Congressional inquiry concerning the corruption in family court & children services

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My family desperately needs your help! Please read our story and sign the petitions at the bottom of the page to free Geneva & force an investigation into this tragic matter. If you signed this Petition already please forward it to your friends on the care2 network.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and your help.

*The kidnapping of Geneva Johnson*Must Read*

An order of removal was signed to remove my niece Geneva Johnson from the premises of her grandmother Annie Lackey on 2/2/05 base on a lie by an ACS case worker (Angelica Reyes). It was determined that an emergency removal was necessary because the case worker claimed that her grandmother exhibits bizarre behavior; and the absence of furniture in her home with the exception of a dresser and a few chairs.

Supervising Judge Susan Knipps of family court (60 Lafayette st) signed the emergency removal order for Geneva Johnson with insufficient proof and no professional testimony, no legal representation or examination of the alleged victim who was 13 at the time. In fact on 2/3/05 the next day the Judge did not allow Geneva to speak in court, and her Law guardian (Natalie Albert) did not represent Geneva’s best interest in court concerning the innocence of her grandmother. Instead they plotted to place her into a DRC facility and have her mentally evaluated and medicated. The Judge violated Family court act 1028 by directing Ms. Lackey’s newly appointed attorney Ms. Baronoff not to have the 72 hour hearing that she is entitled to get Geneva back home.

In fact no family resource was contacted nor were any services offered as required by the NYS family court act to avoid removal of Geneva or placement into foster care. Ms. Lackey and Geneva are both dedicated Christians of Jehovah witnesses and neither has any history of mental illness, abuse or criminal activity. On 2/17/05 I went to family court with the hopes to get Geneva placed into my care until this tragedy passed over. I was informed by Angelica Reyes and Natalie Albert: “that the only way I can get Geneva placed into my custody is to go thru an ICPC which can take upwards from anywhere to 3 to 6 months and until then she will have to remain in foster care.”

I knew what they were telling me did not make any sense; we’re living in America, and the law cannot possibly be that screwed up, I remembered reasoning to my self. I next challenged the allegations against my mother and asked for an explanation. I was informed that my mother was believed to be mentally ill and my niece was removed for imminent risk to life and health. I immediately asked for their proof to this ridiculous allegation and they replied it was confidential and that I’m not a party to this case (docket no: N-1301/05 NYS family court 60 Lafayette st.).

The Judge informed my mother that she and Geneva will have to see the court psychiatrist to determine her mental status if she wants her granddaughter back. Ms. Lackey never has been to a clinical psychiatrist, thus without professional diagnosis what is the basis for the Judge to account for an assessment? Ms. Lackey will not comply with the Judge’s wishes because it’s obvious that the courts doctors will find an unfavorable diagnosis to support the courts claims especially since the removable was done on very deliberate and questionable grounds. The burden of proof should fall on the accuser not the accused.

On 3/24/05 Elvis Liburd and Robert Griffith of the dept. of social services petitioned the Supreme Court ex parte motion part (index 400985/05) for an order to gain access into Ms. Lackey’s home. They claimed that she was mentally impaired and exhibits psychotic, paranoid, schizophrenic behavior and that she has auditory hallucinations amongst other things. On 3/30/05 Mr. Griffith and 6 NYPD officers and a psychiatrist showed up at Ms. Lackey’s residence in a failed attempt to force my mother into psychiatric care. I immediately went down to confront Mr. Griffith about the fictitious claim he bought against my mother and threatened the dept. of Social Services with a lawsuit. They later dropped their case against my mother (foajm.2645851). I later discovered that I can apply for legal guardianship for Geneva; a right that was deliberately withheld from me by ACS, family court and Geneva’s law guardian.

On 6/13/05 I was denied the right to file for legal guardianship for my niece Geneva by family court clerk Thomas O’Connor who I immediately reported to the inspector general office with no satisfaction till this date in writing. During Geneva’s stay in foster care, ACS has failed to enroll her into school or provide home schooling for her. In fact Geneva has been neglected and abused in most of the foster homes they placed her in; all her cries for help fell upon deaf ears when those crimes were properly reported to ACS officials, her law guardian, and the mayor’s office. I have even written to the Governor’s office, John Mattingly (ACS), the Mayor, various politicians and all law enforcement agencies on her behalf and explained in full detail about the seriousness of the crimes and the abuse that she is suffering each day; nobody did anything.

Geneva grew tired of the educational neglect and the lack of help she was receiving from those who were supposed to be protecting her. It really bothered her that she has been to court more than 18 times and was not allowed to have a voice in court from the Judge even though she is now 14 years old. She was concerned as to why her fact finding hearing did not start as of yet and she grew weary of the psychological conditioning that they were subjecting on her each day. Geneva decided to leave ACS custody after a failed rape attempt at one of their facilities. She returned back to the safety of her family late in the summer of 2005 to escape the many abuses she endured during her tenure in ACS care.

On 12/19/05 ACS workers Sophia Nunez, Michael Navas and 6 officers from NYPD came to Ms. Lackey’s residents and forcibly removed Geneva, painfully handcuffing her in the process while refusing to present or leave the court order they claim they had to justify their actions. Geneva knew she had to get away from this callous agency that did nothing but abuse her and try to force medication on her. She returned home to her Grandmother the next day and went to the hospital for her sore wrist and shortness of breath and filed a complaint against the police officers. A little over a week later on the 28th ACS worker Charles Emanuel along with officers from NYPD Came to Ms. Lackeys home to remove Geneva.

This time Ms. Lackey refuse to open the door until they show their court order, instead they chose to break down the door and swarm into her apartment. P.O. Pitts (shield # 2457) threatened to shoot Ms. Lackey on the spot if she moved and ordered her to shut up and get off the phone. Ms. Lackey refused because she was calling for help. The officers began to push her around and then P.O. Cano (shield # 8153) pulled the phone wire out of the wall then pushed Ms. Lackey who is 64 years old out into her hallway barefoot.

Geneva was in the bathroom taking a bath when this entire ruckus started. She was frozen and very scared and did not want to leave her grandmother. Geneva was ordered out the bathroom by the responding officers and she informed them that she was in the bathtub. Next, under Sgt. Caruso command, a Swat team from the 19th precinct with laser guided weapons and full body armor bust down the door and pulled Geneva NAKED out of the tub in full view of the 20 or more police officer’s and the ACS worker, all who were MEN. The officers then painfully handcuffed Geneva and wrapped some sheets around her out of the linen closets and marched her away barefoot in the dead of winter crying like she’s a savage animal or some crazed killer.

Next, they took her to Metropolitan Hospital where they put her in a straight jacket and injected her with some type of medication while she is still handcuffed with her hands behind her back. Next, they placed her into a psych ward at a DRC facility on 17th street & 2nd avenue, so she can be mentally evaluated. The cowardly, thuggish and terrorizing actions of the police officers were reported to the civilian complaint review board (case # 200515422), Internal Affairs, the Mayors office, the Governors office, Don Mattingly (ACS), Robert Morgenthau-District Attorney, FBI, Rep. Carolyn Maloney and a host of others. Nobody did anything but just let the case die down.

Geneva continued to stand firm and returned home to her grandmother on the 30th of December, 2 days after her tragic ordeal. She wrote letters to the Mayor pleading for help, and got nothing, no satisfaction, not even a reply. On 5/7/06 they came back again and took her upstate and locked her up in some type of mental institution. Why is New York City government protecting ACS and Family Court for the obvious crimes they have committed? How many innocent children and parents are subjected to psychiatric evaluation; and are unnecessarily administered mood- stabilizing drugs as a condition to retain the rights of their children?

ACS and Family court is being run like a plantation. It’s a profit-driven industry, a subtle continuation of institutionalized slavery which violates the 13th amendment against slavery and involuntary servitude. Family court has been used to “legalize” this racketeering scheme to rubber stamp ACS state sponsored child & family abuse/neglect cases, and terrorize & subdue underprivileged mothers and their children; mostly Afro-American and Latino. What do they want with Geneva so badly? She did not commit a crime so why do they treat her so? Why are they not educating her? Is this some type of behavior modification experimentation? Why are these individuals being allowed to operate like a secret cult with total impunity within our government?

Constituents of New York & America, please VOICE your OUTRAGE. Today they are targeting parent’s that are considered underprivileged, tomorrow it may be your kids. Please stand up and make the guilty party accountable for their crimes. This is CHILD ABUSE of the worst kind. Please sign my petition to free Geneva Johnson and force an investigation concerning this matter. There are so many horror stories out there, suggesting that this problem may very well be national. I ask you all to join me, and become ONE voice, let’s ask congress together, to probe into the vast corruption within our children services and family courts, on a national level. Please sign my 2nd petition for this important inquiry. Their strength relies on their concealment from the public, therefore this story is worthy of public scrutiny. My niece is being used as a sacrificial lamb for their sadistic experiments; and she needs your help. Please help make this case public!


The Honorable Susan K. Knipps Supervising Judge
60 Lafayette st. 4th fl N.Y, N.Y 10013 Re: NYS family court case docket no: N-1301/05

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg City Hall New York, N.Y 10007

Commissioner John B. Mattingly Administration for Children Services
150 Williams St. -18th fl. New York, N.Y 10038

Robert M. Morgenthau N.Y. County District Attorneys Office
1 Hogan place, N.Y, N.Y 10013

Honorable Hillary Clinton United States Senate
780 Third Avenue Suite 2601 New york, N.Y. 10017

Governor George E Pataki State Capitol Albany, New York 12224

contact me: realdealoneal(at)


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