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Meet Your Meat: factory farms


Meet Your Meat

In a moving narration, actor and activist Alec Baldwin exposes the truth behind humanity’s cruelest invention –the factory farm.

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Are We Doing Good Yet?

Dean Baker writes: "When election time rolls around, people ask two basic questions about the economy: how is it doing, and who is responsible? The first question is usually easier to answer than the second. People generally have a pretty good sense of how they are doing. But that doesn't stop politicians from trying to tell them otherwise."

The Unlearned Lessons of Abu Ghraib

President Bush has signed into law Congress's latest attempt to clarify our country's position on proper treatment of detainees and the boundaries of legitimate interrogation techniques. Unfortunately, this legislation demonstrates that both the administration and Congress have failed to learn important lessons from what Bush described as the "biggest mistake that's happened so far" in Iraq: the detainee abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Olbermann Addresses the Military Commissions Act in a Special Comment

"A government more dangerous to our liberty than is the enemy it claims to protect us from," says Keith Olbermann. "We have accepted that the only way to stop the terrorists is to let the government become just a little bit like the terrorists."

Early Imprisonment for Bob Ney

Representative Bob Ney is headed to prison early next year after pleading guilty to charges of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in illegal gifts from lobbyists. Until then, Mr. Ney, a six-term Republican from Ohio, has a comfortable place to bide his time.

Ohio Lawsuit to Reinstate Hundreds of Thousands of Purged Democratic Voters

"Put pressure on the democrats to bring suit. I would urge the DNC - the party can't let this stand. They could proceed to Federal court and argue that this is a civil rights case - against blacks and young people. They could file their own suit. There are a lot of ways they could do it procedurally. They could intervene as an independent party. They could join our lawsuit, I would welcome any action by them," says Ohio voting rights activist and attorney Dr. Bob Fitrakis.



By Rob Kall
October 20, 2006

This article will recap the the evolution of the last few days of news regarding voter roll purging in Ohio, with an update from Bob Fitrakis, since he has seen and had reports of several vote purge related letters and uncovered more information on statewide vote purge activities, including private, vendor control of the voter rolls.

After an initial report that letters were sent out to many Ohio voters, particularly in Democratic voting areas, questions have been raised as to whether inappropriate voter purging, particularly of young, student voters and apartment dwelling, city African American voters occurred.

Two days ago, OpEdNews reported in an article, Ohio Lawsuit to Reinstate hundreds of thousands of Purged Democratic Voters to be Filed Fri or Monday that Robert Fitrakis intended to file a suit blocking inappropriate purges of young or minority voters. One blogger posted a diary disputing the voter roll purge on dailykos. The article was titled No truth to Ohio "purge" letters .

The diarist, in the opinion of some readers, suggested that things were all safe and comfy, perhaps persuading some to let their guard down. The title along suggested factual proof, when all the diarist reported was failure to find evidence.

OpEdNews received calls and emails from a number of people.

Some said that they'd heard the whole story of voter purging in Ohio was false.

Others wrote or said in phone calls that Markos Moulitsas and the Dailykos site are reputed to oppose discussion of the theft of the 2000 and 2004 elections, vote theft and risks of vote problems in the 2006 elections.

Others reported that the Democratic leadership wanted to downplay discussions of threats to the vote because they feared it would discourage a strong voter turnout. Most of these people disagreed, saying people have the right to know the truth.

Just to clear things up, my first conversation with Bob Fitrakis was about the report of purging and letters sent out that the senders didn't want recipients to answer.

Early in our Wednesday evening conversation, I asked him, referring to the report of Blackwell's vote purging, "What do you know about what's been reported on Kos and by Hartmann?"

He replied: "It's very similar to the stuff we reported after '04. We've already reported that they had purged half a million voters in the major democratic cities -- Cincinatti, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo since the 2000 elections and this is the same pattern."

This was not a conversation about other problems. It was a discussion directly in response to the original posting, linked to above, on dkos.

But, in response to the counter-claiming diary mentioned above, I called Fitrakis to follow up. I asked if he had any problem with my first article and he replied that he did NOT. Then he started telling what he was up to and what he was doing.

He has had a ton of experience with the multitude of assaults on vote integrity in OHio, so he knows how to "play the Game," fighting back and making sure the vote and voter rights are protected.

I asked him if he agreed that there was "no truth to the Ohio Purge Letters."

He replied, "WE are not satisfied at this moment that this purging did not occur. WE don't know yet."

Since we last spoke Fitrakis reports he has seen or had read to him letters from two different counties.

"Letters were sent out on or about August first, (in Miami county August
6th.) We talked to one person who read us the letter and told us what was in it. And we got a change of address letter that was sent about that time."

Fitrakis reports that, though some basic elements were required by the state, different counties created different letters. That means there could have been as many as 88 different letters sent out. He determined that in Ohio's Miami county, the letters did not require a response which, failing, would cause a purge. The vendor managing the registered voter roll was instructed not to purge voters. But Fitrakis added that all registered voter databases created at the county level are sent up to the Ken Blackwell's central state voter databank, and that it is possible they were purged there, in spite of the local county official's instructions to the vendor managing the records at the local level.

To ascertain just what has been going on with letters to voters, Fitrakis says, "This weekend, we are requesting the letters of all 88 counties."

Fitrakis says, as he reported to OpEdNews earlier, "If we find after our due diligence investigation there was any inappropriate purging -- if mistreatment for minorities or young people, we will move for an injunction.

"What we're trying to do now is to examine the letters and also, compare the data bases, electronically, from all 88 counties, with the secretary of state's office (database.) But there is the possibility that exists that the private companies that have been contracted to run the voter registration may have taken action, unless otherwise authorized (instructed) not to by the board of elections. And the possibility remains that the secretary of state's office could have taken action (purged voter names from rolls) and this is still under investigation. It's not a settled issue."

OpEdNews asked, "With the history you already know of, do you have serious concerns that this happened?"

Fitrakis replies:

"This is the exact same pattern of purges that occurred in three key democratic areas in 2004 -- Toledo, Cleveland and Cincinatti."

"We believe that past abuses have occurred and these initial reports would be directly in line with the past abuses. The potential that these abuses occurred still exists.

"We are pursuing it. We are gathering information and if that information suggests any of these purges targeted young people or minorities, we are in fact, going into federal court.

"We are not satisfied at this moment that this did not occur. In fact, the evidence suggests the clear possibility that the system would allow such a purge."

OpEdNews replied, "Thanks, because there was a posting on Dailykos, which was titled, No truth to Ohio "purge" letters.

Fitrakis replied, "We're going to get to the bottom of this.

"WE don't know yet. We really don't want to be lulled into -- I mean, we should be checking these rolls every week and right before the election, every day."

OpEdNews asked; "Do you advise that people check in with their voting board to see if they're registered or not?"

"Yes, they have to."Fitrakis replied.

OpEdNews; "Ahead of time?"

Fitrakis: "Eight to ten thousand people disappeared off the Deibold electronic (records) system in 2004."

OpEdNews: "What's the connection between Diebold and the record system of the voting rolls?"

Fitrakis: "They have a "D.I.M." system -- electronic voter registration system -- and a lot of the counties have this computerized system. People are on it one day, then suddenly there's a computer glitch and eight to ten thousand people are gone the next day.

"ES&S has a system, Triad has a system. All the manufacturers have computerized voter registration software."

OpEdNews "So there's a very good possibility not only that there have been purges but that Diebold could have been involved in doing the purges?"

Fitrakis "Diebold and Triad at the county level. We know they inadvertently purged eight to ten thousand people in '04."

"That's the key question that's been raised in all of this -- who is controlling the voter registration rolls -- the vendors, the secretary of state or the county? And we don't know yet. All we know is that people have raised the possibility of purges."

Botom line -- Ohio is generally recognized as one of most at-risk states in the nation, in terms of vote theft, manipulation and voter disenfranchisement. Now is the time to be vigilant, to turn over every rock, to scrutinize every potential whiff of possible vote integrity threat. In the past, Democrats failed to take the threat seriously. John Kerry minimized or ignored the reports of problems in Ohio and failed to use the reputed $20 million war chest that was raised specifically to investigate and fight vote theft and corruption efforts.

Bob Fitrakis is a voting integrity hero, committing enormous amounts of time, energy and resources to fighting the good fight, forcing the actions of nefarious Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell to see the light of day. He needs and deserves support from the net roots You can make a contribution to help support his efforts to evaluate actions in all 88 Ohio counties by going here:

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We'd Do Better to Leave

Michael Scheuer doubts the Baker Commission will come up with the necessary change in Iraq strategy: "I don't think it can come back and say: 'We lost; we'd do better to leave,'" he explained. Dominique Dhombres applauds the honesty of his bleak prognostications.

Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore

In a state that voted nearly 2 to 1 for President Bush in 2004, nine former Republicans will be on the November ballot as Democrats. "I'd reached a breaking point," says Mark Parkinson, a former chairman of the Kansas Republican Party. "I want to work on relevant issues and not on a lot of things that don't matter."

Bundestag entschied gegen Urwaldschutzgesetz

Naturschutz: Bundestag entschied gegen Urwaldschutzgesetz (19.10.06)

Der Bundestag lehnte heute mehrheitlich ein Gesetz zur Rettung der letzten Urwälder der Erde ab. Der Gesetzesantrag sah vor, den Besitz und den Handel von Holzprodukten aus Urwaldzerstörung, die nach Deutschland importiert werden, zu verbieten und zu kontrollieren. Greenpeace hatte Anfang 2004 mit einem ersten Entwurf zu einem Urwaldschutzgesetz die parlamentarische Diskussion ins Rollen gebracht. Die Schwarz-Rot Koalition habe laut Greenpeace bis heute nichts im Rahmen der 2007 bevorstehenden deutschen EU-Präsidentschaft unternommen, um in Europa ein Importverbot von Urwaldholz durchzusetzen.

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Fears over mobile phone mast

Light a Fire Under Congress: Urge Your Representatives to Stop Global Warming

A message from NANCY

Original Message:

The National Wildlife Federation just released a new report about how global warming will affect the American West and the wildlife that call it home. The report talks about how wildfires, drought, warming rivers and streams, declining wetlands and many other things.

To learn more and also email a summary of the report to your senators and representative, click here:

Von der Unterschicht zum abgehängten Prekariat

Welche Folgen könnte die Übernahme der von Soziologen und sozialen Bewegungen geprägten Begrifflichkeiten in die aktuelle Debatte innerhalb der SPD haben?

Spiegel warnt vor unbedachter UMTS-Nutzung

Nationwide Election Protection Hotline Up and Running

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Arizona's Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe

by David Stoddard

Jim Kolbe has represented me for the last 22 years. Kolbe was a prime force behind the formulation and passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It has proven disastrous for both Mexico and the United States. The reasons for the failure have been outlined by numerous pundits.....

The Woman's Vote in November

by Devvy Kidd

Women getting elected by promising to legislate "women's issues" has been a disaster both from an economic standpoint and socially destructive. By promising all these married and single working mothers everything from free child care, after-school programs, free medical and HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars in social welfare programs, these hormone-driven legislators are breeding generations of women who are not being "empowered"; they are being turned into whining, gimmee-gimmee females.....

War Tax Resistance: An Idea Whose Time Has Come . . . Again?

1040 Checkmate?

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Don't Let Exxon Decide Our Energy future!

Campaigners blast phone mast plan

19 October 2006

RESIDENTS are mounting a massive campaign against plans to put up a mobile phone mast near to two schools and a care home.

Protesters living in and around Scotts Lane, Shortlands are joining forces against Orange over its application for a telecommunications pole and cabinet at a site in the road.

The mast would be near Jasondean nursing home and Clare House Primary school, both in Oakwood Avenue, as well as Highfield Junior School, in South Hill Road.

Campaigner Peter Amato said: "We are trying to get as many people as possible to send in objection letters. These applications are becoming quite an epidemic.

"This mast will adversely affect the character and appearance of the area and have a huge impact on the lives of local residents. It will be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there will be no escaping it.

"It's a very green area and no matter what colour they paint the mast it's going to look really out of place."

The residents are hoping the application will be referred to a planning committee for further consideration.

Mr Amato added: "I find it hard to imagine having to live with the constant worry and fear it is going to cause, and its unsightliness will be a permanent reminder." He also questioned whether phone operators consider sharing masts before building new ones.

Residents have until Monday, October 23 to submit their views on the application.

A spokesman for Orange said: "Mobile phone technology is extremely low powered and therefore has to be located close to the demand - where people live, work and use their mobile phones. It is, therefore, not unusual or exceptional for base stations to be located in populated areas since that is where you will find the highest level of demand.

"The proposed site in Scotts Lane is a mock telegraph pole. The design has been specifically chosen as it will greatly minimise the visual impact by complimenting the existing street scene.

"In terms of health, residents can be assured that Orange fully complies with the robust public exposure guidelines in place."

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

A recent World Health Organisation ruling found there was no convincing evidence that 'weak' signals from base stations cause health problems.

Omega this is not true. See under:

For more information on the campaign visit:

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Delight at phone mast victory

By Alex Galbinski

Residents who campaigned to stop a mobile phone company putting up an illegal' mast in Barnet are rejoicing after it agreed to put it elsewhere.

O2 had applied for planning permission to install a six- metre mast in Chesterfield Road, next to Stanhope Road Open Space, and started digging a hole in the ground earlier this month.

But residents who knew Barnet Council had turned down O2's request in July saying it would be visually intrusive', blockaded the area and refused to let the telecommunications company and its partners through to install the mast.

The company said it had not received notification of refusal and was building the mast according to local authority regulations, but the company agreed to stop work and filled in the hole on the same day.

Following a meeting between the two parties on Wednesday, a council spokesman said: "O2 agreed to look for an alternative and more appropriate site for the mast."

Chesterfield Road resident and protestor Cathy Mehta said: "We are absolutely delighted. We were very shocked to see workmen going ahead and putting up a mast when we received so many letters in protest and one from the council saying it wouldn't go ahead because it had rejected it."

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Experts call for North Sea cod fishing ban

Ices, which advises governments on fishing quotas, has warned cod will die out unless stocks are allowed to recover, writes Hilary Osborne

Thursday October 19, 2006

Guardian Unlimited,,1926003,00.html

North Sea cod are being fished to unsustainable levels, Ices warns.

A complete ban on cod fishing in the North Sea is the only way to stop fish stocks running out, a group of international scientists will warn tomorrow.

Although cod quotas have decreased in recent years, research by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (Ices) shows that stocks in the North Sea remain depleted.

This is the fifth year running that Ices, which advises governments on fishing quotas, has suggested an end to cod fishing in the region, but the practice has continued and stocks have continued to dwindle.

Article continues Numbers of plaice and sole in the North Sea have also fallen, so much so that plaice stocks are below the recommended level and the rate at which sole is caught is no longer sustainable, Ices said.

Ices is recommending a reduction in catches of plaice and sole and a complete ban on fishing of sandeel and anchovies to allow North Sea stocks to recover.

However, a ban on cod fishing in the region would not necessarily mean an end to the UK's traditional fish and chips as the Ices report shows cod stocks in other areas, including the Barents Sea and around Iceland, are large and growing, while other species are thriving.

Stocks of the Norwegian spring-spawning herring are at sustainable levels, and Ices will recommend that higher catches be allowed next year. Numbers of northern hake are recovering, allowing increased quotas.

Martin Pastoors, the chair of the Advisory Committee on Fishery Management which reviewed the Ices findings, said the figures showed that prudent management of fish stocks could rebuild them.

"The Norwegian spring spawning herring stock is at a high level due to a rational exploitation strategy. Also the apparent recovery of the northern hake stock is a positive signal.

"Unfortunately we have not seen clear signals of recovery for the depleted cod stocks. These stocks have a high growth potential, but the continued catches from these stocks in combination with very low recruitment have prevented a recovery."

Dr Tom Pickerell, fisheries policy officer for World Wildlife Fund UK, said the Ices statement on fish stocks "makes depressing reading".

"This is the fifth year in a row their scientific advice recommends a zero catch of cod in the North Sea, west of Scotland, and the Irish Sea. The question remains when will politicians follow the scientific advice," he said.

European Union fishing quotas for 2007 will be drawn up in December. Last year the EU ignored recommendations that cod fishing be banned, instead cutting quotas by 15%.

Ices will publish its full report on fish stocks in the north-east Atlantic tomorrow.

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Welthungerwoche: Kinder verhungern, weil Getreide an Tiere verfüttert wird

Gänsestopfleber: Bundesweite Strafanzeigen

Pollution putting groundwater supplies at risk, warns agency

Ian Sample, science correspondent

Wednesday October 18, 2006

The Guardian,,1924733,00.html

Water drawn from ancient aquifers across Britain is steadily becoming unusable because of widespread pollution from fertilisers, pesticides, oil and other contaminants.

The warning appears in an Environment Agency report to be published tomorrow and follows countrywide testing of 7,300 groundwater supplies, which in some regions provide up to a third of available tapwater.

The report - Underground, Under Threat - highlights widespread leaks and chemicals spread on to farmland, known as diffuse pollution, as the greatest threat to groundwater, and estimates 81% of sites in England and
35% in Wales are at risk of failing water quality standards.

Article continues Poor water quality has already led to the closure of 146 groundwater sources in the past 30 years, leading to the loss of at least 425,000 cubic metres of water every day, enough to supply nearly 3 million people. But growing urbanisation and rising pollution is putting the supplies at even greater risk, the report claims.

Previous tests found pesticide contamination in more than a quarter of groundwater sites. The latest tests also revealed problems with nitrate contamination from fertilisers and traces of drugs such as the anti-bacterial triclosan, that might kill off microbes that help break down pollutants. Other chemicals, such as fuels, fuel additives and solvents were also detected, but are too modern to know what their effects will be, the report adds.

"Groundwater is very vulnerable to pollution and while it takes just a few careless moments to pollute or contaminate, it can take decades or even centuries to recover. That's why we need to do what we can to stop it from being polluted in the first place," said Tricia Henton, environment protection director at the Environment Agency.

Special report Water,,1012137,00.html

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It's not poor education that creates economic inequality: it's a broken economic system

A Question of Power

by Thomas Palley,

Defeat in Iraq may force Democrats to rethink America's role in the world

Foreign Policy Blindness

by Immanuel Wallerstein,

Defeat in Iraq may force Democrats to rethink America's role in the world—or tragically, it may not.

Endgame In Iraq Approaches

by Jim Lobe,

New leaks suggest that even George Bush and Nouri al-Maliki may soon have to concede that "stay the course" is no longer an option.


Endgame in Iraq

Lawsuit to Fight Blackwell OH Vote Purges

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Krebsgefahr in der PC-Fabrik

How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy

George romances the nanny state

Intellectual Conservative
by Bernard Chapin


Interview with Bruce Bartlett, author of Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy: "While the Republican Party is the more conservative of the two major parties, its interests are not at all the same as those of the conservative movement. Republicans, ultimately, are only interested in getting elected and wielding power. Conservatives see elections not as ends, but means. They are a way of implementing a conservative agenda. But politicians by their nature are risk averse and always fearful of arousing the ire of the electorate. This means that they will always end up disappointing ideologues...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Karl's marks

by Jacob Weisberg


Is Karl Rove the great mastermind of American politics? Everyone seems to think so. George W. Bush's nicknames for him include 'The Architect' and 'Boy Genius.' Other Republicans see Rove as a shaman who can conjure victory out of the air -- and Democrats agree. (They would rather think they've been losing to a nefarious wizard than to a lazy moron.) The political press, always more comfortable with personality than ideology, cottons readily to the myth that the country is run by an elusive puppeteer. Let me concede that Rove is a detail-minded, relentless, and methodical political operator with unusual skill at networking and organization-building. He is also, clearly, a strategic and historical thinker. ... But with the conservative edifice groaning and shifting, there are at least some grounds for skepticism about the architect's brilliance...

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Dead Iraqis, just like jelly beans

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SOSing the vote

In These Times
by Phoebe Connelly


Mark Ritchie knows how to get people to the polls. In 1986, he founded the League of Rural Voters and in 2004, he founded November 2, a nonpartisan voter registration that registered 5 million voters. So this year, instead of returning to his job at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he decided to run for secretary of state. 'I became aware that free and fair elections are the way we pick policymakers who really matter,' says Ritchie. 'The secretary of state in my state, like in other states, had transformed her office into a partisan arm of the Republican Party.' Nonpartisan administration of voting, he says, is the only way to guarantee 'free and fair elections to pick the policy makers who then make the rules about food and agriculture and trade'...

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Bush sets "defense" as space priority

Washington Post


President Bush has signed a new National Space Policy that rejects future arms-control agreements that might limit U.S. flexibility in space and asserts a right to deny access to space to anyone 'hostile to U.S. interests.' The document, the first full revision of overall space policy in 10 years, emphasizes security issues, encourages private enterprise in space, and characterizes the role of U.S. space diplomacy largely in terms of persuading other nations to support U.S. policy. 'Freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air power and sea power,' the policy asserts in its introduction. National Security Council spokesman Frederick Jones said in written comments that an update was needed to 'reflect the fact that space has become an even more important component of U.S. economic, national and homeland security'...

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Color coded IDs for students

NBC 4 News


Students at Montgomery Blair High School are upset about a new policy requiring them to wear color-coded identification badges. The new badges issued two weeks ago are color-coded by the students' grades, and the lanyards worn around their necks designate 11 categories of learning 'academies' represented at the 3,000-student campus in Silver Spring, Md. Seniors wear black badges, students in magnet programs wear white and those who have limited English proficiency wear yellow. ... Gainous said he believes students are most upset about the penalties for not wearing them, which range from a verbal warning to an in-school suspension. Intentionally breaking the rule can mean a detention for the first infraction and suspension for the second...

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Troops to face courts martial on charges

Odessa Amercian


Eight soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division were ordered Wednesday to be court-martialed on murder charges stemming from their service in Iraq, and two could get the death penalty for allegedly raping a 14-year-old and killing her and her family. The Fort Campbell soldiers facing the death penalty are Sgt. Paul E. Cortez and Pfc. Jesse V. Spielman. Both are accused of raping Abeer Qassim al-Janabi in her family's home in Mahmoudiya, about 20 miles south of Baghdad, then killing the girl, her parents and younger sister...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Chertoff: Internet may hone future terrorists

America's Network


Disaffected people living in the US may develop radical ideologies and potentially violent skills over the Internet, something that can present the next major security threat to the nation and to the world, Reuters quoted Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff as saying. 'We now have a capability of someone to radicalize themselves over the Internet,' Chertoff said on the sidelines of a meeting of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police last Monday...

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Public's opinion of GOP hits record low



Just 20 days until Election Day, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds approval of the GOP-held Congress is at its lowest mark in 14 years, the Republican Party's favorability rating is at an all-time low and President George W. Bush's approval rating remains mired in the 30s -- all ominous signs for a party trying to maintain control of Congress. In fact, according to the poll, Republicans are in worse shape on some key measures than Democrats were in 1994, when they lost their congressional majorities...

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Bombing Could Start 17 Days Before Mid-Term Elections

Informant: Alan Dicey

Wie kleine Firmen durch Betriebsprüfungen der Finanzbehörden systematisch in den Ruin getrieben werden sollen

Informant: Knut W. Schlanert

How Close Is Runaway Climate Change?

The phrase "tipping point" is heard a lot more from scientists these days. This is where a small amount of warming sets off unstoppable changes, for example, the melting of the ice caps. As with a lot of climate science, what used to be theory is now being seen in practice on the ground. New information makes clear that reaching the tipping point is a much more immediate threat than previously thought.

Imagine Earth Without People

Imagine that all the people on Earth - all 6.5 billion of us and counting - could be spirited away tomorrow, transported to a re-education camp in a far-off galaxy. Left once more to its own devices, nature would begin to reclaim the planet, as fields and pastures reverted to prairies and forest, the air and water cleansed themselves of pollutants, and roads and cities crumbled back to dust.

Bush signs the infamous Military Commissions Act

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Amerikanischer Angstindikator kulminiert: Amerikaner besorgt über US-Außenpolitik

Bush der Allmächtige

FBI tried to entrap Ramsey Clark

Yousry, told ABC News that the FBI offered him a chance to avoid indictment -- if he would wear a hidden microphone to gather evidence against Stewart and Clark, who was also part of the blind sheik's defense team.

From Information Clearing House

Documents Shed New Light on Pentagon Surveillance of Peace Activists

Documents released today by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal new details of Pentagon surveillance of Americans opposed to the Iraq war, including Quakers and student groups.

From Information Clearing House

Ridge reveals clashes on alerts

The Bush administration periodically put the USA on high alert for terrorist attacks even though then-Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge argued there was only flimsy evidence to justify raising the threat level, Ridge now says.

From Information Clearing House

US adopts tough new space policy

"The United States will preserve its rights, capabilities, and freedom of action in space... and deny, if necessary, adversaries the use of space capabilities hostile to US national interests," it says.

From Information Clearing House

America has finally taken on the grim reality of Iraq

America must leave Iraq without preconditions and hope that its neighbours, hated Syria and Iran, can clear up the mess. This advice comes not from some anti-war coalition but from the Iraq study group under the former Republican secretary of state, James Baker.,,1924736,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Over 650,000 excessive Iraqi deaths during war and occupation

The scientific community is in agreement over the statistical methods used to collect the data and the validity of the conclusions drawn by the researchers conducting the study.

Study of Iraqi Dead Shocking, But Sound Science

The Statistical Assessment Service a non-profit, non-partisan media research organization - finds the study estimating 650,000 excess Iraqi casualties since American forces entered the country to be methodologically sound.

A Time Of Shame

National yawn as our rights evaporate’

By Keith Olbermann - Anchor, 'Countdown'

First thing this morning, the president signed into law the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which does away with habeas corpus, the right of suspected terrorists or anybody else to know why they have been imprisoned, provided the president does not think it should apply to you and declares you an enemy combatant.

Video and transcript.

The Republic is Dead, Long Live the Republic

Phone mast pressure group to run candidate

Nenagh Guardian - Nenagh, Ireland

A group lobbying against the erection of mobile phone masts are considering running a candidate in North Tipperary in next year's General Election. ...

'Dramatic change of direction' coming for Iraq

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Leukämietod in der Elbmarsch

FBI director wants ISPs to track users

Informant: ranger116

Olbermann: Constitutional Law Prof On Military Commissions Act

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Micro-targeting voters may be key to election

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Weapons in Space

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Don't attack Iran !

Stop a War in Iran!


Iran is open to peace. Iran is not threatening war.

Bush and Cheney are threatening war and think we don't know or care. But we know the Pentagon has drawn up plans and the ships have sailed.

The world needs urgently to hear your voice. Sign and post your statement on this petition.

Please forward far and wide and post the attached graphic link on your website. Thanks!

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US Embassy in Baghdad Built by Trafficked Workers in Squalid Working Conditions

Churches and Environmentalists Spread the Word about Global Warming

A Loaves & Fishes/Holy Ghost Victory for the GOP in November?

November Surprise? Why Hasn't Mainstream Media Connected the Dots Between Saddam's Judgment Day and the Midterm Elections?


November Surprise?

"The US-backed special tribunal in Baghdad signalled Monday that it will likely delay a verdict in the first trial of Saddam Hussein to November 5. Why hasn't the mainstream media connected the dots between the Saddam's judgment day and the midterm elections?" asks Tom Engelhardt.

In November, Remember: Character Counts

Food from Cloned Animals Could Hit Supermarket Shelves: Consumer Groups Outraged

Iraqi Endgame Approaching, Bush Ready or Not

Who voted to violate the Constitution and their oath of office?

America wants it all: life, the Universe and everything,,3-2410592,00.html

From ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space


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THE ORGANIC MYTH: pastoral ideals are getting trampled as organic food goes mass market

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AMERICA IS NO LONGER FREE: As of Oct. 17, 2006, 'We now live in a dictatorship'

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Help End Cruel Primate Alcohol Studies

Save Elephants in Zoos

Urge agency to protect elephants in zoos before December 11th

USDA seeking Public Comments on Elephant Petition
Speak out to improve living conditions for elephants in zoos

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently seeking public comments on space and living conditions for captive elephants in the U.S. This important decision is a result of intense media and public scrutiny of the plight elephants in zoos and circuses. It also follows the submission of a citizen's petition by In Defense of Animals to the USDA seeking enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act’s adequate space provision at zoos and circuses.

Specifically, the USDA is seeking comments on all aspects of elephant care, including lack of space, unnatural substrates, unnatural social groupings, and use of bullhooks, chains, electric hotshots and other instruments of force commonly used to control elephants.

Despite the poor condition of elephants, zoos are mobilizing their members to defend the status quo.


Please submit your comments to USDA by December 11.

Iceland Murders Its First Endangered Whale - Stop Icelandic Whaling !

Iceland Murders Its First Endangered Whale


Stop Icelandic Whaling !

Iceland is a stunning, pristine land that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, many of them to go whale watching in the clear arctic waters. Greenpeace has launched a "Whale tourism pledge" which nearly 70,000 people have signed: promising to visit Iceland if the government stops whaling.

That represents more than 80 million USD in potential tourist revenue for Iceland -- against a commercial whaling programme which was worth less than 4 million USD per annum in its heyday.

Help convince Iceland that whales are worth more alive than dead: take the pledge. If you've already taken the pledge, send this message to Tourism officials in Iceland.

Take action now!

Take the Iceland Whales Pledge


Iceland Defies World Ban with Return to Whaling


Death on the high seas

Iceland's decision to resume commercial whaling has made it an international pariah - and blown a 20-year moratorium on hunting out of the water. But since no one actually wants to eat whale, why are the harpoonists heading out again?

John Vidal reports

Thursday October 19, 2006,,1925584,00.html

Fishermen slaughter a 10m-long bottlenose whale / whaling [foto]
Fishermen slaughter a 10m-long bottlenose whale at the Wada port, east of Tokyo Photograph: Yoshika Zutsuno / AFP

I first tasted whale almost 10 years ago in the Faroe Islands. An unhappy hunter was getting drunk on one side of me, telling me about his urge to kill the largest creatures in the sea, and a secondary school headmaster who ran the islands' whaling association was kicking his shins under the table trying to keep him quiet. Even as the whaler slumped senseless in his cups, the plate of steaming minke arrived.

Every mouthful was a political and cultural booby trap, every forkful an invitation to offend a nation of blubber lovers. But I was genuinely divided. The fatty blubber was, honestly, rather tasty; but the black flesh was tough and rank as old puffin or wildebeest. "Ah," said the headmaster, quite enjoying my mixed reaction. "When we eat whale, we don't eat it to enjoy. We eat it to remind us who we are." Ha ha.

Yesterday, 280,000 Icelanders were reminded who they are: pariahs of the big green world community of animal lovers. As their government announced the breaking of an international moratorium that has banned commercial whaling worldwide for 20 years, the Australian government called Iceland's decision "a disgrace", and just about every western environmental group leapt to fire cliches at them. Icelanders were condemned as "irresponsible", "unacceptable" and "insane", and the decision was "the thin end of a dangerous wedge" and "deliberately provocative". Japan and Norway, the world's only other significant-sized whaling countries, watched the reaction carefully and, despite all the outrage, may now move to follow Iceland's lead.

In fact, however, Iceland's decision has changed very little. The three main whaling countries have never accepted the ban and have been effectively whaling commercially ever since it was imposed. Diplomatically, they have called it "scientific" whaling and, under the cloak of research, have been allowed to carry on killing as before. Iceland has, since 2003, been given a "quota" of 39 minke whales a year, enabling its scientists to declare that whales eat a lot of fish and that stocks of minke and several other species in the north Atlantic are in good health. Not, of course, that there was any need to kill several hundred whales to find this out.

Iceland's decision to resume commercial whaling is probably based on fear, more than money or even self-image. Polls have repeatedly shown that
70-80% of Icelanders support commercial whaling and the government has long threatened to play the nationalist card. It also claims that the industry is economically essential to the country. This, though, is nonsense. All of Iceland's whaling is done by one company, owned by one powerful family in Reykjavik who are subsidised by the Icelandic government. While the government says it is economically essential to continue whaling, there is little evidence that it supports more than a few seasonal jobs. Indeed, whale watching is far more important to the country.

And there is barely a market for the catch. In 2004, just a quarter of the whale meat taken by the Icelandic whaling fleet was actually sold. The country's industrial freezers are full of unsold whale from previous seasons. A recent poll of Icelanders by anti-whalers found that only 1% of Icelanders eat whale meat once a week or more, while 82.4% of 16- to 24-year-olds never eat whale meat. Meanwhile, the international market is saturated. The Norwegians, who maintain whaling to keep their remote northern coastal communities politically sweet, failed to meet their quota of whales last year, yet still had to turn some of the catch into pet food. Meanwhile, the Japanese are reportedly handing it out to schoolchildren.

Sigrun Davidsdottir, an Icelandic novelist and economic analyst, says that whaling was never a major economic factor in Iceland. "Foreigners were whaling in Icelandic waters from the 15th century, even running whaling stations there. In 1916, Iceland banned whaling to protect its dwindling fish stocks. Whaling was only a seasonal activity and most products were exported. It amounted to roughly 2% of the export of fish products. As in Norway and Japan, the issue is about the right to whale.

"The Icelandic republic was only founded in 1944 - the country had been under Danish rule - and, in the Icelandic mind, the battle for independence is still going on. Whaling doesn't matter very much, culturally or economically, to anyone in Iceland. But behind this decision is a real fear that if we allow ourselves to be dictated to about whaling, then the world will start telling us what we can and cannot fish. This is what is really important. The real issue is fishing, and safeguarding our fishing grounds."

But whaling is far too important to be left to whalers. For north American, British and European environmental groups, it is now the most important symbol of man's abuse of the global commons, and arguably animal conservation's greatest global success. The commercial ban, which has prevented thousands of whales being killed, is both popular and politically important. For most western governments with active animal conservation groups, being on the side of the whales is the one time they can be seen to support green activists. Indeed, the genuine passion with which the British and American governments have fought to maintain the whaling ban is only matched by their deep ambivalence about green issues in many other international meetings.

Humans' attitudes to whales have turned full circle in only two generations. From medieval times, whales - and their first cousins, dolphins - were regarded as no more than an economic resource and were slaughtered in vast quantities for oil, meat, "baleen" and ambergris whenever they came near European or American shores. The operation was strictly coastal: watchmen manned lookout towers and when whales were sighted, rang a bell to alert the boat crews. But as boats improved, the slaughter of the whales reached epic proportions. Populations were devastated in all oceans as an unregulated industry spread around the world. By the middle of the 20th century, many whale populations were severely depleted and by 1945 it was quite likely that some would be completely exterminated within years rather than decades.

The tide turned in the 1970s with the birth of Greenpeace. Images of small boats bobbing in front of harpoonists, and individuals trying to save whales from commercial hunters were some of the most potent of the past 50 years - they spoke of opposition to authority, protection of the innocent and, especially, revulsion at previous generations' casual slaughter of life. Images of bloody whales, vivid accounts of lingering deaths and film of harpoons exploding deep in whales' flesh revolted a generation and kickstarted both the animal rights movement and international conservation efforts.

Here is Captain Paul Watson, one of the original Greenpeace activists and now of Sea Shepherd conservation society, talking about the first time he tried to save a whale: "Above us a muscular blond ape of a man swivelled a mounted 90mm cannon. Jutting out from its mouth: a grenade harpoon five feet in length, with foot-long barbed flanges pivoted on hinges. The hooked flanges were bound down with light rope, waiting for the shock of impact to unleash its awesome promise of destruction. He was concentrating on the whales, oblivious to our presence. We were proud traitors to our species with the innocence to believe that somehow, someway, we could reach our fellow man with a message to end the whale wars and to silence the harpoon cannons."

Along with the horror at how they were being killed came wonder and knowledge at how whales lived. They were given human attributes, found to sleep about eight hours a day, communicate with each other through song and give birth to a single calf. The young were found to mature late, the old to live for as long as humans.

Sceptical scientists say that this does not make them intelligent, but earlier this year new research suggested that whales and dolphins have something close to self-awareness. Bottlenose dolphins were shown to be able to recognise themselves in a mirror, a behaviour that until recently has only been recorded in humans and great apes. And some were found to carry sponges on the ends of their beaks to protect them when foraging for food on the seabed.

Mark Simmonds, director of science for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, who published the evidence, is convinced that whales are emotional, intelligent beings: "Evidence of the typically human emotions - grief, parental love and joy - as well as the existence of complex social interactions and structures are indicators of the highly developed intelligence of whales and dolphins," he says. "In one example, despite the risk of dehydration, stranding and shark attack, a group of false killer whales floated for days in the shallows of the straits of Florida to protect an injured male. Such was their cohesion and reliance upon the group that individuals became agitated when rescuers tried to separate them, calming only when reunited."

Iceland's decision to resume commercial whaling comes at the most sensitive time for international whaling in a generation and threatens to set back marine conservation many years. Earlier this year, led by Japan and Norway, 30 small and poor developing countries with no real interest in whaling gained control of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), the body that regulates worldwide whaling. Spurred by Iceland, it is possible that Norway and Japan will now leave the IWC and take a number of small countries with them. At the very least, the pro-whaling nations now hold the majority of votes, and the IWC is being slowly driven to abandon its conservation and welfare mandate.

Meanwhile, the whale wars are set to intensify, with the Japanese fleet preparing to head to the southern ocean in a few weeks' time to kill endangered whales, and environmentalists ready to risk life and limb to stop them. "Iceland has just changed the rules. It's going to get bloody," said one conservationist yesterday.

Endangered? A guide to whales

Northern right whale

The most endangered large whale in the world; the population is estimated to be about 350 animals. It was the first whale to be protected, in 1935, but numbers have barely recovered. Prized for centuries for its oils and bone.

Bowhead whale

Commercial whaling severely depleted stocks in the early
1900s. Since the mid-1960s, the IWC has classified bowheads as protected and in the 1970s they were added to the Endangered Species List. Bowhead whales live exclusively in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters.

Blue whale

The largest animal that has ever lived was down to perhaps
1,000 by 1950. Hunting stopped in 1967 and stocks are recovering. The latest estimate revealed 15,000 blue whales remaining worldwide. Pre-whaling populations were estimated at perhaps 300,000 individuals.

Fin whale

Too fast for early whalers to catch, but nearly three-quarters of a million were killed from the early 1900s until the 1970s. They are now highly protected and numbers have recovered well.

Sei whale

The global population is estimated at only 57,000, but numbers have plummeted following Japanese hunting. More than 25,000 were killed in 1964/5.

Beluga whale

Highly sociable creatures that move in large pods. Numbers stand at around 100,000. One of the commonest whales, but populations are in peril in some areas.

Beaked whale

Poorly known and believed to be very rare. Beaked whales are a deep-water, deep-diving species only rarely encountered by humans.

Sperm whale

Sperm whales have the largest brain and were widely hunted because of the large quantity of sperm oil in their heads, which was sold for making candles and make-up. Populations have recovered, and are now stable at around 1 million.

Grey whale

Hunted to the edge of extinction in the 1850s and again in the early 1900s. They were given full protection in 1947 and they have made a remarkable recovery. In 1999, there were 26,600 grey whales

Humpback whale

Among the most endangered of the great whales. Population estimates suggest 2,000-4,000 remaining in the western North Atlantic. They are popular with whale watchers, and are known as the most vocal of all whales.

Minke whale

At around 10 tonnes, the minke is the smallest of the seven great whales. Norway, Iceland and Japan argue that the minke is abundant and have been killing them regularly, even though they are on the endangered list.

Informant: binstock


Icelandic Whalers Head Out to Hunt First Fin Whale; Global Outcry Pours In


Iceland hunting endangered whales

Watch Iceland Whaling Video

Warning: Video contains graphic footage that may not be suitable for all viewers


Tell Iceland to Stop Hunting Whales

The Occupation of Iraqi Hearts and Minds

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Jose Padilla and the Military Commissions Act

Indefinite Jail Without Trial

The Police State on Campus

We have established a Democratic Dictatorship

Switched Signs and Big Losses

The Security-Industrial-Congressional Complex (SICC)



We recognize that the only thing that can save our country from another two years of abuse of power by the Bush administration are impeachment hearings. We must support, and help get elected, candidates who will call for accountability and investigation so that the true facts will lead where they inexcorably will.

The best way for us make impeachment a reality is for us to remind our fellow citizens about all the lies upon lies which stampeded our country into an attack and occupation of Iraq. The video playing on the next link below is one of the new Lie/Die TV spots, with courageous candidates on the Peace Team from all over the country producing their own versions right now, this one done by Bill Glass (NC-09).

These Lie/Die TV spots are calling the Bush administration out on their deliberate deceptions. If we can get enough of these TV spots on the air we can build a concensus of public opinion so that they know they will NOT get away with it again. Please consider making a donation to the Peace Team candidates who are courageous enough to take a strong stand for the truth, so that people know there are real alternatives worth coming out in massive numbers to vote for.


Let's hear what Bill Glass, congressional candidate from NC-09 has to say:


The repeated violations of high crimes and misdemeanors by the President and Vice President has prompted me to recommend to our Representative Sue Myrick and our Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr to join other members of the Congress of the United States of America to bring articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

The Downing Street memo proves, both the President and Vice President knowingly participated in the deception of Congress, the deception of the American people as well as the deception of the entire world in order to send our sons and daughters into war. They have violated international treaty obligations under the United Nations Charter and the Geneva Conventions, which outlaw torture of prisoners of war. The President and Vice President authorized wiretapping of hundreds of thousands of Americans, in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been plundered. The President and Vice President have disregarded the 1st Amendment to the Constitution when they have put civil rights groups and peace activists on terrorist watch lists in an effort to silence them. They have violated American citizens' 4th Amendment rights when they illegally searched and or seized evidence, and they have violated the 14th Amendment of the Constitution when they have denied the right to due process to Americans being held without charges of a crime, without council and without phone calls or contact with their families.

As a matter of constitutional law, the President and Vice President have committed high crimes and misdemeanors, which is the standard for impeachment and removal from office. Until we impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney nothing will change. Please join me in sending our Representative and Senators the message that we want the President and Vice President impeached.


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours.

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