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Pentagon Pro-Troop Group Misspent Millions

Noah Shachtman, Wired: "While the Pentagon preps for a new administration, a scandal from an earlier era is rearing its head. A Defense Department project, supposedly designed to support US troops, was used instead to channel millions of dollars to personal friends and allies of its chief. The 'America Supports You,' or ASY, program was led in a 'questionable and unregulated manner,' according to a Department of Defense Inspector General report, obtained by Danger Room. At least $9.2 million was 'inappropriately transferred' by the project's managers. Much of that money served only to further promote ASY, instead of assisting servicemembers."

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UN Confirms Afghan Mass Grave Site Disturbed

Heidi Vogt, The Associated Press: "The UN confirmed Friday that a mass grave in northern Afghanistan has been disturbed, raising the possibility that evidence supporting allegations of a massacre seven years ago may have been removed. The Dasht-e-Leili grave site holds as many as 2,000 bodies of Taliban prisoners who died in transit after surrendering during one of the regime's last stands in November 2001, according to a State Department report from 2002."

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

A detailed description of at least five high crimes and misdemeanors committed by President George W. Bush.

Informant: Eric Griffin

Bush's Farewell Hallelujah Chorus

Michael Winship, Truthout: "With all the interviews President Bush has been giving out lately, you'd think he has a new movie coming out for Christmas. ABC, NBC, National Review, Middle East Broadcasting, the Real Clear Politics Web site - even a talk with The Washington Post's NASCAR expert. For a fellow who's sometimes gone for months without a press conference, suddenly, the president's a regular chatterbox, spreading the word in these final days that his eight years in office really, really weren't all that bad. Honest."

Council calls in solicitor over Berrow mobile phone mast dispute

The future of the US economy

US homelessness, hunger rising

A survey cited by AFP says homelessness and hunger increased in an overwhelming majority of 25 US cities in the past year, driven by the foreclosure crisis.

From Information Clearing House


Homelessness, Hunger on Rise in US Cities: Report

Agency France-Presse: "Homelessness and hunger increased in an overwhelming majority of 25 US cities in the past year, driven by the foreclosure crisis and rising unemployment, a survey showed Friday. Out of 25 cities across the United States surveyed by the US Conference of Mayors, 83 percent said homelessness in general had increased over the past year while 16 cities, or nearly two-thirds of those polled, cited a rise in the number of families who had been forced out of their homes."

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

The Federal Reserve refused a request by Bloomberg News to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral.

From Information Clearing House

Jim Rogers Calls Most Big U.S. Banks "Bankrupt"

By Jonathan Stempel

"Governments are making mistakes," he said. "They're saying to all the banks, you don't have to tell us your situation. You can continue to use your balance sheet that is phony.... All these guys are bankrupt, they're still worrying about their bonuses, they're still trying to pay their dividends, and the whole system is weakened."

What is to be Done?

The End of the Washington Consensus

By Michael Hudson and Jeffrey Sommers

Austerity and "fiscal responsibility" are for other countries. America acts ruthlessly in its own economic interest at any given moment of time. It freely spends more than it earns, flooding the global economy with what has now risen to $4 trillion in U.S. government debt to foreign central banks.

We Told You

By David Sirota

Please, forgive me for saying it. I know it's a tad annoying, but it has to be said to America's ruling class in this humble column space. Because if it's not said here you can bet it won't be said anywhere else in the media, and it needs to be said somewhere on behalf of the millions of citizens who were right.

What Exactly is Money?

A separation of truth and myth about our monetary system

By Jon Ronnquist

Ever wonder why your representatives in government seem helpless to make real changes to bad situations? It's because the situations are only bad from where you're standing and he or she couldn't change them if they wanted to.

Eine Hand wäscht die andere

Seit 1998 spendeten Banken und Versicherungen den deutschen Parteien mehr als 10 Millionen Euro. Ein Dankeschön für politisches Entgegenkommen?

Want To Constrain Terrorism?

Against FDR-Bush-Obama

The Growing War Between Modern Medicine and the Public

The Monetization of Hope

On "Free-Marketeers" for the Bailout

Last US House Seat Filled on Grave of Stolen 2004 Election

Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, The Free Press: "The last US House seat has been filled by a Democratic county commissioner in a vote count defined by the ghosts of 2004. And the provisional ballot system installed by former Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell - now a candidate for chair of the Republican National Committee - continues to haunt the electoral process in the nation's premier swing state, a legacy underscored by a landmark election protection conference held just as this final House race was being decided."

Conservation Groups Challenge Bush Administration's Gutting of ESA

Dan Bacher, Truthout: "George W. Bush, the worst-ever president for fish and the environment in the nation's history, will leave office after eight years the same way he came in - with yet another attack on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and other environmental laws."

CIA Helped Shoot Down 15 Civilian Planes

CBS News and The Associated Press: "With the help of CIA spotters, the Peruvian air force shot down 15 small civilian aircraft suspected of carrying drugs, in many cases without warning and within two to three minutes of being sighted, a US lawmaker said Thursday. It was the first public disclosure of the number of planes shot down between 1995 and 2001 as part of the Airbridge Denial Program, a CIA counternarcotics effort that killed an innocent American missionary, Veronica Bowers, and her infant daughter in 2001."



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