members of Congress to vote WITH them. Tell them to be a team player. Tell them YOU have contributed to help the brave candidates at Peace Team dot net, and you don't have five million or even five hundred thousand dollars.

This election is absolute life and death. This is our last chance to take back our democracy. We must have the LARGEST possible vote margins so there can be no question about what the outcome will be. We must all join forces like never before. And we must take absolutely nothing for granted until the concession speeches start rolling in from the other side.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours.

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