Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2006

Lieberman Says He Has Been Promised Seniority

Joseph Lieberman, Democratic senator running for re-election as an Independent, says the party leadership has assured him he will keep his seniority if he returns to Congress. Democrats are responding with irritation, political opponents voice disbelief, and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid denies making a decision.

World Bank's Dirty Power Plan

Officials at the World Bank have developed a plan to tackle climate change. Their solutions are in direct conflict with environmental protection and are detrimental to the development of renewable energy.

The excessive borrowing during the Bush years will make the nation poorer

Deeper and Deeper

The New York Times

"There is fresh evidence, if any more were needed, that excessive borrowing during the Bush years will make the nation poorer," writes the New York Times.

US Troops Say Armed Forces Stretched Too Thin

A solid majority of American soldiers returning from the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan say that US armed forces are stretched too thin.

Congress's Shameful Retreat From American Values

Garrison Keillor writes: "The US Senate, in all its splendor and majesty, decided that an 'enemy combatant' is any non-citizen whom the president says is an enemy combatant ... and can be arrested and held for as long as authorities wish without any right of appeal to a court of law to examine the matter." Keillor reminds us that "The Senate also decided it's up to the president to decide whether it's OK to make these enemies stand naked in cold rooms for a couple of days in blinding light and be beaten by interrogators. This is now purely a bureaucratic matter."

Beware a New Bush Doctrine

Seyom Brown writes: "In a deft move to divert the political debate away from the embarrassing National Intelligence Estimate on the impact of the war in Iraq on terrorism, President George W. Bush has been prematurely touting the 'successes' of NATO's beefed-up counterinsurgency campaign against the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan. But reports from the field reveal another potential quagmire in the making."

The US Occupation of Iraq: Casualties Not Counted

Dahr Jamail writes: "There are approximately 100,000-125,000 American civilian contractors working in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their jobs range from providing security to desk work to interrogating prisoners to driving convoy trucks to clearing unexploded ordnance.... The US Department of Labor listed 428 civilian contractor deaths and 3,963 wounded in Iraq - none of which are ever counted in the official casualty counts."

Bedarfsgemeinschaft & Autos: "Die Union bekämpft die Arbeitslosen"


Die sozialpolitische Sprecherin der Linksfraktion, Katja Kipping, wirft der Union vor, sie bekämpfe "weiter die Arbeitslosen und nicht die Arbeitslosigkeit". Der Union sei kein Vorschlag "zu dumm, um sich auf Kosten der Arbeitslosengeld II-Bezieher/innen zu profilieren und ihnen das Leben zu erschweren". Nun solle gesetzlich die Anzahl der Fahrzeuge pro Bedarfsgemeinschaft und der Maximalwert eines Pkw auf 10.000 Euro beschränkt werden, kritisiert die Abgeordnete. Dies ist nichts weiter als eine "weitere Drangsalisierungsmaßnahme" und zudem noch "unsinnig". Die FDP findet die Vorschläge "widerlich".

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20 Millionen Dollar für Siegesfeier im Irak und in Afghanistan

Wie im letzten Haushaltsgesetz für das Pentagon wurde auch in dem für
2007 das Geld für die Siegesfeier eingeplant.

Paper Ballots, Peace, Impeachment

Bürgerversammlung "Mobilfunk" in Icking/Isartal

Waterboarding Republic

by James Abourezk,

The public's opposition to the new detainee law is the only thing that will give Congress the backbone to preserve our freedoms.


Informant: David Diggins

A new plan could undo work by California and other states to reduce global warming emissions

The Stench From Texas

Washington's other big scandal, the failure to take terror threats seriously, drags on

Rice's Lost Credibility

Revoking 1776: Fear, Liberty and the Military Commissions Act of 2006

by Felice Pace


Passage of the Military Commissions Act by Congress will be remembered as a black days [sic] in the history of our republic. Congress has sullied the 'Spirit of 76' -- the revolutionary tradition of this nation. The Founding Fathers fought a revolution and founded a nation to assure that all citizens would be provided basic rights and most especially the right to confront involuntary detention before a competent tribunal...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Requiem for my country

Common Dreams
by Thea Paneth


The Military Commissions Act is totalitarian police-state legislation that has just been enacted by the U.S. Congress. It provides, among other things, that the President can decide U.S. citizens are enemy combatants. It strips foreign born enemy combatants of habeas corpus. Charges and evidence are secret and the person so termed can be held in secret and can even be executed in secret (through a 'presidential finding' signed on 9/17/01). There is no recourse. I don't think these laws are aimed at terrorists. I think they are aimed at political dissenters (peace activists?) and will be used accordingly. It must be noted that the media has omitted the crucial details related to U.S. citizens in their scanty coverage of this Act...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Our principles of freedom must stand

Foundation for Economic Education
by E. Smythe Gambrell

Concerning the importance of limitations upon the powers of government. For 300 years the American people have cherished the spiritual concept that the rights of man to freedom are personal to him from the Creator, not from the State. It was written in our Declaration of Independence. This concept, to the extent that we have followed it, has guided us not only to a life of human dignity, but to material abundance... (written 08/56; posted 10/04/06)

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Oh grow up

Liberty For All
by Jessi Winchester


Watching 'Nanny 911' on TV is much like observing the President giving a press conference. Both feature a child having temper tantrums when they don't get their way. One is just taller than the others. It's quite amazing to observe the leader of the so-called 'free world' distort his face in fury and respond in an arrogant testy tone to a reasonable question. It's clear Bush perceives inquiries as a personal attack and he obviously feels his view is the only one that matters...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The buck starts here

The Weekly Standard
by Ross Douthat & Reihan Salam

When the Washington Monthly recently asked seven conservatives to explain why they were rooting for GOP defeat this November, some of them complained about the Iraq war, some about the Bush administration's expansive view of executive power, some about the GOP's opposition to stem-cell research. But nearly all of them agreed on at least one point: If you were to boil down the domestic policy failings of the Bush years to just three words, those words might be spending, spending, and spending... (for publication 10/09/06)

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The price of Foley

National Review
by the editors


Dennis Hastert is unlikely to be the Speaker of the House in the next Congress. Five days after the Foley scandal broke, and a year after his office heard its first glimmerings, Hastert has refused to take any responsibility for what happened. As a result, the Republicans' odds of keeping the House have fallen. And even if the Republicans keep the House with slender margins, Republicans may well decide to demand new leadership. It would take only a handful of House Republicans unwilling to back Hastert for Speaker to make it impossible for him to win the post. This result is not completely fair to Hastert. Foley is obviously the chief transgressor here. And the key mistakes that were made in addressing his offenses occurred when Hastert was not in the loop. Which makes it all the more peculiar that Hastert continues to defend those mistakes. It can't be done...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush's torture policy hurts our soldiers

Christian Science Monitor
by Carla Seaquist


Taking care of the troops under his command is an officer's sacred duty. That duty applies exponentially to a commander-in-chief. Yet the present commander-in-chief, George W. Bush, has further jeopardized the troops he sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. And he's been taking care -- not of the troops, but of his own administration. Mr. Bush should be cited for dereliction of duty. Dereliction No. 1: Bush's policy on torture hurts our soldiers. Last week, Congress surrendered to Bush's 'program' of 'alternative interrogation methods' (read: torture). While Bush claimed 'We do not torture' last month, his ongoing support for harsh tactics that amount to it heightens the risk that our soldiers will be tortured if taken captive -- a distinct and dire likelihood as Iraq deteriorates into civil war and Afghanistan tips back into chaos. ... Dereliction No. 2: Audaciously, the White House is also pushing changes to the War Crimes Act, the 1996 US law that prosecutes 'grave breaches' of the laws of war, such as the Geneva Conventions...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

House GOP urged Foley to seek re-election

Human Events
by Robert Novak


After it was learned that Rep. Mark Foley had dispatched an inappropriate e-mail message to a 16-year-old male former page, the House Republican leadership was still urging him to seek re-election from his Florida district. He agreed. It was a success that surely will cost the Republicans Foley's seat in Congress and perhaps control of the House for the first time since the 1994 election. A member of the House leadership told me that Foley, under continuous political pressure because of his sexual orientation, was considering not seeking a seventh term this year but that Rep. Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), talked him into running...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The best for the worst

by Jacob Sullum


Under the Military Commissions Act recently approved by Congress, there are two ways the government can imprison a suspected terrorist for the rest of his life. It can try him before a military commission, a process that includes many of the safeguards offered by civilian courts and courts-martial. Or it can skip the trial and keep him locked up anyway. Given the latter option, the government is apt to try only its strongest cases, involving big bad guys such as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. The result is that the best treatment will be reserved for the 'worst of the worst,' while the rest of those detained as 'unlawful enemy combatants' -- the innocent as well as the guilty -- will be left to languish in obscurity...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Handy am Steuer: Autofahrer wegen Todes von Radfahrer verurteilt

The Gosford Hospital should not be placing occupied hospital space over an active substation

Gosford Hospital's new paediatric wing places sick children's health at risk

Sewage, Coastal Destruction Threaten Marine Life

Sewage is a growing threat to oceans and seas, putting at risk marine life and habitats as the pollution problem escalates. Threatened areas include the North Sea's bed, coral reefs in South East Asia, wetlands in North America, Southern and Western Africa, mangroves in many Caribbean countries, Ecuador and Colombia, and fisheries in Latin America.

Congress Earmarks $20 Million for Victories in Iraq, Afghanistan

Tucked away in fine print in the military spending bill for this past year was a lump sum of $20 million to pay for a celebration in the nation's capital "for commemoration of success" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not surprisingly, the money was not spent.

The Tipping Point

"This Foley scandal may well become the tipping point that drives this catastrophically dangerous Republican party out of power in Congress come November, and may finally unleash an avalanche that will sweep some degree of accountability back into government," writes William Rivers Pitt.

Öffentlich empfohlene Impfungen sollen Pflichtleistung werden

Urgent action for deep sea life: die Tiefsee ist beklagenswert unzureichend vor zerstörerischen Fischfangmethoden wie der Grundschleppnetzfischerei geschützt

A Libby Pardon for Christmas?

Maybe you are thinking that Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's case against Scooter Libby is yesterday's news, or, worse, in its last throes. Think again.

From Information Clearing House

Bush Gives 15 Million Muslims More Reasons to Hate Us

Ted Rall: It Depends On Your Definition Of "Free"

From Information Clearing House

Britain: Observer claims threats by Washington prompted Heathrow terror raids

The August 10 terror scare at Heathrow airport was triggered by the decision of US intelligence “to seize the key suspect in the UK’s biggest ever anti-terrorism operation and fly him to a secret detention centre for interrogation by American agents.”

From Information Clearing House

Wake up America: Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the Military Commissions Act

INN Interview

From Information Clearing House

Are you a casualty of the class war?

For the first time in our nation's history, the Forbes list of the 400 wealthiest Americans includes only billionaires. In fact, having only a billion dollars means you're not on the list. As a group, the Forbes 400 has a collective net worth of $1.25 trillion.

Beijing holds whip hand over slowing US

Relations between Beijing and Washington have become increasingly strained. China is strengthening its ties with Iran, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea - the Bush administration's arch-enemies. As the US economy falls into recession in 2007 and economic growth slows in China, relations between Beijing and Washington could completely unravel - which poses much greater economic risk to the United States than to China.

Paraguay hardens U.S. military stance

Paraguay's decision to refuse diplomatic immunity for U.S. troops and not to renew a military cooperation pact sparked debate Tuesday, with analysts calling the developments a blow to U.S. attempts to improve regional ties.

Secret weapons trafficking and unaccountable government

"Specialty Chemicals"

Today is the fourteenth anniversary of the Bijlmermeer air disaster, whose sordid aftermath opened up a whole can of worms relating to secret weapons trafficking and unaccountable government, which really gives the lie to all the worthy motivations we claim for our policies.

From Information Clearing House

Help stop the Iran attack: Be There on Oct. 5

“World Can’t Wait…Drive Out the Bush Regime!”

From Information Clearing House

Occupied Iraq: 9,000 people being displaced each week

The International Organization for Migration says nearly 190,000 people in the 15 central and southern provinces of Iraq have been displaced by violence since the bombing in late February in Samarra.

General: U.S. Army in danger

The Iraq war has left the U.S. military in critical condition, stretched beyond its limits in manpower and equipment and in danger of "breaking," retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey said Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

23,416 US Casualties in U.S War in Iraq

If you really want to gauge the toll of the Iraq War on the American public, you have to read the local newspapers.

Baghdad push takes deadly toll on U.S. troops

In the second month of a security crackdown in the capital, U.S. military casualties appear to be rising, even as deaths among Iraqi security forces have fallen, according to U.S. military sources and analysts.

From Information Clearing House

A Soul Defying, Tacit Approval Of Torture: How Did We Come To This?

By Phil Rockstroh

For most of us, the price we would have to pay for confronting authority would be far too prohibitive; hence, we learn it is acceptable (as well as politically useful to our power mad leaders) to displace our anger and fear upon outsiders. Ergo, the so-called Clash of Civilizations is unloosed and slouches, by way of the Washington Beltway, to Iraq, Iran and beyond to be born.

Human Hell and the Demons of War - Branch Warfare and the Evolution of Aggression

By Manuel Valenzuela

Wars of religious proclivity are the greatest example of the malignant human hell that legitimizes the murder and killing of our fellow man.

20 years of fighting corporate media bias

Just Say No to War in Iran

Now You Could be Labeled as Enemy Combatant

Now You Could be Labeled an Enemy Combatant

People Hold Promise for Peace

A Disaster by Any Measure

Consolidation in Media Is Called Stifling

Cuba Embargo's Boomerang Effect

Blue October: Global Action Challenging Corporate Control of Water

Take Action

Have you heard about Blue October? Well, this week kicks off the month of international action to challenge corporate control of water. Blue October also recognizes the second anniversary of the historic vote by the people of Uruguay to amend their Constitution to protect the human right to water. It's also a time for people around the world to come together in collective action, with dozens of events where people will join in a common refrain: "Water is Right, Not a Commodity."

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., bottled water giants are scheming about how to boost profits at the International Bottled Water Association meeting in Las Vegas.

Click here to learn more about Blue October and our Think Outside the Bottle events here in the U.S. We're exposing the reality behind bottled water and educating people about the importance of protecting our public water systems and people's access to water as a human right.

Patti Lynn

Chaos Computer Club fordert Verbot von Wahlcomputern in Deutschland

05. Oktober 2006


Der Chaos Computer Club hat in enger Kooperation mit der niederländischen Kampagne "Wir vertrauen Wahlcomputern nicht"
( Wahlcomputer der Firma Nedap auf Schwachstellen untersucht. Die Ergebnisse dieser Untersuchung wurden heute publiziert. Sie zeigen eine grundsätzliche Nichteignung von Computersystemen für Wahlen. Der CCC fordert daher ein vollständiges Verbot von Wahlcomputern für Bundes-, Landtags- und Kommunalwahlen.

Die niederländische Initiative "Wir vertrauen Wahlcomputern nicht" hat heute die Ergebnisse ihrer in enger Kooperation mit dem Chaos Computer Club durchgeführten Analyse von Nedap-Wahlcomputern publiziert [1]. Nedap-Wahlcomputer, nahezu baugleich zu den niederländischen Geräten, sind auch in Deutschland zugelassen und im Einsatz. Die Bauartzulassung der Nedap-Wahlcomputer in Deutschland beruht auf einem Gutachten der Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB).

Die Analyse zeigt auf, dass

* Wahlcomputer keinen effektiven Schutz gegen Stimm-Manipulation bieten,

* die Software der Wahlcomputer einfach auszutauschen und zu manipulieren ist,

* das Wahlgeheimnis durch die Wahlcomputer kompromittiert wird,

* Manipulationen an Wahlcomputern praktisch nicht nachgewiesen werden können,

* Wahlcomputer den gesetzlichen Vorgaben in keiner Weise genügen.

"Die Bauartzulassung der Nedap-Wahlcomputer ist nach den nunmehr vorliegenden Forschungsresultaten hinfällig. Das Bundesinnenministerium muss daher die Zulassung entsprechend § 3 Absatz 3 der Bundeswahlgeräteverordnung widerrufen," forderte der Sprecher des Chaos Computer Club, Andy Müller-Maguhn. [2]

Die Abwesenheit realer Angriffsszenarien in den Prüfkriterien des von der PTB erstellten Bauart-Gutachtens legt die Vermutung nahe, dass die PTB und Nedap bei deren Ausarbeitung deutlich zu eng zusammengearbeitet haben. Die Details des Gutachtens werden von den Beteiligten in wichtigen Teilen geheim gehalten. Eine öffentliche Begutachtung der Risiken von Wahlcomputern war somit bisher nicht möglich.

Der niederländischen Kampagne "Wir vertrauen Wahlcomputern nicht" gelang es, mehrere Wahlcomputer der Firma Nedap zu erwerben. Erstmals konnten nun unabhängige Experten die Sicherheit der Wahlcomputer untersuchen. Die dokumentierten Ergebnisse zeigen, dass die Nedap-Wahlcomputer den gesetzlichen Anforderungen weder in Deutschland noch in den Niederlanden genügen.

Der Chaos Computer Club wendet sich auf Grund des hohen Gefahrenpotentials prinzipiell gegen die Verwendung von Wahlcomputern. Ein unsicheres und manipulierbares Computersystem mit zahlreichen Angriffspunkten darf nicht Basis des sensibelsten Bereichs unserer Demokratie werden. Ein vorläufiges Wahlergebnis wenige Stunden früher vorliegen zu haben, ist es nicht wert, das von Wahlcomputern ausgehende Risiko einzugehen.

"Wahlcomputer müssen in Deutschland verboten werden, bevor wir auch hier Zustände wie in den USA oder Mexico bekommen. Die hier verwendeten Nedap-Computer sind mindestens genauso unsicher und manipulierbar, wie die aus den Wahlskandalen in den USA bekannten Systeme. Mit manipulierten Wahlcomputern kann eine entschlossene Gruppe die Macht ergreifen, ohne nach außen hin die Spielregeln der Demokratie zu verletzen," kommentierte CCC-Sprecher Müller-Maguhn.

Das einfache Konzept einer geheimen Wahl ohne gefährliche technische Spielereien hat sich bewährt. Um weiterhin freie und geheime Wahlen in Deutschland sicherzustellen, muss daher die Wahl mit Stift und Papier als einzig zugelassenes Wahlsystem gesetzlich verankert werden. Technische Manipulationen können nur so prinzipiell ausgeschlossen werden.

"Eine Wahl mit Stift und Papier kann effektiv von normalen Bürgern überprüft werden, wie die DDR-Opposition gezeigt hat, als sie die Wahlfälschung im Mai 1989 aufdeckte. Eine Wahl mit Wahlcomputern kann jedoch nur von einer kleinen Elite von Computer-Forensikexperten überprüft werden. Doch nicht einmal diese Experten können vollständige Manipulationsfreiheit garantieren," erläuterte Müller-Maguhn.

Wahlen mit Wahlcomputern sind vom Bürger nicht mehr öffentlich überprüfbar, da alle Vorgänge im Inneren eines undurchschaubaren Computersystems ablaufen. Eine Neuauszählung von Stimmen würde dabei nur das manipulierte Auswertungsprogramm noch einmal ausführen. Fälschungen sind so, im Gegensatz zur traditionellen Papierwahl, nicht mehr erkennbar.

[1] Detaillierte Informationen über die Schwachstellen der Nedap-Wahlcomputer finden sich unter

[2] Bundeswahlgeräteverordnung:


Bundesweites Verbot gefordert: Wahlcomputer vor laufender Kamera geknackt (05.10.06)

Die niederländische Kampagne "Wir vertrauen Wahlcomputern nicht" hat nach einem Fernsehbericht vor laufender Kamera einen Wahlcomputer geknackt. Das Modell kommt ähnlich auch in Deutschland zum Einsatz, etwa bei den Bundestagswahlen vor einem Jahr. Der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) forderte daraufhin ein vollständiges Verbot von Wahlcomputern für Bundes-, Landtags- und Kommunalwahlen. Zusammen mit der niederländischen Initiative hatte der CCC die Wahlcomputer auf Schwachstellen untersucht. Die Ergebnisse dieser Untersuchung publizierten die Niederländer am Donnerstag. Sie zeigen nach Ansicht der Hacker vom CCC "eine grundsätzliche Nichteignung von Computersystemen für Wahlen".

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


AT: Wahlcomputer? Noch nicht. Aber dann.


Chaos Computer Club: HSG Wahlsysteme bestätigt Unzulänglichkeit ihrer Wahlcomputer

Der deutsche Distributor der Nedap-Wahlcomputer hat die gravierenden systemischen Mängel seiner Wahlcomputer zugegeben. Herbert Schulze Geiping, Geschäftsführer der "HSG Wahlsysteme GmbH", führt in einem Statement [1] aus: "Es wird nie ein Wahlgerät geben können, das für sich allein manipulationssicher ist. Heute ist eine Sicherungsmethode 'state of the Art', morgen ist sie gehackt." Da nun nicht einmal mehr der Hersteller selbst behauptet, dass es manipulationssichere Wahlsysteme geben kann, erneuert der Chaos Computer Club seine Forderung nach einem sofortigen Verbot von Wahlcomputern in Deutschland, um schweren Schaden von unserer Demokratie abzuwenden.

Die Firma HSG Wahlsysteme hat offenbar damit gerechnet, dass bald herauskommt, wie primitiv und technisch mangelhaft die Nedap-Wahlcomputer sind, die von ihr in Deutschland vertrieben werden. Schulze Geiping: "Ich habe das in dieser Art und Weise erwartet und bin eigentlich nur etwas erstaunt darüber, dass es so lange gedauert hat!" Nur gut, dass es der Chaos Computer Club und nicht ein radikaler Provinzpolitiker war, der diese Erwartung zuerst erfüllt hat.

Die prinzipielle Unmöglichkeit, einen manipulationsfesten Wahlcomputer zu bauen, räumt Schulze Geiping selbst ein: "Nun wird man aber an keiner Stelle in Prozessen technische Geräte einbauen können, die von sich aus gegen rechtswidrige und verbrecherische Handlungen immun sind. Dies zu glauben ist naiv."

HSG Wahlsysteme bietet noch ein paar letzte schwache Abwehrargumente: "Die Wahlgeräte werden immer in einer 'geschützten Umgebung' gelagert, vorbereitet und betrieben." Damit muss offenbar der Keller des Rathauses gemeint sein, in dem, nur geschützt von einem Billig-Schließzylinder aus dem Baumarkt, die Nedap-Wahlcomputer zusammen mit den Putzmitteln gelagert werden. Der Schutzwert der üblicherweise verwendeten Schlösser ist selbst gegenüber einem ungeübten Angreifer marginal, wie hinlänglich bekannt ist. [2]

Aber es gibt ja noch das bewährte Konzept der Abschreckung: "Eine Manipulation der Geräte, gleich an welcher Stelle im Prozess, ist gesetzeswidrig und wird strafrechtlich verfolgt!" Dass ein Wahlmanipulator selbstverständlich nicht entdeckt werden möchte, scheint Herrn Schulze Geiping komplett entgangen zu sein. Und das, obwohl er doch auf technischer Ebene erkannt hat, dass ein Wahlcomputer die Entdeckung von Manipulationen praktisch unmöglich macht. "Manipulationsversuche können bei technischen Geräten nie ausgeschlossen werden, isoliert betrachtet mögen sie sogar Erfolg haben", so Schulze Geiping.

Leider scheinen die Spezialexperten von HSG Wahlsysteme in puncto Bedrohungsmodellierung erhebliche Scheuklappen zu tragen. Im Statement heisst es: "Ein weiteres Sicherheitskriterium liegt darin, dass alle Geräte 'stand-alone-Geräte', also nicht vernetzt sind. Dies schließt ein externes 'Einhacken' per se aus." Die eigentliche Bedrohung wird dabei komplett ignoriert: der Innentäter. Ein realistisches Szenario für eine Wahlmanipulation ist eine Gruppe skrupelloser Lokalpolitiker, die wiedergewählt werden will. Solche Täter haben im Zweifel problemlosen Zugang zu den gelagerten Wahlcomputern. Sie brauchen sich nicht "von außen" einhacken, sie sind bereits drin.

Ein Sprecher des Chaos Computer Club fasst zusammen: "Alle Argumente der Befürworter von Wahlcomputern lassen sich nunmehr auf ,Aber wir passen doch drauf auf' reduzieren. Innentäter werden gar nicht in Betracht gezogen. Das Kernproblem der nicht vorhandenen Überprüfbarkeit der Wahl für den einfachen Bürger wird weiterhin ignoriert."

Mit der durch die Forschungsresultate des CCC notwendig gewordenen Einzelüberprüfung aller Wahlcomputer durch die Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt bei der Oberbürgermeisterwahl in Cottbus wird die so gerne angeführte Kostenersparnis für die Gemeinde als allerletztes Argument ebenfalls hinfällig. Da nun nicht einmal mehr die Herstellerfirma die technische Nichteignung der Wahlcomputer bestreitet, erneuert der Chaos Computer Club seine Forderung nach einem sofortigen Verbot von Wahlcomputern in Deutschland. Wahlen mit Zettel und Stift funktionieren und können von jedem Bürger überprüft werden. Es gibt keinen Grund, stattdessen ein nachgewiesenermaßen riskantes, mangelhaftes und teures System zu verwenden.

[1] [2]


Wem kann man trauen? (25.12.2006),1518,456278,00.html

Manipulier- und Abhörverdacht: CCC fordert Verbot von Wahlcomputern (06.10.2006),1518,441156,00.html

Wahlcomputer: Behörde hält Manipulationen für möglich (09.10.2006),1518,441637,00.html

CCC- Kongress: Hacker in der Sinnkrise (28.12.2005),1518,392476,00.html

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23. Chaos Communication Congress

Fahrplan CCC- Kongress 2006



Daily Mail October 4, 2006

A black bear perches precariously on a scooter and is forced to drive a circus performer across a tightrope.

This shocking image is just the latest picture to emerge from the barbaric Animal Olympic Games in China, a country with a shameful animal rights record.

The event has provoked outrage and serious concerns among animal rights groups around the world including The Captive Animals' Protection Society.

Craig Redmond, UK-based campaigns manager, said: "The things these animals are being made to do are not natural acts, and there will no doubt be cruelty involved in making them perform these tricks."

Shirley Galligan from the Born Free foundation added: "This is degrading for the animals, insulting to our intelligence and a disaster for any possible chance of increasing respect for the wild animals we share the world with. The Shanghai Animal Olympics is about domination and manipulation."

Previous pictures from the 'games' have included kangaroos being forced to take part in boxing matches with their supposed keepers and a monkey cycling while tied by the collar to the children's bike.

Other events have included a sea lion high jump and a tug of war between an elephant and members of the audience, with more than 300 animals taking part.

The forth of the biannual events at the Shanghai Wildlife Park has attracted thousands of visitors, including rapturous school children.

But the 'cruelty Olympics' are being held just before the human Olympics take place in Beijing. The Captive Animals' Protection Society is writing to the Chinese Ambassador in London to complain about the event.

"The abuse of the animals is clear. The bears, for example, will be very distressed at being forced to wear muzzles, chained and made to fight," said Redmond.

The protests from animal rights groups has been felt by the Chinese Government, which is keen to improve its reputation among the international community in terms of both animal and human rights. This year's Olympics could therefore be the last.


By Nick Mcdermott
The Daily Mail
October 2, 2006

These images of a ferocious tiger sinking its four inch teeth into defenceless prey are not digitally created scenes from an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster.

In an all too real display of its savage nature, the orange and black-striped killing machine is seen dispatching live farmyard animals placed in its enclosure by handlers while visitors look on at the feeding frenzy.

The brutal scenes, reminiscent of the bloodthirsty displays in Rome's colosseum where animals were pitted against one another for the crowd's amusement, are being played out at a wildlife park in China.

According to officials at Changchung Wildlife Park, staff are training the big cats to kill live prey in order to hone their hunting skills.

But animal rights campaigners questioned the park's motives and said the practice of feeding goats and calves to caged tigers raised serious welfare concerns.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: 'We would question the motives behind feeding live animals to tigers in a non-wild environment. It raises concerns over animal welfare on behalf of the livestock being fed to these tigers.

'Throwing live animals to caged tigers doesn't re-create anything that happens in the wild, if that is their aim.'

Tigers are one of the world's most endangered species, with only 6,000 remaining in the wild. In the past century alone, three sub-species of tiger has become extinct die to illegal hunting and a continued loss of habitat.

China, which has faced fierce criticism over its animal rights record, is under renewed pressure to improve protection after hosting the so-called Animal Olympics in Shanghai this week.

The event, in its fourth year, showcased a boxing bout between an Australian kangaroo and a man dressed in a clown suit. During the fight, the marsupial appears to reel backwards after receiving a right hook from its human opponent.

The kangaroo was just one of 300 'athletes' taking part in the annual event at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, which also featured an elephant carrying the Olympic torch and various animals -- including zebras and mountain goats -- put through a series of events such as hurdles and races.

In July, the Daily Mail reported on the barbaric sport of horse fighting where cheering crowds in South West China took bets on which stallion would win a bloody battle.


The Daily Mail
September 29, 2006

An Australian kangaroo receives a fierce blow to the head by a man dressed in a clown suit in a shameful contest that will further fuel fears over China's barbaric attitude to animals.

The bizarre marsupial-versus-human bout happened during the so-called Animal Olympics in Shanghai.

Animal rights campaigners say the Chinese have an appalling poor record for animal rights protection and have no laws to protect them.

In the fight, the Australian kangaroo appears to reel backwards after receiving a right hook from its garishly attired opponent.

But the 'roo, which was wearing boxing gloves on its front paws, fought back, grappling with the clown who was forced back towards the ropes by its onslaught.

The kangaroo is just one of 300 'athletes' taking part in the annual event, now in its fourth year, at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

The event held in a large arena also involves an elephant carrying the Olympic torch and various animals including zebras and mountain goats put through a series of events such as hurdles and races.

Also pictured at the event yesterday were bears standing with boxing gloves on their paws during another distasteful performance.


By Bill Mouland
Daily Mail
July 11, 2006

With wild, rolling eyes filled with a mixture of fear and hatred, nostrils flaring, blood already flecking their ragged flanks, two stallions rise on hind legs to fight each other in a dusty arena.

All around them as they bite, kick and snort, an excited, cheering crowd takes bets on who will win. While animal welfare groups yesterday condemned the horse-fighting tradition, celebrated by China¹s Miao ethnic group in Rongshui county, Guangxi province, locals pointed out that it had been going on for 500 years.

The fighting, part of the summer Xinhe festival which asks for blessings on newly planted crops, such as corn, sweet potato and soya bean, is even included on some tourist itineraries in South West China.

"It is nothing but barbaric," said Vivian Farrell, president of the International Fund For Horses, which has led campaigns to ban horse fighting. "It¹s cruel and inhumane and I don¹t know why they do it."

While tourist guides tell tales of teams of horses being led into the makeshift arena to the sound of gunfire and a reed pipe band, they fail to mention that the stallions are whipped into a frenzy.

Mrs Farrell said: "First of all they get a mare in season to arouse the stallions, then they take the mare away and the fighting begins. They will rear at each other and kick and bite in the bid to show whose bloodline is superior.

"Sometimes the fights last 10 minutes ­ sometimes they go on for half an hour. It¹s not normally a fight to the death but occasionally animals have to be put down."

The Miao people, the fifth largest of 56 ethnic groups recognised by the People¹s Republic of China, regard the fighting as Œthrilling, exciting and fascinating.¹

One guide explains how two teams of horses, specially selected to be Œplump, sturdy and energetic,¹ are led to the arena and then pitted against each other one by one. They bite each other, turn their hooves and kick the other side heavily. The nervous and fierce fight makes audiences hold their breath or cheer and applaud loudly from time to time," says the guide.

If one horse falls down or runs away, the other one is declared the winner and another two take their place. The winning horses then fight each other. The last two battle it out to be champion.

While the losers are led away to lick their wounds, the sweat-soaked champion is draped in red while his owner Œfeels very proud for having such a brave and strong steed.'

Informant: NHNE

Next-up News n°108

Canadian Action Party demands Canada condemn U.S. torture bill

From ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space

Will Americans Seek Repeal Of Constitution Killing Enabling Act?

Informant: ranger116

Aide Says He Reported Foley 3 Years Ago

Aide involved in Foley scandal resigns

Informant: ranger116

New Eco-Crisis Looms

Fatal Vision: The Deeper Evil Behind the Detainee Bill

Are War Deaths Ever ‘in Vain’?

Why Is There a War on Drugs?


The war on drugs

Liberty For All
by J. Michael Bragg

I have watched closely over the last couple of years, and educated myself as to the toll that this failed 'eradication' policy has taken on our society. I am convinced that the Drug War is more harmful to our society than the drugs themselves. EVERY intrusion on our privacy, our bank accounts, our emails, our telephones, and many other violations of our Constitution have all been perpetrated in the name of the War on Drugs. And make NO MISTAKE -- it IS a WAR! (written 05/12/01); posted 10/26/06)

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Investors would be wise to acknowledge that the FED has switched policies under Bernanke’s leadership

The century of drought

Informant: NHNE

DEMAND Hastert's Immediate Resignation



In response to his indefensible handling of a known child predator in their midst, Dennis Hastert whined today that liberals were out to "get to me". Isn't that just so precious? Little Denny Hastert is now the REAL victim in all of this, not the children exposed to the abuse of Mark Foley because of Hastert's own complicity.

The fact is that Foley began making inappropriate advances to underage pages from the day he entered Congress in 1995, and the Republican leadership knew so much about it that, as reported by the Washington Post, they were warning the pages to stay clear of Foley from day one.

Hastert today says "we took care of Mr. Foley" by asking him to resign. Of course that's exactly what he told John Boehner, "it had been taken care of", when fresh allegations surfaced 11 months ago, which Boehner at first admitted, then denied, then admitted again. This has been common knowledge among the Republican leadership for 10 years, it is only the Democrats and the American people who have been kept in the dark. So for Mr. Hastert "taking care of" something MEANS to sweep it under the rug yet again, all the while Foley is paying off the National Republican Congressional Committee.

President Bush yesterday said we should still trust Hastert because he is a "father". What parent would not aggressively move to investigate such inappropriate overtures which they knew all about? What parent would be lulled into inaction by concerns that it "might have affected campaigns". It NEEDS to affect campaigns alright, starting with the resignation of Dennis Hastert.

Even the reactionary Washington Times has called for Hastert to go immediately. A liberal media conspiracy indeed! Is there no craven hypocrisy too depraved for the current Republican leadership to swallow? Tell them to take some "personal responsibility". Tell Hastert to resign.


This alert is brought to you by the activism of James Wright, running for Congress from the 8th district of Texas. James has shared his production of the new Lie/Die spot with other candidates, and there are now 10 candidates who have produced their own versions, confronting the Bush administration on their Iraq lies.


Please go to donations page now. You can see the spots playing right on the page above. Give whatever you can in these last critical 5 weeks of this Congressional election campaign. The future of our democracy is on the line. This is our last chance to take back our country from the dark side of dictatorial ambition. We must give it everything we've got. Only then do we have a chance for a brighter tomorrow.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours.

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