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Unrest Caused by Bad Economy May Require Military Action, Report Says

Diana Washington Valdez, El Paso Times: "A U.S. Army War College report warns an economic crisis in the United States could lead to massive civil unrest and the need to call on the military to restore order. Retired Army Lt. Col. Nathan Freir wrote the report 'Known Unknowns: Unconventional Strategic Shocks in Defense Strategy Development,' which the Army think tank in Carlisle, Pa., recently released."



Everything Crashes

Andre Pratte, La Presse and the authors writing as the Chronicles of Favilla for Les Echos look beyond technical causes to human psychology and medieval codes of chivalry to diagnose the roots and prescribe remedies for the financial crisis.



Freedom of the Press as a Foreign Concept

James Rainey, The Los Angeles Times: "A Mexican reporter who wrote about drug violence in his homeland is being held in custody by none other than the US government and its immigration service. Yes, we reporters might get stuck covering the late shift or -- egad! -- a parade. When disaster strikes or a source calls back on deadline, the nights can be long. Newspaper layoffs and hard economic times can cast a pall over just about everything we do. But those concerns seem a piffle every time I read dispatches from around the world about journalists who, fighting for the story, also must fight for their lives."



CCC rät zum "Selbstschutz" vor biometrischer Vollerfassung

Heise Newsticker - Germany

Die Hacker empfehlen daher den Einsatz eines in wenigen Minuten selbst zusammenlötbaren RFID-Zappers. Zugleich betonen sie, dass der Pass [--] oder später ...



Laverstock phone mast approved

9:58am Tuesday 30th December 2008

By Morwenna Blake »

A NEW mobile phone mast for Laverstock has been given the go-ahead despite the misgivings of both residents and local councillors.

A planning inspector has upheld an appeal by Vodafone against the decision of Salisbury District Council to refuse the application for the 13.4m pole on land at Riverside Road.

People living near the site say the mast will be intrusive and out of place and should not be placed in an area designated as being of high ecological value.


Village faces three 30m masts: warning

30 December 2008

Mobile phone operator O2 has said it could have to build three masts up to 30 metres high in Colkirk if it is forced to seek an alternative site for one new mast it has proposed.

The mobile phone giant, part of BT, wants to put up a 30-metre mast in the village to replace one it already has there but now has to remove.

But Colkirk Parish Council has objected to the proposed new site, which would have six antennae and six dishes on grain trader H Banham's land near the existing site in Church Road.

They say it would be an eyesore, unscreened like the existing mast, and could devalue their homes.


America is in trouble today

Debt, wealth and law

Nolan Chart
by Lou Poumakis


We are all very much aware that America is in trouble today. Our foreign policy is in shambles, the economy is in free-fall, personal and government debt have grown to astronomical proportions, disaster is at our doorstep and to top it all off, no one in any position of responsibility seems to know what to do about it. I submit that this is the case because no one is willing to look deep enough into the roots of the problems to develop a strategy that has any chance of success. The preference seems to be to come up with a solution that doesn’t require any real change in how we live and think as a people...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Fed’s 2 trillion dollar scam

Information Liberation
by Vincent Gioia

Congress has put two trillion dollars, about 1/20 of world GDP , under the control of one man, with no checks and no accountability, and we don’t know where the money went, or to whom. …. You think Madoff’s $50 billion fraud was something? He’s a piker compared to these guys...


Spending other people’s money

The Voluntaryist
by Carl Watner


The bailout is wrong because it steals from some and gives to others. And it makes no difference if it is the poor stealing from the rich, or the rich stealing from the poor. It is the stealing that is wrong; not what or how or to whom it is dispensed. Spending other people’s money is wrong because you cannot rightfully spend what belongs to someone else. Spending other people’s money without their permission is simply theft...


The bailout

The Libertarian Enterprise
by A.R. Salyer


If you will take the time to study history, and I mean truly look into things not just read a few passages here and there, you will find the road we are traveling ain’t gonna turn out pretty.

Those that look into American history and economics know that what FDR did during the depression very arguably deepened and prolonged the depression itself. Tripling taxes, raising tariffs, etc… None of it worked...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


A militarized police state is coming to this country

Change in the nick of time

News With Views
by Edwin Vieira


A militarized police state is coming to this country—into your own neighborhood, and with you and your family as its targets—unless you start, right now, to enforce the Constitution, as is your right and your duty. In addition to their long-standing strategy of “federalizing” and para-militarizing State and Local police departments under the General Government’s Department of Homeland Security, the big brains in the Disgrace of Columbia have two additional schemes openly in the works: (i) the overtly military, which depends upon the deployment of the Armed Forces as domestic police; and (ii) the covertly military, which depends upon the creation of SOME new, ostensibly civilian, “national-security force”...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Two Dangerous Bush-Cheney Myths

Robert Parry, Consortium News: "As George W. Bush and Dick Cheney make their case for some positive legacy from the past eight years, two arguments are playing key roles: the notion that torturing terror suspects saved American lives and the belief that Bush's Iraq troop 'surge' transformed a disaster into something close to 'victory.' Not only will these twin arguments be important in defining the public's future impression of where Bush should rank on the presidential list, but they could constrain how far President Barack Obama can go in reversing these policies. In other words, the perception of the past can affect the future."


Under Bush, OSHA Mired in Inaction

R. Jeffrey Smith, The Washington Post: "Current and former career officials at OSHA say that [deregulation was] a recurrent feature during the Bush administration, as political appointees ordered the withdrawal of dozens of workplace health regulations, slow-rolled others, and altered the reach of its warnings and rules in response to industry pressure. The result is a legacy of unregulation common to several health-protection agencies under Bush: From 2001 to the end of 2007, OSHA officials issued 86 percent fewer rules or regulations termed economically significant by the Office of Management and Budget than their counterparts did during a similar period in President Bill Clinton's tenure, according to White House lists."



Many questions left in Bush scandals



As the clock winds down on the Bush administration, historians and critics are coming to grips with how little they know about some of the scandals which helped make the president one of the least popular leaders in modern U.S. history. From the secret wiretapping program to the so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ to the firing of a number of U.S. Attorneys, the question remains of how high up administration officials were involved in authorizing many of these scandals...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Next-up News Nr 793

- Éoliennes et Irradiations artificielles ÉlectroMagnétiques: "ils ont osé !"
- Une première en pollution environnementale, une dérive inimaginable . .


The Guantánamo Truth-Teller



There's No Pain-Free Cure for Recession

Belt-tightening is required by all, including government.


Who Controls the Money?



Financial Times strebt nach Weltherrschaft

Die britische Tageszeitung forderte in einem Leitartikel die Errichtung eines globalen Regimes als einzigen Weg zur Lösung globaler Probleme.


Der schlechteste US-Präsident aller Zeiten

George W. Bush hat seine Chance nach dem 11.9. vergeben, drei Viertel der Amerikaner sind froh, wenn er endlich geht.


On Bush Violations of Human Rights


Informant: John Perna



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