Transform All Systems of Involuntary Governance to Cooperative Systems

Bluntly, the U.S. Constitution is Flawed, the political system is Corrupt, and the candidates are participating in a Fraud.

Closed minds may require repetition before they change...


Aloha! For a "Bright Future", please read this and circulate widely...

Just as every Human Being possesses different Fingerprints, so it is that we all have different Thought-prints, and none of these has ever been shown to be 100% identical. Diversity is reality.

Yet no existing governments on earth fully honor our Natural Diversity even in the 21st Century. Instead, uniquely different Individuals are forced into act-alike government molds, standarized and dogmatized, including Fascism, Capitalism, Socialism and Communism. Obviously, to impose act-alike political and economic systems on unwilling Individuals is to enslave and deprive them of their Natural Rights of Freewill, and no World Peace, Harmony and Freedom has ever been produced by any of it.

For Unity of the one Human Family, the Natural Diversity of each member must be Honored!

Toward the goal of Justice, Peace and Freedom, and for the first time in recorded history, every adult Human can be fully Empowered Politically in a society built on Voluntary Cooperation with a Balance of Rights! Enforcement by Reactive/Defensive Neutralizing Physical Force can finally replace history's bully ways of Initiating Physical Force.

Our intention is to help transform all systems of "involuntary governance" to Cooperative Systems, local to global. Slavery, Serfdom, and all forms of Bondage will disappear. Public Policies, along with the needs and desires of people, will be achieved by Cooperative systems.

Remember... Humans are created with Inherent, Inborn, Ingrained, Innate, Instinctive, Intuitive, and Inalienable Natural Rights of Freewill, and until they are Balanced among all members of the one Human Family, there is no true Justice, Peace or Freedom!

Inalienable Natural Rights include (1) to Protect against Initiatory Physical Force, Coercion and Fraud, (2) to Protect Self-governance, (3) to Protect against Environmental and Physical Harm, (4) to Protect Justly-acquired Personal Property, (5) to Protect One's Freewill to Travel, Trade, and Associate with others, (6) to Protect One's Expression on Public Issues, (7) to Protect One's Right to Participate Equally and Vote Directly on Public Issues, (8) to Protect One's Right to Dissociate from any Principle, Policy, Program, Practice or Person, (9) to Protect against any human-contaminated Air, Water, Soil or Food, (10) to Protect Equal Access to Public Places and Public Information, and (11) to Protect Open, Transparent settlement of Differences with others.

As Individual Natural Rights are Protected, so is all Life including the earth Protected for the Highest Good of All.

See the "World Cooperative" CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY

"Unconditional Love is the greatest of all human powers and the Ultimate Motivating Principle supporting Cooperative Governance."

Goodwill to you,


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