I am forwarding you this brief article from Cork's daily evening paper: Evening Echo.

Yesterday, I went to the offices of Cork County Council and consulted its file on this project--specifically those parts that related to the mast issue and health. Information in the file revealed that the HSE [Health Service Executive] had responded on August 27 that masts would not affect health and in support submitted the relevant sheet on base stations and health from the Irish Dep. of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources 2007 publication on Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields. There was just one letter of protest in the file and that had been submitted by a resident who lives right beside the mast. His main objection, however, related to the proposed parking site for the new Health Centre which would adjoin the back of his property. He did mention toward the end of his one page letter that in the interests of health the mast should be moved from proximity to the proposed Health Centre and he cited the
2005 government recommendation on not siting masts near vulnerable populations e.g. schools, hospitals, health centres etc.

I am EHS and reside in Carrigaline. Online information on how badly affected I am by EMF--including, of course, masts-- is freely available by entering--imelda o'connor, carrigaline--into most search engines.


EVENING ECHO "News Section" Page 8. Wednesday, September 24, 2008


[by] Niamh Mullen

A 4 MILLION [euro] health centre for Carrigaline has been delayed after Cork County Council requested more information on the plan from the HSE. The proposed primary healthcare centre, to be located on the former ESB [Electricity Supply Board] site on the Ballea Road, would have GP, nursing, councilling, dental, podiary, mental health and community welfare services on site. The Health Service Executive (HSE) applied for planning permission on January 7 last, and the county council issued a request for more information on February 29. The HSE responded with that information on August 27. The council had asked the HSE to address the adequacy of parking provision on the site. It also said "the HSE will need to satisfy itself that there will be no conflict with or health problems arising from the proximity of the telecommunications mast adjoining the site". Now the local authority has made a second request for information. It wants clarification on four engineering issues relating to sewerage. Cllr Lombard said it was a disappointing delay to the project. "It will be a least early next year before building can begin. Hopefully the small engineering problems relating to sewerage will be ironed-out quickly. "It is a 4 million [euro] development with GP physiotherapy, dental and other services under one roof in a growing town of 16,000 people. "It is badly needed," he added. The HSE has a month to submit the information to the council. A spokesperson for the HSE was not available at the time of writing.


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