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At least 150 family members have been killed by Iraq or Afghanistan vets

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California Repulicans in Turmoil

The cash-strapped California Republican Party is facing deeply divisive political and financial problems in this critical election year - beginning with a $3 million loan from a furious contributor who was supposed to have been repaid on Friday.

Beeinflussung der Öffentlichkeit durch Geheimdienste und Lobbyistenülowülow

Civil Resistance In the Age of Bush and Cheney

How to indict Karl Rove

Die Waffen der Terror-Fahnder

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Best US Factory Jobs In Rising Jeopardy

Mark Trumbull, The Christian Science Monitor, says, "A new round of cutbacks by Detroit's automakers carries a larger message that America's manufacturing workers are under new pressure in jobs where labor unions had once been able to command middle-class wages for assembly-line jobs."

Revealed: Polluting Impact of Humans on the Oceans

Steve Connor, The Independent UK, writes: "For the first time, scientists have compiled a comprehensive map of the oceans showing the extent to which they have been damaged by man."

Democrats Seek Disclosure of GOP Emails on Firings

The Associated Press reports: "The Democratic Party asked a judge Thursday to order the disclosure of 68 pages of White House emails that the Bush administration is trying to keep secret. The Democratic National Committee is suing the Justice Department over the firing of US attorneys, seeking electronic messages by White House staffers who performed political duties on email accounts of the Republican National Committee."

War Made New: War, Technology, and the Course of History

Informant: Lew Rockwell

A wild bash over the Protect America Act

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Recovering the Actual Constitution

Iraq: The Hidden Facts

Counting Iraqi Casualties and a Media Controversy

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Counting Iraqi Casualties and a Media Controversy

John Tirman of Editor & Publisher writes: "One puzzling aspect of the news media's coverage of the Iraq war is their squeamish treatment of Iraqi casualties. The scale of fatalities and wounded is a difficult number to calculate, but its importance should be obvious. Yet, apart from some rare and sporadic attention to mortality figures, the topic is virtually absent from the airwaves and news pages of America. This absence leaves the field to gross misunderstandings, ideological agendas, and political vendettas. The upshot is that the American public - and US policy makers, for that matter - are badly informed on a vital dimension of the war effort."

Bottom trawling impacts, clearly visible from space

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Send a "Keep Standing Up To The Fear-Mongering" Petition to House leaders

When Strains on Military Families Turn Deadly

Lizette Alvarez and Deborah Sontag report for The New York Times: "The fatalities examined by The New York Times show a military system that tries and sometimes fails to balance the demands of fighting a war with those of eradicating domestic violence. According to interviews with law enforcement officials and court documents, the military has sent to war service members who had been charged with and even convicted of domestic violence crimes. Deploying such convicted service members to a war zone violates military regulations and, in some cases, federal law."

Bush Appeals to Justices to Limit Disclosure of Detainee Data

Linda Greenhouse, of The New York Times, reports: "The Bush administration asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to review an appeals court decision that it said had created a 'serious threat to national security' by requiring the government to supply extensive evidence supporting the classification of more than 180 Guantanamo detainees as enemy combatants."

House Leaves FISA Law to Expire

Carl Hulse reports for The New York Times, "The House broke for a week’s recess Thursday without renewing terrorist surveillance authority demanded by President Bush, leading him to warn of risky intelligence gaps while Democrats accused him of reckless fear mongering."

Tell Candidates What You Want

Our out-of-control military machine

More Guns, No Butter

Editors for The Nation Magazine say: "Americans are worried about the impending recession and the Wall Street crisis, as well as the exhilarating and unpredictable presidential contest. But another threatening force is bearing down on the nation: our out-of-control military machine."

US Soldiers Kill Unarmed Iraqis and Afghanis

Robert Parry, of Consortium News, reports on the killing of Iraqi and Afghan civilians: "By forcing repeat combat assignments to Iraq and Afghanistan -- and by winking at torture and indiscriminate killings -- George W. Bush is degrading the reputation of the U.S. military..."

Special Comment on FISA "Veto"

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, commenting on the debate over spy legislation, says: "You have subjected us, your citizens, to that greater danger! This, Mr. Bush, is simple enough for even you to understand."

Johnny B. Handsome kämpft gegen Strahlen: Weg ist der Mast

Wow, Johnny B. Handsome war gestern in Star City (Old Benz Town) in
S. Point.West, entdeckte den Mobilfunkmasten und handelte. SWR 2 war live
dabei. Listen to this story. He´s our new hero. Long live Johnny B. Handsome.

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Nachricht von der Bismarckinitiative

US subprime crisis costs global 7.7 trillion dollars: bank

The meltdown in the US subprime real-estate market has led to a global loss of 7.7 trillion dollars in stock-market value since October, a report by Bank of America showed Thursday.

Is a Collapse in the Cards?

As I write this, stocks around the world are falling, the U.S. Federal Reserve is madly cutting interest rates to try to head off a recession, and everyone is worried about a global economic slowdown.,9171,1713333,00.html

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