Anger over MP’s call

I read the David Lawley report (October 17) on Tom Watson’s statement supporting the use of mobile phones in hospital and was quite frankly disgusted. Tom Watson purports to support the sensible siting of masts and has given our campaign group - - help in fighting these due to the proven adverse health effects that independent research has now proved exists at even low levels of EMR, despite the Government’s refusal to acknowledge the facts. Does he not realise that patients will take longer to recover and will be more likely to get serious infections as their immune systems will be compromised, thus resulting in longer stays in hospital.

They will also suffer from sleep disorders and a reduction in melatonin levels following the installation of roof masts that would inevitably be required to cope with the extra traffic.

What will it do to the health of the hospital staff who will be constantly exposed to phone and mast emissions during their working hours?

I can just imagine what it would be like with dozens of people, especially teenagers and younger children, playing games that constantly beep and screech, constantly texting and having to listen to the inane ringtones when they get replies.

Adults chatting away at every bedside reporting to their family on the condition of their loved ones who are unknowingly gently absorbing the microwave emissions that surround them.

What about those who need peace and quiet. Has he not considered them, or has he got a hidden agenda?

I think Tom Watson should read all of the independent research that is available before promoting such a dangerous cause.

He is a local MP in Sandwell and has publicly supported our campaigns against the sitting of masts in his constituency. Was this just a vote getter? If you make more calls you need more masts.

Maybe his time would be better spent in promoting the continued use of safe land lines in hospitals at cheaper rates.

Peter Mobley,
Woden Road East, Wednesbury.

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