Montag, 11. Februar 2008

Yellowstone NP Slaughters 37 Wild American Bison

Hungry for Impeachment

Every Year Brings Us Closer to 1984

The War Against Tolerance

Biofuel Demand Leading to Human Rights Abuses, Report Claims

Bush Orders Clampdown on Flights to US

Tasering Non-violent Protesters 'Unnecessary and Excessive'

Frankreich verbietet Genmais - Auch Deutschland soll Monsanto-Genmais verbieten

Nach dem am 9. Februar von der französischen Regierung verhängten Anbauverbot für den Monsanto-Genmais MON 810 hat der Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) Bundesagrarminister Horst Seehofer aufgefordert, in Deutschland ebenfalls ein solches Verbot durchzusetzen. "Vom MON 810 gehen große Gefahren für andere Pflanzen und für Tiere aus", so BUND-Vorsitzender Hubert Weiger. "Wenn die Regierung in Paris schwerwiegende Bedenken gegen den Anbau des Genmais hat, muss auch die Bundesregierung jetzt verantwortlich handeln und den Anbau dieser Risikopflanze in Deutschland verbieten. Und Agrarminister Seehofer muss sich dafür einsetzen, dass MON 810 keine erneute EU-Zulassung bekommt."

Iraq's Tidal Wave of Misery

Michael Schwartz writes for TomDispatch: "A tidal wave of misery is engulfing Iraq - and it isn't the usual violence that Americans are accustomed to hearing about and tuning out. To be sure, it's rooted in that violence, but this tsunami of misery is social and economic in nature. It dislodges people from their jobs, sweeps them from their homes, tears them from their material possessions, and carries them off from families and communities. It leaves them stranded in hostile towns or foreign countries, with no anchor to resist the moment when the next wave of displacement sweeps over them."

Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning

Michael R. Gordon, reporting for The New York Times, writes, "The Army is accustomed to protecting classified information. But when it comes to the planning for the Iraq war, even an unclassified assessment can acquire the status of a state secret."

Legal actions taken by oil transnational against Pdvsa are labeled as a war against Venezuela - Krieg gegen Venezuela

Informant: Cort Greene


Chavez threatens to halt oil sales to US

President Hugo Chavez on Sunday threatened to cut off oil sales to the United States in an "economic war" if Exxon Mobil Corp. wins court judgments to seize billions of dollars in Venezuelan assets.

From Information Clearing House


Venezuela's State Oil Company Halts Oil Sales to Exxon Mobil

Informant: Teresa Binstock


Krieg gegen Venezuela

Vorratsdatenspeicherung verursacht weitreichende Kommunikationsstörungen

„Die zum 1. Januar 2008 in Deutschland eingeführte flächendeckende Speicherung von Kommunikations- und Standortdaten behindert in weiten Bereichen der Gesellschaft die Nutzung von Telefon, Handy, E-Mail und Internet als freie Kommunikationsmittel, so das Ergebnis einer aktuellen Umfrage des Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung…“ Pressemitteilung des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung vom 04.02.2008:,de/

Aus: LabourNet, 11. Februar 2008

Innenministerium forciert Pläne für zentrales Melderegister

„Die Bundesregierung konkretisiert ihre Pläne für ein zentrales Bundesmelderegister. In dieser Datenbank sollen deutlich mehr Informationen über die rund 82 Millionen Einwohner Deutschlands gespeichert werden als heute in den Meldestellen. So sieht es ein Referentenentwurf des Bundesinnenministeriums zum Meldegesetz vor…“ Artikel von Philip Banse in heise news vom 07.02.2008

Aus: LabourNet, 11. Februar 2008


Datenschutzbeauftragter kritisiert Pläne für Bundesmelderegister

Die Regierungspläne für ein neues Bundesmelderegister stoßen beim Bundesbeauftragten für den Datenschutz, Peter Schaar, auf schwere Bedenken. Dieses Melderegister könne "eine Art Superdatei werden", in der nicht nur die zur Identifikation einer Person erforderlichen "Grundpersonalien" gespeichert werden, sagte Schaar am 12. Februar im Deutschlandfunk. Neben der Steuer-Identifikationsnummer nannte er dabei unter anderem "Beziehungsdaten, familiäre Zusammenhänge" und die Frage, wer über einen Waffenschein verfügt.Überwachung

Undoing the Bush Legacy


The Nation — Acting largely in secret, the Administration is moving to tie down the next White House—Republican or Democratic—in ways that will prove hard to unravel. Whether or not it succeeds depends on the vigilance of Congress and the public.


Surveillance Bill: The Worst of All Worlds

Informant: Dorothee Krien

House Republicans Approach Record Departures

Rob Hotakainen, writing for McClatchy Newspapers, reports, "In the last week of January, five members of Congress joined the hottest demographic group on Capitol Hill: Republicans who are heading for the exits."

Prosecutor to Review Official Handling of CIA Tapes

Scott Shane, writing for The New York Times, reports, "The prosecutor investigating the Central Intelligence Agency's destruction of interrogation videotapes is reviewing whether government officials violated any of 17 court orders requiring the preservation of evidence or broke the law by concealing the tapes' existence or approving their destruction, according to court papers filed late Friday night."


Rather an old press release by the Guernsey Government but perhaps as valid today as it was then.


BOARD OF INDUSTRY - 31/07/2002

The Health and Safety Executive has renewed its warning to the operators of petrol filling stations to be vigilant in preventing the use of mobile phones on their sites.


A region's vitality is melting away

Informant: Teresa Binstock

The impact of Tavistock


by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

Many people are familiar with the impact of the Leipzig and Frankfurt Schools upon society, but relatively few understand the impact of Tavistock. Therefore, this article will look at that organization and how it has shaped/planned our lives and the course of the world........

A declaration of freedom

Nolan Chart
by Jose Roldan


As a free man, by birthright, for as long as I live and breath, I declare that I have the innate, inalienable and absolute right to remain totally free from the intrusion and force of any individual, gang or group — including this or any other government. I also recognize that all men, (inclusive of all genders, nationalities, races or ages,) are born with this right to freedom, whether they accept it, or not, for it is as much a part of being human as is our capacity for reason...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The surveillance scam

Cato Institute
by Timothy B. Lee


Why are today’s Democrats less concerned with civil liberties than Republicans were a decade ago? Democratic leaders would doubtless point to the 9/11 attacks. Those attacks have certainly contributed to a changed political climate, but they don’t justify Congress’s panicky reaction to the president’s demands. Congress had already expanded eavesdropping powers several times since 9/11. Congress approved new wiretapping authority with the Patriot Act in 2001, and approved further expansions later in 2001 and in 2002, 2004, and 2006. If the new powers the president was seeking weren’t urgent enough to include in those revisions to the law, it’s hard to believe they were an emergency in August 2007. Moreover, the powers Congress granted last summer are far broader those sought by the Clinton administration in 1996...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

From war games to police state

Yearning to Breathe Free
by Jason Hallmark


So why would someone not want the military conducting war games out in the street where your kids are playing, or in the coffee shops where you are getting you lunch, or perhaps down the hall from your office at work? Well, the way I see it, this is all just part of a pattern to destroy liberty in this country. Allowing the military to conduct war games amongst our homes and businesses is just a way to start getting people accustomed to seeing armed government agents wherever they go. Militarizing society is just another step toward the implementation of a full blown police state...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Clintons’ conduct shows how much we need the “new”

by Saritha Prabhu


Decency has been imposed on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. After the outcry following Bill Clinton’s verbal attacks on Barack Obama, the Hillary campaign announced that he would go back to being the supportive, behind-the-scenes spouse he was before Iowa. All of which highlights an unfortunate fact about the Clintons: For them, decency is more a poll-driven commodity than an innate virtue. What does it say when a 46-year-old relative rookie runs a nobler campaign than two sixtysomething political veterans? In trying to inject race into the campaign, Bill Clinton inadvertently injected the ‘baggage’ card that the Clintons carry...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Norway opposed to deploying US missile defense shield in Europe

From Global Network

The life and crimes of the heavily armed police state

Informant: Gomez

Ron Paul War Room

Nature of the changes in the morphofunctional and cytochemical indices of blood leukocytes as affected by low-intensity microwaves

Only in Media World could fanatical support for an unpopular war be considered an asset

Informant: Lew Rockwell

We Are Ron Paul

NeoAmerica: On what our country has become

On neocon distortions

On baptized militarism

Homeland Security Checkpoint

NORTHCOM Ready To Implement Martial Law

The Guantanamo Trials

Informant: Neo Mulder

Torture Is Impeachable and Has Been Confessed to

Informant: Neo Mulder


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