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Does Old Glory Have a Dark Side?

Lee Drutman, Miller-McCune: "Research suggests that seeing the flag doesn't make Americans feel more patriotic. But it does make them feel more nationalistic and more superior to non-Americans."

In Deutschland brennen Palmölkerzen, in Indonesien Regenwälder

Brennender Regenwald auf Borneo

In Deutschland brennen nicht nur zu Weihnachten Palmölkerzen, sondern in Kirchen sogar das ganze Jahr. Das Kölner Traditionsunternehmen Kerzen Schlösser beliefert kirchliche Einrichtungen in der gesamten Bundesrepublik. Für Palmöl werden in Asien die Regenwälder abgefackelt, eine Katastrophe für die Artenvielfalt, die dort lebenden Menschen und das Weltklima. Kerzen Schlösser ist sich des Problems bewusst, aber aus Kostengründen setzt die Firma auf billiges Palmöl aus Asien. (Start: 20.12.2008)öl

John Dean: 'Serious consequences' if Obama doesn't prosecute torture

Vice President Dick Cheney's admission that he authorized waterboarding has focused attention on possible Bush administration war crimes, and former Nixon White House counsel John Dean believes there will be "serious consequences" if the Obama administration tries to avoid singling out those involved for prosecution.

From Information Clearing House


Tortured Reasoning

David Rose, Vanity Fair: "George W. Bush defended harsh interrogations by pointing to intelligence breakthroughs, but a surprising number of counterterrorist officials say that, apart from being wrong, torture just doesn't work. Delving into two high-profile cases, the author exposes the tactical costs of prisoner abuse."

'Greek Syndrome' is catching as youth take to streets

First it was Athens. Now the Continent's disillusioned youth is taking to the streets across Europe. John Lichfield reports.

From Information Clearing House

Up to 30,000 more U.S. troops in Afghanistan by summer

The United States is looking to send 20,000 to 30,000 extra troops to Afghanistan by the beginning of next summer, the chairman of the U.S. joint chiefs of staff said on Saturday.

Karzai: US forces alienated Afghans

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Karzai blamed US operational strategy as a key element in alienating the Afghan tribes with "extrajudicial killings", leading to the fragile security condition in the country.

From Information Clearing House

Capitalism Short Circuits Our Moral Hard-Wiring

By Gary Olson

Perhaps not since the 1930s have our citizens been more skeptical of received wisdom about our socioeconomic system. That is, the carefully manufactured narrative of market capitalist identity and its assumptions about human nature are now thrown into sharp relief.

Glühlampenverbot: Gesundheit und Behaglichkeit werden einer minimalen Energieeinsparung geopfert

Glühlampenverbot: Gesundheit und Behaglichkeit werden einer minimalen Energieeinsparung geopfertühbirne

Wissenschaftlermanifest gegen irreführende Informationen zur sog. Gebärmutterhalskrebsimpfungärmutter

Verwendung fluorierter Treibhausgase 2007 um 4,8% gestiegen

Im Windschatten des CO2-Bashing

Anzeichen für Rückkopplung

Arktisforscher stoßen auf unerwartet große Quellen von Treibhausgasen.

Bernanke hat den aktuellen geldpolitischen Weg schon 2002 beschrieben

Geldpolitik an der "zero bound"

US-Notenbankchef Bernanke hat den aktuellen geldpolitischen Weg schon 2002 beschrieben.

Zweifel an der Mittelstandshypothese

Kleine und mittlere Betriebe gelten noch immer als Jobmotoren. Doch in neuen Krisenzeiten könnten sie mit dieser Rolle überfordert sein.

People 'still willing to torture'

The Bubble of Empire: It's been popped …

Madoff and the Failure of the SEC

Madoff Explained


If the Former Chairman of Nasdaq is a crook: Who Can You Trust in America?

By Nicholas von Hoffman

Madoff's fall has planted the seeds of suspicion. We now doubt those we have done business with for years. The presumption of trust is gone.

Madoff Scheme Was 'Impossible' to Do Alone, Says EIM's Busson

Bernard Madoff's alleged Ponzi scheme, which might have cost investors $50 billion, couldn't have been carried out alone, said Arpad 'Arki' Busson, chairman and founder of Swiss investment firm EIM SA.

From Information Clearing House


SEC Whistleblower Speaks on Madoff Fraud

Matt Renner, Truthout: "After the revelation of a massive fraud scheme, a former government investigator has accused government law enforcement officials of repeatedly turning a blind eye to Wall Street crime and, in doing so, allowing the foundational trust of the global financial system to crumble. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the oversight body which was set up to enforce laws regulating finance in order to prevent a repeat of the stock market crash of 1929, has admitted to falling down on the job, missing the long-running scheme allegedly perpetrated by Bernard L. Madoff - potentially the largest scandal ever to rock Wall Street."


October Surprise Out of Control?

What May Come of Ponzi Schemes?

Who Decides Who Lives and Who Dies?

GOP Push for Voter ID in Colorado

Peter Marcus, The Denver Daily News: "Republican lawmakers will again this year attempt to pass legislation that would require voters to present photo identification and proof of citizenship prior to voting."


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