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Tell Coke to Listen to the People & Stop Draining Their Water!

Some Security and Prosperity Partnership Documents Revealed

by Patrick Wood

Our only remaining question at this point is why it takes someone like a Dr. Jerome Corsi to dig this out instead of any number of the tens of thousands of investigative journalists and researchers employed by news services, newspapers, TV networks, etc., around the globe.....


Protect Our Right to Petition in Colorado
visit site

PROTECT THE PETITION PROCESS - VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 38 [CREDIT TO: Dennis Polhill and Douglas Campbell and PRA2006] (The right to petition is our greatest bulwark against tyranny and corrupt Politics, etc...) Please go to .


My flag was my son's last blanket, it covered his wooden coffin

My Flag

Amy Branham writes: "These days, the flag carries an entirely different meaning for me. My flag was my son's last blanket. It covered his wooden coffin, to signify that he died in the service of his country. My flag carries on it tears of sorrow and mourning for the loss of the son that I will never see again. I followed the colors of my flag in the funeral procession to my son's last resting place."

Andy's Election: an alarm over the unbelievable flaws in the new electronic voting machines

William Rivers Pitt writes: "In the summer of 2005, my friend Andy Stephenson passed away due to pancreatic cancer. Andy had devoted years of his life to sounding an alarm over the unbelievable flaws in the new electronic voting machines that had been foisted on the American public by the Help America Vote Act ... Andy Stephenson lived and died trying to warn us about these things. The good news, for Andy and for us all, is that these news reports are drawing much-needed attention to the problem. The bad news, simply, is that the problems still exist, and may come to determine who holds power in America after January."

Campaign to Protect The Great Bear Rainforest

A message from NANCY and Elena

Campaign To Red List the Kermode Bear

A message from NANCY

Weltspartag (30.10.): Kinderschuhe können wir uns nicht sparen

Traveling the "National-Security" Route to November 7th

Bernard Weiner writes that "even though America stands as the lone superpower colossus in the world, it is somewhat musclebound and its influence and respect are fast-waning. Changing administrations in Washington might help bring back some of that honor and influence, but it's equally likely that the "old days" are over and that more intelligent US administrations will have to learn how to use America's economic and political power more creatively and less aggressively."

The top officials of the Bush administration have by no means made up their minds to leave Iraq

Fiasco Then, Fiasco Now

"Are we now officially out of our minds?" asks Tom Engelhardt. "On Wednesday, at his surprise news conference, the president managed once again not to repudiate the permanent basing of American forces in Iraq. As of now, whatever tactics are changing, whatever supposedly strategic decisions may be made after the elections, the top officials of the Bush administration have by no means made up their minds to leave Iraq."

Rove Protege Behind Racy Tennessee Ad

A protege of White House political guru Karl Rove produced the controversial Republican National Committee ad, which some have called racist, that targets Tennessee Democratic Senate candidate Representative Harold Ford Jr.

In the Libby Case, a Grilling to Remember

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald took on the first witness in the CIA leak case Thursday, dissecting an expert witness until she acknowledged errors and misstatements in her research.

Administration Officials Billed Taxpayers $1.5 Million for Private Air Travel

Jason Leopold writes: "On the campaign trail, Bush administration officials often boast that Republicans are more savvy than their Democratic colleagues when it comes to issues like taxes and the economy in general. But behind the scenes, dozens of cabinet members and agency officials are living in the lap of luxury at taxpayers' expense."

IMAGINE the power of your voice: Sign the Pledge

Stop the Public Lands Giveaway!

Vice President For Torture: The Return

The road to undoing the deeply disturbing Military Commissions Act

Damage Control

The Bush administration is on the wrong side of history in opposing a global arms trade treaty

We Arm The World

Five years on

Washington Free Press
by Todd Huffman


The fifth anniversary of September 11 has tapped us on the shoulder. It has warned of another year of war that waits raving and eager along that same terrible path down which this country's grief over that day has been misled for more than three years. Throughout history, leaders have glorified wars and given them justification. History is filled with such figures, and with nations that-to their sorrow-put their faith in them. Just such a figure is George Bush...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The strategic case for talking with Iran

Christian Science Monitor
by Thomas Raleigh


Iraq and Iran are not separate issues. The United States cannot address the morass in Iraq without seeing it in a regional context and recognizing the painful truth that the strategic winner in the Iraq war is Iran. Yet by its unwillingness to hold earnest talks with Tehran -- discussions that might yield positive mutual understanding and help defuse regional tensions - the US stumbles toward the disaster that would result from attacking Iran and dooms the dim prospect it has to stabilize Iraq. There aren't enough troops in Iraq to defeat the insurgency, disarm the militias, and establish a secure environment that will promote national reconciliation and political reform. Simultaneously fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, US ground forces are overextended and exhausted. This is not defeatism -- this is reality...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The charnel house of Baghdad

by Mike Whitney


There are three things wrong with the current policy in Iraq. Occupation, occupation and occupation. Foreign occupation is the reason why over 90% of Iraqis want the Americans to leave their country. It is the reason why nearly 50% of Iraqis believe that it is justifiable to shoot American troops and why nearly 70% of attacks are on occupation forces. Representative John Murtha was correct when he said, 'We are inciting the problem;' our presence is a lightening rod for violence...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Violence is not the answer

Liberty For All
by Ed Lewis


The writer has heard this phrase during most of his life. He wonders who in the devil came up with this seemingly stupid thought, as it appears that violence has always been the answer, at least for wannabe tyrannical governments. Much of mankind's history is that of corrupt governments and others using violence to take over the control of people, denying them self-will and self-determination...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Amnesty calls for jailed bloggers to be freed

Independent [UK]


Amnesty International is launching a campaign on behalf of a whole new category of prisoners of conscience -- internet bloggers and chatroom visitors arrested by repressive governments for expressing unwelcome views or disseminating sensitive information online. In an appeal issued today, the human rights watchdog is urging webmasters around the world to stand up for their imprisoned fellow bloggers -- in countries such as Iran, Tunisia, Vietnam and China -- and denouncing major internet service providers, including Yahoo! and Microsoft, for providing foreign governments with the information they need to purge the web of dissenting voices... [editor's note: Don't forget to put the US on that list -- you've read right here about Bryan DuBois, Elsebeth Baumgartner, Josh Wolf et al ... - TLK]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

California shoppers, Schwarzenegger is watching you



Gin or vodka? Ford or BMW? Perrier or Fiji water? Does the car you buy or what's in your fridge say anything about how you'll vote? Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign thinks so. Employing technology honed in President Bush's 2004 victory, the Republican governor's re-election team has created a vast computer storehouse of data on personal buying habits and voter records to identify likely supporters. Campaign officials say the operation is the largest of its kind in any state, at any time...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Army to spread burden of combat

USA Today


The prospect of combat in Iraq for at least another four years is prompting the Army to realign its forces to prevent a small slice of soldiers who are shouldering much of the fighting from wearing out. Pentagon records show one-fifth of the Army's active-duty troops have served multiple tours of war duty while more than 40% haven't been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. That disparity is behind the Army's plans to shift some soldiers to high-demand wartime specialties that could ease the burden on combat forces. The Army announced this month that it plans to maintain its current force level in Iraq through 2010. There are about 105,000 soldiers in Iraq, 15,000 in Kuwait and 16,000 in Afghanistan...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Judge blocks voter ID law for absentees

Houston Chronicle


A federal judge suspended Ohio's new voter identification law Thursday as it applies to absentee voting, saying the state's 88 counties are inconsistently applying the rule in the voting, which is already under way. U.S. District Judge Algenon Marbley granted the temporary restraining order on behalf of labor and poverty groups who sued Tuesday. The ruling is in effect until Wednesday, when the judge will consider arguments from the same groups seeking to block application of the identification law for voters who go to the polls Nov. 7...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US Warned of Ballot Box Chaos as Elections Near

Six years after the emergence of the now infamous "hanging chad" in the 2000 presidential elections, monitoring groups warn that technological glitches and hackers could throw next month's mid-term elections into chaos.

Rachel's News #878

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 38/2006

EMF/EMR-related toxicity -- electric meter exposures

by Joanne C. Mueller (10-27-06):

Finally -- "in a medical doctor's (Dr. Gerald Goldberg/Internist -- author of Would You Put Your Head in a Microwave -- ) own words....."

Confirmation that "common sense" does apply to my grandsons' boys' situations -- rare immune deficiencies when sleeping near electric meters + significant increases in overall IGG's after moving beds (and other improvement) = treatment = DIAGNOSIS.......!!!!

Two sets of two pet guinea pigs sleeping near electric meter + severe immune decline + death of two within 30 days + improved levels of neutrophils and lymphocytes (white blood cells) in two survivors = treatment = DIAGNOSIS.....!!!

CONCLUSION: Based on Dr. Gerald Goldberg's explanation re accepted medical practice of evaluating effects of various nervous system stimuli, combined with the fact that immune function is controlled by one's nervous system, it is obvious that sleeping close to an electric meter is very hazardous and at the same time, also obvious that moving away from a wall opposite an electric meter yields significant improvement in health.

DIAGNOSIS: - EMF/EMR-related toxicity (ICDM Code to be assigned)

RECOMMENDATIONS: Public service announcements via airways and newspapers are needed as well as printed information for distribution by clinics, hospitals and schools warning the public that no one should sleep adjacent to a wall opposite an electric meter, or have an electric appliance/device close to one's bed. Other action as needed re continuing education for those in medical profession

Institution of codes and other action is necessary to eventually assure that all electric meters and gas meters are located in residences and other facilities so as to avoid close, chronic, prolonged contact with humans and animals.

Take care everyone!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: (10-27-06)

"No substance is a poison by itself. It is the dose that makes a substance a poison..." Paracelsus (1493-1541)

"The time is always right to do what is right." --Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Forwarded Message:
Subj: Re: Fwd: report in omega on Als
Date: 10/27/2006 2:06:56 AM Central Standard Time
From: olle.johansson
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Indeed an important point, dear Joanne and Gerald!

Best regards

Yours Olle
(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm Sweden)

In a message dated 10/26/2006 11:46:28 AM Central Standard Time,
(Dr. Gerald Goldberg) writes:

Hello, Hi Joanne, the point I made was that often treatment tends to point towards the diagnosis of what is causing an illness. Treatment is often used to eliminate a cause. This is a common approach to elimination diets etc. The treatment tends to unmask the underlying cause or irritant and is often used commonly in clinical practice.

The issue with emf and electrical fields is that they tend to shut down the nervous system and thus basically shut off the organism. No magic, pretty straight forward. The issue can be a straight forward shut down of the nervous system as well as shutting off critical blood flow to certain tissues in the body. Check out the site on Raytheon they are already selling devices to be used for crowd control.



ALS an epidemic?

Hungerstreik für Hartz IV-Opfer

Jörg Rogall kämpft wegen illegaler Vergabe von Ein-Euro-Jobs im Landkreis Aurich

„Seit den DGB-Demonstrationen - am Samstag -befindet sich Jörg Rogall im Hungerstreik. Er prangert Betrug und Veruntreuung von 1-Euro-Jobbern im Landkreis Aurich an und fordert Ermittlungen durch die Staatsanwaltschaft…“ Meldung des Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland vom 25.10.2006

Aus dem Text: „…Das Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland begrüßt die Aktion von Jörg Rogall…“ Die Redaktion des LabourNet Germany sieht diese Aktion mit sehr gemischten Gefühlen, siehe dazu „Hungern gegen Hunger?“ unter „Debatte über Protestformen“

Aus: LabourNet, 27. Oktober 2006


Hungerstreik von Rüdiger S. gegen 1-Euro-Job und Leistungskürzung

Verhandlungsgrundlage in Sachen Rüdiger S.

Forderungen von Rüdiger S. zur Beendigung seines Hungerstreiks vom
27.12.06 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 4. Januar 2007


Hungern gegen Hunger? Debatte um den Hungerstreik als Protestform

Ausweitung der Kampfzone? Zum Hungerstreik einiger Arbeitsloser

Artikel von Antonín Dick in junge Welt vom 24.01.2007

Aus dem Text: „…Und die Pointe für die Bourgeoisie? »Was? Jahrelanges freiwilliges Hungern von Arbeitslosen? Das ist ein verdammt nützliches Experiment, das uns helfen wird, endlich präzise zu bestimmen, wie wir die Kosten für die Speisung der Millionen Arbeitslosen veranschlagen müssen!«“

Aus: LabourNet, 25. Januar 2007

Demonstrationsrecht: Polizei behindert Montagsdemo

117. Montagsdemo: Sklavenmarkt

Auch eine Art von Reality-Show

„…am letzten Montag. Da fand der erste Geraer-Sklavenmarkt statt, mitten auf dem Vorplatz der Geraer Arcaden. Die Sklaven wurden frisch aus den Gängen der ARGE gelockt und zur Schau gestellt sowie zur Versteigerung freigegeben. Ehemalige Professoren, Ingenieure und Künstler bewarben sich nun als Bierholer, Dönervorkoster, Halbkreisingenieure oder Männerbeglücker. Besonders letzteres fand als Angebot großes Interesse. Es scheint ein Beruf der Zukunft zu sein. Ein zynischer Auktionator brachte die lebenden Arbeitsmaterialien – Menschen sagt man ja nicht mehr – unter den Hammer und stachelte die sich schnell einfindenden Arbeitgeber an, sich in den Geboten für das biologische Instrumentarium hart zu überbieten….“ Bericht mit Bildern von und bei Initiative für soziale Gerechtigkeit Gera vom 25.10.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 27. Oktober 2006


Hannover: Polizei behindert Montagsdemo

Am 22. Januar 2007 wurde in Hannover von einer Polizeistreife eine genehmigte Kundgebung mit "offenem Mikrofon" gestört, das eingesetzte Mikrofon von einem Polizisten beschlagnahmt. Der Polizeibeamte wollte auch einen Fotoapparat beschlagnahmen, mit dem dieser in der Öffentlichkeit stattfindende Übergriff dokumentiert wurde. Siehe dazu:

"Augenzeugenschilderung " zum Polizeieinsatz in Hannover 22. Jan. 07 bei der Projektgruppe "Agenda 2010 kippen" Hannover (pdf)

"Protest-Erklärung" zum Polizeieinsatz in Hannover 22. Jan. 07 bei der Projektgruppe "Agenda 2010 kippen" Hannover (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 25. Januar 2007


Hannover: Polizei behindert Montagsdemo

Kriminalisierung der Montagsdemo gesteigert

Wie einer Presseerklärung der Unabhängigen Erwerbsloseninitiative Hannover vom 20. März 2007 zu entnehmen ist, sind am 16.03.2007 schriftliche Vorladungen des „Zentralen Kriminaldienstes Hannover 4.2 K“ an die bisher wg. Verstoß gegen das Versammlungsgesetz Beschuldigten ergangen. Darin wird allen Beschuldigten der Vorwurf des „Widerstands gegen Vollstreckungsbeamte“ gemacht, in drei Fällen sogar der Vorwurf des „Landfriedensbruchs“. Des Weiteren läuft in diesem Zusammenhang ein Verfahren wegen Beamtenbeleidigung.

Handbuch Online-Aktivismus:

Aus dem Vorwort: „Als am 1. Juli 2005 unser Aktivist Andreas Thomas Vogel wegen Nötigung vom Amtsgericht Frankfurt/Main verurteilt wurde, war das noch nicht das letzte Wort in Sachen Onlinedemo gegen die Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Am 22. Mai 2006 hob der 1. Senat des Oberlandesgerichts Frankfurt/Main dieses Urteil auf. Das Fazit des Gerichts war deutlich. Onlinedemos seien keine Gewalt und keine Nötigung, sondern zielten sinngemäß auf die Meinungsbildung der Öffentlichkeit. Damit endete nach fünf Jahren die Auseinandersetzung genau dort, wo sie Libertad! von Anfang an sah: Das Internet ist ein Ort für Proteste und Demonstrationen – „online protest is not a crime“. Die Onlinedemo gegen die Lufthansa war die erste in ihrer Art in Deutschland. Da versteht sich eine ausführliche Dokumentation fast von selbst. Mit dem vorliegenden Handbuch publizieren wir eine umfassende Auswahl an Texten zu Hintergrund und Durchführung der Aktion. Es handelt sich um Unterlagen, die in unserem Diskussionsprozess wichtig waren und um Aufrufe, Veranstaltungsbeiträge und Stellungnahmen zur Aktion selbst. Weiterhin gibt es eine Darstellung der Repression, des Umgangs damit, und der Solidarität mit Libertad!...“ Siehe dazu:

Alle Infos zum Handbuch Online-Aktivismus (5,00 Euro plus Porto) bei Libertad!

Siehe im LabourNet Germany die Sonderseite „Lufthansa: Internet-Demo gegen das Abschiebegeschäft am 20. Juni 2001“

Aus: LabourNet, 22. März 2007

Leiharbeit: PSA und andere Sklavenhändler

Mehr Leiharbeit wagen. Wolfgang Clement in neuer Mission: Der flächendeckend gescheiterte Ex-Minister wird zum Lobbyisten der ganz besonderen Art

Artikel von Berthold Paetz in Freitag vom 27.10.06

Aus dem Text: „… Nach langem Suchen hat endlich auch Wolfgang Clement, der Inbegriff sozialdemokratischer Integrität, einen Platz gefunden, um seine wegweisenden Reformen zu festigen. Wir brauchen mehr Leiharbeit - das hat er schon als Minister gesagt. Und deshalb wird er - in dieser Woche offiziell verkündet - dem "Adecco-Institut zur Erforschung der Arbeit" als Vorsitzender dienen. (…) Vom Mehrbedarf profitieren überproportional die großen Leiharbeitskonzerne, die ihre finanziellen Reserven für eine Konzentration des Geschäfts einsetzen. Clements neuer Arbeitgeber Adecco, 1996 als Fusion der schweizerischen Adia und der französischen Ecco entstanden, gab im Januar 2005 die Übernahme der ebenfalls französischen Altedia bekannt. Ein Jahr später schluckte man die bis dahin weitgehend auf den deutschen Markt konzentrierte DIS, deren Börsenkurs sich seit Merkels Amtsantritt fast verdoppelte. Der niederländische Konzern Ranstadt zog nach, kaufte vor sechs Jahren Time Power und ließ die Verleihfirmen Teccon und Bindan folgen. Nimmt man die in Europa stark vertretene US-amerikanische Manpower-Gruppe hinzu, ergeben sich auf dem deutschen Markt vielfach kartellähnliche Verhältnisse. Aus Sicht dieser "fetten Katzen" wirkt der neue Mindestlohntarifvertrag wie eine Flurbereinigung gegenüber kleineren Wettbewerbern….“

Aus: LabourNet, 27. Oktober 2006


Leiharbeit allgemein und im Betrieb

Boom von Zeitarbeit

Sie sind günstig und flexibel einsetzbar: Die Zahl der Zeitarbeiter hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren verdreifacht. Die Leidtragenden des Zeitarbeit-Booms sind die Stammbeschäftigten. Artikel von Dagmar Deckstein in Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 17.12.06

Leiharbeit und Gewerkschaften

... und übermorgen arbeitslos. Die IG Metall will sich im kommenden Jahr mehr auf Zeit- und Leiharbeit konzentrieren

„Die IG Metall gilt noch immer als Gewerkschaft alten Typs, die für vergleichsweise gut gestellte Beschäftigte mit sicheren Jobs eintritt. Doch haben sich auch in ihrer Branche mehr und mehr ungesicherte Beschäftigungsverhältnisse breit gemacht. Diesem Phänomen will sich die Gewerkschaft 2007 stärker zuwenden…“ Artikel von Haidy Damm in ND vom

Siehe dazu auch:

Zeitarbeit - Ein neues Handlungsfeld für die IG Metall

Folienvortrag von Bodo Grzonka beim Kongress des Projektes "Gute Arbeit" der IG Metall (pdf)

Menschen in Zeitarbeit – Sonderseite der IG Metall Berlin-Brandenburg-Sachsen

Aus: LabourNet, 4. Januar 2007


Kann der Sklavenhändler-Tarifvertrag etwa ein Fehler gewesen sein?

Erkenntnis der Woche

„…Damals sind die Gewerkschaften davon ausgegangen, dass die ehemalige Schmuddelbranche mit einem Tarifvertrag eine bessere, geordnete Entwicklung nehmen würde. Das hat sich als Fehleinschätzung erwiesen. Trotz Tarif bringt die Zeitarbeit Lohnkonkurrenz in die Betriebe. Und der DGB-Zeitarbeitstarif selbst steht auch auf wackligen Füßen…“

NRW-Bezirksleiter Detlef Wetzel im Interview von Thorsten Knuf, "Kraftakt für die IG Metall", in Berliner Zeitung vom 02.01.2007;sgroup=;day=today;suchen=1;keywords=Wetzel;search_in=archive;match=strict;author=;ressort=;von=1.4.2006;bis=;mark=wetzel

Siehe dazu:

Kritik von den Gewerkschaften. Boom der Zeitarbeit sorgt für Streit

„Der jüngste Aufschwung am Arbeitsmarkt geht mit kräftigen Zuwächsen bei der Zeitarbeit einher. Doch statt Beifall zu ernten, sieht sich die Branche zunehmend mit Vorwürfen konfrontiert, sie trage zur Verdrängung regulärer Arbeitsplätze bei. Das wollen die Unternehmen nicht auf sich sitzen lassen. (…) Sie reagierten damit auf Aussagen des nordrhein-westfälischen IG-Metall-Chefs Detlef Wetzel. Dieser hatte in der „Berliner Zeitung“ beklagt, Stammpersonal werde in den Betrieben immer häufiger durch „billige Zeitarbeiter“ ersetzt oder verdrängt. „Diese Entwicklung bedroht Jobs und untergräbt alle Tarifstandards“, so Wetzel. Mit derselben Begründung wehrt sich die IG Bau dagegen, das für den Bausektor nach wie vor bestehende Verbot der Zeitarbeit aufzuheben. (…) Der Ärger der IG Metall hat indes damit zu tun, dass die Bezahlung der Zeitarbeiter oftmals unter dem vergleichsweise hohen Lohnniveau der Metallindustrie liegt. Nach der rot-grünen Reform müssen Zeitarbeiter zwar im Grundsatz so bezahlt werden wie vergleichbare Stammarbeitskräfte – aber nur wenn für sie kein separater Zeitarbeitstarif gilt. Tatsächlich ist auch der DGB einen Zeitarbeitstarif eingegangen, der diesen Grundsatz nun durchkreuzt.“ Artikel von Dieetrich Creutzburg im Handelsblatt vom 3. Januar 2007

CGB kritisiert: IG-Metall geht auf Distanz zur Zeitarbeit. Absetzbewegung in der Zeitarbeit

„Der stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Tarifgemeinschaft Zeitarbeit und PSA (CGZP) des Christlichen Gewerkschaftsbundes, Detlef Lutz, kritisiert die deutlichen Absetzbewegungen der IG-Metall zum Thema Zeitarbeit in Deutschland und in NRW. Lutz sagte dazu in Duisburg: „Nachdem es der IG-Metall nicht gelungen ist, ihre deutlichen Mitgliederverluste durch zunächst verstärktes Engagement in der Zeitarbeitsbranche aufzufangen, setzt sie sich nunmehr öffentlich von der Zeitarbeit ab. Anders kann man die Äußerungen des Chefs der IG-Metall in NRW, Wetzel, nicht bewerten…“ CGB-Meldung vom 04. Januar 2007

Schön wärs....

Aus: LabourNet, 9. Januar 2007


Arbeitsbedingungen in der Leiharbeit/PSA

Arbeiter zweiter Klasse. Wieso Leiharbeiter gefährlich leben

„2007 ist noch jung, auch wenn die Probleme die alten sind. Herzlich Willkommen zur ersten Sendung von REPORT MAINZ im neuen Jahr! Zarter Schimmer der Hoffnung am Horizont. Mit der Konjunktur geht es bergauf, und selbst der deutsche Arbeitsmarkt kommt in Bewegung. Vor allem eine Branche boomt, die der Leiharbeit. Oder sollte man lieber Zeitarbeit sagen, weil das nicht so nach Söldner- oder Sklaventum klingt?...“ Text der Sendung Report Mainz vom 8.1.07

Aus dem Text: „…O-Ton, Bernd Grimm, Zeitarbeiter: »Ich fühle mich als Mensch zweiter Klasse. Ein Kollege hat das mal mit einem Satz formuliert: Wir sind die Sklaven der Nation und kriegen noch nicht mal Mindestlohn. Also so fühle ich mich da. Als Sklave.«“

Aus: LabourNet, 11. Januar 2007


Kann der Sklavenhändler-Tarifvertrag etwa ein Fehler gewesen sein?

"Zwei-Klassen-Gesellschaft in Betrieben". DGB-Experte Reinhard Dombre über den Boom der Zeitarbeit und die Folgen für das Lohnniveau Interview von Thorsten Knuf in der Berliner Zeitung vom 13.01.2007
Aus dem Text: „Herr Dombre, Sie haben 2003 federführend für die DGB-Gewerkschaften die ersten flächendeckenden Zeitarbeits-Tarifverträge ausgehandelt. Heute brummt die Branche, nach Angaben der Bundesagentur für Arbeit entstehen hier mehr als die Hälfte aller neuen Jobs. Freut oder beunruhigt Sie das? Dombre: Die Entwicklung ist zum Teil Besorgnis erregend. Wir sehen, dass billige Zeitarbeiter in den Unternehmen immer häufiger Stammkräfte verdrängen. Auf Dauer wird dies das gesamte Tarifgefüge in Industrie, Handwerk und Dienstleistungen kaputt machen. In vielen Betrieben gibt es längst eine Zwei-Klassen-Gesellschaft: Hier die Kernbelegschaft, die den Branchentarifverträgen unterliegt und zum Beispiel Zugang zur Qualifizierung hat. Und da die wachsende Zahl derer, die im Dienste von Zeitarbeitsfirmen stehen, deutlich weniger verdienen und von denen sich die Entleihbetriebe jederzeit geräuschlos trennen können. Knuf: War diese Entwicklung absehbar? Dombre: Selbst mit viel Fantasie haben wir das nicht vorhersehen können….“

Ob so wenig Fantasie entdeckt der DGB jetzt erst ein „neues“ Arbeitsfeld:

Zeitarbeitsbeschäftigte durch Betriebsräte der Einsatzbetriebe stärker begleiten

„Die aktuelle Entwicklung am Arbeitsmarkt zeigt, dass etwa die Hälfte der neu geschaffenen Arbeitsplätze im Bereich der Zeitarbeit entstanden ist. Zeitarbeit darf sich jedoch nicht zur Billigkonkurrenz in den Einsatzbetrieben entwickeln. Deshalb muss die betriebliche Interessenvertretung darauf Einfluss nehmen, in welchem Umfang Zeitarbeitsbeschäftigte eingesetzt werden und welche Tarifverträge für die Zeitarbeitsbeschäftigten zur Anwendung kommen sollen…“ Handlungsmöglichkeiten des Betriebsrates des Einsatzbetriebes als Flugblatt des DGB Bundesvorstands, Bereich Tarifpolitik, vom Januar 2007 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Januar 2007


Leiharbeit und Gewerkschaften: Kann der Sklavenhändler-Tarifvertrag etwa ein Fehler gewesen sein?


Der zunehmende Einsatz von Leiharbeitern spaltet die Belegschaften und schwächt die Durchsetzungsfähigkeit der Gewerkschaften. BMW in Leipzig als Vorreiter. Artikel von Daniel Behruzi in der jungen Welt vom 22.01.2007

»Leiharbeit setzt die Tarife unter Druck«

IG Metall will Beschäftigte in Zeitarbeitsfirmen verstärkt ansprechen. Ein Gespräch mit Bodo Grzonka, zuständiger Tarifsekretär für das Zeitarbeitsprojekt des IG-Metall-Bezirks Berlin-Brandenburg-Sachsen, von Daniel Behruzi in der jungen Welt vom 22.01.2007

Private Vermittler interessieren sich auch für schwere Fälle

„Ihren Boom verdanken die Personaldienstleister bisher vor allem dem Geschäft mit hochqualifizierten Fachkräften. Jetzt entdecken Zeitarbeitsfirmen und Vermittler eine ganz neue Kundengruppe: Schwervermittelbare Langzeitarbeitslose. (…) Das geht allerdings nur, wenn die öffentlichen Auftraggeber den Aufwand, der nötig ist, um schlecht qualifizierte Langzeitarbeitslose auf ein geregeltes Arbeitsleben vorzubereiten, auch entsprechend bezahlen. Aufwandspauschalen um die 500 Euro, wie sie oft von Arbeitsagenturen gezahlt werden, reichten dafür nicht aus…“ Artikel von Max Borowski (Hamburg) in der FTD vom 20.01.2007

Aus: LabourNet, 23. Januar 2007


Arbeitsbedingungen in der Leiharbeit/PSA

Letzer Ausweg Leiharbeit? Die prekäre Wirklichkeit einer flexiblen Beschäftigungsform

Broschüre von Manfred Koch in der Schriftenreihe "fair statt prekär", herausgegeben von der Kooperationsstelle Wissenschaft – Arbeitswelt der Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 7. Februar 2007ändler

Die Vollendung des Binnenmarkts (Bolkestein): Chaos für alle?

Die Vollendung des Binnenmarkts: Chaos für alle?

„Am 23.10. hat der Binnenmarktausschuss des Europäischen Parlaments die EU-Dienstleistungsrichtlinie, bekannt unter Bolkestein, verabschiedet. Ob das Plenum den vorliegenden, im Juli von EU-Kommission und Ministerrat verfassten Textvorschlag bei der 2. Lesung Mitte November durchwinken wird, bleibt abzuwarten. Denn viele der Änderungen, auf die sich die Mehrheit der ParlamentarierInnen im Februar geeinigt hatten, haben Kommission und Rat gestrichen. So liegt jetzt eine Dienstleistungsrichtlinie vor, die viele Rechtsunsicherheiten birgt, was auch vom DGB heftig kritisiert wird. Angesichts harscher Gewerkschaftskritik an der Richtlinie, die in den Stellungnahmen zur Bolkestein-Anhörung im Wirtschaftsausschuss des Bundestags am 16.10. geübt wurde, ist es unbegreiflich, dass das Thema Bolkestein auf den großen Demonstrationen am 21.10. kaum vorkam…“ Artikel von Annette Groth vom 25. Oktober 2006

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Europa streitet um Arbeitnehmerschutz

„Im Konflikt um die Entsenderichtline geht das Europaparlament auf Konfrontationskurs zur Kommission. Die befürchtet Protektionismus der jeweiligen Länder, die Abgeordneten hingegen die Aushöhlung von Sozialstandards..“ Artikel von Daniele Weingärtner in der taz vom

Aus: LabourNet, 27. Oktober 2006


Bolkestein-Richtlinie: Grundinformationen

EU gegen Sozialstaat

„Bei der laufenden Auseinandersetzung um die EU-Dienstleistungsrichtlinien sollte nicht übersehen werden, dass bestimmte Aspekte des geplanten Angriffs auf den Sozialstaat bereits realisiert und sogar rechtlich festgeschrieben wurden. Dank des bestimmenden Einflusses der Unternehmenslobby in Brüssel, können sich bereits jetzt deutsche Unternehmer völlig ihrer Pflicht zur Zahlung von Sozialbeiträgen entziehen. Was bei Arbeitslosen in strafrechtliche Bereiche gerückt wird, ist für Unternehmer „legal“. Dies entschied zumindest am 24.10.2006 der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH 1 StR 44/06)…“ Artikel von Armin Kammrad vom 29.10.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 30. Oktober 2006

Handy kann schnell zum Tatwerkzeug werden

Handy-Verbot an Schulen

Mexico Rejects Biotech Corn

Informant: Mitchel Cohen

From ufpj-news

National Call to Action for Climate Stabilization

Worse Than Union Busting

Mary Beth Maxwell discusses a recent flood of ads appearing nationally that are meant to dismantle labor unions. "So the next time you come across a slick television, radio or newspaper ad pedaling anti-union propaganda, ask yourself who benefits when workers are prevented from joining together to represent themselves. Question what's at stake when democratic rights are limited in the workplace," writes Maxwell.

Exxon Mobil Reports Second Highest Profit in History

The Exxon Mobil Corporation reported today that it earned $10.49 billion in the third quarter, the second largest quarterly profit ever posted by a publicly traded American company.

America's Kingdom of Heaven

Informant: Kev Hall

“Unidentified Acoustic Phenomena” in New Zealand


Bush is Cutting and Running

A Superpower In Decline: America's Middle Class Has Become Globalization's Loser

Globalization is striking back. The United States has promoted the worldwide exchange of commodities like no other nation, and the result is that their local industry has begun to be eroded.,1518,439766,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Peace groups say FBI monitored their e-mails

Obtaining the e-mails of Peace Action Maine and Veterans for Peace is a waste of FBI resources, and it has a chilling effect on people who want to speak out against government policies, said Shenna Bellows, executive director of the MCLU.

From Information Clearing House

Robert Kennedy Jr.: 'We Have A Negligent Press In This Country'

"We know more about Tom and Katie than we do about global warming," Kennedy Jr. said. "We're the most entertained, least informed people in the world."

From Information Clearing House

Book tells of CIA bid to hush up torture

According to a secret report, the CIA offered to let Germany see one of its citizens, an al-Qaeda suspect being held in a Moroccan cell. But US secret agents demanded that in return, Berlin should co-operate and "avert pressure from EU" over Morocco's human rights.

From Information Clearing House

Bolton: sanctions ‘help regime change’

Imposing economic and political sanctions against Iran and North Korea will help democratic forces in those countries as Washington pursues its “ultimate objective” of regime change, John Bolton, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said on Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

Will Harper back an Iran strike?

While Canadians agonize over the quagmire in Afghanistan, few people are looking at what the Harper government will do if George Bush finds a rationale for military action against Iran.

From Information Clearing House

Violence making exiles of many Iraqis

What is our moral responsibility as it becomes clear that our bungled occupation has sunk Iraq into chaos - and that the country is approaching all-out civil war?

From Information Clearing House

From 'mission accomplished' to mission impossible for the Iraqis

The only real strength of the Iraqi government is the US army. In theory, it has 264,000 soldiers and police under its command. In practice they obey the orders of their communal leaders in so far as they obey anybody.

Big Brother Doesn’t Practice Fraternal Love

The Fault Lies In Ourselves

By Paul Craig Roberts

When people no longer understand that civil liberties are more important than political agendas, they have lost sight of the belief system that protects them.

Collaborators of Catastrophe: Inside the Ministry of Truth

Chomsky On "Terrorism"

By Saad Sayeed

"What I write causes extreme anger for the very simple reason that I use the U.S. government's official definition of terrorism from the official U.S. code of laws. If you use that definition, it follows very quickly that the U.S. is the leading terrorist state and a major sponsor of terrorism and since that conclusion is unacceptable, it arouses furious anger."

Iraq is not simply a US electoral issue, it's a human tragedy of biblical proportions

'Stability First': Newspeak for rape of Iraq

By Pepe Escobar

Iraq is not simply a US electoral issue. It's a human tragedy of biblical proportions. Hence the urge at this point to situate the tragedy in a historical context.

U.S. Service Academy Graduates Unite Against Illegal Iraq War

Join Anti-War West Pointers in New Organization

U.S. PIRG Report Shows Ten Opportunities to Build New Energy Future

Bush Closes the Gap Between Freedom and Terror, but there is an Upside

One, Two, Three, What Are We Voting For?

On PATRIOT Act's Fifth Anniversary, We Celebrate the Resistance

Space War

The Torture Election of 2006


The Torture Election

The Congressional campaign of 2006 slouches toward election day through a grotesque landscape of torture and excuses for torture, scabrous messages from a Congressman to young boys, a Congressional cover-up of the same, murder and countermurder every day in Iraq (a heart-stopping 655,000 Iraqis have died since the invasion, according to a Johns Hopkins study), and nuclear fallout from North Korea.,000

Complaints Mount at US Fortress in Iraq

Tackle Climate Change or Face Deep Recession, World's Leaders Warned

Raytheon ray gun....use on US citizens before military use

[jcm notes 10 26 06......suggestion to use on US citizens re crowd control before military use.....9 06 ]

Families win mast battle


27 October 2006 08:54

Families fighting controversial plans for a mobile phone mast near their homes today appeared to have won their battle before it had even begun.

Mobile phone company 02 had sparked fury among people living near to land off Ivy Road, in Earlham, by asking owner the Nelm Development Trust if it would allow a 22-metre mast on the site.

If accepted, the mobile company would then submit a formal application to Norwich City Council.

However, David Ralph, executive director of Nelm, said today he would recommend the proposal be refused at its next board meeting on November 6.

He said: “This was an unsolicited approach to us. It is for a former school site which we took over from the council three or four years and we are currently consulting with the community. There is an overwhelming number of residents not in favour. The recommendation I will be making is that we do not accept this proposal.”

The news has been welcomed by the Earlham Mast Fight Campaign, which is still urging people to sign an online petition.

John Clayton, a campaign organiser from Ivy Road, said: “We feel we still need to make residents and businesses aware, and their views known to the Nelm Trust.

“At the next meeting of the Nelm board, we would like them to consider implementing a policy of rejecting solicitations from telecommunication developers.

“We also feel the Nelm Development trust needs to consult much more with its residents on matters of importance. Telecommunication companies and Norwich City Council should also make concerted efforts to inform local communities about phone mast proposals.”

Jemma Shutter, also from Ivy Road, said: “We are still hoping to get some momentum behind our campaign for the meeting. If people go to the meeting they can lobby and hear what's being discussed.”

Rupert Read, who represents the Wensum ward on the city council, said: “I think this has come about as a result of pressure from local residents and green councillors. We must keep up that pressure to make sure the right decision is made.

“O2 have now shifted attention to another site, the police station on the round about at Earlham Road. I would urge any residents who want to fight this to contact us.”

To sign the petition, log on to to

Rupert Read can be contacted on 01603 219294 or by e-mail at

The Nelm board meeting will be held on November 6 at 5.30pm at the Gurney Centre, Irstead Road, Norwich.

Are you fighting a mobile phone mast near you? Contact reporter Dominic Chessum on 01603 772428 or e-mail

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State of denial: deranging consequences of 9/11,,923-2412302,00.html

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Truths of a Lost War

We’re Living in the Dream World of George W. Bush

The Blue Revolution Begins on Election Night

Should we start a Blue Revolution across the USA on Election Night to stop Republicans from stealing Election 2006?

When the polls close, we propose that citizens across the country gather outside their County Election Office for a candlelight vigil to Count Every Vote, all wearing the same color: Blue.

Imagine a Blue Revolution, every bit as joyous and historic as the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Cedar Revolution Lebanon, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, and the other democratic revolutions of recent years - right here in the United States of America.

Shall we make history on November 7?

More here:

David Swanson

From ufpj-news


Every poll points to a Democratic victory on November 7. Yet George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove all insist Republicans will win.

Are they planning to steal another election?

Let's start a Blue Revolution across the USA on Election Night to stop Republicans from stealing Election 2006.

When the polls close, we propose that Democrats across the country gather outside their County Election Office for a candlelight vigil to Count Every Vote, all wearing the same color: Blue.

Imagine a Blue Revolution, every bit as joyous and historic as the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Cedar Revolution Lebanon, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, and the other democratic revolutions of recent years - right here in the United States of America.

Help us organize a vigil in your county - just login to and click "Local." If you don't see an Election Night Vigil in your county, create a new Forum Topic coded "Blue Revolution," select "County," post the location of your County Election Office, and spread the word to your friends.

More here:

You can also join Cindy Sheehan for a Blue Revolution rally at the White House on November 7. She'll be there from the 6th through the 9th (at 10 a.m. on the 9th we'll deliver the petition). More info:

Make sure your voter registration has not been purged - "google" your registration at Prepare for other election-stealing strategies at

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld to Be Prosecuted

by Ed Asner

The evidence that Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld lied us into a war is overwhelming but also dry and dense. It's compiled here:

But imagine seeing this evidence presented coherently and systematically in a dramatic performance full of humor and emotion. That is the gift that playwrite Craig Barnes has given us in "A Nation Deceived." The script is available now at

Barnes encourages you to take it to your local organizations and perform it. Beginning November 1st, you will be able to go to the same website and purchase a video on DVD of the play being performed by a group of actors with Ed Asner in the lead role. (If you're in Los Angeles on November 6, you can catch a live performance with Asner.)

To give you a taste of what this play is about, here's an interview with the author:

Santa Barbara Citizens Speak for Impeachment at City Council Meeting

Try This In Your Town!

From John Calvert, SBIC member:
We have just posted video of public comment at the Santa Barbara city council meeting. About 11 people from the coalition spoke, plus a surprise guest at the very end - not to be missed. The city council has not yet placed the resolution on their agenda, but we are keeping up the pressure. You can find the video on our website,

Forward this message to everyone you know!


The Blue Revolution Begins on Election Night

"Blue Revolution" Vigils in 22 Counties

Embracing the Subtle Upside of Terror

Garrison Keillor laments, "... the federal government is extending the frontiers of terror with the Military Commissions Act of 2006, legalizing torture and suspending habeas corpus and constructing a loose web of law by which you and I could be hung by our ankles in a meat locker for as long as somebody deems necessary."

Pull the Plug on E-Voting

Part I:

If voting by computer is inherently untrustworthy and in practice poorly crafted, overpriced, prone to breakdowns and wide open to subversion, basically less accurate than counting by hand, then perhaps we should pull the plug on e-voting.

Part II:

The degree of independent hand-auditing of paper ballot records sufficient to verify the corresponding computerized vote tallies is comparable to the effort required to more accurately count all the ballots by hand in the first place, dispensing with the machines.


William Fisher writes: "Most politicians agree that when they make a mistake, the most reliable way to restore their credibility is to fess up - and the least reliable way is to cover up. The Bush administration has forgotten this principle for six years."


A message from NANCY

Original Message Anita S.

Wednesday, 3:59 PM

From CriticalPetsRescue


Dear Friends: I have not cajoled and urged you to support any of my actions in Greece in a very, very long time. You all have enough on your plates. I saw the TV coverage of this horror on Greek TV just moments ago. I felt I got a glimpse of hell, and I am shaking with sorrow and rage. Please do not let the animals in this God forsaken country down.

I am now begging you to copy and paste this letter - copy and past the addresses in the e-mail block, and blast the press and officials in Greece and copy me: (

It will take you less than two minutes. Please offer that up for the Animals of Greece.



Dear Sir/Madame:

The tarnished image of Greece around the world and its practice of brutality towards its companion and farmed animals is one which should conjure up shame in the hearts of every compassionate Greek.

The suspicious, illegal pet ware house fire of October 24th that burned alive over 1500 animals (companion animals, monkeys and all types of exotics) in Vari, near Athens is clearly an indication of the apathy, absolute stupidity and the aberrant direction of state veterinarian Chryssa Dile of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry's inability and lack of desire to function on behalf of the animals under its jurisdiction. To compound the criminally negligent activities or lack of activities of the Ministry of Agriculture, government officials condone and support the rantings and destructive actions of a small group pf people led by Popi Baka and Ioanna Garagouni who are hell bent on destroying any semblance of animal welfare in Greece.

We plead with the press to address animal related issues with unbiased, intelligent reportage and a modicum of compassion. Carry the torch for these innocent victims who are unable to speak or control their destinies. This disheartening incident is yet more proof that the animals in Greece exist in a virtual hell. All of the above should be recorded for history as just another of Greece's failings.


Greek Press and Officials ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
info@mintour.g (@mintour.g) ( ( ( ( (

Silent protest at church

By East Lothian Newsroom

Thursday October 26, 2006

PROTESTERS have collected almost 1,000 signatures opposing a plan to install a mobile phone transmitter inside Haddington West Church.

Members of the newly-formed action group NO 2 O2 staged silent protests outside the church prior to the start of services on Sunday.

Mobile phone operator O2 hopes to install a ‘base station’ inside the church tower and a planning application is under consideration by East Lothian Council.

Church officials, however, have yet to make their final decision, irrespective of whether planning consent is granted.

One of the leading lights in the campaign to stop the base station from going ahead is Desiree Dunkinson of Victoria Road.

The mother of a 10-year-old child, she is concerned about the possibility of harmful radiation emitting from the base station.

She said she was encouraged by the support of those who had signed the petition – and the 30-strong protest on Sunday.

“Mobile phone mast emissions heighten the risk of leukaemia, especially childhood leukaemia,” claimed Mrs Dunkinson.

“Having seen two cousins go through that disease, I just would not like to see anybody else going through that process.

“I think you could lessen the chance by putting masts up a safe distance from people, especially kids”

She added: “There are many more health effects, but the leukaemia one is the one that grabs me personally the most.

“The thought that somebody else could go through that disease just because of an unsafe siting of a mobile phone mast is just not on.”

She stressed that she had nothing against the West Church – pointing out that it played a pivotal role in the community – but claimed that independent research had shown that people living within 300 metres of such a mast could “suffer serious health effects”.

Church officials issued a fresh statement this week, revealing that discussions on the O2 plan were to continue.

“The (congregational) board intends to continue listening to the views of members of the congregation and of the wider community in addition to those of national agencies charged with regulating and assessing the safety of mobile phone masts,” said a spokesman.

“The board has noted that there are more than 35,000 mobile phone masts in the UK, a number of them in church buildings, some of which are in our area, and that this number is projected to increase.

“Also that the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland have expressed themselves ‘sufficiently satisfied regarding the health issue to continue entering these applications’ (for congregations), but have given an assurance that ‘the matter will be kept constantly under review’.”

The Presbytery of Lothian, added the spokesman, had given its permission for the mast’s erection should the church decide to proceed, and he said that all negotiations with O2 would be handled by the Church of Scotland.

“Members of the board are aware that installation of the mast would not be groundbreaking in national or local terms, but are also aware that local circumstances and views require to be given consideration,” he added.

It is understood that, if the church agrees to the mast’s installation and planning procedures are negotiated by O2, it would be between nine months and a year before the mast was erected – and a further year before the church would receive any financial benefit to help maintain the building.

Cash from allowing O2 to install the transmitter would help alleviate the church’s serious dry rot problem.


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