New Impeachment For Real Video, Pelosi Primary Challenge Taking Off

The Pelosi primary challenge is San Francisco, the one and only thing that will actually put impeachment back on the table, is now a reality. This TV spot, calling on all constituents of the CA 8th district to rally once a week in front of Nancy Pelosi's district office, started running on MSNBC Cable TV in San Francisco today in heavy rotation.

New I'm On The Table Video:

By next Thursday we need to have thousands of people there, to demonstrate that we the people will no longer tolerate having our Constitution pushed off on to the floor. And to do that we need to get as many of these TV spots as possible out there, on full blown broadcast TV, everywhere.

At this critical juncture in the history of our democracy, your contribution is needed to help run these spots, to demonstrate that we the people will not remain silent in the face of dictatorship, which you can do from the same page above.

Every dollar you can donate, to help make this campaign more and more visible, is real pressure on all members of Congress, to let them know in the most personal way their own seats are on the line if they continue to shirk their Constitutional duty to impeach. For if the speaker of the House can be challenged from within her own party, so too with any of them. And even if you cannot make a donation right now, you can make a real difference by passing the link below to all your friends and propagating it as widely as possible.

On The Table Donations:

Shirley Golub is an ordinary citizen, who heard the call of conscience in her heart, to literally put herself on the table, and say "As long as I'm on the table, Nancy, impeachment is too." She is even now inspiring other candidates all over the country to step forward and do the same thing in their own districts while there is still time. That is why your contribution right now is so important, to make her historic run a national news story.

There is no progressive in the country who doesn't think that Pelosi MUST be seriously challenged in her own party for the Democratic nomination in June. Even Cindy Sheehan, who is running as an independent in the general election in November, has posted a very graceful statement on her site that she is "not opposed" to a primary challenge as well, and that "in a perfect world" there would be one too.

Even were it not for the gross abuses of power and the lies that have already been committed, if yet a new Constitutional outrage were to be perpetrated tomorrow, are we to do NOTHING because only a year remains in the current presidential term? Are we to now say that it's OK for the resident of the White House to operate as a unmitigated despot for every last year of the four. And if so, what is to save us the other three years?

We don't need a year of investigations and hearings to impeach. Every signing statement that defies each law Congress has passed, which asserts that law can only "purport" to constrain unprecedented imperial powers, is an act of contempt against the people the United States and its Congress assembled.

Any judge in a court of law would instantly haul a person off to jail upon such a display of contempt. These facts are clearly on the table and there is nothing to dispute about them. It but remains for Congress to vote on what to do about it . . . and impeach. Votes in the House are supposed to take 15 minutes. THAT is how long it REALLY takes to impeach.

On The Table Donations:

So please make a donation now to save our country and our system of government. Who knows what horrors the White House has planned and set in stone in this last year to try to again pervert our presidential election decision making? An unprovoked attack on Iran, maybe a new World War? Some have even suggested a false flag terrorist attack on America itself. They have stopped at nothing so far, and will surely continue to stop at nothing, unless stopped themselves by impeachment.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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