Samstag, 1. März 2008

White House Blocks Inquiry Into Iraq Embassy

The Guardian UK's Elana Schor reports: "The Bush administration is blocking an inquiry into the delay-plagued construction of the $736 million US embassy in Baghdad, a senior Democrat in Congress said today."

Proselytizing Veterans Official Resigns Post

Aaron Glantz, Inter Press Service, writes: "Another high-ranking George W. Bush administration official has resigned. The Department of Veterans Affairs Undersecretary for Benefits Daniel Cooper quit Thursday amid mounting criticism over a backlog of disability claims for injured veterans that runs six months long and an appearance he made in a fundraising video for an evangelical Christian organization where he said Bible study was more important than doing his job."

Increased infant mortality after radioactive leak points to fault line in radiation risk model

Ablehnungsbescheid des Kreises PM für den E-Plus-Mast in Radewege

Bankensterben unvermeidlich

Vieles spricht dafür, dass die US-Wirtschaft längst in der Rezession steckt.

Murcia es la tercera región en contaminación ‘invisible’

Flu vaccines dangerous and major cause of inflammatory brain conditions

Mukasey Refuses Probe of Bush Aides

Laurie Kellman, writing for The Associated Press, reports, "Attorney General Michael Mukasey refused Friday to refer the House's contempt citations against two of President Bush's top aides to a federal grand jury. Mukasey said White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former presidential counsel Harriet Miers committed no crime."

Schäubles miese Machenschaften

1. März 2008

Zur Ankündigung von Bundesinnenminister Schäuble, die Linkspartei auch in Zukunft vom Verfassungsschutz beobachten zu lassen, erklärt das Mitglied der Fraktion DIE LINKE und Bundesgeschäftsführer der Partei die LINKE, Dietmar Bartsch:

Es ist völlig inakzeptabel, dass der Innenminister den Verfassungsschutz zum Zwecke der politischen Auseinandersetzung instrumentalisiert. Anscheinend hat es der Union nach den Wahlsiegen der LINKEN bei den vergangenen Landtagswahlen, bei denen die CDU hingegen 20 Prozent verloren hat, die Sprache verschlagen und sie versucht nun mangels politischer Argumente, die LINKE auf diesem Weg zu diskreditieren. Das wird nicht gelingen. Das Beispiel Bodo Ramelows, der vor Gericht erfolgreich gegen seine Überwachung durch den Verfassungsschutz geklagt hat, macht uns zuversichtlich, dass wir auch in weiteren anstehenden Gerichtsverfahren gewinnen werden. Der Innenminister wird ein weiteres Mal vom Verfassungsschutz in die Schranken gewiesen werden. Die LINKE ist und bleibt eine verfassungskonforme Partei. Daran ändern auch die miesen Machenschaften eines Herrn Schäuble nichts, der billigend in Kauf nimmt, dass bei seinen Agentenspielchen mit Petra Pau sogar eine Vizepräsidentin des Deutschen Bundestages ins Visier des Verfassungsschutzes gerät. Schäuble müsste vielmehr seine eigene Partei überwachen lassen, weil dort Verfassung und Völkerrecht immer häufiger mit den Füßen getreten werden.äuble

A Tower of Issues

By Brian Brennan

Posted: February 29, 2008

A small but determined group of Bayville residents is not giving up on blocking a T-band, digital turnkey radio system from being erected on the water tower at 34 School Street, or on existing commercial antennas removed from the tower.


Why Vote for "Lesser of two Evils" When you Have Ron Paul?

by Alan Stang

There was nothing more to Eisenhower than the fact that he was a factotum of the conspiracy for world government. He fired Patton. He conducted Operation Keelhaul, in which he forcibly returned to the Soviets a couple of million people who had used the war to escape. Some of those people had served in our military in our uniform. Many committed suicide rather than return to Stalin. Mothers threw their babies off bridges and then jumped off themselves. Eisenhower was merciless........

Turkish Army to set up security corridor in northern Iraq

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) will create temporary security bases in northern Iraq after troops wrap up an ongoing ground offensive in the region against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), security sources told Today's Zaman.

Turkey Resumes Attacks in Iraq's North

Turkish warplanes and artillery pounded the Zap area, according to the officials, the same mountainous region in Iraq in which Turkish ground troops fought guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, in an eight-day offensive that ended Friday.

Turkish army refuses to close bases in northern Iraq

The Turkish military leadership has rejected a request by Iraq's largely autonomous Kurdish region to shut down several military bases in northern Iraq, the Turkish daily Vatan reported yesterday, citing a statement by the Turkish General Staff.

From Information Clearing House

Ben Griffin: Former SAS, Banned Speech to Anti-War Rally

Ben Griffin, the ex-SAS trooper who this week revealed the extensive British collaboration with US rendition and torture, was served with an injunction immediately after speaking at the London World Against War rally last night. The government is trying to gag Ben to prevent any more revelations about British involvement in the US policy of kidnapping people and sending them to secret centres for interrogation and torture.

Video and Text

Court gags ex-SAS man who made torture claims

A former SAS soldier was served with a high court order yesterday preventing him from making fresh disclosures about how hundreds of Iraqis and Afghans captured by British and American special forces were rendered to prisons where they faced torture.

From Information Clearing House

The Proxy War: SCHIP and the Government's Role in Health Care Reform

In The New England Journal of Medicine, Sara Rosenbaum, J.D., says, "The conflagration over the reauthorization of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) offers a compelling example of Washington's current inability to address even seemingly uncontroversial matters such as improved health care coverage for children."

Iraq War "Caused Slowdown in the US"

The Australian's Peter Wilson writes: "The Iraq war has cost the US 50-60 times more than the Bush administration predicted and was a central cause of the sub-prime banking crisis threatening the world economy, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz."


The True Cost Of War

By Aida Edemariam

In 2005, a Nobel prize-winning economist began the painstaking process of calculating the true cost of the Iraq war. In his new book, he reveals how short-sighted budget decisions, cover-ups and a war fought in bad faith will affect us all for decades to come.

Economist: War to cost $3.5 trillion

Nobel economist tells Congress about impact of war that White House said would cost $60B.

From Information Clearing House

The Ray Gun In Action

Informant: Mark G.


The Pentagon's Ray Gun

Informant: goscott44


Military heat ray gun zaps 60 Minutes reporter

Help save Iditarod dogs from brutality

McCain's citizenship called into question

Candidate, born in Panama Canal Zone, may not qualify as 'natural born'



MSNBC now admits: McCain's citizenship called into question, Candida

Informant: Shawbear

Globalization of the Military


The Lies of the Drug War

On what the government is doing to us economically and otherwise

Prepare Thyself

War at Any Cost?

Ron Paul Interview on FOX Business Channel 02/28/2008


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