Montag, 15. Dezember 2008

U.S. Homes Lose $2 Trillion in Value — American homeowners will collectively lose more than $2 trillion in home value by the end of 2008, according to a new report. The real estate Web site,, calculated that home values have dropped 8.4% year-over-year during the first three quarters of 2008, compared with the same period of 2007. Some 11.7 million Americans are now "underwater," owing more on their mortgage balances than their homes are worth. Zillow collects home values and analyzes home price trends in 163 markets; all but 30 registered price drops over the nine months ended September 30, compared with the same nine-month period of 2007.

Obama's Pakistan Problem: No, We Can't!

Steve Weissman, Truthout: "Whether ordained by God, the crusade against communism or the Global War on Terror, many Americans believe we have a mandate to police the world, hold dominion over its supply of oil and natural gas and lead the way in whatever way we happen to be leading at the time. John F. Kennedy and his New Frontiersmen believed all this as they escalated their terrible war of choice in Southeast Asia. George W. Bush and his neoincompetents still believe they pursued America's destiny in Iraq. And, from their writing and speeches, Barack Obama and his national security team believe no less strongly in America's calling to put the world right."

Das Pharma-Kartell: Wie wir als Patienten betrogen werden

1. Pharma-Kartell-Der Betrogene Patient


Hier der Link für den Frontal 21 Bericht:

Das Pharmakartell - Wie wir als Patienten betrogen werden

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Next-up News Nr 776

Decision made on phone mast proposal

Published Date: 15 December 2008

A DECISION on the controversial plan to place a mobile phone mast just metres from a Ripon primary school has been made.

Planners at Harrogate Council rejected Vodafone's proposal for a mast 60 metres from Greystone Primary School on aesthetic grounds.

In a statement, the council said the proposed 47ft mast would "unreasonably detract" from the residential amenity of nearby houses due to its design, height and location.


Iraq's Reconstruction a $100 Billion Failure

Agence France-Presse: "An unpublished US government report says US-led efforts to rebuild Iraq were crippled by bureaucratic turf wars, violence and ignorance of the basic elements of Iraqi society, resulting in a 100-billion-dollar failure, The New York Times reported on its website."

Homeownership Without Equity: What's It Worth?

Dean Baker, Truthout: "It is worth asking how much taxpayers should be willing to spend to keep a homeowner in a home in which they have zero equity. Unless we discuss this question in a serious way, then we are speaking nonsense when we talk about plans to deal with the foreclosure crisis."

Be the Change

Marc Ash, Truthout: "Our federal government is utterly corrupt; we are confronted by creeping fascism and our environment is imperiled. The problems are real and solutions are few. There is a sense of futility and anger that becomes an oppression unto itself."

Hungerlöhne: Tief im Westen

„Sie haben einen verantwortungsvollen Job: Sie fahren Bus, transportieren Schulkinder und Behinderte. Deshalb stellt ihr Arbeitgeber, die Firma Schulbusse Sonnenschein, auch besondere Anforderungen an sie, wie die Internetseite der Firma preis gibt. Was die Firma verschweigt, sind die Löhne, die sie ihren "qualifizierten Mitarbeitern" zahlt: Maximal 3,87 Euro pro Stunde. Das geht aus zwei Arbeitsverträgen hervor, die der Frankfurter Rundschau vorliegen. Das Unternehmen bestreitet in einer schriftlichen Stellungnahme diese Zahlen. Effektiv liegt der Stundenlohn laut Gewerkschaft Verdi sogar unter zwei Euro, da die langen An- und Abfahrtzeiten nicht vergütet würden...“ Artikel von Frank Lübberding in der Frankfurter Rundschau vom 12.12.2008

Siehe dazu:

»Ein so krasser Fall ist mir noch nicht begegnet«

Ein Busunternehmen im Münsterland zahlt Stundenlöhne unter zwei Euro. Ein Interview von Ralf Wurzbacher mit Werner Linnemann, Geschäftsführer des Bezirks Herford-Minden-Lippe der Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di, in der jungen Welt vom 15.12.2008

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Dezember 2008

Community 8 Residents Want Erection Of Masts Stopped

Residents of Tema Community 8 near the P road residential area have called on the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to restrain a mobile telecommunications company from installing a communications mast over their houses because of the health hazards and dangers the masts will pose to them.

In a petition copied to the TMA and the EPA the residents entreated the regulatory bodies to come to their aid to save them from any future health problems.

According to them, reports obtained from scientific research indicate that such erected phone masts and towers are sources of harmful radioactive and electromagnetic emissions, which are harmful to individuals and communities who live near them.


“The first hundred days”: new tyranny in a once-free union

The Price of Liberty
by Nathan A. Barton


On Tuesday, 20 January 2008, the first black man elected to the Presidency of these United States will take the oath of office. It should be a day of rejoicing, that a large number of his fellow citizens, of all colors and ethnicities and backgrounds, have chosen him to lead this Union further into the 21st Century. It should be a day of enthusiasm for a standard ritual of a great republic, the longest existing since the time of Rome (509 BC to 31 BC). It is not; indeed, it is a day of mourning. Even the most resistant must now come to the conclusion that the Republic, this American Republican Union, has come to an end, as surely as the Battle of Actium marked the end of the Republic and the foundation of the Principate, led by Augustus Caesar...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Do we even need Congress any more?

The Liberty Papers
by Brad Warbiany


Signing statements were wrong enough … Now Bush is saying ‘if Congress won’t do it, I’ll do it myself’ …. I think I’ve seen this before. My son isn’t quite old enough to use this tactic, but I think most children figure it out pretty quickly. If Mommy says no, go ask Daddy. This is how an imperial presidency behaves...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The crisis-mongers

by Justin Raimondo


It seems the clock is always ticking. We live in a state of perpetual ‘emergency,’ and every day we’re faced with fresh ultimatums. I’ve had boyfriends like that. ‘If you don’t do such-and-such immediately, I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue — and then you’ll be sorry.’ The first few times I fell for it; after all, I didn’t want a medical emergency on my hands. Now that I’m wiser, though not all that old yet, my response is more measured: ‘Blue really isn’t your color, you know.’ The Dershowitz Principle is that morality and truth bend under extreme conditions, like even the strongest steel — if it’s hot enough. The idea, then, is to raise the temperature and create a crisis, or at least convince enough people to panic...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

25 Jahre Volkszählungsurteil in Deutschland: Zeit zum Handeln

CIA Embedded in Every State Government?

Jesse Ventura speaks about his personal experiences and knowledge of such facts!

From Information Clearing House

Beyond Belief: Iraq war was needed for world peace: Bush

On a farewell trip to Iraq, President George W. Bush said on Sunday the war has been hard, but was necessary to protect the US and give Iraqis hope for a peaceful future.

Troops Will Remain In Iraqi Cities After June, Odierno Says

American combat troops will remain inside Iraqi cities to train and mentor Iraqi forces after next summer, despite a security agreement that calls for their withdrawal from urban areas by June 30, the top U.S. military commander said Saturday.

Still Lying, Still Allowed To Lie

By David Michael Green

This astonishing little dialogue packs more deceit, and more permission to engage in deceit, into one passage than any 'blivet' I've ever seen.

From Information Clearing House


Revisionist history about the Iraq war

San Francisco Chronicle
by staff

President Bush is trying mightily to rewrite the history of the Iraq war before his administration leaves power. He and members of his national security brain trust, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, would like to dispel the narrative that they misled the country into war. Instead, both Bush and Rice are trying to characterize the White House as the unwitting recipient of faulty intelligence. In recent interviews, both Bush and Rice have expressed regret that the prewar intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s possession of weapons of mass destruction proved to be seriously flawed. … The president’s attempt to disassociate himself from accountability for the phony pretext for war is simply outrageous...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The End of Retirement?

By Shamus Cooke

Fighting the corporate strategy of bankruptcy and business closures is an immediate need of working people. This tactic will increase in number as the crisis deepens and companies strive to "restore profitability" by drastically lowering wages.

What Does Letting Our Own War Criminals Go Free Tell Us About Ourselves?

By Nat Hentoff

What has happened to the rule of law, and what has happened to Americans?

'License to Kill' ?


This song is a 'call to arms'. Or at least a call to link arms, and show that we see through the crumbling facade of military consumerism.... of dropping 100,000 dollar bombs on people who live on one dollar a day!

Down to Zero

By David Glenn Cox

A government that shoots its people is declaring war upon them; a people that shoot back is a people pushed too far. A society that excludes its citizens from economic participation makes itself a foreign entity, unknown and unloved across the land.

The Monster in the Mirror

By Arundhati Roy

The Mumbai attacks have been dubbed 'India's 9/11', and there are calls for a 9/11-style response, including an attack on Pakistan. Instead, the country must fight terrorism with justice, or face civil war.

No lying low, defensive Pak says will hit back if attacked

As the pressure from the international community mounts to crack down on terror, Pakistan has gone on a defensive, saying it will fight back any country's attempt to "encroach upon its rights".

Tariq Ali: Brown's al-Qaida blame game

Gordon Brown is targeting Pakistan. His claim that 75% of UK terror plots originate there is now part of a common western stance that refuses to accept any responsibility for encouraging the growth of recruits to ­jihadi organisations.

From Information Clearing House

Bush Gets The Boot

Iraqi Journalist Insults President Bush


Two shoes thrown at President Bush during press conference in Iraq.

Muntadar al-Zaidi Did What We Journalists Should Have Done Long Ago

By Dave Lindorff

Al-Zaidi listened to Bush blather that the half-decade of war he had initiated with the illegal invasion of Iraq had been "necessary for US security, Iraqi stability (sic) and world peace" and something just snapped.

Free Bush shoe-thrower, Iraqis urge

Thousands of Iraqis have demonstrated in Baghdad's Sadr City in support of a journalist being held in custody after throwing his shoes at George Bush, the US president.

Shoe thrower kidnapped once

THE Iraqi TV reporter who hurled his shoes at George W. Bush was kidnapped once by militants and, separately, detained briefly by the US military.

Ducking the issue on Iraq

One Iraqi journalist shows more willingness to stand up to President Bush than the entire White House press corps.

"Iraqi reporter al-Zaidi's arm, ribs broken"

Security agents have broken the arm and ribs of al-Zaidi, a reporter who hurled his shoes at Bush during a press conference Sunday in Baghdad.

Bush shoe thrower Muntazer al-Zaidi 'too injured' for court

THE Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at United States President George W. Bush has appeared before a judge in his jail cell because he is too injured to appear in a courtroom, his brother says.,25197,24815225-12335,00.html

Journalist threw shoe at Bush for Iraqi pride

"What made me do it was the humiliation Iraq has been subjected to due to the US occupation and the murder of innocent people," al-Zeidi said. "I wanted to restore the pride of the Iraqis in any way possible, apart from using weapons."

From Information Clearing House


The shoe incident


On Final Iraq Trip, Attempted Assault on Bush

Jennifer Loven, The Associated Press: "On an Iraq trip shrouded in secrecy and marred by dissent, President George W. Bush on Sunday hailed progress in the war that defines his presidency and got a size-10 reminder of his unpopularity when a man hurled two shoes at him during a news conference."

Across Mideast, Arabs Hail Shoe-Hurling Journalist

Qassim Abdul-Zahra and Omar Sinan, The Associated Press: "Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets Monday to demand the release of a reporter who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush, as Arabs across many parts of the Middle East hailed the journalist as a hero and praised his insult as a proper send-off to the unpopular U.S. president."

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Captures Mideast Rage at Bush

Alistair Lyon, Reuters: "The hurling of shoes at US President George W. Bush on his farewell visit to Iraq strikes many in the Middle East as a fittingly furious comment on what they see as his calamitous legacy in the region. Arab and Iranian TV stations have gleefully replayed the clip, sometimes in slow motion, of an Iraqi reporter calling Bush a 'dog' and throwing his shoes at him - the Middle East's tastiest insults - at a Baghdad news conference on Sunday."

The Shoe Heard Round the World

Aaron Lake Smith, Truthout: "As with any event that pushes history forward, when you click the play button over and over to watch Muntanzer al-Zaidi mumble something in Arabic that we now know meant 'This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog!,' the question inevitably arises - Why hasn't this happened before?"


Significance of Shoes Thrown

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

The Shoes We Longed For


Muntadar al-Zeidi: Hero, martyr, symbol of resistance

by Justin Raimondo


The shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist, who is, by now, probably half beaten to death for the ‘crime’ of paying back — in very small measure — George W. Bush for his crimes against the Iraqi people, is a folk hero to millions. And his admirers aren’t all Iraqis or other Arabs, not by a long shot. The shoe-wielding Iraqi television reporter, one Muntadar al-Zeidi, managed to sum up, in a single gesture, how much of the world feels about the 43rd president of the United States — including Americans...

Keep out … a message for foreign leaders

Independent [UK]
by Patrick Cockburn


The sight of the Iraqi reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi hurling his shoes at President Bush at a press conference in Baghdad will gladden the heart of any journalist forced to attend these tedious, useless, and almost invariably obsequious, events. … Official press conferences of any kind seldom produce real news, but the worst are usually those given by foreign leaders on trips abroad in which they and their local ally suggest that they are in control of events and all is going according to plan. One of the many infuriating, though also ludicrous, events in Iraq since the invasion of 2003 has been American and British leaders, arriving in secret at the enormous US base at Baghdad airport and travelling, accompanied by numerous armed guards, by helicopter to the heavily-fortified Green Zone. After a few hours there they would give upbeat press conferences, sitting alongside the Iraqi leader of the day, claiming significant improvements in security and chiding the assembled journalists for ignoring such clear signs of success...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

School head joins phone mast battle


THE HEAD teacher of Staffordshire's biggest school says he fears students' health could be put at risk by proposals to site a mobile phone mast less than 100 metres away

Michael York, principal of de Ferrers Specialist Technology College, has added his voice to those opposing the plan by telecoms giant Telefonica 02 to site a 15-metre mast on the corner of Tutbury Road and Harehedge Lane, Outwoods.

As reported in Thursday's Mail, Outwoods politicians have opposed the scheme, which is currently being considered by East Staffordshire Borough Council.

Mr York said he was concerned by the mast's proximity to his school's Dove Campus, in Harehedge Lane - 90 metres from the proposed location.


Fears of phone mast close to schools

15 December 2008 | 07:36


RESIDENTS are being rallied to protest against plans for a mobile phone mast which could be sited near three Essex schools.

The application by O2 has been met with dismay by people living in Lexden Road and nearby Colchester County High School for Girls.


Krank durch Energiesparlampen?


Krank durch Energiesparlampen?

Sending a deadly message

The Socialist High Life

10 Downing Street provides a reasonably-priced in-house canteen for its hard-working staff.

Decline, fall and then some

Deflation and Libertyörg+Guido+Hülsmann

The Timeline of the Human Microchip

Government Spending and the Risk of Ruin

$2000 Gold and the Break up of the US

Disgusting Political Humbug

Pay-to-Play: Why the Fuss?


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