Bush, Obama opt for corporatism

Cato Institute
by David Boaz


We’ve always had some elements of the corporate state in America — subsidies, tariffs, monopoly privileges, regulatory cartels — but we’ve prospered because of the freewheeling entrepreneurship and creative destruction that characterizes most of our economy. In a few short months, the Bush administration has turned the focus of our economy to corporatism. Every day brings another story about businessmen seeking their profits in Washington, not the marketplace …. Meanwhile, Obama advisers are saying that if the federal government invests billions of dollars in businesses, it should get some influence on company policies regarding foreclosures, lending, executive compensation, environmental effects and product lines...


Aristocratic putsch

Nolan Chart
by Dan Alba

In previous episodes of corporatism this year, Congress passed unconstitutional legislation allegedly meant to ‘rescue’ the major financiers of their election campaigns. Which was tyrannical enough. But this time around, President Bush has issued a word-of-mouth mandate, as if it was set in stone. He has taken it upon himself to extract the loot from the rest of us in order that the most pathetic failures of the automotive industry won’t have to pay their just dues for their egregious business failures...


Economic stimulus amounts to central planning

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


That there will be a huge ’stimulus’ package in the early days of the Obama administration is a certainty. Nearly everyone thinks the government must do something drastic to, using President-elect Obama’s word, ‘jolt’ the economy into recovery. That something is deficit spending on ‘infrastructure.’ But it’s not as simple as it sounds. A big debate is shaping up over whether the program should concentrate on big, transformative projects or boring bridge repairs and pothole filling...


Shut the door on your way out, George!

Nolan Chart
by Gene DeNardo


We are finally witnessing the last days of the Bush administration. Many of us feared we would reach the final days of civilization before we saw the day the second Bush family president left office. It is fitting that we revisit the philosophy behind the administration, the logic or lack of, that attempts to justify the actions that so changed our world since the year 2000...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Obama v. Washington Mythmaking

By Robert Parry

Over the years, Washington has evolved into a city of deceptions where semantics cloud reality and where a hazy mix of lies, half-truths and mythology can combine to unleash the devastating military might of the United States for no good reason.




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